What happened to RObert MAyer?

Riverhead, NY

#1394 Jul 15, 2014
To answer both questions---I am voicing an opinion--I have been following this from the beginning. Ida has been caught in many lies and the fact that she has never utilized alot of resources offered to her to help find Rob, tells me that she is aware that he left and may have had in the planning of his departure.

Why did he leave? Could be alot of reasons--I would not rule out rehab. I have a family member that bounced in and out-some programs are longer than others. I am thinking a doc. detailing the addiction and recovery of a basketball player Harren I think is his name--in the program you check out of your old life and do the program. Possibly Rob is in such a program as that.

Ida conconting a story (or Ida and Rob ) is gain sympathy from you family, neighbors, creditors. Think about your credit company if you are short one month and cannot make your payment-how much do they care? If your spouse/breadwinner is missing-a little more sympathy.

Misuse of law enforcements resources is stating it mildly. Lets look to the fact that Ida never stood with spokesperson, lawyer, Local 3 member, priest or PR rep or anyone to ask for help, provide information, make public statements. Too many outsiders asking questions. And Ida has no control.

This is speculation on my part. My sympathy and prayers are for Tom and his sister and Mother. Where ever Rob is, hopefully he will reach out to them.
Sam bee

Santa Monica, CA

#1395 Jul 15, 2014
Or just maybe she did something to him or more likely had something done to him. She seems to have lots of resources and connections to dishonest people. And went public as a cover but. Never really utilized any real ways to find him if he was actually missing. And I could be wrong , just speculation, but I kinda don't think a missed credit card payment is a problem she has. Just an opinion of course

Riverhead, NY

#1396 Jul 15, 2014
I never said that this was done b/c of the inability to pay a credit card.

Riverhead, NY

#1397 Jul 15, 2014
I think Ida knew Rob was leaving and the rest of the story is "explain" his absence.

Old Bridge, NJ

#1398 Jul 15, 2014
Carolyn, I think you make a lot of good points. The only thing I would disagree with is the rehab as an explanation. If he is in hiding with Ida's help I believe the reason would be something much more sinister then a stint at rehab. I agree the use of "Misuse" of LE ect, is definitly a mild termination of her her actions. I was trying to be kinder in a public setting.

Riverhead, NY

#1399 Jul 15, 2014
Thanks mjak----I have gone back and forth as to "reason" of Rob's disappearance. This could be a situation where something really dire has occurred. Its scary to think about.

Since: Jul 14

Linz, Austria

#1400 Jul 15, 2014
There is something awfully wrong with this woman. First she talks about him in past tense, leading the public to believe that he is deceased:
“My husband didn’t have a double life,”

and than she goes on with:

“Someone out there is involved with something, and they think they got away with it,” Mayer said,“but what they don’t know: I won’t stop. I will keep searching for him until I find him, and I will get my answers.”

So what has she done to find him in one year?????
A man doesn't disappear like that in thin air. And than offered only 10 000 $ reward. Is that what he was worth of?

I don't buy it.
She knows what she did!
It's about the time to speak up.


Riverhead, NY

#1401 Jul 15, 2014
Sam bee---you are not the first poster to see such a scenario. Ida had dealings with alot of shady people.
lisa watson

Miller Place, NY

#1402 Jul 15, 2014
Maybe they did borrow a big chunk of change from the Mob and Rob really had to run to save his family from being killed and him especially Rob so that is why he left all of his identity behind, car and all and maybe that is the little piece of the puzzle that is missing, she must know something that is why she felt he was being harmed, maybe the person who met him outside the scrap yard where there were no cameras is the one that helped him get away, but I think someone really close to the family helped him but she did not know how long he had to go away and he took some of the money to live on and she has the rest, maybe the neighbor across the street who had the so called camera that only saw the top of his car but no human being getting out and also saw Ida's car pulling up on the right side which still makes no sense. So where is Rob now, otherwise Ida would be out there with all the physics and private detectives now, she just sits back and prays because she knows. JUST MY OPINION and theory number 5 for me, this is why Carolyn has very good points about Rob, he maybe just on Long Island and keeping it low, only because we both experienced that we saw him or maybe had seen him, same kind of car etc. Remember when Ida mentioned she felt like she was in a Soprano movie???
Sam bee

Santa Monica, CA

#1403 Jul 15, 2014
Carolyn , I sure do know I am not the first. I have thought from the beginning that she and her "connections " disposed of him in such a way that it appeared to be no criminality. Then she went public but the public soon caught on to the lies and changing stories. I believe he is deceased and that she knows exactly what happened in that garage when she magically wast home tho she always is at that time. Time will tell. Just my opinion of course. But maybe we will see her on tv again sometime. In handcuffs
Simply Caustic

