What happened with Jackson Pruitt death

Paducah, KY

#22 Dec 2, 2011
Paul wrote:
John has been about as stable as a house of cards in a tornado since the wreck so all you people on here claiming to know he is innocent need to get real.
Being stable is one thing, but murder is another. You are innocent until proven guilty. Only God knows what really happened.

United States

#23 Dec 2, 2011
girl with a boy wrote:
and they're right. he's been convicted by the public already.
Exactly. I happen to know John and also know he has told a different story every time it has been told from day 1. It is hard to believe but do u honestly believe everyone you know in this world is not capable of something? And why, because YOU know them? Come on now really? He went golfing a week later and on vacation after he was practically emotionless at the funeral. I know him and I know he has psychotic fits. He dated my roomate a while back and tore our entire house up after beating her at random for no reason at all several times! We could be watching a movie and he would all of the suddenly snap out! And he also put one of my friends in te hospital for walking across my living room. He has psychotic tendencies so unless you REALLY know him don't speak on it. I misspoke and said he was convicted. My bad. Definitely don't make me stupid, it just makes me misinformed. So now, YOU get YOUR stories straight because I guarentee you are nothing but An aquaintance.
Tube steak

United States

#24 Dec 2, 2011
well damn if he is already been convicted by the public it's going to be hard in the jury selection to select good jurors. Maybe I will get jury duty and would be a good choice since I know nothing about this.

Ridgecrest, CA

#25 Dec 2, 2011
he was indicted by the grand jury. There had to be a lot of evidence before the state police and massac states attorney would take it to the grand jury. they dont want to look foolish. There has to be evidence to get indicted. Also the judge set bond at 1.5 MILLION dollars. He would not do that on a flimsy case
Tube steak

United States

#26 Dec 2, 2011
That may very well be but it is up to the jury to decide if he should be convicted or not and despite overwhelming evidence the jury may think otherwise. Casey Anthony was a perfect example of that. She should have been convicted but wasn't.
girl with a boy

Mount Carmel, IL

#27 Dec 2, 2011
tube steak I cannot take u seriously. cuz u are named tube steak
The Truth

Paducah, KY

#28 Dec 2, 2011
JUSTICE FOR JACKSON- Where has all the compassion for a little boy who lost his life to early gone.
Even though she is not seeing clearly right now we need to all pray for Justice for Becky, she lost a son and justice for Baby Drew Ann, she lost a brother she will never know. Lets all pray that finally Justice will be served.

Shawneetown, IL

#29 Dec 2, 2011
Why hasn't anyone said anything about the little boy? How do any of you people know? Was any of you there when he supposed did or didn't shake the baby? What about the new baby is she safe? Has he ever hit his wife? Why did it take so long to arrest him? What is the double murder charge for? just to many questions.

Paducah, KY

#30 Dec 2, 2011
That's true, why are there two counts of murder? I don't get that! It's very sad. I pray that justice will be served. In my heart I do not want to ever believe he did this, but my mind says it's a possibility. You never know what people are capable of.

Paducah, KY

#31 Dec 2, 2011
To answer your question, the state of Illinois is a state in which you can be charged with multiple counts of murder that pertains to one violation. To simplify it, you can be charged for instance with first degree or second degree and on top of that voluntary or in voluntary manslaughter as to one violation. This is done to give the jury more than one choice that may fit the crime. If they don’t find that first degree has been met they may think that second degree HAS been met and find the defendant guilty on that charge. This protects the state from just charging first degree and it not being met leaving the jury with no choice but to find the defendant not guilty. If that were the case they could not recharge at a lesser charge as that would be double jeopardy under the law. The system will take its course and then a verdict will be rendered. I have my own views on this case but will wait and see if justice is served. How ever the jury may rule has to be respected as they are the ones that will sift throught the evidence and have the ultimate say on the charge. I will though attend this court proceeding as I want to know if this man actually committed this crime. If it turns out he did than may God have mercy on his soul and may God hold this baby boy close to his heart.

Marion, IL

#32 Dec 2, 2011
MASSAC COUNTY, Ill.— A grand jury indicted a Metropolis man Wednesday for the murder of his 15-month-old son.
John A. Pruett, 35, faces the murder charge in connection with the death of Jackson Pruett April 21, 2010.
The child had been taken unresponsive to Massac Memorial Hospital in Metropolis two days earlier and died in St. Louis Children's Hospital of a closed head injury.
Police aren't releasing many details but the indictment alleges Pruett shook, struck or threw his child.
Pruett is incarcerated at Massac County Jail.
Tube steak

United States

#33 Dec 2, 2011
girl with a boy wrote:
tube steak I cannot take u seriously. cuz u are named tube steak
Nobody said you had to take me serious did they? That's the problem on here people are too serious and take things too seriously. I go by the name tube steak because its a joke amongst my friends because my name is Dick. Now you have the rest of the story LOL

United States

#34 Dec 2, 2011
Has anyone taken into acct that this is not the whole story??? I am told days before he was unresponsive that he fell into the corner of a table at a shower of some kind and witnessed by several ppl. And when discovered that he had a brain bleed that they stated it stemmed from the very spot he had hit his head just days earlier. I dont know him personally but do know some of the family and find it appauling that the public has convicted him based on the simple fact that he was arrested...many ppl r arrested and falsely accused or never found guilty. I believe everyone should stand behind him and his family! If Becky had for a second thought her husband killed this precious baby boy do u think she would have brought another innocent child into the world to perhaps suffer the same fate...come on. We r not God and it is not our place to judge him. I pray for everyone involved and hope justice is only served where it was earned.

Franklin, TN

#35 Dec 2, 2011
The autopsy stated the baby had been shaken or struck so hard that his retnas were detached and his corneas were as well and that it could only be caused of he were hit by a car or shaken with extreme force. Wanna ask that again? Was that table or shower a car?
The Truth

Paducah, KY

#36 Dec 2, 2011
I was at the baby shower and yes Becky was there but Jackson was not he was at home with his dad. Get your facts straight.

United States

#37 Dec 2, 2011
He's black! Enough said.
Mickey Mouse

Metropolis, IL

#38 Dec 2, 2011
Has anyone considered others that were around Jackson?

Other kids?
Other family members?

It paints a pretty picture to have your doctor paint a timeline for you that fits what you are looking for. But Shakin Baby syndrome is often misdiagnosed.

United States

#39 Dec 2, 2011
oooohhhhh wrote:
He's black! Enough said.
C'mon now u know dude ain't been black since he '89 - that's funny though

United States

#40 Dec 2, 2011
Seriously wrote:
The autopsy stated the baby had been shaken or struck so hard that his retnas were detached and his corneas were as well and that it could only be caused of he were hit by a car or shaken with extreme force. Wanna ask that again? Was that table or shower a car?
Corneas can't detach. Retinal detachment can cause swelling of the cornea but anyway. Might wanna recheck your facts. I don't even know these people but you might want to fact check before you spread false stories.
Justice For Jackson

Paducah, KY

#41 Dec 2, 2011
Show your Support in seeking Justice for Jackson! Like this facebook page.

https://www.facebook.com/ #!/pages/Justice-For-Jackson/1 46463948794631

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