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former resident

Chino, CA

#90 Mar 2, 2010
This place is run by idiots. When trying to break my lease, I went into the office to see exactly how much it would cost. Wording in the contract wasn't clear because I was right at the 6 month point. Greg, former employee in the office gave me a specific $ amount and I made my decision based on that amount. When I turned in my keys, I gave them a check for that amount and was told good luck. I left thinking this chapter in my life was closed. Over 6 months later, I get a call from a collection agency telling me I owe a concession. The Enclave never notified me of owing anything and sent me right to collection. They knew my phone number because the maintenance dept called me 2 weeks ago to ask for access and I told them I haven't lived there in over 6 months. I did receive my final water bill via mail at my new address and paid that. I gave Greg my forwarding address on that last day, I wasn't trying to hide. I didn't know I owed anything! Why would they let me leave without full payment if they thought I owed anything? The assistant manager and manager couldn't care less. I called the corporate office and informed them about their inadequately trained staff and received the same response. What is ironic, I actually overpaid my rent by $1 every month because I prefer even numbers and was never credited. But the ironic part is, one month I was notifed that I underpaid $1, it wasn't true. They couldn't do $805-$804. I was paying $805 each month but my rent was $804.

Costa Mesa, CA

#91 May 4, 2010
Hi everyone,
I've just finished reading all the post/ feedbacks on the Apartment called the Enclave in Menifee...Is it really that bad till now? Most of the latest post is 2007...Its 2010 now and was thinking of moving as its near the college area...has their any changes on what"s being said on here....pls advise. thanks

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#92 Jul 6, 2010
My boyfriend and I moved into the Enclaves in February. The office staff are incredibly helpful and nice. My biggest complaints are 1) the amenities are partially restricted. Sometimes I work late and want to go to the gym, but I can't because it closes early. 2)My apartment has problems. It was dirty when I moved in and the carpet was put in very poorly. There are gaps between the floor and the carpet which when stepped on can often cut your foot. The toilet also has a crack as does the crown molding. Also the sliding glass door and the windows are all very difficult to open. When we did the walk through and turned the paper into the office they did nothing to fix the problems.
I still am happier with this place than my last apartments. and most of the problems I can fix. But it's still frustrating.

San Jose, CA

#93 Jul 18, 2010
From day one of me moving in I have had nothing but problems here. 1 the apartment wasn't ready to be moved into on the day I was moving in. My boyfriend seen some guys smoking pot outside there apartment. It's just not right. The gates are hardly ever closed at night. I seen a guard once in the past six months I lived here. I would never tell anyone to move here. They have a very poor management here.
little one

Hacienda Heights, CA

#94 Dec 2, 2010
Current resident wrote:
We've lived here for 2 and 1/2 years. When we first moved in the ammenities were open all night with a code to unlock the door but things got broken so they started closing it after a certain time. To make sure only residents use them they got rid of the code and issued electronic keys. Pool table sticks and balls are kept in the office and you have to check them out with an ID so kids don't come in unsupervised. They also issued resident passes that you have to keep with you and produce when asked by security so that only residents use the pool and gym. These things aren't a hassle because they all come on a keyring that they'll give you with a stretchy thing to keep it on your wrist. Whenever we have a problem in our apt maintenance usually comes same day to fix it. They installed doggy stations all over the complex with bags to pick up after your pets and trash cans to throw it away in afterwards. The office staff is always really friendly and helpful. They send out notices when they get a report that something was broken into to inform everyone and ask them to be extra cautious. They do have monthly free activities for the residents and raffle away prizes and money off rent. They also do a monthly drawing for people who pay their rent early to win $100 off your rent. It's not just scum or punks that live here, I see all different kinds of people. There's a lexus SUV and an Escalade that park outside our building along with cheaper cars. Maybe the reason I like it here is because I don't judge people based on appearances and I am respectful towards others, especially when I'm addressing an issue or need something, so they are usually nice back. That seems to be a lesson a lot of other people don't learn. If you have then this is a great place to live, if not then move somewhere else because you'll probably end up having the same experiences as some of these other people.
Well, this is the nicest thing I've read after 3 pages of bad reviews. I agree with you but are you still in the apartment complex? I'm asking because I wanted to get an honest opinion from someone like you if I should continue our hold in a 1BR. I am scheduled to move in on the 11th.
I did have a nice walk through and the girls at the office were nice but I was not made aware of the restrictions in the use of the amenities. If you could clarify, I can still back out of the hold.
Thank you.

