Suffolk 11th District: Thomas Barraga...

Suffolk 11th District: Thomas Barraga, James Alcus

There are 393 comments on the Newsday story from Oct 9, 2009, titled Suffolk 11th District: Thomas Barraga, James Alcus. In it, Newsday reports that:

"It's heated up," said new Islip Republican chairman Frank Tantone. "Tom's been reinvigorated.

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West Babylon, NY

#21 Oct 28, 2009
Mr. Tom Barraga has chosen to run on a campaign of hate. Mr. Tom Barraga has spewed hateful diatribes about his opponent Jim Alcus. How is it that on his own list of accomplishments on his own website he lists receiving an award from West Islip Little League. This is the same organization that is headed by the league President Jim Alcus. Why did Tom Barraga accept the award if it was associated with someone as bad as Tom Barraga claims Jim to be. Tom Barraga called Jim a criminal yet he receieves the award and then acknowleges it on his website.

Mr. Barraga has no honor and has no class and when the election is over will Mr. Tom Barraga WILL still feel the dishonor of knowing the type of campaign he has run has tarnished his integrity. He will one day be judged by a higher authority someone higher than than voters. Too bad his legacy will be defined by his malice and bitterness.
Ben A

West Babylon, NY

#22 Oct 29, 2009
Tom Barraga decided to attend the West Islip Summit Meeting last night. This night was supposed to be about the hard work that people in West Islip spent trying to improve the West Islip Community. For over a year meetings were held people sat on ommittees and yes politicians got involved and showed their support for West Islip and attended to make the summit a success. The ONE politician who never got involved never sat on a committee never chose to show any interest was our current county Legislator TOM BARRAGA. He shows up at the Summit meeting to use the opportunity to campaign. He didnt even know what the summit had done never mentioned anyone who did anything and after he gave his screaming speech he was out the door.
upset Republican

Brooklyn, NY

#23 Oct 29, 2009
i was there last night. I wonder how Assemblymen Raia and Boyle feel after Barraga threw them under the bus regarding the school aid formula? After being there 23 years, why hadn't barraga gotten the job done? Barraga also threw poor Sen. owen johnson under the same bus for the same reason.


#24 Oct 29, 2009
Not only did Barraga never get involved with any summit activities through out the year- even though he was invited on day one..., he did not even acknowedge the organizers of the event who were able to draw the community together for the sole purpose of talking about improving the landscape, quality of life, and business development problems that exist in the town. Although it was held at the high school, it was not a SCHOOL DISTRICT event. It was a SUMMIT event. But tom choose to lecture everybody about how he thinks the summit should be working on getting money from the state to offset school taxes???? Hello.. if he bothered to attend any school board budget hearings, he would know that the school board president works tirelessly with reform organizations to try and do just that. Maybe Tom should get off his ass and try to help??? He was the only polititain not to thank the summit and praise the community to turn out. Instead, he ignored the request of the organizers not to make the night political, and choose to make a stump speech on school taxes. he is useless, not to mention a disgrace to the republican party for the sleezy way he is running this campaign. Time for him to go!!!

West Babylon, NY

#25 Oct 29, 2009
Tom Barraga is not interested in getting involved in the WEST ISLIP SUMMIT. It requires that he have an interest in the community.Angie Carpenter had her office centrally located in the center of town easily and readily accessible. Low rent and handicapped and senior citizen friendly. TOM BARRAGA moved his office to the edge of his district border with no handicap accessibilty and away from the public eye. He is now in a second floor suite costing more money in rent at the taxpayers expense and the ability to close the door and go home and nobody would know if he were open for business.

West Babylon, NY

#26 Oct 29, 2009
If this is true how could he get away with this. Where is his office? I thought he was next to Higbie Collision in the center of town street level there is plenty of parking there.


