KIRBY VACUUMS SCAMS-ACE company in mu...
Busy Chick

United States

#352 Oct 28, 2013
Shorty wrote:
Im concerned whether I should work for this company, I see no reviews on appointment setters!! I wonder if theyre going to make me sell vacuums, my gosh seeing all these reviews scare me, any reviews in chula vista Kirby j.o.v. corp ? anyone... are they a scam too???
appointment setting is the toughest part of the job I was an appointment setter in the murrieta office, everyone that has to do the demos sits in the van the whole time waiting for the appointment setter to go knock on thousands of doors until they set an appointment for the carpet cleaners to go show a demo that day the ideal number of appointments you need to set are 30 a day it's tough enough to get someone to answer the door and actually hear you out it's almost impossible to get 30 appointments a day the hours are from 11 am till the sun goes down and even then you're still required to set appointments at night! And when you are done for the day, you have to wait in the van until the people on your team that are doing the demos are finished which is not until they get a sale they pressure people by sending a bunch of the demo crew and the team leader (the driver of the van who makes tons of money) and they try to convince unsuspecting people to buy the vacuums usually you're done by 12 to 2 am so yea 11am to God knows when usually around that time is when they let you go home oh and they don't pay you for the first 2 weeks they pay you the third week and it's all really commission there was one check I only made 20 dollars for that week it crushed me cuz I worked my ass off and I didn't lie to people I guess that's why I made so little money

Honolulu, HI

#354 Dec 21, 2013
Bad experience with this people when I was with Mia Cooper she seem so nice and caring when I told her the situation I was going through to being a single mom with no money and looking for a job, she saidthis is the job I need cause they pay really well but no explained not even in training that you are gonna be or by door in the hot weather or in the rain. the guys are so unrespectull and flirt with you bad bad bad we shoulall do something against this liers!!

Los Angeles, CA

#355 Dec 22, 2013
I use to work for QCSI! Suchh a lame company/FAKE!
they made you work in the heat! No brake !
Training supposably paid for! Was Bs.. ellis had us sitting down for 4 hours the next day they make you take. Vaccume to sell to ur parents and you have to b checking in THIS JOB IS SO FAKE! THE first day I worked they started at 1 and I we didnt get back till 2am in the morning!.and they dont pay you hourly ! If u miss a dY u wont get 1800 month ..the first day I had to go with FattAss Danny! The teamleader hes the one that droppes you off and makes you knock in a whole entire neighborhood ...the first day he just left I did not know wat to say did not no wat to do it was hell!!!.my first pay check for 2 week was 125.00 plus supposably training !!!no lunch brake everybody is fake! JOHN COOPER MIA COOPER ,ELLIS , DaNNY OAKLAND, MATTT, CHELSEA white whore! HHahaha she hooked up with dNny and matt ! This whole company is nSty! Regret workin here was the worst month of my life and waste of time an embarrassment DONT LET THESE PEOPLE FOOL U ! THEY DONT PAY YOU WAT U SHOULD B PAID YOU .WORK TO MUCH HOURS DONT HAVE BRAKES ! They MAKE U KNOCK DOORS AFTER8PM THEY LEAVE YOU WAITING LIKE A BA
On The Park

Encinitas, CA

#356 Jan 2, 2014
One sale rep just knocked on my door. I dispatched immediately since I don't like those "Free" deals which came with hidden ties.

He kept trying to look inside my home so I had to close the door.

Didn't know about all the comments posted here but he looked so suspiscious and gave me bad feelings.

One minute after I dispatched him away I went out to see where the guy have gone, I couldn't see him but found my patio door open.

This is in La Costa and Santa Fe Rd.

Watch out!

Vista, CA

#357 Jan 4, 2014
Two nice ladies from kirby agreed to vacuum the wood floors in a flash and made no mention of a 45 minute demo @ 7 at night!!! How stupid of me! The sales guy seemed nice until he started asking way too many personal questions & he only had been there 3 weeks - seems a little fishy to me - I feel vacuum violated ! ugh!! Don't work or by kirby!

Vista, CA

#358 Jan 4, 2014
P.S location Oceanside & Melrose.

