Wisconsin's Employment Felon Bill 260
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Waukesha, WI

#42 Nov 24, 2008
Jove wrote:
Our society is quick to associate the word felon with murderer, rapist, burglar, etc; I used to do it too. Then I spent about 6 months Correctional Institution in 2001. The entire population held the same disdain for those convicted of sex offenses, thievery and murder (in that order) just like society “on the outside”. The majority of the other inmates were there for drug offenses or for violating probation stemming from drug offenses.
Felons are pigeonholed as violent, unimaginable offenders, similar to what we see on television and that's just not the case. I am not trying to minimize the seriousness of non-violent offenses; I take them very seriously. But there shouldn’t be an overall classification summarizing all felons of the same moral turpitude. It's serving a life sentence for presumably having poor moral character.
Like anyone else, I don’t want someone who has been convicted of embezzlement managing my 401(k) plan anymore than I would want a sex offender watching my children; but frankly, I wouldn’t care if a sex offender managed my 401(k).
After derailing early in college due to alcoholism and depression, I racked up two felony charges in 1997 and 2001, both drunk driving related. Finally getting my life back on track, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BBA in Finance. In retrospect, maybe it wasn't the best degree choice, but I was always optimistic that my 3.7GPA and steady work experience would demonstrate my commitment and integrity to any potential employer. I couldn't have been more wrong.
Every professional tract I've sought has been quashed. Just a few examples....
-The NASD cites a statutory disqualification prohibits felons’ issuance of any series license.
-The Commissioner of Insurance prohibits the issuance of any Insurance licenses.
-The CFA Institute prohibits felons sitting for any exams, not to mention admission to their institute.
-Department of Regulation and Licensing prohibits felons’ obtaining a Debt Collectors Licenses.
-American Association of Actuaries professional code of conduct doesn't explicitly exclude felons, but their professional code of conduct alludes to the exclusion of felons.
These types of accreditations and certifications are commonplace and a natural succession for someone with a degree in Finance. These professional licensing requirements prohibiting felons circumvent The Fair Employment Act put in place to prevent the discrimination of felons by employers. Obviously, if someone is convicted of an offense relative to the proposed career, that is a concern, but I've found that all felons are excluded under the false pretenses that it will somehow bolster the integrity and code of these third party regulatory agencies and their respective professions. The recent accounting and back dating options scandals are evidence enough that despite efforts to filter ill-intentioned persons, you can not predict or prevent man's free will.
I agree, and am in the same boat. I have a felony conviction myself, I have a BBA in finance from the university of iowa. had a great job for 12 years after graduating. was convicted of 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety in 2005, and haven't been able to get a job since. any advice?

New Berlin, WI

#44 Nov 27, 2008
This is the best write up I have ever seen. It is totally true. I'm a convicted felon and once they find that out after running a check on me. They handle me rough. I'ts scary at night. Driving down the street all alone. You see and officer, you want to wave feeling a sense of security but you knw they are about to mess with you. I gto a drivers license but so what. It doesnt get me a job!

I want a real job, I work at a corner store and I want to be able to pay taxes like everyone else. I have not committed any crimes since 2000 but they still got me stuck.
dc felon

United States

#46 Dec 18, 2008
man I feel you with the deepest of regret, but try to stay out. That's what they want from us, I too ask teh question of where does that leave me. I was convicted back when I was 19 now Im 27 and a strugling sinlge mother who tries deperatly to take care of her son. but dam I need a job a welfare is not cutting it. They have website like hard2hire.com but that is a joke. Too good to be true, but like the ecoonmy is now expect more felons with high crime.
Felon wrote:
I really dont know what they expect from people when they intentionally and systematically deny employment to millions of people who ar trying to abide by the law and live like normal law biding citizens.
I think that this law would constitute a ban on rehabilitation, and so I will be planning to return to prison.
Please post your suggestions as to how I can get back to prison so that I can get 3 hots and a cot.
Since I am now banned from living a clean life, clearly I am now being required by law to commit new crimes against others so that I can seek the shelter of the prison/welfare system for men.
Please post your recommendations - what crime should one commit to get back inside ?
This law would in fact affirm the governments firm intention to decrease the number of felons, even at the expense of increasing the anount of crime. This is pure social cleansing.
America is a country of cowards, afraid of rehabilitation as they cowar in thier gated communities. This law was authored by men with murder in thier hearts, murderous bloodthirsty social cleansing fascists.
That is what justice is like in America. A joke. And that is why this country will ALWAYS have a HUGE crime problem !! WWEEEEEeeeee!!!
Have a great day :)
lee martinez

Kewaskum, WI

#47 Dec 19, 2008
Mr. Felon,
I hate to be the one to correct you but its 78.9% fellons in Milwaukee thank you.
lee martinez

Kewaskum, WI

#48 Dec 19, 2008
Dear Nancy,
What were your convictions on that you are having a hard time finding a job. May i suggest be your own boss and make a company. Why work for others whey they can work for you. The law says many things but it can not prevent you from starting a business.
Second Chance

