Long Island wife Kelly Forbes charged with strangling husband

There are 19 comments on the Nov 25, 2007, New York Daily News story titled Long Island wife Kelly Forbes charged with strangling husband. In it, New York Daily News reports that:

“I was very surprised at the closing that [Michael Forbes] wasn't the buyer”

Kelly Forbes is charged with killing her hubby, Michael. Michael Forbes A Long Island wife charged with strangling her 250-pound husband in their upper middle-class home while her 7-year-old daughter slept ... via New York Daily News

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Northport, NY

#64 Aug 10, 2011
lets look at some basic reality. 1st, it appears that this gentleman pushed way to hard, too fast to secure marriage with a women he barely knew. it also seems like he tried to buy her love. no crime there, but definitely not the smartest way to achieve a relationship in these days and times. as far as this woman, she is no different from any other ungrateful slut, who feels like she is entitled to sleep around, while the next man pays for her to live large. also of question is weather or not dude was legit in his earnings. claims were made that he earned about 50 grand per month. you aint making nowhere near that from some barbershop in the hood. and it would seem that if you are making that kind of money in legitimate real estate, I would think that running a small time barbershop would be a total waste of time. the only thing that all of this has to do with the murder is BAD KARMA. this chic was grimey, and she is now paying for bad karma. Micheal (all due respect to the deceased) may have fallen victim to bad karma as well.

Northport, NY

#65 Aug 10, 2011
chantiel B you say there is no law against marrying for money, and you are right. BUT HOW ABOUT KEEPING YOUR LEG CLOSED, AND A COLLEGE TEXTBOOK OPEN, SO THIS WHORE COULD HAVE EARNED HER OWN DAMN MONEY. weather this mike guy was a good or bad dude is whatever, as he is now deceased. BUT if this slut wasn't gold digging, she WOULD NOT have gotten caught up, and would not be locked down period. oh and by the way, marriage vows read "FOR RICHER OR POORER". so when you sit up in a church and take those vows just to get paid, you are lying to GOD, the state of new york, and your husband to be. so while marrying for dough may not be illegal, IT IS HIGHLY IMMORAL, and that's why KARMA got that slut on lockdown! IM not saying that mike was a saint, but this heffer clearly went into this trying to scheme, and now she gotta pay the price. BLACK WOMEN WAKE UP. its 2011. learn to earn, and stop trying to get men to treat you lavish, when alot of yall are straight up chickenhead whores.

Northport, NY

#66 Aug 11, 2011
also let me clarify myself so as not to be missunderstood. the statement in my previous post about SOME black women being "chickenheaded whores" means just that. this is IN NO WAY directed towards HARD WORKING BLACK WOMEN who are on their grind trying to improve their status through LEGAL and MORAL means. michelle obama WAS NOT running around trying to get in Barachs pockets. she was HANDLING HER OWN BUSINESS as a lawyer, and MAKING HER OWN PAPER. the problem with society nowadays, is that EVERYONE wants to live fly, with the lex coupe, beamer, and the benz, but NOBODY wants to put in the work to earn it the right way. so now you have black men who stay mixed up in crime, and you have black women trying to snatch a rich dude SOLELY for his dough. there is NO proof that this guy mike abused kelly, however, its on record that she was dipping out, and running around brooklyn REAL EARLY in the marriage, when her ass should have been home with her husband. did she REALLY think that homeboy was gonna let it rock like that? my ultimate point is that fast, easy money ALWAYS comes with a PRICE. her price was to be stuck with a dude she obviously wasn't in love with, and to "forsake all others" since she was unwilling to play by the rules,she got caught up, by wanting to have her cake, and eat it too. under her circumstances, she NEVER should have married dude. but since she committed to such, her ass should have been at home with dinner waiting every night. it couldn't be that hard, as she didn't have to work, and old boy was holding her down in ALL areas financially.
got my mba and bounced

