Tattoos lessen likelihood of landing ...

Tattoos lessen likelihood of landing a job

There are 83 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jul 30, 2007, titled Tattoos lessen likelihood of landing a job. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Got a tattoo? It could interfere with getting a job. A new survey shows that employees are getting the message that plenty of bosses find visible tattoos or body piercings objectionable in the workplace.

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United States

#21 Aug 12, 2007
Wow,what's up with all the personal animosity against people of multi-color? I don't know anyone tattooed that harangues people to get ink, but there seems to be a lot of plain people who feel it's their duty to point out our "bad decisions" And as to the whole job issue, who would want to work for a place that was that uptight and controlling?(That's your spouse's role, not your employers) Maybe that rugged individualist "Inkless" likes being a coporate drone, but does any sane, self-aware person want to be told they have to look like a cookie-cutter copy of everyone they work with? I have full sleeves, hands inked, neck covered, and big stretched lobes, and have worked in the antiques field (with rich little old ladies as customers, who loved me), companies like Target hire inked folk,(they hired me when I had a blue mohawk) and I now have an administrative job at small (expensive) private University in central Florida. If you are clean, professional and qualified, it shouldn't matter. If it does matter, then not getting hired because of tattoos is a blessing. I wouldn't work for a racist company or a misogynistic company, I wouldn't work for a company that had problems with me being an OUT queer.

And actually it's nice being a lemming...much nicer than being a sheep.

Oklahoma City, OK

#22 Aug 13, 2007
Hey "inkless"...your comment says "I make bad decisions"! You might want to speak from your mouth and not your ass.

Ashburn, VA

#23 Aug 15, 2007
alright. i can understand no tattoos for a job if they are violent. or like nudity or anything. i personally dont agree with it however because even those are amazing art work. but it is more understandable. but to not hire someone because they have some tattoos is stupid. tattoos or not just bad decisions. there are exceptions. but most people who have alot of tattoos and really appreciate them put alot of thought into them. my dad died before my 18th birthday. so when i graduated i went and got his signiture on my forearm. and now i am considering a sleeve of amazing things in my hometown. to show my love for this beautiful place i live. so now i shouldnt be able to have a job? tattoos are more then just ink on your body. tattoos are art. tattoo artists are incredible. they make amazing artwork by some description you give them and do it with a vibrating needle. and the people who get tattoos are plain and simple people who respect art tremendously.

there are exceptions

but overall people that have tattoos are people who love art so much they want it with them always. and they put alot of thought into it.

stupid close minded bastards

White House, TN

#24 Aug 15, 2007
i have 23 tattoos, and i have to say that if my employer knew when he hired me that i had that many, i would probably not have the job i do now. i made sure that everything i get can be covered with a pair of slacks and a short sleeve shirt with a collar.
now that i have worked here for a year, they accept that i have a passion for ink and i am allowed to show off what tattoos i have.
when i finish college, i am sure i will have a hard time finding a job in my profession, unless i wear long sleaves now, cuz i am about to get my first arm peice.

Rocklin, CA

#25 Aug 15, 2007
YUP it sucks...Unless your in the tattoo and piercing industry like me, then tattoos and piercings are almost required.
Rosana H

Kansas City, MO

#27 Aug 15, 2007
I have tattoos and piercings, none in visible areas, except for my leg tattoo. I used to work at the ER in a local hosital and some of the best Dr's had visible tattoos and dat did not stop the managers from hiring them or affect them in being excellent doctors.
Open your mind people. This is the 21st Century. Are we going back to the Dark Ages or WHAT?
Jessere Stephenson

Avondale, AZ

#28 Aug 16, 2007
I know this has fact behind cause I suffer from it at my job, but they like my more offensive ones to be covered..then again I have heard the reason for covering is because it is against peoples religion..guess what.. DONT BRING RELIGION INTO THE WORK PLACE.
Jessere S

Avondale, AZ

#29 Aug 16, 2007
PS..The more visible tattoos you get, to where you can not cover them by a pair or jeans or long sleeve shirt, the more likely you will have a problem.. (I have tattoos on my hands, throat, feet and one that comes up slightly on my face..and I am female, which kills it even more for some employers.)

Princeton, NJ

#30 Aug 16, 2007
How about everyone just stops for a second and thinks. Accept the way the world is people! There will ALWAYS be people who are conservative, and there will ALWAYS be people who like taking risks. Proffesional atmospheres will always go by the more conservative rules in order to offend the least amount of people. IT'S BUSINESS. All you people saying "why should my skull tattoo make me non-hireable if i can work just as efficiently" are missing the point! If you're allowed to be covered in crazy looking tattoos in a professional work place, where does it stop? Can you wear hats? they don't affect how you work. Can you wear bare midriff shirts and see-through pants with slippers to work? You still work just as efficiently. NO!!!! its about a professional appearance and what the CUSTOMERS or OTHER WORKERS have to see when trying to concentrate on working. Of course having ink on your skin doesn't effect how you work--DUHH but it's a distraction to others. I think tattoos are really cool and i'm getting one soon, but I'm going to be discreet about it because i THINK AHEAD and i know i will want to be able to have a professional appearance. That's ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. geeze.

