Police Report Apparent Murder-Suicide...

Police Report Apparent Murder-Suicide In Wauwatosa

There are 107 comments on the WFRV-TV Green Bay story from Mar 10, 2008, titled Police Report Apparent Murder-Suicide In Wauwatosa. In it, WFRV-TV Green Bay reports that:

A woman was stabbed to death and a man died from apparently self-inflicted stab wounds at a home in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa. via WFRV-TV Green Bay

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Chesterfield, MO

#1 Mar 12, 2008
I think there needs to be alot more investigation.Things do not add up. It is possible that Kathy could have gone balistic on Al & stabbed him & got stabbed in the process. I think this could have been a fight with no intentions either way for either one to have killed each other. Also, I knew Al and he wore his heart strings on his sleeves. I dont believe the story of the prior domestic abuse incidents are at all correct. There is nothing crimminal on WCCAP for Al Keeler, only a divorce from another Cathy. I think it would be very interesting to know who was actually all at the house that day. I checked on CCAP for K Acompanado. It would lead one to believe she might not have been very stable. Since 1999 when she was divorced from Greg, she has had 6 small claims against her that were for money judgements and an eviction. These ranged from $400 to app $4,000. She has also had 7 different residences in 9 years. Another thing that bothers me...in in a newspaper article it talks about a domestic violence incident, it says that,'[when they were within 2 blocks of their home, which was in the 2100 block of n. 72nd St, KEEL PULLED OVER AND JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR. When I read that, it seemed clear to me that he was the one scared of her. All of the media coverage painted Kathy as a princess and Al as a villain. Very unfair and not true of Al. For all we know, this girl could have been as sweet as pie to family and co-workers but psychotic as hec in relationships and known as such by friends. Secondly, it takes 2 to tangle. There was an obvious altercation that took place and if this was going on while the kids or anybody was at the house and it was so heated that knives were drawn and there was the possibility of imminent danger...why wasn't 911 called right away? Who called the police "to check on the welfare" of the residents? That is really suspicious to me. If I were investigating this.....I would be taking a look at the male friend on 69th street that Kathy had gone to on both prior domestic situations, her x and a male that was supposedly stalking her. If I were to give you a true character reference of Al....I would say that he was a very caring individual who would give the shirt off his back to help anyone. Family and friends were very important and special to him. He would not have killed Kathy knowing that he would have taken a mother a way from her kids. Al would have thought of that. I hope that anyone who has any info on this will share. Here is all that I have found out:
For the past year, Al had been selling his valuables and prized possessions to pay off Acompanado's debts so that they could buy a house and get married.
Al was trying to help Kathy get her live together. He was very good to her kids and attended the majority of their events. They really thought allot of him too and were very shocked.
He had defensive wounds all over him. The police said that either he did not start what ever happened or he was the one actually being attacked.
The police received 2 anonymous phone calls to check on the welfare of the residents, not resident. The first check was made by rookie cops and they just looked in windows around the premises and left. The following day, when they were called again, veteran officers went there and found the door wide open and found blood in different areas and found Al's body barricaded in the little girls bed room. I am not sure if Kathy was found in there 2 or not. He had been cut from his groin to his neck and then slashed across his neck.
She had other guys calling the house and had someone, allegedly, stalking her.
Al's ex--Cathy was married to him for 7 years and they had been together prior to that for many years and she said he was not abusive and a very kind man. She said that he would have never done anything like this....he just couldn't. I just wish the true story could come out. Most importantly in all of this though is: God Bless those 2 childeren.

Milwaukee, WI

#2 Mar 13, 2008
rea s sa

Milwaukee, WI

#3 Mar 13, 2008
God Bless Kathy's children. Nice of you to say after bashing her.
Kathy may have been a lot of things, "mojo", but she was not a murderer. Allen, on the other hand has in the past been abusive towards her (and others) and there were witnesses to this abuse not only by citizens but by the police as well. He may not have been abusive in his earlier years, but he sure turned out to be, didn't he. The day he took Kathy's life, he told Kathy's children to stay downstairs and to not come up under any circumstances -- sounds pre-meditated to me.(How nice of him, though, to be so considerate of those children by telling them to stay downstairs. What a sweetheart.) This male that lived up the street that you keep referring to was a friend of hers and had been for many, many years. What exactly would you be investigating? That he came in and killed her and Al? Thank God you're not on the police force. I also know that Allen was very, very jeleous and kept a very tight leash on Kathy at all times. If she didn't call him back right away he would go balstic. Whatever Allen was in the past,that changed. He died with no honor.
P.S. Just because someone has financial troubles does not mean they are more than that as you imply.

