2 Teens Nabbed for Gun, Drugs in Bell...

2 Teens Nabbed for Gun, Drugs in Bellmore

There are 108 comments on the Long Island Press story from Feb 14, 2010, titled 2 Teens Nabbed for Gun, Drugs in Bellmore. In it, Long Island Press reports that:

Two teenagers were arrested Saturday on gun and drug charges in Bellmore, Nassau police said.

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Ann am ou s

Bronx, NY

#22 Sep 22, 2010
Daniel Leavey and Eric Crockett both dope heads. Selling Oxy Heroin Vicoden along with pot in the Seaford Wantagh Bellmore Merrick Freeport Levittown East Meadow area. Call the cops if you see either one around. The will be armed with drugs.

Freehold, NJ

#23 Sep 22, 2010
Ocean Ave Bellmore wrote:
Eric Crockett the one from bellmore is still selling drugs from 9 Ocean Ave in Bellmore. We have all contacted the police & DEA, to date nothing has occured. The Nassau Police do not have the resorces to handle and the DEA feels it is too small time.
Ok well this isnt Communist China or 1984 world where you just call up the police and say THIS person is selling drugs and the police just go and kick down thier door and haul them off.
Mind Ur Business

Massapequa, NY

#24 Sep 22, 2010
First off, it's spelled rap artists not rape artists. Second, bozo you could have thought of something better than that. Thrid, everyone see's things about life different, i see things one way, you see another. I just choose to MIND MY OWN BUSINESS

Bronx, NY

#25 Sep 22, 2010
Mind my own business? What a pathetic view on life, you don't mean mind your own business you mean you don't give a damn about anyone but yourself.. and your other criminal buddies. So, you don't think that allegations of drug dealing to HIGH SCHOOL KIDS should be investigated?
Brilliant. Go live in some third world hell hole if that is your attitude.... oh wait, you are in Valley Stream, you are already there.
And I spelled it rape on purpose.. but I guess the sarcasm was just way over your head.
Nassau Police

Chicago, IL

#26 Sep 23, 2010
Nassau Police bottom line are they do not want to go out and get creaps like this. They are over paid and under worked at the nassau Police department.
Ocean Ave Bellmore

Brooklyn, NY

#27 Sep 23, 2010
Ahh yes mind our own buisness. I remember after September 11 all the people who saw something odd involving the people involved and never once did they say something. That is why we lost 3,000 people that day. If you see something say something. Do not stay quiet!
* So far the police have identified (399 recent Bellmore JFK High graduates and current JFK students on Eric's communication pathway) for drugs.
**** Ahh yes we should mind our own buisness?
*The solution is we all tell the police what we know, then they can close this loop down from top to bottom and we do not have to close our ears, hearts, and eyes when something is terribly wrong and wait too long. Tell every person you know about Eric and Daniel and lets hope more people can fill in the gaps to the police.
Mind Ur Business

Massapequa, NY

#28 Sep 23, 2010
Listen comparing something as horrible as 911 to some little bellmore guy is over the top. I don't live there, so to be fair do what makes you happy. That's where your tax dollars go, then do as you please. All I'm saying is that I am the type of person to mind my business. I don't look through my windows at my neighbors, don't call the village if someone is violating the village code. Now if my own child is involved there is a problem b/c everyone acts different when something is personal. But let me ask this, what do u think will happen we he is arrested? Someone else will take his place or the teens will go to another town. I have seen this first hand multiple times. Everyone is different people and not everyone see things the same. Parents need to talk to their children more about drugs, not to say one conversation will change everything. Some kids are gonna do what they do regardless and we all know this is a fact. But hey I live over here and you live over there, two different worlds.
more facts

Jamaica, NY

#29 Sep 23, 2010
lol- you really can't compare 9/11 and some kid selling drugs. Lets keep it in prospective.

Bronx, NY

#30 Sep 23, 2010
Wow, that is a great view on life... I don't care what is going on, what crime is happening, unless it directly affects me.

Why in hell would you WAIT for it to affect you when you could do something about it before that happens or starts affecting your kids? Why wouldn't you want the criminals made an example of? The more you let it go, the more it will infect your community. Just look at the hell holes that Roosevelt, Hempstead, Brentwood, Wyandanch have become because the communities have the Mind Ur Business attitude. I applaud anyone who "snitches" in fact, they should be given a reward.

What an idiot.
Mind Ur Business

Fairfield, CT

#31 Sep 23, 2010
Here an example if you and I were in a horror movie and we both walked by a house in your town and we both hear scream, yells, gunshot, etc whatever floats your boat. I would keep walking, but you would go and say hmmmmm let me caught this criminal and make a example. I live by the grace of god for another day & you end up on the back of the milk carton. All b/c I mind my business, and u call me a idiot but your the one who had the balls to compare 911 to some lil small time dealer smh you should be ashamed of yourself

Bronx, NY

#32 Sep 23, 2010
Uh, moron, I didn't compare 9/11 to anything. You have yet to directly address any of my points. Maybe you should go back and review the thread to look at my posts and tell me where you see any mention of 9/11.