Burnsville, MN

#1404 Jul 15, 2014
Lee Jay wrote:
<quoted text>
It's not sad or amusing. Just calling you a bunch of twats is all.
All your accusations as if you know what happened to Rob. I don't know, you don't know. And if you are so sure of your assumptions, why not call the detective? Give him your thoughts, your opinions, your assumptions, your "check the freezer" tips.
You're a bunch of yentas on a message board. I hope you've at least shared Rob's flier on social media and physically handed it out, taped it up, etc.
A bunch of...how did you put it? Twats?

Here in Chicago, we call someone who speaks like that white trash. Maybe it's commonplace in NY, but I find it tasteless.

And before I'm accused of being on a bandwagon to attack Ida...I actually don't think she had anything to do with harming her husband.

But you make your "side" look poorly with teenage boy terminology.

Since: Jul 14

Linz, Austria

#1405 Jul 16, 2014
As WS is victim friendly forum, we couldn't sleuth Ida. But as I consider her to be anything but victim, I would be very curious to find out how many houses/properties she owns. I am sure there is much more than the house they live in. I am also sure that she wasn't keeping all the money from her "business" in a bank account.
Could we do some sleuthing there.
I know she has many aliases and that speaks volumes, but we could give a try.

Since: Jul 14

Linz, Austria

#1406 Jul 16, 2014

Since: Jul 14

Linz, Austria

#1407 Jul 16, 2014
Or are those part of the scam?


If yes, does that mean she involved her parents as well?

Hampton Bays, NY

#1408 Jul 16, 2014
Honestly I think she and her family are a bunch of money hungry thieves. Maybe they made a bad business deal, she is shady and more I read about her more she makes me sick !!
Why only a 10,000 reward for her missing hubby or info about him? Clearly she can afford more! Does anybody know if she ever hired a PI?

Pleasantville, NY

#1409 Jul 16, 2014
xheraldina wrote:
As WS is victim friendly forum, we couldn't sleuth Ida. But as I consider her to be anything but victim, I would be very curious to find out how many houses/properties she owns. I am sure there is much more than the house they live in. I am also sure that she wasn't keeping all the money from her "business" in a bank account.
Could we do some sleuthing there.
I know she has many aliases and that speaks volumes, but we could give a try.
Good point. Thanks for the links. I'm sure she owns plenty along with her family. The names seem to be intertwined all the time on property records. Her being a RE lawyer-I'm sure she knows all the ins and outs. I wonder if she has siblings?

Bronx, NY

#1410 Jul 16, 2014
Good question about does she have siblings. Just like no neighbors, no coworkers, no friends...have any of them come forward on media? And with a "missing guy" with a backstory with so many twists and turns, how is media not all over this? This is the kind of stuff they thrive on. That's just weird.
Sam bee

Levittown, NY

#1411 Jul 16, 2014
Unless law enforcement has asked media to lay low for the time being. Maybe law enforcement waiting til uhey have enough info. Evidence to make an arrest. Sometimes when you follow the true crime shows , it takes several years til there is an arrest and an answer to the mystery

Since: Jul 14

Linz, Austria

#1412 Jul 16, 2014
LE could not ask media to lay low, especially not investigative journalists.
Ida has lead us (and the wider public) to believe that Rob has left her. She is smart and she knows how to manipulate people. Just look at the bunch of mignons over here and on her "Pray for Ida" FB groups. She has managed to close those groups as well as some other forums such as WS.
But Rob deserves justice.
Is anyone (from his family and friends) aware that he threatened to divorce Ida and take kids?
Sam bee

Levittown, NY

#1413 Jul 16, 2014
Xheraldina I believe u are incorrect about law enforcement asking media to keep a lid on certain things if they feel it will hurt a case they are trying to get enough evidence on. And I don't agree that she has tried to make it seem that he left he at all. I think she has suggested that he was harmed by the Russian mob , or other unknown parties and was hurt , to quote her. I think this woman who according to her had a perfect marriage and chatted for 45 min with a husband who is at work etc etc would never admit that he left her if that's what she thought. That is in part why I think her going public was just a cover for whatever really happened. And why all the so called searches and efforts are so half assed. And again I mention this. If any of you truly believe he left her and his family for whatever his reason, why do we are. That's their marital problem not our business. I hover am still of the opinion that she had him disposed of. And maybe law enforce ment wii eventually find out

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