Milwaukee, WI

#4 Mar 13, 2008
The report about the Painted Parrot: I was there when the altercation between Kathy and Allen happened. I can tell you most assuredly that the reports are accurate. He was dragging her out of there very forcefully and she was asking for help because she was terrified of him. I can tell you, I would have been terrified, too. He scared me. He did not seem like a very nice man that night.

Milwaukee, WI

#5 Mar 13, 2008
I have to add one thing. That Allen would be afraid of Kathy is preposterous. Kathy was not a physically strong person. There is no way she could have taken Allen down and slaughtered him the way you describe. No way.

Chesterfield, MO

#6 Mar 14, 2008
I did not bash Kathy. I simply put down facts gathered and other alternatives than a murder-suicide. I am sorry that you took it wrong. There have been so many different stories and inconsistencies that I was just hoping anyone who had facts could add them and clear up any of the incorrect info. I am not sure what you thought I implied regarding Kathy's financial trouble but I was just putting down this fact for the purpose that it supported what someone had said that Al had been selling his valuables to help her get out of debt so that they could buy a house together and get married. What were you implying when you said that Kathy may have been alot of things but not a murderer? Where did you get the info that he told the kids to stay downstairs. The x husband said on the new that the kids were not there. I don't think Kathy cut up Al like he was cut up but I don't see how he could have done that to himself either. The police are still investigating this so there is alot more to this than just what has been said by the media which has been very incosistant and contradictory.

Chesterfield, MO

#7 Mar 14, 2008
And another thing.....if the kids were there and they were told not to come upstairs under any circumstances......why were the police not called right away? If the kids were there they would have heard something or they would have left and would have said this to someone so why didnt anyone check this out? I heard that they were not found the same day it happened. I know we may never know what really happened but it would be nice to know what is truth and what are lies. Maybe you are right, Red, that Al would have had to have drastically changed. Maybe I am on the police force. Here are 4 facts that are true:
1. Al & Kathy loved each other and were planning on getting married.
2. Al may have had flaws but Kathy did too.
3. We do not know forsure that it was a murder-suicide.
4. There are many people that do not believe Al was capable of murder.

Milwaukee, WI

#8 Mar 14, 2008
You ever met Kathy? She was a tiny, petite woman. There was no way she could have done anything to anyone.

Kenosha, WI

#9 Mar 14, 2008
Kathy's friend on 69th Street could not have had anything to do with this because he died last Fall. Mojo, if you really knew anything about Kathy, you would have known that!

Milwaukee, WI

#10 Mar 16, 2008
It's really sad that there are still people like Mojo that blame the victim. It's beyond words that people can call Al a good person. I read his obituary and guestbook with absolute disgust. He killed a woman and himself. Anyone thinking otherwise is a fool.

Milwaukee, WI

#11 Mar 17, 2008
Al and Kathy loved eachother??? If Al loved Kathy so much he wouldn't have murdered her and taken her away from those kids which she adored and loved more than anything in the world. Jeez, if that's love, I don't want anything to do with it.
Face it, mojo, Al was abusive. He was abusive prior to this murder. He was arrested four times for domestic abuse!! Like I said, he may have been a wonderful guy back in the day, but he obviously had problems. Quit blaming Kathy (that is what you're doing indirectly). Al murdered her. End of story.
BTW, Kathy was a size 1. She was not strong phsically. There is no way she could have killed him the way you indicate.

Milwaukee, WI

#12 Mar 17, 2008
Al may have had flaws, but Kathy did, too?? C'mon Mojo!! That's such a ridiculous statement it makes me sick.

Chesterfield, MO

#13 Mar 17, 2008
If Kathy did not love Al, then why was she engaged to him? If he was so abusive, then why did she stay with him? Nobody has said, and not I, that Kathy was the murderer....but just maybe, Al was not the murderer either. Nobody has said a word about the male that was supposedly stalking her (this was info given to the police that came from one of her friends). Red made the comment that the kids were told not to come upstairs under any circumstances.....where did that come from? The media reported first that the kids were able to flea and then an interview with the x husband said that they were not even there. Look at all the inconsistencies. What do people know for fact about what happened and where did the information come from. The police are still continuing to investigate so think about that.

