Charges Filed In LI Chimney Sweep Scam

Charges Filed In LI Chimney Sweep Scam

There are 340 comments on the story from Feb 3, 2006, titled Charges Filed In LI Chimney Sweep Scam. In it, reports that:

A chimney sweep and his helper pleaded not guilty Thursday to grand larceny and other charges after a prosecutor said they scammed mostly elderly customers into getting unnecessary and expensive repairs.

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Mount Vernon, NY

#293 Dec 1, 2010
I dont think so wrote:
<quoted text>
Did he mention a nation builders database also??
There is a company called TRUE STAR HOME SERVICES in Central Islip that is on the Suffolk County Dept of Consumer Affairs as being unlicensed and should be avoided due to poor business practices. Do your homework before hiring someone to do work on your home. There are a lot of crooks out there.
I dont think so

Yonkers, NY

#294 Dec 1, 2010
christine wrote:
<quoted text> There is a company called TRUE STAR HOME SERVICES in Central Islip that is on the Suffolk County Dept of Consumer Affairs as being unlicensed and should be avoided due to poor business practices. Do your homework before hiring someone to do work on your home. There are a lot of crooks out there.
The phone # that I checked out had an exchange that is in the Bellport area...
You are correct about doing your homework before hiring someone..

Yaphank, NY

#295 Dec 10, 2010
Anyone know anything about alliance chimney?

Brentwood, NY

#297 Jan 26, 2011
cliff wrote:
<quoted text>the owners of the company are robert skibinski and stacey roe. yes the same stacey roe that went nationwide on the news for doing heroin in walmart with her child present and got arrested
Cliff....I read your post...please know these too now own a company on acorn street in Deer Park its called mytopsweep chimney...they do also have a website its under an alias Curtis Smith google Curtis Smith chimney deer park and go to the BBB you will find the scam drug artists
gary PhD Mason and Sweep

Leeds, MA

#298 Feb 4, 2011
ChimneyPro13 wrote:
Look, the masons are pissed because the chimney techsnician(trained professional) is taking business from them. Look assholes, the reason we reline boiler flues is because you asses use big 9x13 or 13x13 flues to vent 160,000 btu's. What happens is the water vapors from the appliances deteriorate chimney from the inside. Ever hear of efflervesensce?? You stupid backyard trained idiots on here running your mouths about shit you have no idea about. You spread mortar and set bricks on top of each other, helluva living. Here in Illinois customers want trained professionals. Not the lazy $80 per hour union guy, no craigslist scumbag or shit eating mexican. Stop whining and got to CSIA and get trained assholes.
If you can build it, you can clean it. Having had the best professional training and 70 plus years (40 as chimney mason and 33 as certified sweep) of total dedication to every aspect of chimney design, repair, restoration and cleaning (Also did tile/cast in place/stainless steel lining) I find your comments simple and unworthy of intelligent debate. Thousands of years masons build the roads and building to modern civilazation with a simple tool called a trowel. Respected and trusted alas for a few untrained clunkers along the way. Not so with the art of Chimney sweeping. Little boys developing scrotum cancer and their "masters" with their cast off hat and tails from the funeral homes. Dispicable dirty uneducated fellows cleaning the most poisoness and dirties of all flues from coal dust, while masons built castles. Get a life. It's not about masons verses chimney sweeps, it's about knowledge of draft, clearances to combustibles, bonding, structural strength, using the right liner for the right application and being honest. Some people "lay" a path to greatness, some a path in mud. Yours was mud.


Since: Jan 11

blue point.

#299 Feb 5, 2011
Sounds like these old people got masticed. Of shirleyed. Or mastic beached.
good guy

Stamford, CT

#300 Mar 12, 2011
Adam joyce of 44 Higgins ST N.Babylon N,Y,owns the biggest chimney scam out there if you see a LYSCO truck out there,they are scamming.

“Vote Republican”

Since: Aug 08

Wyandanch, NY

#302 Mar 13, 2011
good guy wrote:
Adam joyce of 44 Higgins ST N.Babylon N,Y,owns the biggest chimney scam out there if you see a LYSCO truck out there,they are scamming.
I could not find the house on when I search by name.

Brentwood, NY

#303 Jun 21, 2011
Good Guy, you're a fool.
Adam Joyce is one of only a handful of owners that actually makes sure all of his men do the right job and if they don't they're fired.
He goes the extra mile to give the customer what they payed for and even in some cases he goes too far.
So Good Guy , why do you hide behind your computer and call someone a scammer that is not, did you get fired from his company for stealing or hanging a liner ?
That is what I think happened.
How do I know all of this is true ?
Because I work for Adam.
He is one of the most generous people in the business and what happens when you're a nice guy? people take advantage of you!
You try to take people on their word that they know their job, only to find out through a helper or an angry customer that the person they hired is a scammer.
I can tell you as surely as I breath that Adam absolutely demands that all the work is done to code and if anyone gets caught scamming someone , they're gone.
Adam is one of the few people that is actually trying to change the way the industry is viewed.
I wonder who you are "Good Guy" ?
@ I hate Syracuse , why are you looking for the house?
Would you dare to bother a man and his family at his own home?
You got to be kidding ... If I were you I would forget about it, you're barking up the wrong tree , don't listen to someone who obviously has some sort of ax to grind with Adam.
The guy would give you the shirt off of his back.

