6 arrested after trio caught carrying safe in Dix Hills

Full story: Newsday 31
An alert driver noticed three men carrying a safe from a Dix Hills home, leading to the arrest of six men - five of them on burglary charges, police said. Full Story
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Oceanside, NY

#1 May 20, 2009
Excellent work! If it was up to Steve Levy you wouldnt have any police out there.

United States

#2 May 20, 2009
I guess the Dix Hills Boys were back from College and needed a little extra spending money. This is typical behavior here. Mom and Dad Do Drugs, Kids do Drugs, Mom and Dad Cut off Junior from his big money allowance. Junior decides to learn a new trade. Junior makes a list of all of the homes he has had arranged playdates with. Junior does some B&E and walks off with Safe. Mom and Dad Hire big time lawyer to protect their name and standing in community. Junior gets light sentence or no jail time. Junior goes out and does it again. By the way, Cohen was in trouble before and ratted out a friend to get off. Sounds like he did a little singing again on Monday

Brooklyn, NY

#3 May 20, 2009
A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is innocent until and unless proven guilty. All 6 men come from upstanding families. These are all alleged charges. statements taken by detective's- volpicelli-were falsified and reworded.... all original statements were then altered and will have no barring in the case. The police acted on behalf of Stepan Asianian arriving back to the scene of the crime.He then released the whereabouts of Cohen and Maiman.Both Cohen and Maiman will most likely walk away due to lack of evidence to support Stepans claim. All suspects are not guilty and all have clean records. only 2 men unlawfully entered a building with intent to commit a crime therein. All other suspects are accessories to burglary. All property was returned and no one was hurt, All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.Cohen is the only known suspect to have been released,Starr,Anello,Asianian ,Forster and Maiman are all going to be bailed out this afternoon.defendants will get smacked with probation, community service or cut a bs deal. Most charges will be dropped due to lack of evidence and tampering with sworn statements..they may have to pay for damages and verify stolen property. Police say most defendants can not be linked to 2 of the 3 burglaries. Is there any evidence that the suspects where present at the park or at anyother homes? i.e.-hair,prints etc. if so where are they? All 6 suspects first felony charges, no past drug charges and no prior acts of B&E are present. Charges will be dropped down to misdemeanors due to the fact that it was Stepan's grandmother's home the 2 suspects broke into. All suspects will be released, no indictment's will be made and all will walk away.
nice pics

Brooklyn, NY

#4 May 20, 2009
the italian job. wheres all the gold at?thats what i wana know

Montville, NJ

#6 May 20, 2009
The important lesson to walk away with here is that matt cohen is a snitch and decided to cooperate with authorities in an abortive attempt to save his own ass. This mentally challenged inbred apparently didnt count on police arresting him as well for being involved. Additionally, what kind of a vacuous wet-brain moron tries to break open a safe in the driveway of an abandoned house? The arresting officer was probably cohen's case handler, that bastard informant. thats why he didnt run

United States

#10 May 20, 2009
A criminal charge is an accusation (I watch Law and Order)All 6 men come from upstanding families (They have money to try and make this go away)statements taken by detective's- volpicelli-were falsified and reworded....(This is what they told mommy and Daddy after they were released) Cohen and Maiman will most likely walk away due to lack of evidence to support Stepans claim.(Of Course they were just cleaning the Safe for Grandma)All suspects are not guilty and all have clean records (They have managed to buy/snitch their way out of arrests before)Charges will be dropped down to misdemeanors due to the fact that it was Stepan's grandmother's home the 2 suspects broke into. All suspects will be released, no indictment's will be made and all will walk away.(Real upstanding boys here, Robbing their own grandmother.)

Bottom line they most likely get off, Hopefully they are going through some painfull withdrawls right now. Fudge Packing is to good for these animals

Since: Nov 08

Location hidden

#11 May 20, 2009
Looks like the suburbs have their share of crime from lowlife scumbags who belong in prison with no sympathy and special treatment.
They're going to know what it's like from inside a prison cell.
Better not drop the soap.
to all of you

Glendale, CA

#13 May 20, 2009
what college?? these are all f*ck ups that dont do anything besides sit around dix hills looking for poor old ladies to rob. dont give them the credit of being college students. thats a sin.

“Way,Weather,Terr ain,Leadership”

Since: Apr 08

Oceanside, NY

#14 May 20, 2009
amateurs.....I'ts knuckle heads like these that ensure my clan will be fed in perpetuity

East Hampton, NY

#15 May 20, 2009
these kids are despicable human beings. robbing friends and family for drugs. they deserve time maybe they'll begin to understand the magnitude of their problem those dumb pricks. and ya it was wenders house on wincott.
carl malone

New York, NY

#16 May 20, 2009
cohen is responsible for the arson that occured in august 06. he and danny kesler were the so called "bandits" he stole 1,600 from a jake in nyc, 800 more from a guy called chad in philly. sold oxycontin to kids, betrayed everyone who ever had the sympathy to feel bad for the kid. besides being ugly as a cockerspaniel, he has never told the truth in his life and because of this i assume that hes a virgin. he has no life, claims to work at a "bank" and robs people who used to feed his grimy ass. if there is one person you hope to never meet, i would say its matt cohen. and for what its worth, i heard he sung like a canary and ratted everyone out. and i dont care who his lawyer is, the ammount of people out to get him, hes probably safer on the inside.