Milwaukee, WI

#14 Mar 17, 2008
C'mon, Mojo, this is Psychology 101. People who abuse other people are ill. People who are abused by other people and stay are also ill. Let's stick with the facts here, mojo, and then I'm done as I'm grieving enough without having to defend the victim while you protect the murderer. We know that the police have said that Kathy was stabbed to death and that Al killed himself. The autopsy will back this. What the inconsistencies are is what people are saying (the gossip if you will), NOT the police. The police say Al murdered Kathy. The kids (Kathy's son and daughter) and a friend heard them arguing and then heard a "thump". They ran out of the house to get help.(Read the latest article in "Wauwatosa Now")

Chesterfield, MO

#15 Mar 17, 2008
To Red, and others on this blog: I never meant to disgrace Kathy. I really only got involved because my gut was telling me that Al could have not done this and with all of the inconsistencies there seemed to be a possibility that something else could have gone on. However, Red, I thank you for your statements because it is time that I face the fact that Al may have become ill or changed over the last couple of years and did this Horrific thing. Please accept my appologies for any of my correspondence that seemed heartless. That was not my intention. I never did meet Kathy but have a friend that did and I wish I had because I did hear that she was very nice. I will pray that Kathy is an angel in heaven and I will pray for her kids.
I Care

Antioch, IL

#16 Mar 17, 2008
To everyone on this blog--I myself feel there are way too many discrepancies! This is not a closed case and I know we will find more truth- there are tests that have not come in yet-this is not over ...I am here only because I am sick and tired of the way the Media has screwed up all their stories(Keep reading People) gossip, the rumors, the speculations! I was one of the first to be contacted by the Wauwatosa Detectives they couldn't tell too much that day!Because of a criminal investigation. I would like everyone here to know I know for a Given FACT that Al was Definately Attacked!! He had DEFENSE wounds on his arm. There Is no Doubt!!!!Right from the MEDICAL EXAMINERS! So if Lil' ol Kathy didn't attack him Who the Hell did?? He was Attacked by somebody!!! There are so many things being said how horrible Al was..He wasn't that type of person at all-It also is definately not true Al told those children to not come upstairs they were not in the home at the time!!! I actually talked to kathy she called me about Al this last August(one of the actual incidents) where they were fighting! She called me said it was a one time thing.(Kathy was never a friend of mine by the way!)If she was so abused she had her chance to tell all!?! And the Painted Parrot.. Yes they Did get into it and Kathy started the whole thing that Nite!! Their was another man involved(ANOTHER KNOWN FACT)and we all do need to look at Kathy also... And whoever she was associating with.I would like everyone here to know I am not speculating anything but only replying with known facts. Mojo I am not sure who you are but you are the most sensible person on here. You do have the closest information.

United States

#17 Mar 18, 2008
You are all sick. Respect the dead and respect the family members left behind to read all your garbage. You all are immoral and need help yourselves. The truth is far from what you all are reporting. Please stop writing your own gossip about their lives. Family members ARE reading this...have a little respect for their loved ones and get a life.
A friend

New Berlin, WI

#18 Mar 18, 2008
SOS wrote:
You ever met Kathy? She was a tiny, petite woman. There was no way she could have done anything to anyone.
I take it you have never been in that kind of situtuion before. One where you are so consummed with anger you could do just about anything no matter your height or size. No one here is trying to put Al or Kathy down, we are all just upset and want to know the truth. It would be nice if someone (like the police and media) would give true information, not false or have truth. You must tell "THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH".
Another friend

Milwaukee, WI

#19 Mar 18, 2008
Nobody means any disrespect towards Kathy's family or Al's family. There are all kinds of stories floating around (using this blog as a prime example). Friends of both Al and Kathy are upset and just want to know the truth.

Disgusted, this website was designed for comments about the article. It is designed to talk about. There is nothing immoral about it. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Brookfield, WI

#20 Mar 18, 2008
I am for one glad to hear that Al had Defense wounds. Being a mother myself, I would have given everything I had to try to survive for my children. I think what everyone should be doing is thinking about the children who now have to grow up with out thier mother. She will never see her daughter go to her first school dance, or be able to see her son graduate from high school. I think we all can agree that this was a very unfortunate incident. We also agree that there are no "known" facts yet. So please let the famlies have some peace, and think about who your comments affect before you publish them in public. There is no need to publicly bash a dead woman who was a loving mother, well respected in her community and obviously had touched many people in her life in a positive way.

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