Bits & Pieces of GOV. MIND KONTROL Mk

Bits & Pieces of GOV. MIND KONTROL Mk

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#4 Jun 28, 2013
Bits & Pieces of GOV. MIND KONTROL Mk

Ive collected this here and there, you decide and research. You will find it to be true if not blocked

The mind DOESN'T program well with MJ, and THAT'S the reason for the massive propoganda campaign against it, despite it being safer than alcohol.

Mahjor chemical/drug companies controlled by the Illuminati.
3 basic examples are:
Eli Lilly Co.- Walter William Wilson; Illuminati
- Married to Helen Scudder
- Scudder partner of Morgan, Stanley & Co.
- Henry Morgan, Illuminati
- Eli Lilly Exec. Vice-Pres. Landrum Bolling @ Illuminati Dartmouth
- " " Chairman Richard D. Wood employed by Rockefellars
- " " Director C. William Verity " " "
- Quayle/Bush (CIA Director/Monarch handler) in Eli Lilly Mngmnt.

Monsanto Chemical Company - President Earle H. Harbison, Jr.
- CIA, and Bethesada General Hospital Director
where Monarch programming done
- Also President of Mental Health Association

Sterling Drug Co.(I.G. Farben spinoff)
- connected to Krupp Illuminati family
- Chairman W. Clark Wescoe is Dir. of super secret CIA
'Tinker Foundation'
- Dir. Gordon T. Wallis (Illuminati) Dir. of Fed. Res. Bank of
NY, CFR (Council of Foreign Relations)
- Dir. Martha T. Muse (CIA), Pres. of Tinker Foundation; also,
Dir. of Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta);
also, Dir. of Georgetown Center for Strategic Studies.

MKULTRA subproject 128 (especially Subproject 128-1):
-dealt with rapid induction/dissociation; drugs to bypass lengthy torture regimen
-testing done @ Lexington, KT Detention Hospital
Monarch handlers prefer combo of drugs/hypnosis
-drugs given to child slaves via orange/grape/ice cream, etc., drinks

George Estabrooks:
-major hypnotist-contacted MI-6 to ply his trade
-Rhodes Scholar; entry level group for Illuminati

1919-Illuminati created Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)
- RIIA financed majorly by Astor Illuminati family
- Waldorf Astor appointed to RIIA
- RIIA = American CFR
- RIIA/CFR create 'Round Table Groups'(based on King Arthur)
- Round Table Groups initially called 'Association of Helpers' by
Cecil Rhodes
- High ranking Mason/Illuminatus Cecil created 'Rhodes Scholarship' to
bring several select men from English speaking world and Germany to
to learn how to form 'One World Government'
- Cliveden Estate of the Cliveden Astors (Illuminati) has played an
important role in preparation of Rhodes Scholars
- 2 examples of men selected for Rhodes Scholarship: Bill Clinton and
Fred Franz-->late Pres. of Watchtower Society
- Clinton went through program, Franz declined to be Pres. of
Watchtower Society from 1977 - 1994. Watchtower Society is front
for branch of Illuminati practicing Enochian magic.

Alters used in pron hypnotized not to see cameras/faces.
Children often drugged/hypnotized in front of distortion mirrors.
Magician John Mulhollan employed by CIA.
Most Disney films used for programming; some specifically designed for mind-control.

Illuminati instruction for maintaining child's dissociation:
-15 minutes/day writing backwards
-daily doses of prolonged dark isolation
-drowning/resuscitation; refined to an exact art
-placed in freezer; also " " " " "
-unprovoked systematic punishment
-burning/face slapping
-needles under nails
-swallowing foam after chewing soap
-daily rape; pain is love, pain is pleasure


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#5 Jun 28, 2013

Robert Schuller taught principles of church growth to Unity School in Kansas City with Luciferian Initiations. Schuller helped into ministry by Graham. Schuller participates in Monarch program and is sexually serviced by Monarch slaves.

Norman Vincent Peale is a practicing White Witch, and is a 6 degree Illuminatus (Pilgrim Society). He controls the approx.$200 million Presbyterian Minister's Fund. Celebrated U.N.'s 25th Anniversary. Keynote speaker @ birthday of late Mormon Prophet Spencer W. Kimball (Mason).

Oral Roberts helped into ministry by Graham; Roberts participates in SRA and mind-control. Oral Roberts University and Charismatic Movement are religious fronts. His basketball team had Monarch slaves. Under the university's 'Prayer Tower' is one of the programming sites. Graham helped launch the university.

Illuminati consider Tulsa the Guardian City of Apollo. City of Faith to be the center for healing from AEsculapius, an Apollo-related demon. Tulsa is one, if not the main, center for campaign to infiltrate Christianity via Charismatic/Pentecostal Movement with programmed multiples.