Brentwood, NY

#304 Jun 21, 2011
Let me tell you a little story that speaks of the character of Adam Joyce.
I had been out of work because work was slow and I am not one of those so called " Heavy Hitters" so I will always be the last one to get work, But I will not go out there and sell work that is not needed and when I do work it is done to the letter no matter how long it takes, anyway A good friend of mine had been worjking for Adam and had been telling me for months to come over and talk to Adam, so I did and I explained I wasn't a big numbers writer his exact words to me were I don't care about that , as long as the work is done right but I can't hire you right now until after the holidays and I was really hurting for money, not evenn a day leter he calls me back and tells me to come to work, I had just burried my mother in law and my father inlaw was dying and I didn't have 2 nickles to rub together , so I had been there about a week, two weeks tops now we're in the dead of winter and my home heater took a dump and I had been calling all over for someone to fix it , no-one would, all the companies wanted to sell me a new Gas furnace, I was getting prices all across the spectrum, from 3600 all the way to 6 grand , Long story short somehow Adam found out I had no heat and no money and he comes over and installs a brand new furnace in my house damn near in the middle of the night and I never even told him, I said man, I dont have the money to pay for it he said don't worry about it , pay me when you can and the price ?? 1100.00 installed ! And I barely even knew the man. Not just that though he is the same way with his customers if they need help , he helps them any and all ways , like I said I have seen him go above and beyond and never settling for the cheaper material.
He hired a couple of bad seeds over the years , I think everyone has hired someone they wished they hadn't but Adam is in no way , shape or form a scammer and he's got a heart of gold, I was staring down the barrel of an absolute nightmare in my home,my son and wife would have froze because I was flat broke because of the death of my mother in law and trying to take care of my father in law , all along trying to pay our own bills that just keep coming.
Oh and because of Adam, I was able to give my son and my wife a Christmas, he could have waitied until after the holidays to hire me, he didn't have to come to my rescue, it is not like we are long time friends and it is not like I made the guy some ridiculous amount of money, that was all done through his heart, I know what scammers are your comments about him are completely fabricated and I have to ask myself why.
You got a lot of balls putting a man's home address on a public forum putting him and his family at risk, you're lucky you hide behind your " Good Guy " name sir.
That's all ....Sapo's out !

Since: Jun 11

Dallas, TX

#305 Jun 22, 2011
@HesTNTonPMS Did u forget where came from ? Take a look in the mirror ! Your still that guy who I use to smoke crack with ! I sold you a bag of pistachio nuts and you swore to god it was legit lol . The last I saw you , you were sucking the farts out of the seats at the movie theater ! Were's my baseball ? The next time i drive past your house and hear those god damn drums I'm kidnapping your dog !

Since: Jun 11

Brooklyn, NY

#306 Jun 22, 2011
Big Ballin' Chimney LLC in the house!!!! We drop 5.5 single walls to 9 inch burners for 7 grand. I sell waterproofing to your grandma then piss on the crown. I kick over prefabs with my size 12's and replace it with smokepipe. Our laborers make more than half these owners out here. We repoint with furnace cement for 7 bones. I aint scared of the Better Business Bureau, when they come looking for me I just change the magnets on the side of my vans. Hustle Hard Home Improvements Inc coming Fall, 2011. Money is power, I got millions of thugs on salary
adam joyce

Huntington, NY

#307 Jul 8, 2011
lol good guy i know who u are your one of my former employees that i fired for doing shifty work and taking advantage of people quality control in a company of this size is very difficult im glad u failed ur drug test i would post your address but i hear you are now homeless good luck with everything buddy and nice try on slandering my company but out of 26,000 annual customers a year and a hand full of "resolved" complants your comment dosent mean (shit)

“Vote Republican”

Since: Aug 08

Wyandanch, NY

#308 Jul 8, 2011
Post his address. Or, at least his license plate.

