Are Californians The Root Of Idaho's ...

Are Californians The Root Of Idaho's Evils?

There are 3271 comments on the KBCI-TV Boise story from May 8, 2006, titled Are Californians The Root Of Idaho's Evils?. In it, KBCI-TV Boise reports that:

For years there have been rumblings, grumblings, and not so thinly veiled suggestions that Californians should stay out of Idaho, but are folks from the Golden State really the root of Idaho's evils? According ...

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United States

#23 May 23, 2006
How do you think Californians feel? Talk about being invaded. In a state that has 36 million people, less than half are native Californians. The rest have migrated from other states.

I really like the people of Idaho. Put with growth, their will be growing pains. And if you run into an arrogant Californian, just ignore them.

Sandpoint, ID

#24 May 25, 2006
Andria wrote:
Umm, I am not from Sacramento. I live in Truceek, CA
I grew up in Sandpoint, moved to CA, and started a family. Shortly after we chose to move back to Sandpoint to raise our kids and enjoy the quality of life North Idaho has to offer. I am now working in Real Estate (like many others in Sandpoint) and seeing several people like yourselves that are moving away from the Tahoe area due to the fact that their "small town" has simply got too big and busy. I welcome people to give Idaho a try.(its surely not for everyone) Anyways, if you and your husband are searching for a home or property,please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail, I'd be happy to help!!!

Thanks, Alex
Greg Dee

Anaheim, CA

#25 May 26, 2006
Having lived in New York, Miami,Los Angeles and now Boise I would say to people in Idaho to relax about the new people movng in. At least they are Americans with money, in Los Angeles I witnessed first hand the influx of illegal alians that have no resourses and do not speak English comming in by the thousands. Whole sections of the city have been converted to a border mexico type town with all the signs in Spanish. So don't cry if someone from California builds a big house in Napa or Star as at least they have bathrooms and speak English and don't allow their children to deficate in the street in front of Vons or Rite-Aid as they do in Los Angeles. In Orange County I lived in a 450K one bedroom condo of 650 sq feet with the sound of Mexican hawkers selling food outside my window.
Gerry Concord CA

Houston, TX

#26 May 26, 2006
I have family in Rupert, ID but I've lived mostly in CA. with a short three years tour in the Navy many moons ago. After living most of my 62 years in CA, I gotta tell you, it time to get out of Dodge. If the refusal of both our state and federal government to enforce immigration laws, along with the corrupt politicans and their personal warped agendas won't drive you out, the traffic, and the fact I still haven't master the Spanish language will. I too lived in a rural CA community and watched our farm land give way to the majasty of bigger and more expensive homes, and real estate greed. I'm looking for a little peace and tranquility, and it does not seem to be in abundance anywhere, but you come real close to achievement in Idaho. My visit last year up the pan-handle via 55/95 was breathtakingly beautiful. But my Idahoian friends, if you don't keep a reign on your politicians your state too will follow in the footsteps of your neighbors to the south and west. I've spend many hours writting my congressmen/woman expressing my concerns and consider myself policically savy and conservative. But I can't do it anymore. I'm throwing in the towel. I'm heading up your way, and hope to build a nice ranch style house on 5+ acres in the Emmett/Horseshoe Bend area. My Idaho relatives will probably join us, and together we going to help you folks avoid what's going on in CA. Some of us native Californians could very well be your best neighbors.

United States

#27 May 26, 2006
Kathy wrote:
I live in Cali, and I'm headed to Idaho in July. The area I live, the average home costs $500,000 - so of course we're all packing up and heading to Idaho.
Lucky us. Will you also be bringing your California money and California attitude; proclaiming your love for the area while treating the locals like a bunch of stupid hicks who don't how to run their schools, towns and local government. Are you coming here to "show" us how to do it?

Concord, CA

#28 May 27, 2006
And a good morning to you Sunshine! And thank you, itís always a pleasure to be welcomed and communicate with neighbors. Are you sure we didnít meet in LA? Because it surly wasn't Euphrata where I lived as a youngster.

No Mum, Although I canít speak for Kathie, Iíll only bring the remains of what the state of Kalifornia graciously allowed me to keep after taxes, which is significantly more than Idahoans pay (for now). Hopefully Iíll be leaving all the stupidity behind me (doubtful), and I pledge I will never try to tell you anything, except you should not refer to yourself as a ďstupid hickĒ. I married into a family of hicks and they are anything but stupid!