Long Beach, CA

#95 Jan 16, 2011
Been here less than a year, at first we had awesome neighbors, they moved a couple months later, now we have the loudest most obnoxious, disrespectful neighbors- they're upstairs so there's games on the tv till 3am, yelling across the parking lot till 3am at their friends who live directly across, cigaret ash all over my patio, parties every other night, loud music anytime they come home, beer cans have even made it to my porch.

Management - hate to say it but the office is full of half wit ditz's , very unprofessional, nothing gets done, they never call back if you leave a message. They have no idea what they're doing.

I'd move but it's cheap here and close to my parents and stuff.:-/

Oh and the gate is never shut, the pool is currently closed, the spa is good for making hard boiled eggs - and the guys who make repairs on your apt need to be watched to make sure they do something otherwise they'll give you some excuse why it cant be fixed yet and leave.

Since: Jan 11

Long Beach, CA

#96 Jan 16, 2011
Also. Lots of theft

Artesia, CA

#97 Jan 22, 2011
Ive been considering moving here with my husband & daughter. I went to and they had great reviews (although outdated). I tried to contact them 3 times without a response, so we just showed up. Can you tell me why with 2 people they need to take lunch at the same time and ignore potential or current residents? I have to say I have never met such Dim-witted leasing agents! I could not believe the lack of care they have towards possible future tenants and lack of motivation. My husband & I felt so awkward while in their office. She did not care to answer any questions or sell us on the property, it was as if we were inconveniencing her by being interested. I thought about possibly giving them a 2nd chance after all that because I liked the price. However I just stumbled cross this site and am now thinking I need to keep looking. I currently live in Murrieta and looking to get a reasonably priced 2 bedroom. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Springfield, MO

#98 Mar 5, 2011
Put a deposit down on an apt. to secure the "Move in Deal".$100. deposit and pro-rated first months rent. Their contract says they will refund the deposit if you're not approved or change your mind within the first 72 hrs. Three weeks later they called, the night before I was to move in, at 4pm and told me I had been approved and could move in the next day AFTER I provided an additional $1,200 deposit!!!! I told them I was no longer interested and asked for my deposit back. They said I had to request the refund within 72 hrs. of leaving it and they would NOT refund my $100 because it had been three weeks!

IMO, their "move in special" is a lost leader, or better yet, a bait and switch!

I'm actually relieved we did not move in there! We found a nice 2 bedroom house for less a few miles away!
Tanya Souhour

Hacienda Heights, CA

#99 Jun 9, 2011
We have lived here for 2 years. It is like a resort with the beautiful workout center and the sparkling pool. In the evenings the pool area gets a little rowdy with students. It is not a big issue at all. I would highly recommend this complex to anyone wanting safe and luxurious living.
Juan M

Hacienda Heights, CA

#100 Jun 9, 2011
This complex is the perfect place for me to raise my teenage children. It has so many things for them to do. My son loves playing basketball at the courts and my wife enjoys the pool. FOr apartment living this is the life. I would highly recommend this complex. The people that complain are the ones who get in trouble for violating the rules. If you want a nice place to raise your children then the enclave is perfect!
Candace Montoya

Hacienda Heights, CA

#101 Jun 12, 2011
After the short sale of my home last year I thought I would never find a place to raise my teenage daughter. I can call Enclave my home and it is a wonderful place to raise my daughter. I did transfer to Paloma instead of Heritage High. She is doing amazing and we feel like everyday is a vacation at the Enclave. I plan on staying here for the next 2 years until she finishes High School. Maybe even longer with the college being so close. We love the theater room and we enjoy cooking out on the grills. It doesn't matter that our apartment is one of the smaller ones because we entertain outside in the common areas. If you need a safe place to raise a teen with a lot to do then I highly recommend you consider the Enclave.

