State reviews patient lists in hepati...

State reviews patient lists in hepatitis scare -

There are 30 comments on the Newsday story from Nov 17, 2007, titled State reviews patient lists in hepatitis scare -. In it, Newsday reports that:

State Department of Health investigators returned to the offices of a Long Island anesthesiologist Saturday to find out if additional patients should be notified that they are at risk for HIV and hepatitis by ...

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Worse than you think

United States

#1 Nov 17, 2007
They use the same "vacutainer" everytime they draw blood. They do this everywhere and it is sick.
High Sheriff Of Hong Kong

San Francisco, CA

#2 Nov 17, 2007
String him up and light him on fire.

North Bergen, NJ

#3 Nov 17, 2007
There should be no anonymity or protection from publicity for this doctor who SHOULD have known better.
His picture should be published on the front page of every newspaper, and a copy of his misdeeds sent to every hospital in the world.
He should be required to personally support FOREVER every patient he has harmed.
If we can't trust the safety of medicines being injected into us by professionals,
we might as well stop going to our doctors and hospitals and outpatient testing labs.
In short, we must be prepared to die, if the "cure" they administer, is worse than any ailment we might have.

Brooklyn, NY

#4 Nov 17, 2007
I hope and pray for all those who have to go thru this. He should not be able to practice. I am sure he will no longer have patients who are willing to receive injections. Injections are very expensive, no reason for him not to use sanitary drugs/needles/syringes for all patients. He makes me sick!

New Milford, NJ

#5 Nov 18, 2007
Is the state also going to review the patient files from the hospitals he has privledges in? It would seem his practices would carry over and should be looked into. This man has/had OR privledges and accountability should prevail.


#6 Nov 18, 2007
as someone who has had to endure 120 weeks of injections and pills to get rid of hep c i only hope the state makes it a law now to change its practice of reusing anything.
As a doctor he should have known better.
And to the guy who is all over the newspapers....its not a death sentence so quit being dramatic. YES the treatment to get rid of hep c is a long horrendus regimen but you will survive.
I only wish I knew the moron doctor who gave it to me so I can jump on the money bandwagon too.

West Nyack, NY

#7 Nov 18, 2007
I just want to thank everyone for your support. My dad is raymond bookstaver many off you probally saw him on t.v. or in newsday and i apperciate everyone backing us up and the other 98 men or women who might have been infected. It is one of the hardest things to hit are family watching my dad day in and day out sick cause of this doctor. Oh Llinny is a death sentence so shut you mouth ok cong. on getting rid of it ok you have no idea how sick my dad is ok and some of you people should watch what you say cause as his daughter it really hurts to here someone trashing him to ok. All my dad wants to do is make it known that no thanks to this doctor my dad is really sick ok!

West Nyack, NY

#8 Nov 18, 2007
Llian listen he did give my dad a death sentence. Oh and really sometimes you should watch with what you say on these comments cause that man on t.v. is my father ok!

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

#9 Nov 18, 2007
I have been watching this story and have been appalled at the conduct of this doctor. However reading todays article it appears that only one patient has been infected. I think the Doctor should have his license revoked for this horrendous behavior even if it is just one patient. However, I think Newsday should also be investigated because based on their additional recent articles it appears that they have been printing inaccurate information and have resulted in unnecessary fear and anxiety in almost a 1000 people. These newspapers need to ensure their information is accurate before printing their articles. Printing false and misleading articles should not be tolerated.
megan bookstaver

West Nyack, NY

#10 Nov 18, 2007
Oh and Llinny you cant get rid of hep. c so get your info correct before you start saying stuff you obvi. dont no what your talking about cause if their was something out their for my dad to take so call get rid of it he would.

White Plains, NY

#11 Nov 18, 2007
I have used this doctor for three epidurals. I had always believed he was a good physician with a good bedside manner, however, I used him during this time period. I never recieved a letter from the Board of Health. I personally am being tested tomorrow. Yes this is a death sentence in the long run. It can be controlled though. I am sorry to both the children and the father of them who are going through this horrific experience when all he did is go to have their pain relieved. I do not necessarily believe the Board of Health, it has taken them an enormously long time to retrieve records and inaccurate to say the least. They allowed the physician to hand names over to them, the same man that practice horrific technique, the same man the has multiple lawsuits against him supposedly and still he maintains his license to practice medicine. Where is he accountable for practicing medicine outside the standards for his specialty. How pathetic and sick this has been handled. The news looks to publish whatever they can so people read. But the doctor and the Board of Health, should they not be held accountable. I am still awaiting a letter. I checked my checkbook to be sure of the dates and I am quite correct. They should be ashamed of themselves. What goes around in life comes back to you.