#27 Oct 30, 2009
His office is located in the all for sports shopping center on sunrise highway. second florr suite that he makes the county pay double the rent for then the place angie had right in the center of town. he has a personal connection to that landlord that owns that shopping center. his office is inaccessible, not inviting, and he is never there anyway, so what is the difference?
Laura - West Islip


#29 Oct 30, 2009
Hello All, I just wanted to tell you that, Tom Barraga's office is in the Bob's Shopping center, which offers a huge parking lot, and is handicap accessibile from the back. Not hard to find at all.
Sounds like you all have made up your mind, for voting day. I am still doing some research. i found this thread, but it sounds like there are a lot of very angry people posting here.
Seen It

Elmsford, NY

#30 Oct 30, 2009
Confused got it right is assessing Alcus. He is indeed a self-serving bully who only has his own interests at heart. If there's money in it for him, he's there. Anyone who has ever volunteered at the Beach Fields food shack (I have)has seen first hand Alcus' interest in Little League. The cash goes from the register to his pocket and there are no records kept. No one knows what's coming in and no one knows how much is going out, except for Jim - its in his pocket. Sure, he's not getting rich off the shack money, but it makes you wonder what else he's up to. Our kids deserve better. While Barraga is not the greatest choice, he is the better of two evils. At least he didn't come across like a bumbling idiot during the debate. Alcus was lucky he could complete a sentence!

Woodside, NY

#31 Oct 30, 2009
I've read all you so-called "knowledgeable"
people's statements. The facts are the facts.
Barraga's opponent has more skeletons in his
closet than you can imagine. The ones that fell
out were only the tip of the iceberg. All these
incidents and "Police Matters" are well documented.
They are not lies. They are the hard "truths".
The Dems. are throwing alot of money into a candidate with no "moral character". If he didn't
want his past to follow him he shouldn't have ran.
He also needs to learn to speak properly and not
read or misread his crib notes.

Southampton, NY

#32 Oct 30, 2009
This is exactly what is wrong with this campaign. Throwing out ugly, unfounded allegations and innuendo like it is truth, all in the name of holding on to political office. I have seen all of the campaign literature and news articles, and this is what i see: Tom barraga desperately throing mud at a political opponent and exagerating things to make him look like a monster. Jim Alcus, refusing to get in the mud fight, and continue to hold Tom to the fire by pointing out the real truth: The man is a do nothing politiccian with a horrible voting record. What has Tom barraga actually done to help people? Nothing. With 32 years in political office, he should not have to resort to accusing jim alcus of stealing someones milk money. How absurd and ridiculous can you be?

Southampton, NY

#33 Oct 30, 2009
Stealing from the food shack? Are you completely out of your mind? Jim alcus doesnt handle not one dime of little league money, the treasurer does. AND the profits from the shack go directly to the kids. How do you think 8 new dugouts were built? by waving a magic wand? by the town of islip? by tom barraga? no... Jim has taken his tenure as president and helped raise money to improve field conditions at the town fields...something the Town of islip should have been doing... By the way, he also helped to improve the Varsity baseball field at the highschool with new dugouts, a new batting cage, and they are currenty trying to raise money to improve the girls softball field. Stop with your nonsense, you are embarassing yourself
Laura - West Islip


#34 Oct 30, 2009
How is Jim Alcus going to help solve the problems of west islip. My mother and i share a house. our taxes are sky high. How is Jim Alcus going to improve that. I do not care about what he has done to get the ball fields in shape. i want to know like everyone else what is he GOING to do for us? So far i have gotten nothing in the mail to tell me, I watched the news 12 debate and that looked like a mess. I do know he can shovel snow...some lady on his block told me that. Anyone have any answers for this? So far he has said i will help west islip groups and give to them, How is he going to pay for that? raise my taxes?


