Review: Crazy Mike's Mattress Spr Ctr

Millington, TN

#95 Mar 15, 2012
Come on,
Anytime there is any reasonable problem, we address immediately. First of all, we buy new, and as is. What does this mean? Number 1, new, made by the factory in bulk with buying major quanties and buying liquidations from from major retailers for scratch and dent, rubs, yes, warranty beds. We do not hide from what we do. The warranty beds, we send to clearance centers. All the major retails have clearance centers for this and we go a step over and beyond, we sterifab all beds. We have awesome systems to protect the consumers. If there are any legitimate issues, not being employees terminated or competitors, we would love to speak with you. We save you tons of money, legally. We are a growing company, we have great management and do appreciate the buisness very much. We are now in several states, and operate with dignity. It is very rare that I am in my stores, but I assure you, our top end management is not a moron, nor myself. I do not make a fool of myself. Again, integrity, is a must. We buy from the manufactors, and do follow strict guidlines. Thanks for the opportunity.

Memphis, TN

#96 Mar 31, 2012
I went in a few Saturdays ago to the summer ave store to get a guest room mattress and it was complete chaos. The salesmen were moving beds from one frame to another and beds were all over the floor. The salesmen were sweating and panting. Someone finally helped me and gave me a "cash only" deal on a cheap queen. Too bad the bed sucks.

Olive Branch, MS

#97 Apr 21, 2012

Little Rock, AR

#98 May 21, 2012
I have recently purchased a mattress at the North Little Rock Crazy Mike's. I found that the gentlemen that were working are very polite and did all they could to make sure that I got what I needed. I am very thankful for the service that was provided to me, not to mention the amount of money that I saved. I approve Crazy Mike's N. Little Rock. Thanks

Crossville, TN

#99 Jun 14, 2012
At this mattress place you guys are talking about, do the used mattresses have yellow tags on them? TN state law says used mattresses have to have yellow tags on them to identify they are "used".

There were places in Nashville busted for selling "used" mattresses as "new" and not marking the "used" mattresses with yellow tags as required by law.

Arlington, TN

#100 Jun 14, 2012
Stay away from this place! They sold me some garbage mattress as new and it was clearly a used mattress disquised in "new" packaging. Then lied about the mattress and did not want to give my money back. All the legitimate mattress stores know about the scam of this store.
just saying

Millington, TN

#101 Jul 5, 2012
Uhm, I know these people personally, and the entire family is nothing but nice. I'm pretty sure that either some or all of the negative posts on here aren't true. If it's former employees that are disgruntled about being fired, then I think you should be doing a little self-inventory before you go and bash someone like this, because you probably got fired for a reason. Crazy Mike's is a firm believer in quality over quantity, as in, they'd rather make the customer happy, than make a quick buck. For all the other wrongly posted negative comments, people, do yourself a favor, and get a life.

United States

#104 Aug 31, 2012
Slaw dog wrote:
Cheap beds, but used. Unprofessional salesmen. Horrible customer service. Met owner, complete moron. Avoid.
We sale NEW,
We sale Floor Models,
We sale returns
We sale some for every customer.
We represent it for what we sale.
I don't know who you are, however, for calling myself a moron, what's the reasoning. I always act in a very professional manner. At all times, try to be best man with integrity to represent god. I apologise you feel this way.

United States

#105 Aug 31, 2012
Resting Happily wrote:
We shopped at the wolfchase location on 64. It was an overall great experience- Great service, great selection, and even better prices. Jake was very helpful and honest and never pushy. Thank you for everything!!!
I appreciate your comment, and your business very much

United States

#106 Aug 31, 2012
Slaw dog wrote:
Cheap beds, but used. Unprofessional salesmen. Horrible customer service. Met owner, complete moron. Avoid.
We sale NEW matts
We sale floor models
Truck rubs, returns, etc.
Complete Moron, I'm sorry you feel that way.
I try to be the man with integrity for god. We don't go out here and mislead. I apologize that you feel that way.

United States

#107 Aug 31, 2012
Wholesale mattress wrote:
This place is a sham. Kent has been pulling this all around the area for several years until word gets out and then they close it up and open another. Sold them in Nashville until they got busted there, but they were selling them to another company that got in the hot water.. They are on there last leg and won't be around much longer. I can assure you that they are all used mattresses that have been cleaned and rebagged.
Look, we sale new, we sale truck fund, floor models etc. we represent what we sale. Until we get busted??? We are very legal. We work under very strict guidlines.

United States

#108 Sep 26, 2012
Was looking online for a mattress on the Crazy Mike website. I started checking these guys out and saw these reviews and the owner of all people arguing with them. I won't be shopping here. I know disgruntled customers sometimes say only the bad stuff. That wasn't the turnoff. If the owner is willing to get on here and argue with customers and talking badly to past employees, this is no place to spend my money. Good luck staying in business.