G. Bromley Oxnam - 33 degree Mason; head of FCC Churches.
Mark Hatfield - 33 degree Mason
John G. Bennett - New Era Foundation
- Backed by Graham, John Templeton, and Laurance Rockefellar.
-'Swindles'$100's of millions from various ministries.
- Uses Monarch sexual slaves.
Jesse Jackson - Prince Hall Freemason (Rev. Al Sharpton?)
NY's Union Seminary - controlled/funded by Rockefellars.
- President was Dr. Henry Van Dusen.
Jeanette Westbrook's father - church deacon, master Mason
- nuclear power plant inspector (ALL U.S. plants)
- died before extradition for pedophelia
- private physician signed death certificate
- no autopsy
- 2 other members of same Masonic lodge
convicted of pedophelia
- at least one person here in Thunder Bay was DELTA/BETA programmed
- vast programming in U.S./Can. surrounding Great Lakes region
George Estabrooks/J.E. Hoover/Martin Orne/Jose Delgado/ Ewen Cameron: close
Jose Delgado - experiments in 'funhouse'/'playhouse'; victims functioned
JANUS theatre in D.C. CIA owned: group memory 'screening'- codenamed
Project CHATTER - 1952 - included navy funding for 'sound' programming

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#6 Jun 28, 2013
various codenames/projects/operations:

ALPHA: initializing access codes to mind-control slave programming
BARBIE became BETA: sexual programming
DELTA sub-codes: eg. DELTA 123
THETA: mental energy/psychic killers/use built rage for directed energy
- preferred programming movie was 'Dune'
OMECRON: mafia programming (mafia offspring are mind-controlled; amnesia
obviously important)
- slaves smuggled small missiles (Krugerans [sp?])
OCTOPUS programming: Iran Contra
NSA: AKA 'Organization'
GOLDEN GIRLS: BLUEBIRD slave prototypes before ARTICHOKE
DARK or DEEP PURPLE: re-programming MK victims/facilities
Zbom: intelligent computer systems analysis
THE BRAIN: NSA computer system
THE LINK: NSA or NASA communications
THE CENTIPEDE: information compartamentalization between agencies
HEAVENSCAPE: internal mental fantasy created for MK victims
BRANDON: NASA computer system
CLEANSWEEP: reducing Aryan influence (Illuminati in-fighting?)
- unsuccessful; massive infiltration by Aryan ideology
BLUE MONEY: child porn
MENSA: think tanks
ARMAGEDDON: Pentagon WW3 scenarios
-'KEYS TO SOLOMON'? coded MK courier information
THE PLAN: Aryan agenda
- Henry Kissinger; Luciferian
- Lucis Trust AKA Lucifer Publishing in 1920's
MOUNT HOOD: near death/torture conditioning
OPS RELIEF CORP: Blac-Ops support
SHELL: insect inundation
NAOMI: bio-chemical assassination
WHITEHOUSE: AKA Emeral City/The Hub/1600 Pennsylvania
- Bush AKA OZ and/or GOD
CHAMELEON: adaptive personality traits
CIA/KGB: woeking together/backstabbing @ same time
THE SCHOOL/FORTRESS: surgery/OPS training for children
Dr. Black AKA Dr. Schwartz/Dr. Wheeler (Aryan)- children/aggression/black
Edgewood assassin programming with chimpanzee called 'Sonny' or 'Sunny'
NASA specifically set up for mind-control
Time-folding/interdimensional travel ?
Crystal Cathedral is a temple to sun-god RA
mock UFO invasion: fear = continued subserviance
'Grey' aliens are genetically altered humans/generational experimentation
Tri-lateral 'language': buzzes/clicks/symboligical hand signals/THETA abilities

DSM - IV: new option - spiritual problem; current spiritual experience not
matching previous religious experience

Nurturing warmth of sun being 'pushed' psychologially as better than parental
caregiving/role-modelling by creating environment of financial hardship so
parents work more and guide their children less.


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#7 Jun 28, 2013
Hollywood Hospital in Vancouver performed LSD experimentation for CIA's ULTRA.

- at least 85 centers for mind-control throughout the U.S.
-'dream laboratories'; synthetic telepathy: electro-magnetic fields, cerebral
- psychotronic weapons/parabolic mirror/nano-implants
- microtubules in cytoskeleton of DNA:
click on collective DNA consciousness @ top right for stunning research by Russian scientists on how 90% so-called junk DNA is a language that communicates
- post-quantum mechanics (PQM)

There are at least 2 million TOTAL mind-control victims in the U.S. alone; programming is currently increasing in Canada, Europe and Russia as main perpetrative geo-locations.

Prime-'freak'(mentioned earlier)- individual brain-wave 'freq'-uency identification form a distance; able to monitor/implant thoughts with advanced electro-tech equipment.

