Does Memphis suck?
expect nothing

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#248 May 16, 2012
lookit pal, the place is horrible ! does it have potential / well yes, but it's been claiming that since the early 1980s or so, or when Hickory Mall went straight downhill, then American Mall shut down, then every body RAN to Cordova, and that area is beginning to SUCK

FACE it pal, the place isn't changing soon, like the guy who works at the airport in Memphis, I'd tell him to transfer out to anywhere else to do aircraft work, even smaller airports that have maintenance facilities, but maybe less work/traffic/repair

memphis is doomed by its OWN fault

Since: Nov 11

Little Rock, AR

#249 May 23, 2012
cheborgnek wrote:
Dude it is what it is ? what the heck does that mean ? The bottom line is "no bullshit" this city has too many uneducated,stupid,and lazy people who never tried to improve what ever craphole they grew up in. the people here dont seem to realize what they can do. Why can an immagrant from China,India,Taiwan,etc. can get off a boat and become a millionare in a few years? It takes hard work !
I don't disagree with your statement, but I do think you understand mine...

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#250 May 27, 2012
Memphis used to be a nice place, but now since we have had a black mayor this city has went to hell. Our black youth is totally out of control, they wont work--they dont want to work, they speak some kind of foreign language that even our slave ancestors would be ashamed of. Its ashame that the blacks that came before us have wasted their lives time and energy in trying to make this a better world for us, our ancestors would, and did, die to just learn to read and write, our youth is a disgrace. Its a good thing the civil war occured when it did, those blacks knew the value of an education and freedom, todays youth doesnt have a clue. Our ancestors fought and pulled themselves out of slaverly, but for what, look around you, our black youth are dead, dead in emotion, ambition, morals, they are a walking shell of nothingless. I try to take pride in my race, but I find it more difficult as each day passes.

Memphis, TN

#251 Jun 9, 2012
Jason Hodges wrote:
I lived in Memphis for nearly 50 years. I was born there, educated there and worked there from 1981-2007.
My Whitehaven neighborhood used to be a decent place to live. It never was a ritzy or fancy neighborhood but it was quiet, calm, the neighbors all knew each other and there was no fear about walking around at night.
All of that started to change in the late seventies.
It worsened in the eighties and the nineties and really took a downhill slide when section 8 residents began to move in.
I have never seen such a vile group of people who had no respect for the neighbors, the neighbor hood or even themselves.
I stayed as long as I could but the trash finally drove me away.
How many more people are going to flee Memphis for other Tennessee counties and Mississippi before the powers that run the city wake up and realize that no one wants to live in a toilet?
It is because the black people have ruined Memphis. They are the trouble makers, drug dealers, murderers, and the black women are getting pregnant at 12 to 16 years of age. They rob people, car jack and a lot more. 201 Poplar is 95% black...They need to leave this city.....We need to get the Army National Guard and load all the blacks up on trucks and ship them off to CUBA. They screw up there like here and they will be shot on the spot.I say get rid of all the chicken eating porch monkeys
Mayor Loeb

Memphis, TN

#252 Jun 10, 2012
At least when Loeb was Mayor, he kept the blacks in their place. He figured throw them some fried chicken and watermelon and they will stay in there shacks
Former Memphian

Smithville, TN

#253 Jul 18, 2012
yesitSUCKS wrote:
Herenton was not the whole problem believe me, the place SUCKED even with BOSS CRUMP, CHANDLER, and that freekin idiot Richard Hackett !!! and all these guys were white
Hackett was the biggest dummie in the world, and Memphis declined under his alleged leadership as well
the worst things and still are, racism, stupidity, white flight, undereducation, and indifference
the racial makeup of the city as little to do with its lack of progression ! try looking at horrible schools and standards for generations
and stupid whites that actually think they can avoid living around blacks, so they clumsily constantly run out tripping over each other LOL
Perhaps white flight would not be a problem if the black citizens of Memphis didn't act like such animals.
believing they don't have to deal with, see, or interact with blacks and other groups
Memphis idiots should blame themselves for the area's failure !'running' across the border to bedroom communities in North Mississippi is laughable too since the state of Mississippi has one of the highest concentration of blacks in the United States of America ! LOL or the whites started running to Cordova LOL....that didn't work, so now they run run run again to places in Fayette county and beyond ! now Collierville, Eads, Arlington etc straight down I40 ! I guess the next run will be all the way to Jackson tn, where the runningman will again be greeted with just another hefty black population as well !! lol when will these people learn ??? well probably NEVER
that's why the place SUCKS and wil suck until the cows come home
Perhaps white flight would not be a problem in Memphis if the black citizens of Memphis didn't act like animals (or even worse, LOL!)
big bobby

Greensboro, NC

#254 Jul 23, 2012
Oh so glad we got out of that shithole nog infested above groung septic tank called mempiss

Memphis, TN

#255 Aug 15, 2012
Yes. Memphis sucks. It's full of ignorant and low class people. The government sucks and cops pull over hard working citizens and write them tickets for petty stuff like window tint. I am a hard working law abiding American and I've finally made up my mind to move out of this DUMP. THANK GOD!

