So there is a well-known drug house located on the corner of South 12th Street and Reade in Lindenhurst Village. No only are drugs sold out of the house on an hourly basis, but there are undesirable renters who rent rooms in the converted breezeway which is against Village code. Oh, and two people have died in this house from overdoses the most recent was on New Year's Day. Why has none of this been address by the Village you must be thinking, well it's because the owners of the house have the last name Polidino. Barbara Poldino runs the Rainbow Center. Her husband is a former fire department member. Not to mention the countless other Poldinos who work for the village and have strong connections to the mayor and his staff. The house as deemed a nuisance house last February with the SCPD looking to have the occupants removed. But the village drags their feet. We need to bring media attention to this situation and put a stop to the corruption that continues at Lindy Village Hall and Tom Brennan.