What happened to RObert MAyer?

Norwalk, CT

#991 Jun 3, 2014
Yes, whoever said that she is doing"countdown" to 1 year is correct! It is so disgusting.
She doesn't post anything on the page just occasional inspirational picture of some saying. Now she is doing countdown...maybe because she is thinking: 1 year down, 2 to go before insurance money come in!!!
I live very close to the on LI and there is absolutely no flyers, no media coverage, no searches, NOTHING.
I sent her private message several times, asking questions, giving suggestions etc...all she says, she is so thankful for everyone helping and other sh&t!

She is still doing pretty good living in that huge house, not working and spending money...I wonder where are they coming from...

She DID IT! She knows it...everyone knows it....So where is he?
Sam bee

Levittown, NY

#992 Jun 3, 2014
Again , though I may be wrong , I have always pretty much thought he is deceased and that the wife had something to do with it. But if you people who think he is working somewhere or is living his life somewhere else. Explain to me why we want to help this woman to find the husband that she apparently isn't making much effort to find And just as a note, my husband died and I never worked but had well to do parents who gave me the money to vacation and live and lease new cars. And I KNOW many of my neighbors wondered how I was doing it. So the fact that she continues to live well doesn't necessarily mean that much

Since: Mar 14

Yonkers, NY

#993 Jun 3, 2014
I think the fact that she doesn't work, lives well and it a convicted felon means quite a bit...

Since: Mar 14

Yonkers, NY

#994 Jun 3, 2014
*is* a convicted criminal

Riverhead, NY

#995 Jun 3, 2014
Sam bee------waaaaaay back when Ida claimed she felt Rob would be found in a field/woods near the train station or near Pilgrim State facility. It was that creepy Casey Anthony posture of "feeling it in " her gut.

As to what happened to Rob...I have gone back and forth---I feel strongly that he is very much alive and went either to rehab or to jail. Ida lost her mind and concocted a story that fell apart. She is a lawyer albeit disbarred and note that she has no spokesperson working with her--no priest, no lawyer, family member, advisor,etc. I believe as I have stated the kids know alot and very sadly its Rob's kin that are being kept in the dark. Ida would know how much to say and how to say it.
And Tom-------again------the man I saw that might be Rob was getting into a white Subaru wagon alone...the woman he left Fridays with had glasses and blonde hair (dyed-her roots were showing). She was getting into a silver/grey car. This happened at the Fridays on Long Island---eastern LI---not as far as Tanger Riverhead.
Sam bee

Levittown, NY

#996 Jun 3, 2014
Carolyn , if you are right that he is alive and out there somewhere then I sooo wish someone would let his family know. As a mother I can't imagine what that poor woman is going through. I hope you are right , that's a much better outcome than him being deceased
Sam bee

Levittown, NY

#997 Jun 3, 2014
SassiLee. All I'm saying is, we don't know how shes living. Maybe her parents are paying the bills Maybe she has a rich uncle or got an inheritance from a relative. We really don't know that, so I think that it doesn't have any bearing on this case

Bronx, NY

#998 Jun 3, 2014
Carolyn, That's my neighborhood. That Fridays and Applebee's with the park and ride. This areas been search. By the police as well. You guys didn't think the police wouldn't check out me and my neighborhood to see if I was hiding him? Did you? Also our Father passed away 16 years ago. There is no union connection. If he is working some where under his union card or own name ( on the books) we would know. We do not believe he is on the island. If you go way back to the first clues.... He parked his car where he always parked it to get on the train at the DP train station. He did hate the train but had taken it in the past. I pointed it out on one of the searches where his car was found to group of people. It was literally right by the stairs to the platform. everything we know public and not public points very hard to he got on the train. But there is no eyewitness to that.

Newark, NJ

#999 Jun 3, 2014
I, vaguely, remember the circumstances of the car being found at the station. The driver's seat pushed up, correct? Do you know why? Was it pushed up to reach in the back or pushed forward for a shorter person driving?
Also, has the wife been thoroughly interrogated by the cops? I hate to even say that, but, you just never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Hampton Bays, NY

#1000 Jun 3, 2014
If a lot of things pointed to Rob taking the train, why was there months and months focused on a missing bike ?
I would've ridden that train all the way to penn/amtrak for days with my husband flier as opposed to posting false/ jaded statements on a fb page.... Or I would at least have someone do it! I find it hard to believe that not one camera anywhere in or near lirr/ penn / amtrak picked up anything !
Sam bee

Levittown, NY

#1001 Jun 4, 2014
And she out and out lied about his NEVER parking at that train station or riding the train all false according to tom' s post

Riverhead, NY

#1002 Jun 4, 2014
Quick thought on paying bills-----does her credit card company, Mortgage Co, insurance co etc give some sort of grace period? I have it with my Visa-should Mr C or I become unemployed we make no payments nor does interest accrue during this time of job loss. Maybe some breathing room from creditors is the reason for the BIG STORY Ida shouted to the world.

