Gee why are people leaving memphis?
me too

Olive Branch, MS

#129 Sep 12, 2009
white boy wrote:
Congradulations your comment has just added the straw that broke the camels back for me ! I am now an official Racist myself there is no hope for blacks they are self destroyers how can you expect them not to destroy everything else along with them. I live in a city now with 0.04 of 1% Blacks . WOW ! How wonderful it is ! Im only 45 and retired so good riddons and bye to memphis forever .
Welcome to the club. I gave up on "ALL" coons and that rotten-ass city long ago. There's perhaps 50 or so colored in the county I moved to, and you never see any of them after dark. Kids can safely play outside, even at night, and people don't fear walking on the sidewalks. Cars don't get "jacked", White women don't worry about being raped walking to their cars from work or after shopping and brain-fried crackwhores don't lurk around every corner. The last (attempted) armed robbery that occured here was 3 years ago, and that guy got shot by the clerk.

Real peaceful.....and real "White". Nice!

United States

#130 Sep 12, 2009
Stay away wrote:
If you don't live here anymore why the hell are you h onkeys worried about this Black city. Memphis is a very rough city, and crime can happen anywhere while you thinkin you are safe in the burbs and across the stateline. The ghetto aint for you whitey- Only The Strong Survive. I see yaw don't mind commuting to work here though, that's right we pimpin ya'll- pay them taxes, then take your "a" on home.
In rebuttle to your comment, why do you still hold on to a country you have never seen before except while watching a Tarzan movie, Africa. It's because that is the point of our beginning, our home. All of our memories are there. Our hearts will always be there even though our physical being is not. But I guess from the way you have stated your opinion, it's above your comprehension.
Tenn Slim

Alamo, TN

#131 Sep 14, 2009
Memphis summers are indeed hot, muggy and full of visceral racial nastiness.
Re Read all 122 comments. Folks, Memphis, Tenn is not nearly as black, bad or just nasty as the Out of Towners would have us believe.
We have a Guvmnt system here, that at its best is moderately competent. Governing a River Town is D... hard at best. I give these Memphis City folks credit. AT LEAST THEY WORK AT IT.
I STILL hold to the event in Marshalls, last July. The nicesest Door Greeter I have met in a LONG time was gracious, kind and just plain old nice to us. Black, Middle aged and a nice person. There are a lOT of these in Memphis.
Holding a Racial bigotery attitude cause the MSM says so, is just plain foolish.
We, all of us, Need to Remember our upbringings, If you cannot say something nice, just keep quiet.
Semper Fi

United States

#132 Sep 18, 2009
FYI wrote:
<quoted text>
I live in a predominately white neighborhood. We had the first black family move in about 15 years ago...shows my age a bit....anyway, back then we were hesitant to greet him but, got to know him and his family....they were and still are a beautiful family. We raised our families together and he is an active and productive member of our community (and our families). Since then we have had different races within the past 10-15 years move in. I think because we all know each other and want the same things for our is a safe neighborhood. I realized (back then) stereo typing is bad judgement...puts up walls and only hurts ourselves.
It's so important to never judge a book by its cover but, rather read the contents of the book first.
You can clean up your city. It's never too late but, you need to do it together. You need each other. There is bad and good in every race. If you are white....would you prefer a white child molester living next to you or a hard working and friendly black man? I think that answer would be quite simple. And for a black man...vice versa.
I really hope the people of Memphis get together and take their city back from the crime and corruption. Get the crooked politicians out of there. Your vote does count. You can only benefit by getting to know your neighbors and helping your community.
As for anyone killing each other...these monsters don't belong in a community but, in jail. Whites getting in the crossfire? What about children getting in the crossfire? All children are innocent regardless of race. I wish you all the best and hope in a few years Memphis will become the thriving city it once was. You all deserve that.
You have some good words of wisdom and I agree with you to a point.....No one that I know cares a flip if a person is black or white....but, they care about the way that kind of a person they are dealing with. Would you want a family of thugs moving in next or white? There are plenty of poor black people in Memphis who are trapped in neighborhoods, afraid to go out at night, afraid of letting their kids play outside. And, for good reason. We are riddled with gangs, and young men who are looking to make a buck no matter who they have to hurt. So, give me a nice family with family values....I could care less if they are black or white.

Jackson, TN

#133 Mar 26, 2011
blacks and whites weren't never meant to live together, it doesn't matter how blacks want to act white and whites want to act blacks. not now, not never!