“Everyone deserves a chance”

Since: Nov 10

Bring God back N2 your life!

#256 Aug 16, 2012
its the humidity
of course

Bradenton, FL

#257 Jan 18, 2013
Memphis is probably the worst city in the South save maybe Jackson MS it sucks no doubt
Get rid of

Memphis, TN

#258 Jan 19, 2013
Get rid of all the watermelon eating spear chuckers who don't know how to name their kids and 95% of the drug problems,murders,and all crime in general will be gone.....

United States

#259 Feb 20, 2013
TrapperJake wrote:
Memphis was a good place when the KKK ran the place! They didn't put up with any sh*t.
what happened to them, they RAN like the rest of you cowards lol

Poznan, Poland

#260 Feb 20, 2013
of course wrote:
Memphis is probably the worst city in the South save maybe Jackson MS it sucks no doubt
Your lucky not to live in Camden.

Since: Jun 10

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#261 Feb 25, 2013

Since: Oct 11

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#262 Feb 25, 2013
I got out wrote:
I am poster #15, and it seems to me that you are the one who is completely clueless. When you walk around with blinders on, you don't see much. My eyes are wide open and I call it like I see it. The damned blacks have destroyed Memphis, plain and simple. They are so ignorant and immoral, that they have ran the decent people, white and black, out of the city. Do you think that we like to work or asses off every day just so some lazy blacks can get another welfare check and some more food stamps while pumping out baby after baby that they can't afford to take care of. They are a drain on the city, government and society. My neighborhood has become filled with hard working decent black people who are running from their own race. When the COGIC people refuse to have their convention in Memphis, and they are black people, because of the black vagrants here preying on them, don't that tell you something about the city and just how bad it has become? It doesn't have anything to do with whether you are white or not, the attitudes come from the people being sick and tired of being sponged off of. It is not this way in other parts of the country, and of course the attitudes will be different from those posters who don't live here. You are obviously not from here. Hang around about 10 or 20 years, and your attitude will change too. That is unless you are black and have the same, you owe me something, mentality that the blacks who live here have. Enough is enough, and so the good people just gave up and left them to rot in their own ruins that they have created. Much like Detroit. Hell, look at the schools. There is not a day that goes by that you don't hear about a black kid bringing a gun or some kind of weapon or drugs to school. Just goes to show you that the blacks are ignorant and immoral and just don't give a crap about rules or the law. The blacks need to clean up their act, stop wearing saggy pants, get a job and an education and clean up their environment. If they weren't so disgustingly nasty and vial, then the whites and good blacks wouldn't mind living among them. Call me racist if you so please, but in the south, the most racist of them all are the black people. Every time black people don't get their way, they try and play that race card and call in that dumb ass Al Sharpton. Get a clue black people this 2010, you have your rights and equality, now stand up and be a productive member of society and quit depending on the white people to make you a living.

You, Drunken Masta, just don't have a clue about what is going on in Memphis.
It'll never change it happens everyday in every state in every city

Since: Oct 11

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#263 Feb 25, 2013
Blacks aren't to blame white people that are racist that don't hire blacks are to blame ..

New York, NY

#264 Feb 25, 2013
I recond
Blacks ruin everything

Memphis, TN

#265 Feb 25, 2013
Memphis really sucks because the blacks have ruined it just like they've ruined every big city in United States . they are stupid idiots that don't act like human beings
The Whole Truth

Smithville, TN

#266 Mar 29, 2013
newportonehundreds wrote:
Blacks aren't to blame white people that are racist that don't hire blacks are to blame ..
Which white people would those be? I have a feeling you are very bit as much a racist as those you decry.

Cherokee Village, AR

#267 Mar 30, 2013
yeah it sucks KKK is the dumb shit in life and should be taken out of our problems! OH hey KKK I am WHITE!!!!

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