"...Glenn Singleton, president of the Pacific Educational Group, on equity in education and impactful discussions about race to improve education systems
Educators from the Education Achievement Authority in Detroit, Michigan, on using student-centered learning to move every student to skill mastery and college and career readiness..."

The muckier the words, the more likely congress will throw money at them. Here, let me translate for y'all:

We need to fleece White Working Men even more.(apparently, because no amount of money will make a non-white kid useful, I guess.)

When I was a kid, we had teachers, not 'educators'. We were the kids, not 'personalized learners'. Before that hippy-dippy LBJ, we easily paid for our own kids' education at local schools. To the younger readers here, there WAS no nationalized education system until recently. It used to be handled on the local or State level and was very affordable.