But let me address this one of yours... what in the hell makes you think I would go and try to catch the criminal you idiot? I pay taxes so people with guns, the POLICE will do it. If I was walking through town, and heard some gunshots, yelling, etc. I would make sure I was safe, pull out my cell phone and dial 911 (you know, the emergency number since you apparently have never heard of it).

So yes, you are an idiot if you couldn't take a second to pull out your phone or go someplace where you could call the police. But then again, to you, the Police are the problem, right? Not all your felon buddies?

But you live in Valley Stream, you sound pretty dumb from your posts and you enjoy living in a hell hole. You and the rest of the idiots are welcome to it. I for one will do the right thing.
dear truth hurts

Jamaica, NY

#33 Sep 24, 2010
Truth hurts-
Call the POP police unit n Nassau. They are set up to deal with this.
You may think calling people names on the internet makes you look like you are interested in the issue at hand, but it doesn't. It makes you look like part of the problem, not the solution.
If the kid is near the school selling drugs it's a crime.

Bronx, NY

#34 Sep 24, 2010

Bronx, NY

#35 Sep 24, 2010
Already done, long before I posted anything in this thread. I don't know if the allegations are true, but either way, someone could get hurt. This could be someone with a grind to ax as much as these kids actually being guilty of something. Better to investigate and see.

Sometimes the only way to respond to morons is by calling out their stupidity.
Mind Ur Business

Massapequa, NY

#36 Sep 24, 2010
You sound like your yelling at your computer. You should put all that energy to catching your lil small time drug dealer selling pills to your kids. I can see your vain popin out through you forehead lol. I done wit you man & the kids in valley stream aren't buying pills at lunch time. So I will live in this quote on quote hell hole lol and you live where kids grow up to be junkies. Have a nice life dude & you take a pill count of everything in your house lmao later dude
the bigger issue

Jamaica, NY

#37 Sep 24, 2010
The bigger issue is that there are concerned citizens obviously with children in the schools/neighborhoods.
The frustration of not being able to get response from the local police is clear.

Talk to the school officials, call Dave Denenberg, call the police time and time again when you see him hanging ut near school grounds.
James Kretzmer

New York, NY

#39 Sep 25, 2010
I see Eric Crockett at the bar all the time I heard last night in the bar his name was mentioned online for drugs ( No Comment ). Just rolled in drunk myself after a long night out.
Ocean Ave Bellmore

Brooklyn, NY

#40 Sep 27, 2010
We have notified every department and agency under the sun. Notified the principal of JFK. No action to date!!!

Watch Eric in his Silver lexus plate NY FAJ8308 or this past weekend he was dring with his girlfriend and leaving his lexus in front of his house. Maybe Eric is getting tipped off to leave his car as a decoy at home, She has a Brown Toyota NY plate ELG7476

* If you see either of these cars in or around JFK or see illegal activity call the Police.
Ocean Ave Bellmore

Brooklyn, NY

#41 Sep 30, 2010
Daniel has his next court appearance on 11/3 See below. Eric Crockett does not exist in Nassau Court system records. Very very interesting, either uses a alias when arrested or someone sprang him out, of the usually way.


C3 Kluewer, S PENDING No Type Mcsparron,
Case Continued (adjourned)
RoR Continued
C3 Kluewer, S PENDING No Type Zalenski,
Case Continued (adjourned)
RoR Continued
C3 Kluewer, S PENDING No Type O Neal, L
Case Continued (adjourned)
RoR Continued
C3 Kluewer, S PENDING No Type Raso,
Case Continued (adjourned)
RoR Continued
FP9 Massell, M PENDING No Type Koenig, R
Trans To Another Court Part

FP9L Kluewer, S PENDING No Type Katz, H
Case Continued (adjourned)
RoR Continued
FP9 Reilly, M PENDING No Type Clark, D
Case Continued (adjourned)
RoR Continued
ARR A Fairgrieve, S PENDING Regular U,
Case Continued (adjourned)
Conditional Release to Probation
Victoria Smith

Brooklyn, NY

#42 Oct 2, 2010
Merrick T wrote:
Daniel Leavey was a drug dealer - I left a note for detectived 6 months ago about this looser North Merrick Trash.
PL 220.03 00
**TOP CHARGE** A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge

Crim Poss Contrl Subst
PL 165.40 00 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

Crim Pssesn Stln Prop 5th
PL 265.01 01 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge

Crim Poss Weap-4th:firearm/wep

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