#29 May 27, 2006
Give me a break. We all live in the United States of America. With that comes the freedom to live where ever we choose. There are no fences dividing our borders. We are free to travel, to move, to make a better life for ourselves and our families, that is what our country is about, freedom. You all act like Idaho and California are two different countries and that no one should move from one to the other. I was raised in Idaho, I moved to California five years ago. I wanted to experience a different outlook on life, I enjoy the cultural differences, the art, the history and the weather. I appreciated living in Idaho for it's small town atmosphere and I appreciate living in San Diego for all that it has to offer. We are not at war with each other. Accept our differences and our simularities. We are all Americans, please don't forget that.

United States

#30 May 27, 2006
I grew up in the LA area, but would spend my summers working on my grandpa's ranch in south eastern ID. Work has kept me in CA but my loyalties lie with Idaho. With my grandfather's passing and the ranch no longer in operation, we have been tempted to sell off some of the family's property, but we don't want to turn this beautiful little valley into another Star Valley, WY. All the ranchers and farmers have been pushed out over there due to Utahans buying up all the land for vacation and retirement homes. Its like a little city of log homes over there. I'm surprised they haven't been mentioned more in these discussions. But I will agree that Californians are something to be feared. They usually have a lot of money and thats hard to compete with. Good luck, I hope Idaho is able to stay the wonderful place that I enjoyed in my youth and continue to enjoy today.
Nancy Romoland CA

Yorba Linda, CA

#31 May 29, 2006
It's happening here in S. Calif also. Farmland, dairies, chicken farms, ranches are all disappearing for the almighty housing tracts. People move next to these knowing they are there and then complain about the noise and smell. A beautiful llama ranch in Temecula had to move because of these yuppies complaining about them. Same thing with the air force bases here. They complain about the aircraft noise and want something done about it. Just a bunch of idiots. I live on acreage and there are tracts being built up all over. Before I know it, someone will be complaining about the roosters crowing and the smell of the horses on my neighbors' properties. Calif. used to be a great place to live but not anymore. I was born here but in another 4-5 years, I expect to go east somewhere to a small town where life is slow and people take it easy.
Tom wrote:
I'm really upset about seeing Idaho's farmland, which has been here for decades, being bought up, torn up, then turned into subdivisions for the Californian people and their gigantic homes. It makes me sad seeing all the beautiful, old homes with acres of pasture with cows and horses grazing contentedly in the sun with "Public Notice" signs in front, which usually means that a subdivision will be put there in place of this beautiful pasture.
I would also like to bring up the fact that if you move to Idaho, you are going to smell dairy and you can either suck it up, stop complaining and tribute to society, or go away and in my opinion, never come back.

San Francisco, CA

#32 May 30, 2006
Andria wrote:
Umm, I am not from Sacramento. I live in Truceek, CA
The rel expensive town!
Phillip Winland

Tacoma, WA

#33 May 31, 2006
We live in the Seattle/Tacoma region, but my wife is from California. We thought about taking our kids to California with family already there, but the cost of living is outrageous, we couldnt afford a home or rent there. California is what America is to become - a land of the rich and poor.
E from Boise

Boise, ID

#34 May 31, 2006
Gosh...That is horrible what you experienced. It was Idaho Falls? I'm from Boise and don't know much about Idaho Falls.
Joshua, I will be honest with you--some areas in Idaho, Utah, etc., are very LDS saturated, and can be very prejudice to people outside of their faith. I'm sorry for what you experienced, and I feel Idahoans, while should be able to be proud and protective of the state they love, need to understand that people moving in and out is natural. Idaho is full of warm and friendly people, a quality that is the reason I choose to stay here vs taking a job in CA. My best friend if from California, and if she hadn't moved here, I would never have met her. Idahoans need to be more open-minded and more broad-thinking along with their warmness!
As an Idahoan, I'd like to say I hope you choose to stay. Remember that Idaho on the whole is a VERY conservative state that has a high level of 'Radical Republican/Christian Righters'(yet also with those of middle/balanced or far-left thinking). I, for instance, in my disapproval of our current administration, have been met with very constricted 'Radical Right' points-of-view. There IS a culture of people here, though, who ARE more progressive in thought and more tolerant of other faiths and views.
I'm sorry for what happened to your kids, and I hope they are well. It's really just sheer, dumb ignorance on the part of those you encountered.

