Review: Lannon Police Dept

East Troy, WI

#1 Jan 29, 2009
Lannon Police use harassment, intimidation and violence against it's residents....Residents Beware when being approached by Lannon Police, you never know when one of the cowards will hit you

East Troy, WI

#2 Jan 29, 2009
MY NAME wrote:
Lannon Police use harassment, intimidation and violence against it's residents....Residents Beware when being approached by Lannon Police, you never know when one of the cowards will hit you
Especially the higher ups with local law enforcement, they know who they are and cannot be trusted
your name

Brookfield, WI

#3 Feb 8, 2009
Yes, Lannon will hire anybody as police, people who cant get hired by anyone else, I grew up there, and its the most corrupt town I've ever been involved with.

Muskego, WI

#4 Feb 24, 2009
your name wrote:
Yes, Lannon will hire anybody as police, people who cant get hired by anyone else, I grew up there, and its the most corrupt town I've ever been involved with.
With a town of 987 people what is the need for 17-18 police? I believe that is overkill and a total waste of taxpayer funds.

Milwaukee, WI

#5 Feb 24, 2009
987 people need 17 cops to man 35 speed traps day and night. It's worse than a down-south hick town. Blink your eyes while driving through and you'll get a ticket. You could shoot a cannon down Good Hope Road, but there they are, protecting the public (coffers).
ME and Mine

Muskego, WI

#6 Feb 28, 2009
well once again Lannon strikes, pulled over twice, no tickets, and doing absolutely nothing wrong, just the harrasment and inconveniences of being delayed in my day. In a town that the majority is white, and me and my other half are mixed, me being white and native american and she being full blood native american, I am begining to wonder if this has anything to do with it, considering that one of my neighbors is a major alcoholic and drug addict and it's obvious to even a trained monkey when he makes his dope runs but yet he never even gets stopped. Wonderful police work in this town????? And I pay taxes for this.
ME and Mine

Muskego, WI

#7 Feb 28, 2009
just out of curiousity, does anyone out there have any other stories of harrasment by Lannon PD? I am planning on putting something together to end this type of behavior and if neccesary will be involving the state government. The bottom line folks is that these people were hired to protect and serve they are not above the laws and certainly must be held accountable for their actions. A badge does not grant them the power to do as the wish, they are here to serve public interest not their interest, and it these types of actions which clearly make a bold statement by them that they believe they can operate as they see fit and thus harass us the citizens that employ them. I don't want you folks to get the wrong idea here, I am not some type of nut-case, etc. I own my home and several vehicles, I am in upper management for a Fortune 500 company, we moved here to Lannon last year making a move to what seemed like a nice quiet community in which to raise our family, yet lately we have been singled out for harrasment by Lannon's finest, I don't know what their motives are, but I also can tell you that one of their officers made advances on my other half and it was not long after she made a complaint regarding that type of innappropriate behavior, that the harrasment began. So.....if anybody out there has stories of either harrasment or innappropriate behavior on the part of Lannon PD officers, I would certainly like to hear them. Thanks
Mini Van Mom

Milwaukee, WI

#8 Mar 9, 2009
Last summer as I was taking my son to a golf lesson, I was pulled over for failing to yield to a car I didn't even see.. The officer pointed it out to me as it drove by.. If I cut someone off wouldn't it be right behind me? I was nearly a mile down the road before being pulled over, the officer took my license and explained what I did wrong, he then pointed out the vehicle I cut off as it drove by... The officer then said "I don't know if you were day dreaming or maybe just thought I was cute" Implying that I wanted to be pulled over. If thats not inapropriate I don't know what is.
Lannon Watchman

Mukwonago, WI

#9 Apr 1, 2009
Mini Van Mom,
Do you happen to know the officer's name or can you provide a description? This would be most helpful for the research I am doing. All these types of stories are going to be used eventually in order to draft a petition to reduce the police force in Lannon. No personal details such as names etc. will be used in ordewr to protect other citizens from harassment. I will reveal MY identity at the time of the petition draft, thereby taking the brunt of what I know will be extreme harrassment on their part in an effort to discourage what I am doing. I believe that it is WE as Citizens who hire these people and pay their wages, who have the largest say in whether they remain in our employ or not. We hire these individuals to keep the peace and protect us from crime, to be there when we need them should a crime occur, yet time and time again, it is these same individuals who break the public trust by harrassing,in innappropriate manners, those of us who are going about our daily lives in a law-abiding fashion.
It has been reported that Lannon has the highest rate of tickets and citations in all of Waukesha County, this was reported in Milwaukee's local press. It is no wonder to me where Lannon obtained the funds to purchase a brand new Black and White Squad Car, it was purchased on what I would personally call, for the most part, ill-gotten gains. While I agree in some part to their issuance of tickets for righteous reasons, there are numerous wrongful citations on their part, for instance, I personally know of an individual who received a ticket while on private property where they had absolutely no jurisdiction, yet the individual there with him at the time, who had no license, is a known drug addict, and who was more liable to receive the ticket as it was his vehicle and the drug addict was in the driver's seat did not receive anything at all. As a matter of fact the officer who wrote the ticket to the incorrect individual is a known friend/associate of the drug addict and has been routinely observed going in and out of the drug addict's residence and has coffee with the drug addict on a regular basis. It is also a fact that the drug addict makes numerous drug related "runs" on a several times per day basis, yet never gets pulled over, this same drug addict has his name on the wall of several local taverns for cashing bad checks, yet has not been arrested for these crimes. I have to ask WHY? Yet daily in Lannon, law-abiding folks like you and me are harrassed, intimidated, and given tickets for the most questionable of reasons. Unfortunately, for you and I, a known drug addict is permitted to operate freely in our midst, have excessively loud parties, which go on at all hours both day and night, and it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to see that this individual is obviously up to no good, but as I stated is allowed to operate freely in our midst. Aren't these types of people the ones who law enforcement are supposed to go after? It is a proven fact that drugs directly relate to crime, yet since we have lived here I have not once seen this drug addict arrested, ticketed or otherwise, yet on a routine basis, he drinks coffee in his home with one of the higher ranking officers in our town, this type of activity is going unchecked and it is this type of activity that must be stopped. I don't want my children around drugs or addicts, and I have to ask, what type of message is this sending to our community, our families and our children, when an officer routinely associates himself with this type of person yet harrasses law-abiding folks? It is wrong and shows a backwards thinking mentality, unfortunately, this is what is going on. And this is just one instance of police misconduct in the village of Lannon.
Mini Van Mom