Oceanside, CA

#359 Jan 10, 2014
Menzu wrote:
Taking more than 12 hours of my day in the order of weeks....bra I got Kung fu
ain't no gangsta selling Kirby in the afterlife when King Kai figures be chillin.
Wu tang for life
Chi up and train and work with pride before I waste my time. Sounds like even if you make money they taking your time from you and your family.
Best thing I heard from all this kirby shit is when they try to sell you the product , get them to clean your pop carpet for free and give them some free water and hawk them as they do it for their thirsty face.
This was awesome!! LOL!!!!!!

Brisbane, Australia

#360 Jan 21, 2014
Well....let me just say that not all salesmen are duchebags!... Some people who have worked for Kirby must of got screwed because everyone I know who has worked for them has been paid? You get paid per show? Then commission if you sell? I'm kind of blown away with all the negative crap to be honest.. It's a job! They are doing their job! Say NO thanks! I don't know any of the Kirby salesman here in Australia that are drug addicts or criminals? Geezus there's some serious problems. I still can't get over the ones who ate people's food etc!!! My partner uses his own car and only goes to houses that have had appointments made prior for him! As do his colleagues.. There are canvassers but they ask when it would suit you. NO OBLIGATION! All you have to do is listen to them tell you about the airflow system while he cleans your carpet, rug, couch or mattress for free! and then he's out? You either like it or you don't ... You must have some really crazy salesmen out there but don't judge all the same because their are genuine nice people just trying to make some
Money to feel their family... Anyway the product itself I fell in love with... Each to their own! Just remember that not everyone's an asshole

Chino, CA

#361 Feb 18, 2014
so i just got hired and i was told I'm doing customer service … is that door to door…no one has said anything about customer service ….

Bloomington, IN

#362 Feb 28, 2014
First off, if Kirby is such a scam, why is this year their 100th year anniversary? Idiots....

Verve, that stupid energy drink circling colleges - SCAM.
People asking you on Craigslist to deposit a check into your account - SCAM.
Kirby salesman coming to your door to demo a Kirby and possibly clean a room of carpet for you for free - NOT A SCAM.

Granted, not every Kirby guy/girl has manners. That just means they are the type of people that need to be turned away. But not every Kirby person is that bad, and you're naming everyone just because you're upset that you let the rude ones in.

Yeah, some sales guys/girls will say anything for you to buy, but you let them in, and as someone said before, nothing comes free. But those contests and trips they're talking about, they're real. Ask one of them for a contest flyer sometime. Trust me, they always have at least one.


As for the people who used to "work" for Kirby - dude, seriously? Yeah, a lot of distributors have what are called "guarantees" in their pay program. On the last day of orientation, you sign a stack of papers, naming you as an independent contractor, and identifies what your pay is and what it entails you doing to get. YOU SIGN THIS PIECE OF PAPER BEFORE YOU EVEN HIT THE FIELD! So whether it's just 15 demos and no sales for $350, or 10 demos and 1 sale for $400, YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! Just because you think you deserve to get paid because you put some time into it doesn't matter. If you don't get shit accomplished, then you don't get paid. You agree to that on that paperwork, so don't put a distributor on blast because you're a lazy bum that has no work ethic.


As for the product itself, it's not a bad vacuum at all. It's rated top notch above all the vacuum sweepers in the world, and is the only vacuum cleaner out there. If you want to keep the tops of your carpet semi-clean and you don't mind the wear and tear it's making on it and the padding below, go buy another Dyson, Hoover, or whatever. Oh yeah - if you're using a regular vacuum on Du Pont carpet, you're voiding your warranty - Kirby is the only vacuum suggested for it by Du Pont.