Edison, NJ

#67 Aug 20, 2011
I just watched the story on snapped, knowing WI women the way I do, I don't by Kelly's innocence at all. Most WI women I know go after the neighborhood men with money. They dont care about wives, girlfriends, fiancees or families and like Kelly, once they land these men with money, think they got them hooked, they start cheating on them thinking the man is so wrapped around their finger it's okay. From what I could see she had the best of both worlds, married to a man with money in LI, but allowed to live as a single person in Bkln. I think he probably had had enough, threatened to cut her off, so she decided to kill him, keep everything and move her family in. That's what they do

United States

#68 Sep 11, 2011
Kelly is guilty as sin. I don't buy that bullsh-t that she was abused and for all the women who worked for him in the past and felt like he was sexually harassing them should have hauled tail out of there.

The man may not have been an angel but that doesn't mean that he deserved to be murdered and he was definitely murdered. All of the evidence pointed to the fact that she kicked him when he was down.

Her family was also in on it. They knew she was seeing other men and they covered for her. Some foreign women know they have the advantage becuz a lot of American women are fat, homely and unfeminine so of course the American male is captivated by their beauty. Kelly was what an older black man was looking for - young, exotic, longhaired with a nice shape and cute accent. I am sure he loved her. He treated her like a queen. She could have walked away from the man instead of murdering him in cold blood.

Such a tragic story. Now this woman's daughter has to suffer.

United States

#69 Oct 29, 2011
I just watched her episode on snapped. I don't know her or him but I do know if I killed someone by mistake the first person I would call would be the police not my brother or secret lover. Some times I feel its not the crime that makes you guilty its what you do after..SHE put herself in that position to look guilty of murder and not self defense by her actions.
i am me

United States

#70 Oct 29, 2011
i seen dis on snapped as well quility as charged

Lagos, Nigeria

#71 Nov 1, 2011
Well-l am based in nigeria and l am one of the few guys in my country with satellite Tv-l watched it on snapped and l feel she really messed up-killing your hubby-what a shame-by the time she gets out all the beauty would have faded.

Sharon, MA

#72 Nov 13, 2011
this is on ''Snapped '' now. I agree with most of you. She could've left him. She didnt have to kill him. smh
Lifes crazy.

Niagara Falls, NY

#73 Nov 13, 2011
I just watched the story on Investigation Discovery. I am a pretty good judge of character. I watched closely and I can usually tell who the victim is. I do not see Kelley as a person who wanted to kill Michael for personal gain. I feel he had control issues and she was not one who would become controlled. I believe she was defending herself, physically and while doing so her anger turned into massive strength, enough to hold that chord very tightly around his neck. I also believe the other man, the internet acquaintance, was afraid to come forward and speak on her behalf for fear of potential involvement. When I heard about Michael's past history of violence and his current money involvement in only confirmed my decision. I hope she can appeal this unfair decision. I am sure Michael Forbes showered her with gifts and affection and loved her but his control issues proved to be his costly fault.
come on now


#74 Jan 13, 2012
I just watched this on women who snapped and its a tough one because Mr Forbes lusted after a young asian women without getting to know her (so he only loved her looks not her) and moved her far away from her family despite knowing she was not an american and a young mum. he knew she didn't want him but tried to buy her. Majority of the things he brought her she didn't ask for. He was a fool. Mrs Forbes knew she didn't want him but he was soooo persistent making it clear that he didn't care if she didn't want him because he thought money would hold her. Interestingly she still held onto her job during the marriage so she can't be a lazy woman and she put her daughter first (respect) during the marriage. He is clearly a controlling man with a violent reputation. She should have called the police right away if she innocent and if she guilty she should have waited for him to stress another heart attack and dead, so everything would have been cool for her. She was young at the time so probably didn't think. This is what happens to black men who don't like their own kind. I've always said that white/mixed women r a blackmans weave! Sorry this ended the way it did for both of them. Sad