Hoping you give Idaho a second chance,
E from Boise
joshua wrote:
idahoians don't mind taking money from the influx of californians, mutiplying their home price 4, 5x current value, or more.
Idahoians should pass laws prohibiting idahoians from selling large lands to california or any other developers to protect the beauty of idaho.
californians most bought houses for under 80k and have found they can now sell for 500k or more, so they sell and buy beautiful properties in idaho away from killers, child molesters, stabbings, shootings on a daily basis infringing upon their neighborhoods, would you not move? and how by chance did they hear of this great land, low crime beautiful State called Idaho-well through greedy Idahoian real estate agents eager to sell out their communities for the almighty dollor-lets put the blame where it falls.
I moved here with my children, in school are ignored and treated badly because they said they moved from california, outcast even though we were only in california for a couple years, a short stay. this bigotry must come from the parents, shame on you, you can hate californians but don't teach your children to hate mine because they are from california and yes I will go there, my daughter said they don't like her because she in not LDS.
this is america you know freedom of religion and freedom to live where we want to.
You can hate me for living in califorina for two years, but not my children they are innocent, so I will move.
please let your realtors know to be up front and honest about idahoians love for there fellow man, even more so for inncocent children.

Horseshoe Bend, ID

#35 May 31, 2006
Tom wrote:
I'm really upset about seeing Idaho's farmland, which has been here for decades, being bought up, torn up, then turned into subdivisions for the Californian people and their gigantic homes. It makes me sad seeing all the beautiful, old homes with acres of pasture with cows and horses grazing contentedly in the sun with "Public Notice" signs in front, which usually means that a subdivision will be put there in place of this beautiful pasture.
I would also like to bring up the fact that if you move to Idaho, you are going to smell dairy and you can either suck it up, stop complaining and tribute to society, or go away and in my opinion, never come back.
Yeah I agree... up here ever since that dang Tamarack went in and all these rich jerks are moving up here its like all of our lands and things that we needed and we're so used to having close to us are being stolen away to build these huge "CABINS" which the people only stay in like once a year... i mean... COME ON!!! Rent a motel room while ur here... they probably cost about ten times less than ur damn mansions... oops i mean "CABINS" They say they don't want to change anything... BULL****!!!

Houston, TX

#36 Jun 1, 2006
I've read all the posts and it should be clear to Idahoans, Utahans, Californians, Washingtonian, etc., etc., that we are all being push out in one-way or another. Most of what weíre seeing is developers working in concert with local government, and speculators. I moved out to the edge of town in rural central CA so I could wake up to the smell of cow manure, rolling hills, and quiet streets. That lasted five years before I had to move back closer to work because of commuters, traffic jams, and folks moving in from all part of the world. Now I can't see a bare piece of ground for 20 miles.
Hereís the reality check! The almighty dollar is systematically being devalued on the international market, and foreigners are purchasing CA property none of us could ever hope to afford because our dollar isnít worth the paper itís printed on. This is making some rich and others powerful.
If you think for one minute I donít understand your pain, youíre sadly mistaken. No one is happier then these people to see us all pointing fingers at each other for a situation we have no control. If the dollar was solid weíd have no foreign land speculators, and I stay in California.
Iíll tell you what Matt, I might be interested in your grandpaís old farm, because I still want to smell cow manure and alfalfa, and I don't want to wake up every morning staring at my neighbors six foot fence any more than you do. Or, you can sell it to someone from Germany, France, Sweden, or Japan who has plenty of gringo cash to burn. I was born in LA, lived in San Bernardino, Ephrata, WA, Redding, and now Concord, but I will never to go back to LA again because itís become over-run by illegal aliens who have vowed to make it part of Mexico again. The sad part is our own state and federal government is willing to let it happen, aided by the Hollywood whining do-gooders.
So please donít complain about every Californian moving up your way. Actually, weíve been wondering how long it would take before our northern neighbors woke-up to whatís happened to us. Weíre being push out of our homes, and this has nothing to do with rich Californians taking advantage of their northern neighbors. Yea, I see what happening up in your panhandle. And, I love to live in McCall too. So, when was the last time you were down to visit Lake Tahoe? Many of us canít afford to retire in the state we were born and raised. Tell me, how many Idaho real estate agents have heard that before? This message come live to you from a war zone with front lines advancing steadily to the north. Please note that when I was in Portland in February the front lines seemed to have moved well north of the Columbia River.
Phillip Winland