White Plains, NY

#12 Nov 18, 2007
To Megan:

Ignore any and all people that are that ignorant. Do not stoop to their level and respond to them. Take care of your dad and love him a lot. The virus will be brought with gods will under control. Remember regardless of how difficult it is what goes around in life comes around and they will get theirs. Meanwhile you keep praying and keep your Dad real proud of you. Love him a lot.

White Plains, NY

#13 Nov 18, 2007
Worse than you think wrote:
They use the same "vacutainer" everytime they draw blood. They do this everywhere and it is sick.
This is not true. I am a nurse that uses sterile technique. If you see this happening, you are accountable for stopping the individual.

White Plains, NY

#14 Nov 18, 2007
Llinny wrote:
as someone who has had to endure 120 weeks of injections and pills to get rid of hep c i only hope the state makes it a law now to change its practice of reusing anything.
As a doctor he should have known better.
And to the guy who is all over the newspapers....its not a death sentence so quit being dramatic. YES the treatment to get rid of hep c is a long horrendus regimen but you will survive.
I only wish I knew the moron doctor who gave it to me so I can jump on the money bandwagon too.
For a person that has contracted the same thing you surely lack empathy for this man and his family and anyone else who has possibly contracted something legitmately trying to relieve themselves of pain. You sound like a very angry individual. Your verbal behavior appears to be more deadly than what you have contracted for yourself.

New Milford, NJ

#15 Nov 18, 2007
SDS wrote:
<quoted text>
This is not true. I am a nurse that uses sterile technique. If you see this happening, you are accountable for stopping the individual.
Yes a patient has SOME responsibility...BUT if you are truly a nurse then you are aware that not ALL patients are aware or capable of knowing exactly what you are doing. Your comment is very one sided.

New Milford, NJ

#16 Nov 18, 2007
Again...I question Dr. Finkelsteins' level of practice at the hospitals' in which he is affiliated with. What about THOSE patients?
Where is the DOH,State,& County now?


#17 Nov 18, 2007
Below is the information on this "doctor" that is listed on the NYS physician's profile site. The NYS Department of Health is well aware of this "doctor's" history, and they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! An investigation into the way the Department "investigates" and sanctions doctor's should be investigated. It is outrageous.

Harvey Saul Finkelstein
NYS License Number: 149518
Date of NYS Licensure: 04-16-1982

Office Locations:
None reported

Last Updated 08-07-2007
There is important information below to help you understand medical malpractice. This physician may have provided important additional information in the physician statement section of this profile.

Judgments and Arbitration Awards

Number of awards: None reported

Payment Details

Date of Judgment
or Award Zip Code or
County of Event Significance
of Payment
None reported None reported None reported

Settlement payments will appear in this profile only if the total number of settlements made within the past ten years exceeds two, or if the Department of Health determines a settlement to be relevant to patient decision making. Settlement of a claim may occur for a variety of reasons, which does not necessarily reflect negatively on the professional competence or conduct of the physician. A payment in settlement of a medical malpractice action or claim does not necessarily mean that a medical malpractice has occurred.


Number of payments: 10

Payment Details

Date Zip Code or County of Event Significance of Payment
05-03-2007 Not Available Above Average
05-17-2005 Suffolk County, NY Above Average
11-17-2004 Nassau County, NY Above Average
07-01-2003 Nassau County, NY Average
01-28-2003 Nassau County, NY Average
10-30-2002 Nassau County, NY Below Average
07-28-2000 Nassau County, NY Average
04-28-2000 Nassau County, NY Above Average
04-20-2000 Nassau County, NY Average
04-09-1998 Nassau County, NY Above Average

The doctor's malpractice history
Above is information about the doctor's malpractice history during the last ten (10) years. Malpractice means a professional mistake that is a direct cause of injury or harm to the patient. A malpractice history has information about payments made within the last 10 years when a patient thought the doctor did a medical job poorly


