Hmmm Lol

Vallejo, CA

#585 Jan 25, 2014
Looks like Mr. Lewis is back in custody. Douche bag. People let this be a lesson to stay away from drugs.

Vacaville, CA

#586 Jan 25, 2014
Pastors in the pokey. AGAIN...LOL
concerned christian

San Leandro, CA

#587 Jan 25, 2014
I dont nkow what is worst those that defend mark or those that think this is fonny by putting lol , it shows either side are honoring God period such immature christis l ans on both parts.

Vacaville, CA

#588 Jan 25, 2014
Lol because this guy has nothing to do with god or his preachings. Lol because this guy is a joke and lol because people are so blind to this guys criminal activity. Also you might use spell check in your postings, just a suggestion
Hmmm Lol

Vallejo, CA

#589 Jan 25, 2014
concerned christian wrote:
I dont nkow what is worst those that defend mark or those that think this is fonny by putting lol , it shows either side are honoring God period such immature christis l ans on both parts.
It has no reflection on God either way that Christians rejoice in the justice & punishment of clearly an evil man. Quit trying to guilt trip people & manipulate them using God.

Heck yeah, I'm dancing, praising, laughing & rejoicing, this guys is a devil in sheeps clothing & I am truly happy for his victims. I hope they get at least one night's sleep.
No Doy

Vacaville, CA

#590 Jan 25, 2014
Arrested for using church funds for bail. This guy is a huge con man and you all that continue to blindly go to this church are enablers and morons
everybody knows

Suisun City, CA

#591 Jan 25, 2014
2much wrote:
<quoted text>
You guys are 2much.....
I read these comments and I laugh because they are all filled with faulty information about mark lewis. Actually I am really good friends with him. I have personally watch his trials his low points and his mt. Top times. But to keep this short ....nobody has ever seen him use drugs -and nobody has proof he is sleeping with anybody. Actually to help u more with the facts .....he has only helped people even to his physical/mental health was exhausted. We should encourage and support his ministry with prayer and words of encouragement....get some facts ....he did not get arrested -he is not stepping down and show up at church u will find him there ....helping people from bondage just like you are in!! Please respond id love to watch you prove nothing!!!
SUCKER<What has he got on you?Or are you just stupid?
everybody knows

Suisun City, CA

#592 Jan 25, 2014
seriously wrote:
<quoted text>
Uncle Bob? Is that you, Robert Baker?!?!
yes,I am proud of you.You are on the right track.You and your family are in my prayers often.God Bless
everybody knows

Suisun City, CA

#593 Jan 25, 2014
Hey Matt,Do you think its time to stop talking yet? HINT:say yes
sister in Christ

Vacaville, CA

#594 Jan 25, 2014
Anyone who's a Christian, and whether your still a fbc member or a former, i ask if we can please come togeather, spiritually, as fellow believers in Christ and just pray. If we are all God's children then the common goal is the glorify Christ.Lets take a moment through all this chaos and pray for God's will AND His continuous patience AND His Continuous mercy. I doubt it if He's up there clapping his hands, while looking down on this behavior. At the end of the day it only makes God look bad. I do hope justice is done....there was one brethen in particular who had just accepted Jesus and then was set up maliciously for evil doing (while he was staying there) and because of that alone I pray for justice by the" law of the land" and the highest judge of all.. God. But to my family in Christ, let's give this to God, He's in control. Let's continue our job by bringing souls to Christ, which may be at this point some hard working damage control but lets give the rest to God. Amen.

Vacaville, CA

#595 Jan 25, 2014
everybody knows wrote:
<quoted text>yes,I am proud of you.You are on the right track.You and your family are in my prayers often.God Bless
Wow you really are on drugs aren't you? I bet you responded to this thinking it was Desiree or something? NOPE!
You are a snake in the grass, Baker! Pastor has
done so much for you such as buying you food, delivering clothes to your homeless friends, and you repay him by stealing $1500 from him! I bet your mother is very upset with you! I heard about how she almost wouldn't come to church if you were there because of how rotten you treated her. So why don't you get off of the forum and go beg for more money in front of wal mart like you used to!

Ripon, CA

#596 Jan 25, 2014
This is really all that needs to to be written, put a fork in him he's done.

Vacaville, CA

#597 Jan 25, 2014
Mark and his uncle Danny are both cooling their heels in jail. Guess you arn't as smart as you think you are, right boys?

