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#282 Apr 16, 2008
Matt, as Iíve said repeatedly, you just donít get it and never will. So people letís use Matt & Chick (fillet) as an example of how someone ignores the facts and just keepís on telling those lies for the sake of getting what they want.

The issue at hand is as Rita has said. Itís about spending county tax dollars that the county doesnít have for an airport that has never ever made money no matter who ran it and it has never ever brought business to Lake County. You think you or the city or even the county are smarter then the Smiths who started Lubrizol? Look at their success!! Are you smarter than one of the most successful universities east of the Mississippi, that being Case Western Reserve? Are you smarter the Pat Parker who started Parker Hannifin? Look at his success!!

The first owned the airport and gave it to the second because of their affiliation and because they moved their corporate operations to Cuyahoga County because the value for Lost Nation wasnít there, but the land value was and they were generous people. The second was closing the airport and selling the property until Willoughby stepped in to save the world from itself, and Pat Parker started the jet center which failed because of GENERAL AVIATIONíS DECLINE!!

Hereís a little something you seen to keep ignoring, Lost Nation and Willoughby are one in the same. Lost Nation doesnít owe Willoughby! Willoughby is in debt period! And itís not 400K itís 20 Million!! The FAA owns Lost Nation airport lock stock and barrel. For Willoughby i.e. residents, to get a dime back, forget turning any profit on the investment, they have to cough up 20 Million. We the federal taxpayers will never see anything for our money, and thatís ok, but when you start to talk about taking more of my federal tax money to buy the same airport all over again for the second time, we say enough is enough. You can spew your lies all you want, but you will never be able to justify it, but then none of you are about justice anyway! The airports you mention in Akron are another feeble attempt to make a twisted comparison. Akron/Canton is basically a commercial airport and not general aviation and while Akron/Fulton is general aviation itís less active than Cuyahoga and these to airports are more that 12 mile apart not 8. Furthermore there are no other airports within 30 miles of either airport.

You also ignore the fact that Cuyahoga is at only 25% capacity and Burke is at only about 30% capacity, oh and did I mention that general aviation is declining no matter how you try to spin it. Both of these airports are far ahead of Lost Nation in facilities to offer. Burke is a short 18 minute drive from Willoughby and Cuyahoga is an 8 minute drive. Business has poured into Lake County despite your effort to place doubt on that and that it all hinges on Lost Nations survival. I guess all those companies didnít get the memo.

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#283 Apr 16, 2008
Chick is from Cuyahoga County, but heís telling the people who live in Lake County near the airport to move, what arrogance and audacity! So letís see, all the land around the airport that was zone residential before the airport was there, thatís a fact and then was eventually built on should have stayed vacant. Likewise the people who built on this existing land after the airport have no rights, you pompous moron!
What you and the rest or your Lost Nation pilot pals should consider very carefully is this. In the past three years 136 airports and the pilots who use those airport facilities have been successfully sued for their irresponsible action to the surrounding area because of their disregard of noise ordinances, illegal approach and takeoff procedures, and stunt style flying. All of these activities have and continue to occur at Lost Nation. While frivolous laws suit such as Gary Swanson has threatened Willoughby with if they close the airport have never, not even once in the U.S. been successful.

This might be why if you pickup any EAA or General Aviation Magazine they tell all of their followers how to sell the airport to the community, how to in essence such up to the community and how to, as they put it, SAVE OUR AIRPORTS! The fact is youíre all running scared! I wonder why? Maybe you should reread the above one more time, because itís not out of the question here either!

Cleveland, OH

#284 Apr 24, 2008
matt wrote:
Kidz the airport owes the city $400k to various funds. With rental of the grounds inflating and the proper managing of funds at the airport have allowed there to be a profit. Yes there is debt owed but it is getting repaid as agreed. Do yu know that the fbo doesnt even have a lease? Rohl has paid the same amount since he did have a lease many years ago. The city is in a suit with him for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just like the airport owes money, it is owed money as well. Previous managers never raised ground rent when the time came so tenats have paid the same for several years. The airport has potential if managed properly.Let the county build the airportto a profitable one. 90% af funs come from the FAA, 5% from ODOT, and 5% from the county. thn if managed the way it should be revenues will increase and thus the bottom line. There are 2 airports in Akron that are in close proximity that both seem to be doing quite well so enough about Cuyahoga county being so close. do some research and see for your self
MORE MISLEADING INFORMATION...the County will be required to pay 10% NOT 5% to buy an airport with tax dollars A SECOND TIME!