Milwaukee, WI

#49 Mar 26, 2009
I think the system is setting felons up to fail once once again. Come on now I am speaking on the half of those who have drug felons. Yes is was wrong that they were out here slanging or what have you they get caught up spend 12-15 years in jail come home to their families wives, children etc. and have nothing to offer nor can they find a decent job to support their families. How do we expect them to become productive citizens if they are not given a second chance. Some of them learn from their mistakes and come out with an new out look on life then they're others who go back to doing the same thing but why because there is no opportunity out here for advancement. SAD they are doomed for the rest of their lives if they dont create a decent living for themselves.
michael connell

Northville, NY

#50 Mar 28, 2009

Madison, WI

#51 Aug 2, 2009

Madison, WI

#52 Sep 29, 2009
I think that saying an employer can fire someone because they are or become a felon is bs. How many felons out there are felons over little things like possession of THC (pot) and then cannot even get a job at McDonalds. What about the children that this effects? Unfortunatly alot of felons have several children and if they don't work they don't pay support so there children don't get there needs met?

Madison, WI

#53 Sep 29, 2009
A company doing what? and How? With a drug felony it is hard if not impossible to get a loan.
The Big V

Portland, OR

#54 Oct 19, 2009
I would suggest growing a shit load of weed, robbing a bank, or assaulting a cop.
These are good crimes because it's a win win situation.

United States

#55 Oct 22, 2009
when you become an felon,your life is just shit untill you die!!!!!!!!!! you do you time four your crime,and try to live a normal life and putt all that in the past, but how can you i got my first one in 1992 four pot!i was just a damn teenager,then5years down the road got pulled over 4 o.w.i had one joint on me so there was my 2nd no questions asked been trying to live my life butt its hard when you cant even get a job !!!!!!!!!!
pkinwi55atyahooc om

Muskego, WI

#56 Dec 28, 2009
i wish there were a list of employment agencies that will give felons a placement. upon release i got a job but it is min wage and it sucks.. but it is a job...

West Bend, WI

#57 Dec 28, 2009
All i can suggest is you break into the correct household and I will save myself and other taxpayers the money to house you.

Grafton, WI

#58 Dec 28, 2009
Drug users are only rehabiltated when they die.

United States

#60 Apr 23, 2010
Department of Corrections
Offenders Under Control on January 1, 2010

quite a large population. wait till they pass the law where that states all felons (on paper and off paper)must sumbit a dna testing and they will have to pay the 300 dollars for it.


no felons on paper or off of paper may vote.( <---florida's trying to pass it).

don't you see the beauty of that law that felon's (on paper only) can't vote. how many felons in wisconsin on paper? opens a gate way to passing laws against felons.

here's how you fix the over population without lesser punishment.
anyone not convicted of a non violent offense gets huber. let him pay for his own jail time. trust me they'll go for it. be able to have a cig save some money.

the rest. chain gaings clean up the city. stops looking like a ghetto. provides jobs, seeing they'll need babysitters.

here's how you bring in more money to the government.
toll bridges.$1.50 normal and anyone with a bears bumper sticker 50 bucks. let the other people help pay for the roads they use.

Baldwin, WI

#62 Apr 23, 2011
Nora Hitchcock wrote:
I feel second chances can accomplish a lot more than isolation. I work in a jail. I see how people keep them down. Yes, some will never chane given every opportunity but some made a mistake or are convicted o crimes they did not really do. Females fallin this category the most. They are charge wit their husband or boyfriends crimes.
Yes, I believe in what the person on top of here says. I do believed in second chances. I have a felony on my record because of my ex husband. Even though I didn't committed the crime, but because he told me about it, I was charge with a felony for knowing about about it. I have always done good through out my whole life until this mistake. Now I can't even turn back but can only look forward and better myself. I have to work harder with a felony. I am a single mother of 2 kids and its hard for me to get a job with my background. I understand that some will never learn from it but some will. I've learned from my mistake and now I'm trying my best to get a second chance.
#63 Jul 12, 2012
unemployedblackman wrote:
Ive been unemployed for years,and Im not even a felon.I just live off of white women.
thats why whites hate blacks for crap like that

Milwaukee, WI

#64 Jul 12, 2012
Yep! and now thanks to our GREAT GOVERNOR - everyone’s juvenile police records can be released, and view by potential employers (Like Me!) So remember the bag of tootsie rolls you stole when you were 13? That could come back to haunt you now when you're looking for a job!...HA!! Think about that ya PUNKS!!
line worker

Belvidere, IL

#65 Oct 14, 2013
I am not a felon. but my stepson Brandon is. he cannot find a job. it was drug related. well he is in Wisconsin and no one will hire him. he is only 26 and has his high school diploma. he has a wife and 2 little girls. they live with his mother. Well it is a hard life. the grandma does not care about her dogs biting her grand children. she is tired of supporting Aslley and her kids. Asley will not get on housing because they will not house Brandon, her husband. Are there any jobs in Wisconsin for Felons?

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