Vacaville, CA

#598 Jan 25, 2014
wow wrote:
All of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. We teach teenagers not to bully or cyberbully any human being for it is wrong yet ALL OF YOU are doing the EXACT same thing to him. But that makes it okay, right? WRONG. It's not okay. If you have a problem with someone, either keep it to yourself or confront the person. How else are you going to get clarification? You're not.
And until you get FACTS, I suggest you don't say anything. NOTHING is for a FACT yet. Just suspicion and accusations. Once facts are released then there's really nothing to say. ALL of you are going to feel so stupid if he's found not guilty, and that's why you're hiding behind a username so no one will know who you actually are to say HA.
I am a teenage girl who does still attend Fellowship Baptist Church and I will continue to attend there until there are actual FACTS for me not to. I will continue to stand by Pastor Mark until there are actual FACTS for me not to. No im not brainwashed, and no im not blind. Im just not stupid.
I wish you luck! You are in deep!

Vacaville, CA

#599 Jan 25, 2014
Immature Teen wrote:
<quoted text>
thank you, I've been doing a lot better. moved far far away, attending an amazing independent fundamental KJV believing church. The pastor has a wonderful family. and they all have understood and have been helping me through the trouble I've been having. I praise GOD for helping me get outta there. Mark personally scared me so when he threaten me not to ever tell anyone what was going on between us, it really put bricks on my shoulder. When I finally got the courage to say something it was pointless because they took my phone and then with matt in my ear going on and on too of what I was doing wrong and how I didn't do it the right way and mark is right, I was so confused, I felt hopeless, but with prayer God gave me a way out and I've never felt so confident in my life of knowing I did the right thing .
my heart goes out to Sarah Bongard and the rest of the brainwashed church , it really breaks my heart because I was in their spot once believing everything mark said, and just thinking sometimes things like that happens, but God showed me different. He always made himself a victim, everyone was "always against him" , something isn't right there.. Sarah I believe is a true woman of God, when all this was going on she was on same page as me, saying he is wrong and he cant or shouldn't be aloud to come back as pastor and when he did we sat next to eachother in service crying of being so mad while everyone else was crying of happiness because he was back and no one really knew the reason of him stepping down (me and what he was sending and saying to me as a minor), she is being faithful to her husband, but I know for a fact that she knows everything that is going on is wrong ... praying that God will help her too
AMEN! Keep moving forward! God is so good:)

Vacaville, CA

#600 Jan 25, 2014
Immature teen wrote:
<quoted text>
Desiree Nye, everyone already knows so I don't care . But yes the cops are suppoably working on it to get the pictures , it takes time to get it I guess . According to police , and teen ask Matt orSarah , and see what they say
You don't have to or need to explain yourself on here Desiree! You did what was right and Matt and Sarah get to live with the fact that they knew and still are trying to cover it up!

Vacaville, CA

#601 Jan 25, 2014
Shut Up wrote:
Don't listen to Desiree she's just a lying who're trying to get some attention otherwise she would've came out with her accusations before the Molotov cocktail
Actually for the FACTS here: She did in FACT come out to the police WAY prior to this. Aug 2013. Pretty sure that was before the cocktail. You have no idea what you are talking about, you weren't there. Pretty funny how you would ASSUME you know when she went to the police. Thanks for your ignorant comment:)
Vacaville mom

Vacaville, CA

#602 Jan 25, 2014
Amazing! This pastor is something else! I hope he is locked up for some time and I really hope that these kind of actions will lead to another investigation to Joanna's death.
Something is fishy about her "suicide " as women usually don't hang themselves and women who have such strong ties to their church and God would not commit the ultimate sin.
Just a mom here in Vacaville, no connection to the church...expressing what I consider common sense. Just basic common sense.

Sacramento, CA

#603 Jan 25, 2014
This is why organized religion is a sham.

Fremont, CA

#604 Jan 25, 2014
Now I don't know what Matt holds himself out to be at church - like an associate pastor, or a youth pastor, chief treasurer, chief goon, equal, partner... but I thought there were mandatory reporting laws for clergy and those who work with youth in a church. Is he just a habitual lawbreaker or a reformed man. Which hat does he wear?

Is silence a virtue? Is hiding your light (or a cell phone full of filthy pics) under a bushel very good? No! He's gotta let it shine....

Is there a godly way to tolerate abuse? Are there no heroes?

so many questions, so little backbone.

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