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/F... :

Cleveland, OH

#285 Apr 24, 2008
Sorry...link is limited here is the text.

(2) FEDERAL SHARE- The Federal share of the grant under this subsection shall be for 90 percent of the cost of Lake County's purchase of the Lost Nation Airport, but in no event may the Federal share of the grant exceed $1,220,000.

Twinsburg, OH

#286 Apr 27, 2008
Val... wrong answer. The county will have to pay 5%!!!! What you dont know is that ODOT Division of aviation will pay 5%. Also so you ae aware there is 300,000 in Airport improvement fund allocated for Lost Nation that will go to the purchase on behalf of the county if they purchase it. If you check records you will see that this is how Willoughby bought it way back when... Faa 90% state 5% and willoughby 5%. If the AIP money is there then there is no out of pocket money to the county. In fact they will be ahead about 240k for improvements. i seriously doubt you understand the concept of how it all works. if you need my uneducated ass to use smaller words I will.

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#287 Apr 30, 2008
MattÖwrong answers. The county will have to pay 10%!!! What you donít know is that ODOT,ďThe Office of Aviation does not provide matching grants for FAA grants, so all ACIP items to be funded with FAA funds should indicate that the entire 5% non-federal share will be funded by the sponsor.Ē Notice it says 5% that is because currently it is a 95/5 percent split. But with the new reauthorization and the possible section 810 of H.R.2881 being introduced that will change to a 90% federal maximum. ACIP FY 2009-2013 does not even include Willoughby Lost Nation Airport. AIP = Airport Improvement Program it is not a purchase program but an improvement program and Matt, one must be the sponsor (owner) before they can even ask for funds. I seriously understand the concepts of how it all works.

Twinsburg, OH

#288 May 6, 2008
Val, The AICP fund is at $300k and that is being used by the sponsor(willoughby) tp purchase the property needed on the corner of hodson and Lost nation. This will only be done if the county purchases the airport. it will be done right before the deal is signed thus making the actual amount needed $300K less for the county.This is actualy more than 10% of the $2.8 million fullfilling the county end of the obligation. They are still going to put 5% in the pot from the port authority if the purchase goes through which as of now is dead. It is an election year and the commisioners lost the drive as they are worried that they will not get voted back in. COwards. if it is such a good thing for the county that should not be a consideration. Just do it. As I have said in the past that everyone over looks is I do not have a postion as of yet if it is logical for the county to take it over. I just simply say if the airport was marketed properly and ran correctly it will turn a profit. The AIrport manager is a joke right now. He was hired to shut him up from calling the EPA and the Faa . The mayor should be ashamed of himself for hiring Heaton.The only thing city hall wants is another industrial park. just what we need to make it even with empty lots on both sides of lost nation now.

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#290 May 17, 2008
Matt, while you think I have nothing but idle time on my hands to critique your grammar, your wrong. If I had the time Iíd have answered not, your dumb ass, but your lying ass sooner. First off there isnít any AICP fund, AICP is an acronym for Aviation Inventory Control Point they have zero involvement with fund money or airport purchases for that matter, and, if you and your poor grammar skills meant AIP fund this too would be a lie. Willoughby hasnít applied for any AIP money since 1995, which they received for 1996. By the way the FAA doesnít hold money for you for a rainy day or the preverbal what if something happen scenario. What in fact is in place is an understanding with Mr. Slyman, who owns the property. Heís a decent man, unlike you, whoís content to wait. Instead of building on the land as he could, heís agreed to wait and see if there will be a need to sell for the sake of the airport.
Unlike you I tell both sides of the story and the truth. I donít manipulate it for my own gain.
The fact that he made this gracious offer is commendable, but changes none of the facts that I have presented before on this form. The truth speaks for itself and so do the facts. The economics arenít there period, neither is the issue as a reliever or a vital asset for Lake County, all bunk.
You and I and everyone else can beat our gums until they bleed, but until the Senate passes the bill in the form that LaTourette presented it in and then the FAA decides whether or not it will grant the money to the county to buy the airport, for the second time with our money, itís a mute point.
Also if the county sticks to its promise to the people of this county and doesnít spend one red cent of the countyís money to buy the airport, theyíll not be able to buy it. No matter what garbage you spew, they absolutely have to put up 10% of the money they borrow from the FAA for an airport purchase and the state doesnít pay anything, nothing, zip for an airport purchase.
So take your lying butt and ignorance and put them were the sun donít shine, but by all means keep practicing you grammar, because I hate to think that your toothless beer drinken buddyís might not be able to understand ya! Dah!

