Elect MSJC Police for Menifee Police:

Santa Fe Springs, CA

#21 Aug 20, 2006
If it's better than what we are getting now, then why not. I have seen worse areas but that is how it all starts off, small crime, then big time crime. A small city with little to no police services is a great target for criminals who look for this opportunity all the time.

Santa Fe Springs, CA

#22 Sep 4, 2006
Yes, We should!! I saw a great police presence in the Menifee area this pat Labor Day Weekend. Alot of Sheriff, CHP, and San Jacinto Police in the area. Absolutley loved it! I cant tell you how many cops I saw, it was a pleasure and hope to see more police presence in our area in the near future. I thought I would add this to this specific forum because it applies to our lack of police services and the effect the Mt San Jacinto Police have in our Menifee area. I hope they continue thier efforts and keep our area safe! Don't want to be the next Perris, Lake Elsinore or Hemet City!!!!!

Phoenix, AZ

#23 Sep 6, 2006
MSJC Police are actually terrorizing the citizens of Menifee by their gustapo tactics. I urge you to keep your eyes out a little more - if you truly like the MSJC police in Menifee, observe the way they enforce the laws! They have followed me almost to my home in Menifee Lakes for no reason. I have NEVER seen the MSJC make a traffic stop without laying the driver and passengers out on the curb and searching the car. While I don't claim to know exactly the cause of these stops, logic simply says that not every traffic stop should warrant that kind of criminal treatment. It makes me sick every time I drive by the MSJC police and their heavy-handed take on law enforcement in Menifee. We'll see you change your opinions when you get followed home and treated like a suspicious person without cause!

San Jacinto, CA

#24 Oct 5, 2006
hire more cops for MSJC POLICE...they rock!
Bernardo Martinez

Moreno Valley, CA

#25 Dec 2, 2006
I feel that Chief Segawa does not run a community oriented police department. I would like to have a recorded interview with Segawa about him and his police department. I have many fears and concerns about Segawa. Inspired by Officer Mangaya.
[email protected]

Torrance, CA

#26 Dec 19, 2006
You all need to get a life and stop whining about MSJC PD. They are no different than the Sheriff, Murrieta PD, CHP or any other law enforcement organization. The folks in this forum that post negative comments about MSJC PD are the ones with problems that probably arose from thier misconduct and involvement in criminal activity and just hold a grudge because they finally got busted.

Mabey they are mad that just a small college PD popped them for what ever wrong doing they did and not a larger PD. Just face it...you got arrested, have some personal grudge against the officer or PD and can not get over it. Be an adult, own up to your responsibilities and Man Up to it!

As far as I'm concerned, I don't care who is patrolling the area...The more cops the better! As for "Mr. I got followed home" quit crying, I'm sure it was a big nothing and your just peronoid! As for having people out on the curb, well each occurance is different everytime and there are certain circumstances that warrant that reaction by police. Did you stop by and ask? Do you know what your talking about? MSJC PD does the same thing as every other agency in California...They are just doing it in a smaller area and that area happens to be in your neighborhood. Get over it!

Torrance, CA

#27 Dec 19, 2006
"I was followed home!" :(
"I want a taped interview!" :(

Come on people...are you all serious? The citizens of LA, Long Beach, Compton, Watts, and many other cities and other states would love to live in Menifee and have way more problems with thier local law enforcement.

There are really bad cops out there: Killing people, hiring people to kill people, doing contract murders on people, actual members of gangs, child molesters and I could go on and on!

Your whining about these issues? You must have no serious stress in your life to be worried about what the cops in your area are doing. Think about it!

I have never heard of any misconduct or documented validated incidents of misconduct by Menifee College Police. However I read on a daily basis and have seen officers from other agencies arrested for sex crimes, theft, assaults etc. in Riverside County.

So please, know what you are talking about before you post a comment!

Torrance, CA

#28 Dec 23, 2006
Hell Yeah! Lets do it!
Craig S

San Jacinto, CA

#29 Jan 11, 2007
Bernardo Martinez and Mathew are two fine examples of todays gene pool distruction. You see here is the tactic: If I break the law, I just blame the law and law enforcement, it's thier fault, not mine. Sad, just man up, take responsibility for your actions and move on. I like the police, they are the ones that protect us (law abiding citizens) from the criminals. They keep us safe. I know Bernardo and Mathew would be the first to dial 911 if they were in trouble. You two really have issues. As for MSJC Police; keep on keepin' on, you guys rock, and so does every other law enforcement agency. You guys risk your safety so we don't have to, thank you.

Inglewood, CA

#30 Jan 13, 2007
well let me just say the msjc chief segawa is the last person you want to run a police department. He has about 1 year of true police experience no college degree no history of higher education to have the title of chief. he was fired from l.a.p.d for letting his former wife take his gun and threaten to kill him and since he was on probation with the department they terminated him !!! i know i know all you posters on this site will say how do you know lets just say i work in law enforcment and know of the department and its employees. segawa is a joke among other officers and the sheriff

San Diego, CA

#31 Jan 27, 2007
This entire thread just goes to show how little the public lay people know about law enforcement. Maybe Westec can give you a cheaper quote also....what a joke. With this kind of mental power involved, I forsee a dim future for Menifee.....

Torrance, CA

#32 Feb 18, 2007
I see them messing people up all the time! Good for them!

San Jacinto, CA

#33 Apr 24, 2007
bernardo martinez is an idiot. He claims he graduated from a police academy, but he can't get hired by any agency because he got bad rep and a proven law breaker.

San Jacinto, CA

#34 Apr 25, 2007
While it is true Chief Segawa does not have a higher education he has for the most part functioned as an effective leader. Chief Segawa was the first officer hired for this department and has had to build this department with very little resources. Chief Segawa has his short cummings as do we all and was given great responsibility at an early point in his career. He has earned the blind trust of many who work for him and those in the Law Enforcement community. Keep up the good work Chief.

Rowland Heights, CA

#35 May 8, 2007
Living in the Menifee Area For over 8 years .Ihave found living here peaceful at least until San Jacinto College Cops started patrol in this area.I have a family and a house here.I know at least six Menifee residents in our community decent people including myself that have been pulled over ,searched ,terrrorized including my daughter who was a passenger in car.This is not what Menifee Needs.

San Jacinto, CA

#36 May 17, 2007
"decent people including myself", yeah right, listen to you, you dont know a damn thing...wake up and face the reality! That's right CRAIG!

San Marcos, CA

#37 May 18, 2007
Why is everyone so up in arms about the police there?
selina bryant

Glendora, CA

#38 Jun 19, 2007
I have been followed home by the san jacinto police and other police agencies, email me I would like to talk with you

“Here I am in need of a Haircut”

Since: May 07


#39 Jun 23, 2007
MSJC cops are idiots, I know people at campus who smoke weed and drink on campus, not me but others and these cops have not got a clue to whats going on. Their overzealous abuse of students is going to cause weak students to rise against them and I will be the one saying I told you so soon enough.

Vista, CA

#40 Jun 27, 2007

You are a freaking idiot! A freak! with your stupid picture unde ryour name and your anti-government slogan! You belong in a mental institution! God help MSJC, the day you forget to take your medication. You need to be drug out infront of everyone and have your ass kicked by every government employee, police officer and military service member that you so anti-defy on a daily basis! Your a POS!

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