California Proposition 19: the Mariju...

California Proposition 19: the Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 7, 2010

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Smokie says

Covina, CA

#16541 Sep 6, 2013
Careless smoking can result in forest fires.

Santa Clarita, CA

#16543 Sep 10, 2013
CitizenTopix wrote:
Proposition 19 would change California Law to Legalize Marijuana and Allow It to Be Regulated and Taxed:
- Allows people 21 years old or older to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use.
- Permits local governments to regulate and tax commercial production and sale of marijuana to people 21 years old or older.
- Prohibits people from possessing marijuana on school grounds, using it in public, smoking it while minors are present, or providing it to anyone under 21 years old.
- Maintains current prohibitions against driving while impaired.
How will you vote on November 2?
Make it legal but have a warning on packages how it can damage your health. How will law enforcement know the legal limit?
twenty four seven

Covina, CA

#16544 Sep 11, 2013
Your right you do need sunshine to grow?
Jerry Lowass

San Anselmo, CA

#16546 Sep 12, 2013
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what the!? Help! Whairs my pipe!? Help! What pipe!? What? So, what pipe? What? Whair? Pipe?
Mike Rammer

San Anselmo, CA

#16547 Sep 12, 2013
Jerry Lowass wrote:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what the!? Help! Whairs my pipe!? Help! What pipe!? What? So, what pipe? What? Whair? Pipe?
Your pipe is right where I put it last night. Up your ass pipe hole.

Covina, CA

#16548 Sep 13, 2013
Veteran rocker Neil Young has been banned from the airwaves of a local Canadian radio station after he compared the region to the Japanese city of Hiroshima in the aftermath of the 1945 atomic bomb blast.

Something to do with a nasty oil pipe line from Canadian to Texass?
mark robinson

San Jose, CA

#16550 Sep 13, 2013
George D Horwitz wrote:
I long ago stopped using marijuana, so I am only commenting as a disinterested observer at this point,but there are I think two things worth considering.
1.) Pot's presently against the law, so anyone using it is breaking the law. So if millions of Americans are out breaking that law, might they not be easily led to breaking other laws? I do not favor having such a lax attitude for the law.
Many people think laws are stupid and they break them. Slippery slope.
2.) If we decriminalize marijuana, that might lead to less criminal activity. It might not, but it might.
For twelve years, alcohol was illegal in the United States, and this gave rise to a gangster class we now call The Mafia. It also lead to a more accepting attitude among previously law-abiding citizens toward criminal activities like drug dealing, hiring imigrants without papers, fraudulent lending, tax evasion, the whole enchilada. Many Americans engage in some form of criminal activity, and I am not convinced that changing the rules governing pot will change our attitude at this late date.
Significant opponents of pot law reform include the folks who make beer and liquor.
Says YOU, and frankly, you know nothing.... the rise of lawlessness cannot be traced to prohibition, but to the DEPRESSION.... people got DESPERATE to EAT, so stealing didnt seem so extreme... besides, the populace had witnessed the robber-barrons, the accumulation of OBSCENE wealth by a tiny few, and they wanted what they could get for themselves.... as for drugs, when people are so DEPRESSED that a drug offers relief, a natural market arises that is filled by........ DRUG DEALERS.... you arent very aware, dude. your Glaring generalities are pathetic and wrong.
If more

Covina, CA

#16552 Sep 13, 2013
If it were S H t it would be sold and smoked.

Sunnyvale, CA

#16553 Sep 13, 2013
I am totally against it.. already there are so many alcoholics driving cars, i don't wanna have weeders getting high and driving crazily.

Covina, CA

#16554 Sep 13, 2013
PepTow fixes all that ails you?
Mark Ziplockbook

San Anselmo, CA

#16556 Sep 14, 2013
Higher and higher. So help me Hana.
Sun spots

Covina, CA

#16557 Sep 14, 2013
Watch out for the flying sun spots.
Johney Johnjohn

San Francisco, CA

#16558 Sep 15, 2013
Fly me to the moon.

Covina, CA

#16559 Sep 15, 2013
Almost as bad as the other floundering topic just rated dumpers/

“8 point Buck”

Since: Sep 13

Location hidden

#16560 Sep 15, 2013
They should legalize mariguanna and give me some and I'll keep it safe for you.

Covina, CA

#16561 Sep 15, 2013
An unarmed man who was shot and killed by a police officer in North Carolina after a wreck was a former football player for Florida A&M University, school officials said Sunday.

Wofford Heights, CA

#16563 Sep 16, 2013
Look.. Before anyone goes on to hate on me for stating what I have to say, just hear me out?

Okay... So there are pros and cons to the intake of Tri-clones (the crystals of THC that sit upon each bud)
My grandmother uses Marijuana leaves themselves, to soak in hot water, for her feet, due to excessive swelling.. Marijuana is used for more than just to "get a high" with that being said, I use it for the removal of swelling, myself.. along with using it as an ointment for my pain relief. Just because a person mentions Marijuana, it doesn't make them a bad person, or a criminal..

Now, with that being said, whomever never thought of it the way I have, and use it the way i use it, should be ashamed of yourself.. Marijuana is a medicine.. A natural Herb.. NOBODY should smoke it simply for fun.. Use it for relief of pain, and don't use it as a crutch..(like, "oh, it helps me be nice to the world" or "well, i need to get high. I love the head-change"

Let me explain something to you.. Those of you who claim no harm will come from smoking Marijuana is FULL OF CRAP. Inhaling SMOKE in general is bad for you.. Either way, if you add a flame, you're inhaling carbon monoxide, along with THC, and think of it this way, if you don't know what you're doing, you're also smoking timber.. May as well get straw, wrap it up, and smoke it..

Vaporizers are supposed to be the things that eliminate most emissions of carbon monoxide, and are virtually flameless...

Now I am going to go.. because I'm almost positive people are gonna bash me for my name, because i'm a feminine guy.. But look at the reasons of why I posted, NOT my name.. And again, I urge you all to become a little more educated on the subject before bashing eachother.. This thread has turned into more of a flamming argument, instead of the topic at hand.. Stop getting upset over small matters, get a long, and be happy...

If you don't believe Marijuana should be legal, then simply don't post.

Covina, CA

#16565 Sep 16, 2013
I thought the license was free as long as you bring back the head OF ONE THOSE LOUSY COMMINIST POLITICANS.

United States

#16566 Sep 18, 2013
I love pot! Let's make it leegull!

Covina, CA

#16567 Sep 18, 2013
Just why are posters here, called flounders?

Because a flounder keeps floundering all over themselves.

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