United States

#109 Sep 27, 2012
Mike wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm sure this is the same person who sent me a text at 3:00 in the morning, being very hateful. Again, you and your buddies can continually post lies, try to make me look like a bad guy. Thats fine, it shows your integrity. This is the same guy I tried to call and confront, yet he will not answer his phone. I have records, and if this don't stop, I will 100% pursue legal, for defamation of character. Because you get terminated for your work ethics, eight months later, your still holding a grudge, Come on. You know, as a Christian, your not guaranteed to not go through problems, through trials and everything you go through, god will mold you. I hope your life gets better than where this shows me where your at. Eight months later and your highlight is sending text being hateful and post like this at 3 in the morn. I'm sorry that your
life is that bad. The thing I hate about this is your actually someone that I feel can make something of his life. Feel free to call me. I will help you and anyone else as long as your street bashing is gone. I may not be a perfect person, I always try to do what is right. I do sincerely hate that you feel this way. Take care!!!
You're talking about someone I know here. He mentioned you threatened legal action for something you're obviously not completely imformed on. I agree that him texting you was a knucklehead move, but he didn't post this. I recall when he QUIT; he wasn't fired. He also worked for you for over two years when this other employee clearly states one. He got another job, because he was unhappy and gave notice prior to leaving. I don't see why a person who left for a better opportunity and more money would be angry with you. I might would think of who else you irritated or treated badly. Based on this thread covering 3 years, there is a recurring theme of people who say you have treated them in a similar manner and/or lied to. Use spell check every now and then. You say your a professional; act like one. Between your God complex comment about firing someone because of work ethic who quit, a slew of posts depicting your behavior/ethics and your ridiculous grammar, I see a spoiled, uneducated tyrant. I've seen better spelling and grammar from third graders.
Knowledgable ex employee

Cordova, TN

#110 Sep 27, 2012
Carmen wrote:
Yes they are used. Some of the manufacture dates go back as far as 5-6 years ago. Beware of the yellow tags. Look at the underside of the bed before you Purchase. There is a good chance it is completely filthy. They bring in used beds, clean them with a Bissell vacuum cleaner purchased from Walmart then throw them in a bag. I have seen mattresses with piss stains and everything else. The owner, mike refers to the beds with urine stains as "Sealy pissturpedics". This place is a scam. He doesn't care about his employees and cares even less about you the consumer.

United States

#113 Sep 28, 2012
Knowledgable ex employee wrote:
<quoted text>
How do you explain the mattresses with yellow stains that you refer to as sealy PISSTURPEDICS? Are these floor models that someone decided to urinate on while they were being displayed at a Macy's or mattress firm?? Get real man. You sell USED, disgusting beds. I can't wait until Andy Wise catches wind of this. Your time is coming. All the people you have

mistreated and lied to over the years will have the final laugh. And please spare yourself the embarrassment of responding to this post with some bs abou how you are a man of God and integrity. The time has come. Face your problems like a man and quit shitting on the people that have wasted years of their life's making you money.
Have a fantastic day
Get real
This is your life. I've constantly told customers what we do. It's good you keep showing up on here. It really shows how it's mostly employees, thats why we got rid of ,due to no integrity. Sorry this is what your life consist of.

Millington, TN

#114 Sep 29, 2012
So sad some people can be so hateful. These must be some serious unhappy ex employees. No wonder they lost their jobs.

Millington, TN

#115 Sep 30, 2012
I am truly amazed at the rude comments left here. To me, it seems like an ex employee could get in trouble for writing such horrible things about a business. If a person is truly unhappy, they should go their own way, and leave it alone. Really sad how such an unhappy person or people would use so much energy and effort to create turmoil and a stink.

I have been in a couple of these stores. They are good stores with nice discounts. The sales people are friendly. The employees are working hard, which in fact, I like to see that. The angry person who keeps leaving mean messages is actually making hisself look bad, not this company!!!!!

United States

#117 Oct 3, 2012
I bought a bed on Saturday, let me tell you, the best service,
Go see Greg, he made sure we got the best bed, lowest price. I was shocked when walking in this store and feeling so welcomed. I love Crazy Mikes

Millington, TN

#120 Oct 8, 2012
Wow is all I can say to the crazy person leaving these messages. I wonder if your current employer knows that you are this childish. You seem to be extremely arrogant, and immature. It's a good thing this company does NOT have you in it anymore. Like I said in previous post, I've been to this store, very nice people; I'm sure glad it wasn't you that helped me.
The Internet

Memphis, TN

#121 Oct 8, 2012
This won't be the last time frustrated people blow off steam on the Internet. Just let them and don't get involved.

Greg and Courtney are the people you want to see in these stores. Very professional.

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