Mayor Fawcett Received information on Native American Trade and Information Office. Website: , headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA and can do Native Projects the following are only suggested projects:
1. Reactivation Annette Islands Airport to implement Air Cargo Distribution for All of SE Alaska.
2. Designation of Port Chester as a International Harbor (purpose to move Rock Quarry Project to international markets)
3. Pavement of Road from head of bay to Walden Point.
4. Joint effort matching State Funds and Funds for buidling of Ferry Terminal.
5. Budget for establishment of Activating Airport
6. Budget to establish International Harbor Designation
7. Budget for establishment of infrastructure for international harbor.
This Native American Trade and Information Office last month at Tribal Economic Summit they announced the availability of funds and have access to nearly 200 funding sources and once application approved they seek funds for Tribes.