You people need to be more worried about the $10,000+ you're spending in vacuums, shampooers, carpet, hard flooring, furniture, mattresses, and even special services instead of buying a Kirby and ranting about "all Kirby people" when you only have issues with a few of them.
Christie M

Prairie Du Sac, WI

#363 Mar 18, 2014
Absolute scam! Do not let these people come to your house. They told me that my friend gave me a "free gift certificate" to get my carpet of four pieces of upholstered furniture cleaned. The guy that got dropped off at my house (he didn't have a car), had no clue what he was doing. He soaked down my couch. It was suppose to dry in 30 minutes.... nope it took two days to dry including the bottom that was on my hardwood floor. He didn't do the arm rest or any part that needed it. I told him I wasn't going to buy the vacuum and he refused to do the rest that was my gift certificate. I called a few days later and asked to speak to a manager. I was told I would get a call back. Two weeks later, I never got a call back. I called again and got the rudest guy ever that did not care at all. Do not let these people come to your house.

Lake Elsinore, CA

#364 Mar 29, 2014
I went for an interview at Quality Cleaning Services Inc. After talking to some friends that night and telling them about my job. I was stunned to find out that they are all scammers. After doing some internet research, I AM NOT GOING TO MY ORIENTATION. I have been out of work for a ehile and need a job BAD!!!!! But I'm not doing this shit.I am an honest person. I can't have this kind of Karma on me. BEWARE OF QUALITY CLEANING SERVICE INC.!!!!!!!!!1
a saint

Fallbrook, CA

#365 Apr 3, 2014
sneaky snakes wrote:
I'm the owner of Kal-care. I am a millionaire. I use people. I have no shame. God forgives.
and when you finally repent, you will feel shame!

Murrieta, CA

#366 May 27, 2014
DO not buy from these scum bags. I bought one for $2916.00 and my friend SOMEONE I REFERRED bought the same one for only $800.00. I am very upset!

Terrebonne, OR

#367 Jun 5, 2014
Did the survey; was entitled to a free carpet shampoo; listened to the sales pitch after repeatedly telling the young man I WAS NOT going to buy a vacuum. I left the room and he skedaddled leaving all those dirty demo filters on my kitchen table, and my carpet was untouched and still soiled!!! I am furious!! Tried calling the number for the Kirby dealers in Bend, Or., and still can't get through. How can anyone dupe a senior citizen and sleep at night!!!!

Hebron, IL

#368 Aug 7, 2014
New DT wrote:
<quoted text>
I worked for riverland development for 3 years. Made $1000 every week. Went on 7 vacations. And now run my own distributorship in Baraboo WI
Lol I googled Kirby of baraboo to try to contact about my deposit they owe me and my vaccume they took they r ducking me around Ita been nearly a month now! But any way this is what came up lol

United States

#369 Aug 25, 2014
Yeah me too I just got hired too and my orientation is wedbut iI applied for costumer service is that what they use for door to door sales cus if it isbim not going to orientation help please ????

United States

#370 Aug 25, 2014
melanieeeeee wrote:
so i just got hired and i was told I'm doing customer service … is that door to door…no one has said anything about customer service ….
They told me I was doing costumer service but I have no idea if that's door to door sales .???

Temecula, CA

#371 Oct 22, 2014
charley wrote:
<quoted text>
They told me I was doing costumer service but I have no idea if that's door to door sales .???
I saw someone with a sign saying help wanted, at the time I was unemployed so I wrote the number down and call which I was told it was a Customer Service job.
I told myself cool I can do that for 1800 a month.
I was set for a interview the next day which I pass and orientation the following day.
I took it when I heard them talk about the Kirby Vac that is what we was going to support,
Answer any trouble shooting question they may have over the phone.
NOPE after a few days of hearing talks about Kirby by Ellis, which don't believe in giving breaks
or people expressing their opinion I had a feeling this was about Selling KIRBYS,
Lets just say.....This surly wasn't for me.....IF you don't mine going door to door till 8pm...this is good for you...yes you can make money by selling this Kirby, but you surly will pay for it in time.
Tom D

Wildomar, CA

#372 Dec 12, 2014
12/12/2014. Young girl came to my house in Murrieta offering to clean my carpets for free. She kept talking and wouldn't leave while I repeatedly told her we have tile only, no carpet--not interested-- yet she continue to talk. She was very odd, mentioned she was pregnant; trying to win a free trip to Cancun; has small children at home; and was walking door to door while it was pouring rain. THIS SCREAMS SCAM, please be warned.

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