Milwaukee, WI

#10 Apr 20, 2009
Lannon Watchman,
The officer who made the comments to me and wrote me a ticket (first one in 14 years since I was 21)name was Officer Porter. I hope this helps and Good Luck!
lannon resident

Kenosha, WI

#11 May 10, 2009
I would like to know of others who are harrassed by the Lannon police. It's about time that higher ups get involved to help put this rediculous behavior by he Lannon police to rest.

Milwaukee, WI

#12 Sep 17, 2009
O.K. you idiots, you have the "Lannon" police deptpartment listed serving "Germantown" and list a "Menomonee Falls" address, Duh !!!!!

United States

#13 Nov 5, 2010
I received a speeding ticket in this speedtrap several years ago. Officer stopped me 3 miles past where they "claimed" I was speeding (and it was several speed zones later as well. Knowing that I was not speeding I went to the court date. What a kangeroo court. Was packed with 30-40 people like me who also had tickets. All of were first made to meet with the village attorney who said that all they were interested in was the revenue and if we agreed they would reduce the points but keep the fine. Then they trotted us in front of the judge (who was probably at least 80 years old) and one by one the village attny said we plead guilty but would be reduce points but same fine. After about 15 of these, the judge stops the court and says - hey, this ain't no bargain basement were runnin' here, what's with all these deals. Everyone in the courtroom burst out laughing - even the village attny and cops.

Probably one of the most corrupt police depts I have ever come across.

Milwaukee, WI

#14 Jan 4, 2012
Completely agree with the posters. Let's not forget Lannon police being blatantly racist

United States

#15 Feb 4, 2012
I wish someone could find the right people with the power to put a stop to the relentless harassment by some on the force. Mainly one.Yes... thats you!
Lannon Wisconsin

Menomonee Falls, WI

#16 Feb 29, 2012
Lannon is a dead community . Between the police and village leaders, I can't think of one reason to visit, locate a business or live in Lannon.
It's a shame to set up a system that needs the revenue from tickets to survive. For that matter, have you looked at the industrial area of Lannon lately? I should take back the "survive" statement. Everything is out of business or moving out.
Lannon: should be removed from the map!

Cudahy, WI

#17 Dec 28, 2012
You would have to be on the recieving end to understand the full extent that the Lannon police are willing to go, just to show what power they have. It seems that they are even willing to make up their own law to fit what they accuse one of doing. They should be there to enforce existing laws that were there from the start.
It's a real shame that anyone should have to live in a small village with a department like this.
People should be able to look up to the higher powers for not only protection, but to do their duties as they were trained
To make matters worse, the village higher ups seem to get much satifaction in playing the town bully.
Guess it comes down to the old power of the gun.
In Lannon, if your not one of their "GOOD O BOYS"
Watch out.

United States

#18 Feb 10, 2014
I Lived But Recently Moved Out Of Lannon Yes The Corruption Is To An Extreme Thats For Sure !!!I Would Advise All To Sue The County Or The Department For What They Do Regularly if its a possibility Maybe an attorney I was Definately Harassed Several times There i dont like it there At All I Was Given Tickets There As Well but i decline to say of what Because Of Possible Retaliation By Someone Of The Corrupt and Intelligent Clan that trys to run it Yes They Think They Know It All Which Is Idiotic In Its Self True Fools In My Eyes I Do Have Something To Add That May Highlight Some Humor In Some eyes One Time I Was Getting Harassed By An Oddball Officer Actually He Is The Police Chief In Lannon We Were Actually Arguing One Day while he was threatening me He Is A Big Guy With Grey Hair Well Anyways Back To The Point During The Heat Of The Argument I Smelled Something and As I Looked Around I Couldn't Help To Notice He Had Got So Upset He Had Urinated In His Pants In Front Of Me And Did not even Even Notice The Front Was Completely Soaked Has Anyone Had The Same Thing Happen Had The Lannon Police Chief Gotten So Upset At Them That He Had Urinated His pants In Front Of Them As Me Id Like To Know This Is Not A Joke I Could Pass A Lie Detector On It The Police Chief Urinated his Pants In Front Of Me

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