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#291 May 18, 2008
matt wrote:
Kidz the airport owes the city $400k to various funds.
Unrestricted net assets of the Airport fund carry a deficit unreserved balance of ($3,793,285). The
increase in the deficit is caused by the airportís inability to pay its own debt. The accumulated deficit is caused by past advances and debt payments that had to be made for the airport from other funds.

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#292 May 18, 2008

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#293 May 24, 2008
2007 CAFR
Unrestricted net assets of the Airport fund carry a deficit unreserved balance of ($3,954,439). The
increase in the deficit is caused by the airportís inability to pay its own debt. The accumulated deficit is caused by past advances and debt payments that had to be made for the airport from other funds.

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#294 May 24, 2008
from the 2007 CAFR
B. Fund Deficits
At December 31, 2007, the Airport fund had deficit unrestricted net assets of $3,954,439. The Due to Other Funds amount represents long-term debt on behalf of the Airport fund paid by the General fund, the General Retirement Bond fund, the Sewer fund and the Capital fund. The Airport fund has liabilities (due to other funds) in the amount of
$4,336,894, which consists of $1,326,019 due to the General fund,$2,828,962 to the General Retirement Bond fund,$158,737 to the Sewer fund and $23,176 to the Capital fund. The Airport fund is ultimately responsible for its long-term debt based upon the intent of Council and the Administration of the City. This has not been possible due to insufficient revenue received by this Enterprise fund. The airport, when and if capable,will be required to repay all liabilities to other funds.

Painesville, OH

#295 Jul 11, 2008
That airport was there long before all of the house built up around it. If you don't like the noise YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE MOVED THERE!!! How is what you are doing any different from someone moving next to a dump and then complaining about the smell. I fly all over the country and see all these nice houses built around airports. There's a reason it is cheaper to build there. Airports have noise. They have since the day they were built. YOU are the problem NOT the airport!

Mentor, OH

#296 Aug 20, 2008
Just wanted to make a quick clarification here, because this point seems to keep being missed by the pilots and those that are pro-county airport. The problem people have is not with the airport as it is. The problem is with it becoming a COUNTY AIRPORT! If the airport was to remain as is, this blog would never have been initiated. It was not started until there was talk about the county looking in to the purchase of the airport. So, you can let go of your continued argument that "you shouldn't have moved by an airport", and maybe look a little more in to how irresponsible it would be for the county to repurchase a failing airport!

Cleveland, OH

#297 Oct 17, 2008
When Lake County residents vote on Nov. 4th they need to keep in mind that whomever wins the commissioner seats will be making the decision on whether or not to move forward with the purchase of Lost Nation Airport.

Choose your candidate wisely. Airport ownership is not cheap and comes with federal strings attached.
AIrport back in news

Willoughby, OH

#298 Dec 31, 2008
article in today's NH

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#299 Feb 28, 2010
Willoughby wanted it. Willoughby bought it. Willoughby should keep it. Anderson has repeatedly threatened to shut down Lost Nation Airport. Shame on him. Kucera threatens to move his business if the county doesn't buy it. Shame on Kucera International. Enough is enough already.

I am suspicious of any deals made as a result of threats.

Belmont, NH

#300 May 4, 2010
The truth is, an airport is no more dangerous then a street near the house. That airport should be financially enhanced. It can prosper and if the right stuff happens, the economy will also.

Bucksport, ME

#301 May 4, 2010
Even though I am obviously a pro airport person, I have visited the site of people against the airport and I can tell that people's biggest problem is with the fact that the airport is failing. If money is invested in the airport, in ways like making it a county airport, then the airport will prosper, considering the money is invested right. If the airport is invested in, then it will be revitalized and it is likely that the airport will be used. Buisness planes can enter, perhaps that will lead to new jobs in the town. Local buisnesses that rely on the airport will prosper and new jobs both at the airport and near the airport will be created. Utah understand this and is revitalizing it's airports. A similar action on the count of Lost Nation (KLNN) would be good for pilots, buissnesses and the economy.

Bucksport, ME

#302 May 4, 2010
By the way, sorry about the double post. I, uh hit "submit comment" twice by mistake. <:)

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