Brentwood, NY

#309 Jul 9, 2011
@Gladiola ....ah ha ha ha ha
you're funny, where the hell you been hiding and why are you using my lines?
Do you still have that CD?
that was some of the funniest stuff around and people are still askin for copies.
And I didnt say Pistachio's , it was Macadamia nuts :)
And my sister , my friggin sister, she had me arrested for,you know havin sex with her kids ... I should be allowed to do that, Im her brother for christ sakes !
But really man, where the hell have ya been ?
it's loggin a BX address , you in my old hood?
I should stop sayin that stuff, it was good for the CB radio but people here might think I am serious.
You know to suppliment his low income he took a job suckin the farts out of the seats at the ummmm the movie theaters ,he was getting really good at it till he inhaled some bad gas and had to be flat bedded to Good Sam.
I sold your baseball for more macadamia nuts to sell to Gladiola out exit 68 on the LIE, he swears to God he's gettin high !
Na, but really , do you have that CD? I am laughing hysterically just thinkin about those ramblings, I went on and on for about an hour as two different voices ....that was classic , people have told me it was the funniest shit they ever heard. Stop by some day man Im at the same place , we'll tar your friggin van, ah ha ha ha remember that ?
But as for did I forget where I came from ?
No I haven't forgotten and I bet you haven't either, but let me ask you this , this is the second time you're fuckin with me , do I need to wrap another pair of some smell fat black dudes underwear around your head in the basement , making sure to get the skid mark right onto your lips ? ah ha ha ha ha.
Yo you remember when you were talkin about that big black dude , sayin His breath stunk bad , but you thought he left and went upstairs and he threw you into the pile of his wife's bloody underwear?
Classic !!!
But really man, stop by we'll slam a bottle of jacks,Hows things ? stop wreckin Mikes vans :)

Brentwood, NY

#310 Jul 9, 2011
Jay,Man, I need that CD!!!
Tell me you got that please !
I thought I had that whole thing stored on my hard drive and it might be but I forgot what I named it .... I tried Gladiola , Gladis , everything under the sun!
I should try to make another one, but I know it couldn't possibly come out that funny, it was like I wasnt even tryin, it was just flowing right off the top of my head, pure insanity !
We had some funny ass times man !!
Don't ask me how we made it back sometimes ...I still don't know ... especially the Tar & furnace cement time in Jamaica,driving home on the sidewalk because there was traffic!!

Burke, VA

#311 Dec 22, 2011
i just recently had my furnace chimney cleaned by a company that I carefully researched for a couple hours looking for better business rating A+ and sweep guild member! They did the job but told me they dont go on roofs anymore to clean a chimney???? They use some type of high tech whip type cleaning instrument??? They informed me all the work is done down from the basement. No cameras used , as they said its very expensive. This new type of cleaning most likely played havoc on my 1950's home clay tile chimney lining! I was told to put in a new steel lining for cost of $1300. i did write a letter to the sweepers guild asking about whether this is the usual procedure but didnt get a real answer. Only a you should get a second opinion response if you dont like the contractor your using. There is also an issue with how the gas heater exhaust was vented out into the furnace chimney. A previous heating worker who did this (15 years ago) told me this was standard. Now I got a violation from the chimney sweeper man, who wrote me up! I dont know what to do - Any feedback appreciated.

Frisco, TX

#312 Dec 23, 2011
Vivian a chimney sweep can't give you a violation for a hot water that's the gas companies job call a plumber or the gas company for a second opinion . I have never heard of not going on a roof to sweep a chimney how can they be certain that there's something wrong with your chimney if they can't see the chimney ? No mirror ? No Chim scan ? I would get a second opinion or third opinion . 1300 sounds cheap , how tall is the chimney ? What material are they using ? I have been doing this for awhile and I was taught by a guy who many people consider the best . I hope this helps you

Huntington Station, NY

#313 Dec 23, 2011
LOl @ the old Chimney Guy red tag ...
They don't go on roof's no more? Red Flag #1
#2 sounds like they used something called a roto hammer to sweep the chimney, if they were metal rods with a small block of steel on the end they completely destroyed your 1950's chimney,the only other whip action tool I know of would be a roto stripper and that is not used for a gas or oil chimney that would be used to break up thick 3rd stage creosote on a fireplace lining .
#3 if they do not go on the roof anymore how are they supposed to install this new liner when it must be run top to bottom and must have a support collar @ the top of the chimney not to mention a cap, Vivian,call the company that supposedly gave you the violation and ask for his Cert# then check online to see if it is even valid anyway as Gladiola mentioned only the gas company can give you any real violation,they're the only one who can lock your meter due to a potentially hazerdous condition,then it must be repaired, then checked by the Gas company,once cleared they will then unlock the meter ... I don't even think the Fire dept will lock a meter and a violation without a locked meter is nothing but a harmless piece of paper ... Call the gas company to check for an unsafe condition in your home and please let us know what happens next,also let us know what the name of the chimney company that came to your home is, we may be able to help you out there as well :) thanks for writing in

Saint James, NY

#314 Dec 23, 2011
Vivian, Gladiola and Hes TNT gave some good answers, but I will just make a small correction or two on their posts. It is possible to sweep the chimney from the bottom if the sweep used a tool called the viper, it is made for bottom sweepings. If they say they used rotary tools to sweep it that is also possible. They maybe using a Ro Clean lite whip (head looks like a weed whacker) or RoVac system button lock rods. Using these modern sweeping tools will not harm your chimneys interior. Just remember if they used those tools, an inspection of the top of the chimney should be performed (although not required for an NFPA 211 Level 1 inspection). Any good chimney will always check the chimney top. I would recommend you get a second opinion and have video documentation to inspect the chimneys interior. For some information on inspections go to and watch the video tutorial. You can choose a CSIA Certified chimney sweep in your area by going to , click on advanced search and enter your area or zip code.

John Pilger, President
Chimney Safety Institute of America

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