Tonypandy, UK

#77 Mar 7, 2012
Women in abusive relationships never tell anyone for a start. You dont want anyone to know. She was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress I expect from the fear of him. The events would not be clear in her head because of this fact. This does not mean she was not acting in self defence. You can see she was traumatised by this man. She did not scream, you never do when you have to protect your children from knowing what their mum is going through. She was a trophy to him. I really hope she gets out on appeal and lives a happy life with her daughter. I hope the right path comes your way soon. Hold on for your daughter.
Sad Sad Sad


#78 Apr 11, 2012
Just watched this case on the Bio channel. She saw the dollar signs and thought YES! If u felt that there was no connection why marry him? She should of continued dating him put him in some situation 2 c how he would of reacted. Its sad situation. U c man like these girls with nice hair, nice body etc nice pretty girls kills! I feel sorry for her and her daughter and nobody can jugde her only GOD!

London, UK

#79 Jun 18, 2012
I also watched this on 'Snapped'- ergo, I don't know either of them. Fact is that she killed him - she admitted as much. There is an opinion coming from those who support Kelly that she shouldn't have been punished *at all*- here in the UK, defence to murder by way of self defence, if believed, would result in a conviction of manslaughter - which is what Kelly was convicted of. However, my opinion is that she did intentionally kill him - if you listen to her interview, it's all 'me' & 'I'- she doesn't show any thought for anyone else...if it was an accident, why no remorse, or regretful emotions for his family?? It seems like he wasn't a particularly wholesome bloke, but that doesn't automatically mean she's innocent. I think this is the tragic consequence of a man who thought he could buy a wife, & a wife who was willing to be bought, but only on her own terms. She says he was abusive, & indeed, left him once - only to go back on the purchase of a Benz...It's both families I feel for. And I think if Kelly wants to convince people of her innocence, she needs to show some remorse for the act she admitted to, & be a little more concerned about how her actions have affected other people - right now, she isn't inducing a lot of sympathy for her situation, nor convincing people she didn't mean to kill him.

Lawrenceville, GA

#80 Nov 4, 2012
I knew this man wrote:
I used to work at mr. Forbes salon in Brooklyn. He was a pervert. I was 19 years old. He made me feel very uncomfortable. I know he took advantage of me because he knew I needed the job badly and used that to his advantage. When I saw the show, I wad not surprised to see that it was a woman who ended his life. I don't feel sorry for him at all. He was a very bad person in my eyes. So.... There. People are making judgements about Kelly but I could just imagine what she had to put up with. Once a pervert jerk, ALWAYS a pervert jerk. He got what was coming to him. I knew him as such and unless you knew him, you wouldn't understand why I feel this way about the whole situation.
I saw the snapped episode of this unfortunate incident that unfortunately this beautiful girl got caught up in. YES I believe that Michael Forbes got exactly what he deserved!!!! And for his ex girlfriend that said on the show "he was a good man" my question to her dumb ass would be "why he didn't marry you?" He was a drug dealer and abuser and I hope that Satan reserved a special spot in his Hell for him.

Beaverton, OR

#81 Nov 16, 2012
I think she's innocent
valerie lerman

Brooklyn, NY

#82 Jul 1, 2013

Charlotte, NC

#83 Jul 14, 2013
Precious wrote:
you'll who make these comments should shut the hell up you don't know whether or not she tried to leave him know your facts then leave your dumb remarks and to the lady who said micheal was nice that's a load of crap I've know that monster and his is just that very demanding and controlling and the justice system would do the right thing
Oh please, she was looking for a green card & money, nothing else. Why would a 29 year old with a kid be with a guy like him? That's right, looking for another man to support her. What was it that she did for a living exactly? She's just another parasite in this country & he was just another dumbass man thinking he'll get the young exotic subservient woman because he is soooo special. He used his money to buy her & didn't realize that he was buying his own death by showing off his money.

Baltimore, MD

#84 Aug 12, 2013
She wanted his money and nothing else. She didn't want to sleep with him or spend time with him. Michael moved her away from the city and tried to keep a short leash on her. That's when she killed him only months after being married. I don't think she ever loved him, but if he's such a smart business man, Im surprised he didn't catch on to her game. I feel bad for the kid.

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