Hacienda Heights, CA

#102 Jun 12, 2011
Good Prices,Nice Apts,lived here 6 months and plan on staying. Mother of 7 year old and my son also loves living here.

Murrieta, CA

#103 Jun 12, 2011
There hasnt been any posts since March and all of a sudden there are 4 posts within 3 days. Seems kind of suspicious to me, especially since all the previous posts were negative and the past 4 were conveniently positive. And how is it that the 2 on June 9th were posted at the exact same time and the 2 from today were both posted at the same time????? Sounds like the leasing office got word of the poor reviews and decided to do some damage control.

Hacienda Heights, CA

#104 Jun 14, 2011
Nothing suspicious here. We were asked by a neighbor at the pool to post. Her friend recently read the reviews, and decided not to move in here. She was upset her friend did not move in, based on reviews. We went home and posted at her request. I have lived in apartments, and let me tell you I know what it is like to live in a section 8 community, and it is nothing like the Enclave. Spend a night in a section 8 community and you will go running home to the Enclave. Trust me they have communities out there that are much worse. If a little bit of noise bothers you and you don't like ammenities, then the Enclave is not for you. You can't rely on some silly site with some deadbeat renters. You need to go check things out for yourself.

Long Beach, CA

#106 Jun 12, 2012
Benny wrote:
Why don't all of you morons move??? I lived in an area that started to get bad so I left! Either you move, fix the problem or shut the hell up and deal with it.
or you could get off your a$$ and do something about it you piece of shit

Canoga Park, CA

#107 Jun 13, 2012
Michelle wrote:
Nothing suspicious here. We were asked by a neighbor at the pool to post. Her friend recently read the reviews, and decided not to move in here. She was upset her friend did not move in, based on reviews.
If she had a friend who lived in the complex why would she search online reviews? Knowing someone who lives in the complex is far better than trusting strangers on a forum. I would take my friend's word over any online blog. Just doesn't add up for me...sorry.
I did try to check out the place and when I did I was ignored by the 2 girls running the office. I was made to feel uncomfortable and like I was keeping them from being able to gossip. I had questions they could/would not answer. I wanted to move-in in 45 days and they said that they did not have the "next month move-in specials." How is someone supposed to agree to move into an apartment that they are not sure what the rent is going to be? Then they called me 2 weeks after the move in date I gave them to see if I was ready to move in.(I had already found another complex and moved by the time they bothered to call). Despite my best efforts to be interested in moving-in, they might as well have not had an "onsite management office" because it did me no good! What is the point of paying 2 girls to do a job that neither of them actually do? I don't know how this place actually has tenants with the property management staff they had.
Horrible Place to live

Los Angeles, CA

#108 Jul 6, 2013
Sure wish I read the reviews before I moved in. The office staff was very nice until I signed the lease now they turn a blind eye to all the issues that face living here. They show an attitude of not caring, act rude and are incompetent with a lack of leadership. I believe this stems from the property manager who only cares about the bottom line of profits. As I have tried talking to her on several occasions and often she is too busy to meet my request for conversation for a solution. Cars in my area have been stolen or broken into several times including mine. I have spiders that keep returning after exterminator comes. A/C unit in my home causes severe allergies and when asked to clean vents I was denied because they insist it was already clean when I arrived. Residents are not respectful of each other as one would expect living in a higher level of living. I will be living with spiders, severe allergies, rude residents and incompetent staff until my lease is up! Please take the time to look at other living accommodations in the area as this is the worse luxury rental you could possibly get.

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