And Tom-----I had no iea Rob has a brother much less one that lived on Long Island. I apologize for any offense-its unintended. Local 3 has a site that discussed Rob's disappearance as does LI Firearms. ANd as regard the DP train sta.---Ida stated many times that "Rob would NEVER park there", hated it, felt it unsafe b/c of the car.
And where is the car? Has it been returned to Ida? Or is it in Rob's name and cannot be given to Ida?
Tom-have you ever spoken to the neighbors? They are an unusually silent group IMO---thinking of my own neighborhood, you'd be surprised what they observe.

Riverhead, NY

#1003 Jun 4, 2014
Another question Tom------you have said that Rob is out of the area---do you have a sense that he is moving around? Maybe doing seasonal work ?? Could you hazard a guess as to where he may go next?

Lancaster, NY

#1004 Jun 4, 2014
I may have missed this. I stopped following when websleuths was closed for a while. Was the car returned? Did they find anything of forensic value in the car?

Tom, I had a friend go missing and things did not turn out well for her. I read everything published in the news for months until her killer was caught. The stories written that had supposed inside information were driving me crazy. I am sorry for the heartache your family has endured. I hope you get some closure soon.
Lisa Watson

Miller Place, NY

#1005 Jun 4, 2014
Hi Tom, I was just curious not sure anything about Rob's work place, but were you able to see if maybe that day another co-worker or an employee a guy or gal may have left the same time, only because if he did leave it sounds like he may have had some help? Just curious....

Bronx, NY

#1006 Jun 4, 2014
Just be straight on the train station issue.
Yes. He rode the train in the past
Yes. he parked where he used to park at that station.
Yes. he HATED to ride the train
Yes. He distrusted that station because of the lack of security for his car.
While he hated it... Everything points to he got on it. But we have no one to confirm that.
Seat was moved forward so something or some one could get out of the back... Its a coup.
The car has not been returned yet.... There is nothing else to share on that.

Our guess is... If he is alive, most likely he went south and is moving around. But there several missing pieces in the puzzle.

Since: May 14

Morristown, NJ

#1007 Jun 4, 2014

If I recall correctly, it was last Fall perhaps on Rob's fb page or on Websleuths that you first described that you believed you may have seen Rob, exactly the way you described in here a little while back. I remember thinking last year that I did not believe it was too likely it was him because if Rob left on his own I did not think he would go further East on Long Island as winter was coming in soon. I thought that he would have more likely travelled south and out of state if he left on his own. But, it never should have been ruled out until it was checked out.

I believe every single possible lead must be looked at, especially since he has yet to be found. I still believe none of us know factually if Rob left on his own or someone harmed him. Even if he left on his own, he may have had trouble either within himself or with someone after he left. I work at keeping an open mind and although I avoid going off on tangents that make no sense to me, I am not ruling anything out.

I don't know if you have written down the details precisely, as time can fade even the most vivid memories. Maybe you can. Why not call Detective Paglino at the Huntignton precinct so at least they have that on record? It has been a long time, and it may not have been him. But, I wouldn't rule out anything.

Mount Vernon, NY

#1008 Jun 6, 2014
I hope Mary Murphy will do a follow up story as one year is approaching.

Norwalk, CT

#1009 Jun 7, 2014
Thank you all for sharing in my/Rob's journey this past year. Whether by posting, searching, praying or offering words of inspiration.. You have brought me and my children comfort and we are grateful. The one year anniversary has brought forth many questions, suggestions and discussions. I do appreciate the suggestions and having discussed with the kids, I know Rob would want me to do what is best for them. As you can imagine this year has been extremely difficult for my children. And they must still endure another two weeks of finals and regents after the 14th. Therefore Robbie and Ariana have asked that we remember their dad privately, as a family.. and somehow try to get through that day/weekend honoring the person we miss the most. I ask, as always, for your continued prayers for Rob and my children. I ask that you continue sharing Rob's flyer to foster awareness. I ask that you continue to keep your eyes and ears open for information leading to an answer. I thank the administers of this group (most of whom i have not even met personally)for their vigilance and for keeping the integrity of our cause. I thank them in advance for the candle lighting/prayer/flyer campaign they are planning for next week. The thought of it causes me too much pain to bear; so I am grateful for their help. And I thank you all..the members of this group for supporting Rob, me and the kids. Many strangers who've become a part of our family. Thank you for never forgetting my husband. Thank you for caring. God bless you..may He hear all our prayers. xoxo

That's from her FB page today.....

Hampton Bays, NY

#1010 Jun 7, 2014
Ummm " thank you all for sharing in my/robs journey this year" ?!?!?Bizarre wording right there! How about thank you for your support ! Either way that post was taken down it seems. Wonder why?

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