ALL V.A. hospitals in the U.S. used for programming; civilian hospitals collaborating.

types of implants: AUDIO, BODY MANIPULATION (hormone, pregnancy prevention, etc.), VISUAL, HOLOGRAPHIC, BRAIN LINK (download capacity), TORTURE/MUSCLE STIMULATION, TRACKING (GPS/soldiers)

developments: nano-implants (10 billionth/metre, molecular robots), scanning/tunneling microscopes used to build self-replicating nano-bot implants, fibre optics (looks like a hair; for signal transmission), organic bio-processors (molecular computers made from DNA [DNA templates; carbon chains; bio-material/mini-computer linked to viruses]: neuro-tropic, derma-tropic, etc., migration), central control/command (receive/monitor external/internal signals)

SYN-TEL: synthetic telepathy; electronic thought messaging
- bio-medical telemetry (space program)
- artificial intelligence serves as mind-control 'handlers'

Mengele is from an Illuminati family; Cisco Wheeler's father was Dr. Black (Green/Mengele, Black/Wheeler, White/Cameron, Blue/Mueller: ALL Grandmasters within the Illuminati; a 5th doctor by the name of Dr. Star is known, but not by me...yet - anyone?).

Mengele is father of modern mind-control programming; trauma-bonding (Stockholme syndrome)- synthesized mind-control with modern technological advancements.

Cisco was artificially 'twinned'; all 12 mind-control sciences were used. Artificial twinning is beyond exceptionally complex. Cisco Wheeler is a Ulysses S. Grant/Illuminati Collins family descendant.

Grant, the 18th U.S. pres. is related to Roosevelt.

Boeing plant in Seattle has underground tunnels for programming using Star Trek format; galaxy maps, solar systems, diagnostic schematics with colour coding and 'transporter technology' used for internal communication/separation between multiple alters.

Brain stem scarring creates photographic memory; 'scarring' achieved electronically. Each alter created after scarring maintains a photographic memory. Imagine, 10's of 1,000's of multiple personalitites with photographic memories; walking amnesic artificial intelligence, ULTRA hi-tech mental energy/storage capacity, that can be harnessed, focused AND DIRECTED!

-ARCO directly connected to H.A.A.R.P.(weather changing, thought manipulation via E.L.F. waves).
-Gunderson Steel building rail-cars with internal shackles to transport civilians across the U.S. to concentration camps already/being built for implementation of the NWO.

Freemasonry is the outer symbology of ancient Mystery Religions.
Illuminati is the hard-core ritualistic aspect of ancient Mys. Rel's.

@ turn of 20th century, MI-6 employed Illuminati females called ''Queenies'.

Astor Illuminati family founded Rhodes Scholar.

Rothschilds/Collins MAJOR controllers of MI-6.

Alan Dulles - DCI of CIA; worked WITH Hitler
- Illuminati financed Nazi agenda


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#8 Jun 28, 2013

Bush - member of Skull & Bones and related to House of Windsor (Chuck/Liz), lied in manure & recounted sexual exploits as initiation.

Rhodes Scholar, Scroll & Key, Resilious: entry level fraternal orders.

Cathy O'brian's daughter molested by pedophile Bush.

End-times programming: colour coded: red list; ANTI-NWO personnel (oppositon leaders) to be executed 2 wks before martial law implemented.
blue list; individuals against NWO to be arrested & attempts @ reprogramming will be made, killing many in the process.
yellow list; re-education round-up for concentration camps.

CODES: yellow flags @ 1/2 mast
yellow duaghter on run
blue fish @ home
blue, red, green, or purple ray

- mind-controlled slaves & foreign troops to have colour-cod activation.
- internal crystals (colour-coded) timed to 'explode' to release instructions
- staged traumatic news events will serve as triggers
- mock alien presence; orchestrated hysteria, controlled opposition
- 666 Conneticut Ave., Washington, D.C., JANUS 2 computer for tracking/re-programming

Illuminati created and currently use 'New Age' movement leaders to create the illusion that moral belief systems are fragmenting 'naturally', so that when confusion and mistrust in theology and political governance reach climactic levels, the masses will ASK for the NWO.

St. Mary's hospital in Montreal - basement 'zombie' room
- isolation chamber
-'grid' room

Vietnam war was staged to structure a drug culture in the U.S. to destroy the family unit; drugs smuggled in corpses of fallen U.S. soldiers.

Cisco Wheeler was groomed by Pres. Eisenhower to be a sexual slave.
Gen. Eisenhower murdered over 5 million Germans as a sacrifice, The real Holocoust

Cisco related to Grant/British 'royalty', as is Bush and many of the prior U.S.'elected' presidents.

Mengele AKA Dr. Fairchild (how revolting)

@ 18 mths, Cisco required reconstructive surgery after initiative rape trauma by her own father, who was trained by Mengele to be a master programmer.

If recovering memories not done properly, the mind will shatter/splinter again; there's a HIGH % of suicide in mind-control recovery.
Dehumanizing trauma is SO POWERFUL, mind-control victims would rather reject their locked-away spiritual identity (upon miraculously discovering it), than realize the extent of their pain inflicted on them as a spiritual being entitled to find joy in the human experience, as opposed to the illusory deception as believing they're GOD incarnate (Data-swampy).

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