#35 Oct 30, 2009
Yes, well, the other night, west islip held its first annual Summit. Not only was Jim in attendance, he has worked for a year on this project with 2 committees. Businsess and economic development and youth services. For each committee, they established a plan under his leadership to start addressing some of the concerns here. Business and economic development are reaching out directly to the small business community that we have to promote west islip business, draw new businesses in, and help property owners who have empty store fronts or abandoned businesses find either developers or prospective new owners. by doing this, you will expand the tax base that the school district can draw from businesses. THAT IS WHY OUR TAXES ARE HIGH!! We pay a 92% homesteads rate in this town. This means that 92% of money needed to run the schools have to be paid by the homeowners. Other towns in the islip cluster like bayshore, hauppague and Islip have a much lower rate, and draw more dollars from their business base. So, by improving the base of businesses, we will conceivably lower our school district taxes, which are the highest portion of your tax bill--not the county taxes. So let me ask you... what has tom barraga done in 4 years to improve business and economic development in the town of west islip?
Laura - West Islip


#36 Oct 30, 2009
I was at the summit the other night. i thought it was wonderful that so many people came out who care about our town, especially on such a rainy night. I listened as everyone spoke. i thought it was great that jim Alcus was involved in the development groups. i also thought it was great that Tom Barraga was there to support our town. I thought that Tom Barraga's speech was just fine, so he didn't get up and thank everyone. He did offer up what we as residence could do do obtain more money from the state. How is that a bad thing? I think people on this thread are very nasty in the way they talk about him.(whatever he said, you would all find a way to pick on him)i had gotten one mailing that spoke about Jim Alcus and his past problems, i have recieved about 7-9 mailings about how bad Tom Barraga is and how he makes up lies? I have never heard anything about jim alcus' family, and what diffrebce does that make anyway, i am not voting his family into office. I am looking for the best canidate to get the job done. What i have noticed on these threads is that Jim Alcus has some very nasty people in his corner... makes me just want to stay home election night. Too bad i am the one put incharge of the voting project in my house. there are about 8 of us, and i have to research everyone and tell them all how to vote...lucky me.


#37 Oct 30, 2009
Well, Laura, The thing is that when you are an invited guest to a function, you usually thank the people who invited you, its common courtesy. And I dont know what you think you heard in his speech that told us all how we were going to obtain more money from the state, but I can assure you it was all hot air. HE was with the state for YEARS, and did nothing to advocate for more equitable distribution of funds. He choose to lecture the summit organizers about what HE thinks the summit should have been doing. He choose NOT to be a part of the movement, but jumped on the bandwagon to make an appearance right before election day. But I digress, you are right election day will be here and the people will decide. Today my husband, a police officer in the city received in the mail his unions endorsement letter of Jim Alcus and reminder to vote to the entire police membership. Thats enough for me, so our household and fourteen relatives who live in the 11th know which way they are going.
Nancy Lithgowe

West Babylon, NY

#38 Oct 31, 2009
I find it very distasteful that our current county legislator Tom Barraga is running a re-election campaign focused solely on character assassination. You would think he would be able to understand that most people have a bad feeling about politicians already and this type of behavior just reinforces that public perception.
When Election Day comes and goes our county legislator Tom Barraga should be remembered as a man of pride and distinction but instead he will be remembered as disgruntled old man who took a drastic approach to get re-elected.
The Truth


#39 Oct 31, 2009
Tom Barragga is a typical old style unscrupulous politician, the kind that we need to rid ourselves of. He has no platform to run on. He can't speak of any issues or accomplishments because he has none. His idea of a campaign is to sling mud at his opponent and lie; a real smear campaign. Characte Assasination is not what people want to hear.

Jim Alcus is a very strong opponent and he has run his campaign with intergirty and honor. He deserves a chance to show the commnity what he can do.
Honest Abe

West Babylon, NY

#40 Oct 31, 2009
I went to a meeting the other night at The West Islip High school and saw Legislator Tom Barraga give a speech about high property taxes. IS HE FOR REAL? Telling us in the audience we do something about it.

He was a New York State Assemblyman and he didnt do anything about in fact our taxes just keep rising. FIX ALBANY is a great motto but Tom BArraga was part of Albany and is responsible for getting us into this mess. He has the nerve and audacity to shove the property tax thing in our face. When is Tom Barraga going to take responsibilty for getting us into this mess.

West Babylon, NY

#41 Oct 31, 2009
The office really is on Sunrise Highway in the Bobs store parking lot. I never noticed. Why did he move?

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