Alexander, AR

#134 Mar 26, 2011
blacks and whites weren't never meant to live together, it doesn't matter how blacks want to act white and whites want to act blacks. not now, not never!
Yr a dumb f.k! Riddle me this batman, if we were never meant to live together why the fuc did white folks bring blacks from Africa to work here in the New World? Why the fuc did u white people not do all the work yourselves? And blacks were working n yr homes but I guess u forgot about that genius. So if u guys wanted a white country u should've let us b. WERE HERE DEAL WITH IT!!! That goes 4 Billie Bob and the rest if u complaining rednecks. HELLO? If u don't like Memphis, leave. DUH.
me showing love

Shelby, NC

#135 Mar 26, 2011
When will people learn. The more you complain about something the more in your face it gets. Lol. Don't group all African Americans together. Some are good people and some do belong in jail or somewhere. Yes Im a proud African American woman. I love Memphis and haven't had a problem there yet. I love all races but to the ones who hate African Americans please do us all a favor and move away with your friends. I really don't care and hope the best. For those who can't or wont move SUCK IT UP AND GET ALONG.

Tulsa, OK

#136 Mar 28, 2011
We live n Haterville, USA. People gotta want to change things here 4 the better 2 have a foward moving city. Untill that happens which seems close 2 never, thisll b a shit pit of a city. I really wish there wasn't so much negative energy n this town. I can't even post a topic on this damn thing which is I thought was 4 speaking ones mind, without ignorant people attacking me. Figures.
outside in

Oakland, TN

#137 Mar 28, 2011
It has more to do with an uneducated public than race. How many thugs do you know with a college degree? How many white trash? Personally, I don't know any.

It just falls on blacks in Memphis because they hold a vast majority in terms of populace and statistically speaking, are historically more uneducated than other races - although not all.

I'm not saying you need an MBA to be a good steward of humanity, however.
racists everywhere

United States

#138 Mar 28, 2011
Memphis sucks nto because of black, not because of whites

Get used to it morons, black people aren't going anywhere, brown people aren't leaving either, neither are Asians

everybody is down for the count ! get used to the facts ! there are white racists, black racists

mostly there are just STUPID people in Memphis- racist attitudes with no real reason to be racist lol other than just HATE of another human being

grow up, the world is not just full of us white people, and we're all stuck with each other

look around people,,the world is NOT mostly white !!

what a bunch of idiots

United States

#139 Mar 28, 2011
The best people are brown. Black people are full of hate and white people are scared of them. So all of you can kiss my brown a$$ ha ha tah tah. This land is ours anyway.

Dallas, TX

#141 Jan 7, 2013
Well lets call on JESUS. 4656 horn lake road January 12~26 7 nightly. Gospel tent revival. While they nailed Him to an old rugged cross, He died for them. The world will hate you if your called by his name.. For His name sake they will hate you.. Not because you did anything just for His name sake..
Black People To Blame

Memphis, TN

#142 Jan 8, 2013
because the blacks are nothing but trouble makers and have ruined Memphis just like most major US cities...........Ever notice homes and stores in white neighborhoods get fixed up nice but never in black places.gee wonder why
cant you tell

Bradenton, FL

#143 Jan 9, 2013
Jesus needs to help these morons in Memphis--ALL of them --that's what makes the city a hellhole --its the people both black and white--cant you tell by reading the attacks on this topix ?
Ever notice

Memphis, TN

#144 Jan 9, 2013
1. House in white neighborhood worth $200,000
2. Black family moves in the neighborhood and house now worth $50,000
another opinion

Wynne, AR

#145 Jan 10, 2013
House prices are too high, then the property taxes are high, too.
Crime...enough said.
At two differenct times, I've lived outside of Shelby County and commuted to work. My house would be worth over 200K in Shelby County, much less in rural county.
Wages don't keep up with the high costs, but you've got to work.

Bradenton, FL

#147 Jan 14, 2013
man, what a screwed up thinking city ! see you in 2030 maybe then you idiots might learn just a bit of mutual respect, lol, but I doubt it even in 2030
gilbert-the- enlightened

Olive Branch, MS

#148 Jan 14, 2013
PurplePossum wrote:
This is the AFRICAN AMERICAN FORUM you dumb hick!!!!
Im a little lost here.. topix was created by 2 Democrats from what I understand.. I did not ask what color they are or were or are... Topix is a nationwide discussion board website based in California...

You do also know that hicks do come in all colors and creeds.

Union City, TN

#149 Jul 19, 2014
better not stop for gas in Memphis,im a disabled vet,i had to start driving to Marion ill fir health care,tired of all the black bums begging for money as soon as I start to enter the hospital there,very scarey wonder tunica is dieing as well.. so long Memphis bye bye
The Rogue

Olive Branch, MS

#150 Jul 20, 2014
Recently my wife and I had reason to drive down through Winchester and Mendenhall. I'll admit it's been a long time since we've been in that area but has it ever gone severly downhill! The street,.....well, was utterly IMPOSSIBLE to miss the chug holes and bumps. When I first came here in the late 60's, Winchester was a clean place to visit but not now. We do not live in Memphis but this surely must be a sign of the current governing "club."
I understand that property tax, sales tax , utility taxes, etc. all have gone sky high. The mayor has cut police and firemen's benefits..........So,.......?. where is all this $$ going to or should I ask,...."WHO" is it going to?

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