Morganton, NC

#31 Aug 18, 2007
opinions are like a-holes,and i generally keep mine to myself.however this hits really close to home.i have an ass length pony-tail,i am 6'5 tall,240lbs,and have angry wrist to elbow tattoos.i have had trouble getting a decent job for,i look on the brite side,the paper is full of shitty jobs,i can quit one and have another in the remember,always piss in the mouth of adversity.i may be broke , but i am not broken!

Booneville, MS

#32 Aug 22, 2007
Tattoos are a form of expression!!! And we think it is carp people have to judge people with artwork on their bodies. People with tattoos are probably gonna work harder then anyone else!!! Hell tattoos are expensive they have to make money to pay for them.And let's put the real reason out here, most of society thinks tattooed people are the devil and do drugs or other bad things!!!! Just let us express ourselves just like everyone else is able to do. And still get that awesome job. We don't judge people why judge us!!!!!!!!!!

Columbus, OH

#33 Aug 23, 2007
Yeah... they do lessen the likely hood of getting a job, but who is to dictate which canidate is better for a specific job. You could have someone who is highly qualified for the position being applied for, who is heavily tattooed. But the employer will chooose someone who lacks the skills for that job who doesn't have tattoos. I think it is bogus and a form of legal discrimination. So what if we choose to modify our bodies. They are our bodies and we have the god given free will to choose to do that.

Union Bridge, MD

#34 Aug 24, 2007
i have many many tattoos and i work in peoples homes as a matter of fact im number one in sales ppl call and request me im booked with more jobs than i can handle in a day now when i started my job they did not no all the tattoos i had went out on the job the first day got the most in my sales came back to work showed my boss all my ink and he said i could not have them and would lose my job so i went above him and the owner of the company said who cares you did this well on your first day thats great so all in all stick it to the man be yourself. yuppies do no good for the world but sit on there ass and act like they no whats going on so to all you dumb bosses get real its 2007 and if your going to judge make everyone have the same haircut

Fontana, CA

#35 Aug 24, 2007
I am covered from my collar line to my wrists in tattoos.(That are incredible art by the way.) I am not a drug addict or a felon. I am employed as senior executive at a large corporation and I make well into the 6 figures annually. But I wear long sleeves everyday. The point is common sense. If you want to walk around with a bone in your nose and inked from head to toe that is your business but don't expect everyone to buy in. There is a time and plae for everything. There are all types of prejudices out there and yes tattoos are included in that.


Mountain Lakes, NJ

#36 Aug 24, 2007
Diane wrote:
My question is, what does a tattoo have to do with an individual's intellect or ability to do the work in which he or she was hired to do?
Nothing, it has nothing to do with their intellect or talent but it does have a lot to do with how they view themselves and the society they live in. If someone tattoos themselves knowing that it will impede their chances of getting a job've got to wonder how are they to get along with day to day 5 days a week. And, do I really want to put up with such a person..

San Angelo, TX

#37 Aug 26, 2007
I work in a hospital and I think people are just ignorant and need not to judge people for tattoos and peircings. We are not allowed to wear tongue and nose rings at work. I just don't see why not.
Tattooed Girl

Addison, ME

#38 Aug 26, 2007
Dave wrote:
I have a good job. I have many tattoos. Never once has my employer sought to make me cover them up. One is even an "angry" one, a skeleton with a top hat. I am well respected at my work. Tattoos do not make a degenerate. What happened to the unbiased approach that we are told employers are supposed to use in the hiring process?
The unbiased approach never existed. If you're too old, too fat, too black, too gay, or basically too non-whitebread (including having tattoos), you're not getting a job in most places. No, it's not fair, but that's the way it is. Which is exactly why it's better to not worry about these idiots and start your own business and/or work with others who are like you. Most Americans just aren't ready for change in any way, shape, or form. Not to mention that most bosses are older, conservative white men who cringe at the thought of their world being shattered by people who are willing to be a bit different -- something that supposedly, most employers are looking for. I'm so sick of societal standards.
Tattooed Girl

Addison, ME

#39 Aug 26, 2007
stringslinger wrote:
opinions are like a-holes,and i generally keep mine to myself.however this hits really close to home.i have an ass length pony-tail,i am 6'5 tall,240lbs,and have angry wrist to elbow tattoos.i have had trouble getting a decent job for,i look on the brite side,the paper is full of shitty jobs,i can quit one and have another in the remember,always piss in the mouth of adversity.i may be broke , but i am not broken!
You are my new hero. Down with the man!

Tacoma, WA

#40 Aug 26, 2007
is this not racism?????hmmm
Heavily tattooed female

Santa Ana, CA

#41 Aug 27, 2007
I can deal with covering them. The fact is though that you usually don't get the chance to cover them because no one wants to hire you. It's discrimination plain and simple. I know it's a choice but in my opinion being gay is a choice too. If they can't be discriminated against, why can we?

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