Tacoma, WA

#37 Jun 6, 2006
I grew up in Pocatello, and lived in Sun Valley and SLC, so I am all too familier with Mormons. I love there holier then thou attitude that eminates from their holy ghost, I just equate it to being bliss, but others might think their in some sort of happy trance, they walk around smiling and laughing, itís like being in Disneyland everyday. I studied the Mormon religion even though I am not Mormon because I wanted to know what all the happiness was about. I figured out shortly what it was all about. The Mormons believe in this celestial kingdom that allows them to be put on the highest level of heaven, and if they are really good they can have their own planet and populate it with spiritual children. The best of the best will teach all those inferior of the Mormon doctrine so that they too may be assimilated. If youíre happy and you know it, then you probably have the Holy Ghost within you. Then of course there are the Words of Wisdom that makes them even more of a do-gooder. The Words of Wisdom means no caffeine except for the means of making money by selling to others, or any other mind altering beverage or intake. This is bad for the mind, body and soul. So anyone ingesting these substances is weak, inferior or less of a person. I can understand though, itís what was written in the Gold tablets. They must have been heavy for Joe, nonetheless, he took them from the buried ground where the spirits told him to go get them and then transcribed them into the book of Mormon, doctrines and convenants, pearl of great price, where he explained the trials and tribulations of the Laminites (Dark skinned people)(Evil people) and the Nephites (White skinned good folks). Laminites of course descending from Lamin a distant relative of Cain whom killed able and was punished by means of being a black man. That is why blacks couldnít get up in the ranks until the head honcho had a word with God. So anyhow these precious Gold tablets (the word of God) unfortunately got misplaced and are nowhere to be found, bummer, you should hang onto to stuff like that. All in all though I like the Mormons, they are the only cult you can make fun of and have them smile at you and say ďoh heck, Jesus loves you anyways.Ē After all they arenít bad people their just weird, so I would fit right in.

Boise, ID

#38 Jun 7, 2006
Don't move to Idaho if you plan to bring the socialist and anti-gun BS that ruined CA with you! If you do I promise you you will not be welcome! Freedom loving Patriots only, all else can move to Oregon or Washington but stay away from Idaho!


#39 Jun 7, 2006
Get a grip...
Phillip Winland

Tacoma, WA

#40 Jun 7, 2006
I wondered why the hawk guy thinks that some Californians are not Freedom loving Patriots. The last time I was in California I didnt hear anybody talking about wanting to get Wiretapped or get RFID tags implanted in their Drivers License, or pay the IRS a tax when they arent supposed to. I guess if owning a gun and not being a socialist like that scum Hugo Chavez makes you Free then you should try visiting Brazil and then you should have been in Lousianna when the Police and National Guard were ordered to confiscate weapons from the citizens and then arrested for having them. If being Capitalist is better then Socialism then why does this stuff happen here? Is it because of the Californians? Are they the scape goat?

United States

#41 Jun 9, 2006
I think that the one reason that all of us Idaho people are having a problem with the californians moving in is because Californian have been coming up here and trying to change Idaho into the new California. If you want to live in Idaho leave it how it was? You wanted to move to Idaho for a reason/keep that reason in mind.

Hayward, CA

#42 Jun 10, 2006
Missy wrote:
I think that the one reason that all of us Idaho people are having a problem with the californians moving in is because Californian have been coming up here and trying to change Idaho into the new California. If you want to live in Idaho leave it how it was? You wanted to move to Idaho for a reason/keep that reason in mind.
Believe me Missy, those of us who will ultimately migrate up to your beautiful state are not to be feared. We are looking to escape the lunacy that has taken over our state. We don't want to bring our politics and problems with us. We WANT to leave it behind. We are looking for Americana and have just found it in your state. Being born in CA shouldn't be a life sentence, just as is isn't in ID & believe me I see a lot of Idahoan's working down here. Don't worry, the Californian's who you are receiving are undoubtedly some of the best we have to offer. By the way, there are ALOT of great people in California, just not quite the majority IE: 56% to 44% of the voters, which continues to be chipped away at. Give the people a chance before you prejudge, ok? Thanks!

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