Tallahassee, FL

#18 Nov 18, 2007
Dear Megan. I have previously posted on another article your dad was quoted in that I am sorry your dad or any of *us* that have this disease HAVE IT AT ALL but you really need to educate yourself and your family a bit more before you start jumping down people's throats. In one article your dad stated that he kept a rubber band on his drinking glass to keep from spreading it to his family. It is ONLY spread blood to blood so drinking after him won't give it to any of you. There are several treatments for Hepatitis C that are using the word cured or if you prefer remission so why are you saying that you can't get rid of Hep C? Also people don't get symptoms until they have had it for about 20 years. If your dad really picked it up only 3 years ago why is he *so sick*? I have had it 40 years and do have cirrhosis and even I can go out to eat at restaurants and take a vacation on the days I am not too fatigued to get out of bed. Your dad stated that he couldn't eat out or vacation. Everyone agrees that this doctor had horrid sterile techniques/universal precations but if your dad is already to the stage that he is having symptoms then he picked up the Hep C ON HIS OWN a number of years ago. Melodramatic might work in lawsuits but those of us who have been dealing with this in real life for a number of years get quite upset when others who have it and should know better continue to spread INCORRECT information about the disease. Please have your dad join a support group and EDUCATE HIMSELF and his family before he starts speaking to the press. I hope that your dad is able to successfully treat his Hep C and put all of this behind him. God Bless!

Tallahassee, FL

#19 Nov 18, 2007
Well now that so many of you have expressed your outrage at the doctor (we might never know the *real* story) I would like to challenge you to learn a little bit about Hepatitis C! Don't misunderstand as I am also appalled that this could have happened in this supposedly enlightened day and age of universal precautions. Perhaps all this happened (sadly) so that more of you might get educated about Hepatitis C! It is reaching epidemic proportions in our country and most people don't know the differences between Hep A, B, C, D, E and G.

Hepatitis C requires a blood to blood transmission. It is the most common chronic blood borne virus in the U.S. today. There are an estimated 5 million Americans with Hepatitis C (FIVE times more than HIV) Bet you didn't know that! Only about 1 million know they have it. It is the leading cause of liver transplants in the U.S. 2/3 of patients will die waiting for a liver transplant because there are not enough organs to go around (please sign your donor cards!)

You should be tested for Hepatitis C if you:
* received a blood transfusion or solid organ transplant before July 1992
* were notified that you received blood from a donor who later tested positive for hepatitis C.
* have ever injected illegal drugs, even if you experimented only one time many years ago (or snorted any drugs)
* were a recipient of clotting factor(s) made before 1987
* have ever been on long-term kidney dialysis
* have had tattoos or body piercings
* had sexual activity that involved contact with blood
* have had vaccinations administered with pneumatic jet injectors
* are a veteran (especially Viet Nam)
* have shared razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers, tweezers, etc. with an infected person
* are a health care worker exposed to needle sticks or first responders
* also 5%-10% of babies born to infected mothers will get Hepatitis C
* have ever been incarcerated

Doctors do NOT test for Hepatitis C on annual physicals or routine exams. You have to ASK TO BE TESTED! You do not have any symptoms that damage is being done until the latter stages of the disease and that can be from 10 to 40 years! There are treatments for Hepatitis C that are 45-80% successful depending on your genotype.

Instead of all this bickering and name calling why don't you use this as a *learning moment*

There are an estimated 4 million of you walking around with it that don't know you have it and can be inadvertently spreading it. Whether at the beauty salon where an HCV+ person was knicked and then you were knicked with the same instrument (Hep C does not die when it hits the air unlike HIV) and can live on surfaces for up to 4 days plus. Ignorance is not bliss. Know your Hepatitis C status! GET TESTED! Would you feel guilty if you found out you were in fact positive and might have put other people at risk over the years?

Please GET TESTED for HEPATITIS C! It is a simple blood test and can be added to your routine tests the next time you see your doctor. Just ask him/her to add it! Take care and be your OWN advocates.

Tallahassee, FL

#20 Nov 18, 2007
EGADS! I just listened to the video where Mr. Bookstaver is quoted as saying that if you make it to 5 years the disease gets better! This is a slow progressing disease. Hep C only gets better if you treat it. I hope that the Bookstavers read the next article that NewsDay posted and pay attention to what Dr. Melissa Palmer said.
BTW... Llinny.... I hope you CLEARED your Hep C! That was a lot of weeks to do treatment! Most of *us* do 24 or 48 weeks depending on our genotype. I take it your were a nonresponder to a previous attempt?
Here is the article that I hope the Bookstavers read!

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