Wisner, LA

#17 May 20, 2009
Is it against the law to carry a safe in Dix Hills?

Probable cause?
richard nixon

New York, NY

#18 May 20, 2009
its against the law to carry a stolen safe down the street, drag it into an abandoned yard and try and bust it open. these kids are spoiled little retards. and news, one of the neighbors saw the car, the red mercedez, which belongs to stepans family, doing recon all day and saw anello in the car with his own eyes. and there was a testimony from a jewler who got cohen on camera selling a box of stolen jewlwery and recieving a check. cohen seems like the mastermind, if he gets away from this unscathed, its a fine example of the corrupted justice being served in this country. advice for everyone reading this from long island. get out while you can still read and write. this place takes good kids (alec anello) and turns them into drug addicts and criminals, it can take bad kids (matt cohen) and turn him into a 3 felony holdin nickel bag hustlin bitch wiesel. and i heard he got chlamidia from when his dad would give him "baseball lessons", so you physically dont wanna get to close to him. and he told people that hes fucked alison tenenbaum (mikey boggies ex) HE SAID HE FUCKED CORIE AND ELIZA, HE CLAIMED HE FUCKED NICOLE RUTIGULIANO BUT SHE SAYS9901 HES LYING WHICH COULD BE VALID HE SAID HE FUCKED SOMEONE FROM DEXEL ALTHOUGH SHE DENIES IT EVERY TIME.

Freeport, NY

#19 May 20, 2009
Look at the whiners cry when it's the little white boys going to jail.

LMAO! Get used to a new environment in jail crackers.
Do not judge

New York, NY

#24 May 21, 2009
It is obvious that Matt is a young man that has serious problems. He comes from a wonderful family. Instead of making irresponsible posts about this troubled young man one must understand that people are jealous and love to make comments without knowing all the facts. He and his family need support not a lynch mob. Imagine if this was your child and how you would feel about this incident.
Dix Hills

Stamford, CT

#25 May 21, 2009
Whatever happened to our Justice system and innocent until proven guilty? I've known Matt and his family for many years, and while he does have some problems I know at heart he is not a bad person. Hopefully he and all the others will get the help they need, and in the meantime people should not judge him until all the facts are known.
richard nixon

New York, NY

#30 May 21, 2009
cohen and wender used to be friends. mad tight. how can he be a "good kid" if he would jack his boy, and put anellos family in the position theyre in. the anellos and the wenders are extremely close, from theyre parents to erik and austins friendship. erik was at dans party 2 weeks ago. richard anello, alecs father was the first person the wenders called when they saw the house had been broken into, and alec was the one who drove him back to the crime scene. wender stopped talking to these kids because theyre trouble and they decided to betray him for "revenge" or something silly. how can anyone claim that cohen is a good kid. the ammount of people that dont want him dead can be counted on one hand.
my dude wrote:
whoever saw "alec anello" at the scene of the crime on wolf hill road must be smoking crack. anello had no idea of the whereabouts of that safe and if he did he would have committed the crime himself.stepans family does not own a red mercedes and if you believe you saw them doing recon then you should check yourself into a psyc ward asap.asianian got caught returning back to his grandmas and then gave up the location of his friends and the safe.heard thru the grape vine they were all home free until stepan paniced and fleed the abandoned house to return to his grandmothers. what was said to the cops after that they only know.1st offence all of them will end up getting off with comm service or probation.i have done my fair share of recon for these men and i know what they took and when they took it.cohen and maiman are both friends of mine..they come from good wealthy families and love making money and will keep doing so regardless.myles zuckerman of country point and his buddy from cali have both been under investigation for shipping and distributing medical bud all over the town, along with dave and a bunch of other newly confirmed heroin addicts(you know who you are;) mike and greg snorting smack tisk tisk tisk myles zuckerman will be interegated along with some of his scumbag deranged buddies about the $12,000 and stuff they push.i am very close with these guys and will pursue all those involved in anello,cohen,stepan and maimans issues.cohen is the head honcho over there and ive seen the cash hes got to back me so all bounties put out will be taken seriously and if these pussies are too scared to leave there homes i will be waiting for them at 1.black audi country point 1. midget david L off wolf hill road(for all you who dont know collects welfare and is a legal midget under 5ft getting disability comp. each week and is unemployed)these pieces of sh*t will be either brought to the precient if they are not found by friday. My take on all this is maiman,cohen and stepan are all good kids who show respect to there peers and stepan is just stupid,down right dumb to go back to the scene of the crime. unless he was there to turn himself in and cooperate?they would all be hundreds of thousands of dollars richer if it werent for stepan!!! if anyone involved cs this bs people are writing dont worry you are all going to get a smack on the wrist and max probation.im going for the breifcase you left first thing tomorrow got u my dude expect a call tomorrow
Katie Greene

Bayonne, NJ

#46 May 23, 2009
Who are you? You seem pretty confident about all these things you're saying. Why don't you step out of this anonymity bullshit, and just tell everyone who you are.
The Sad Truth


#49 May 24, 2009
All of you prole are sad. Have you every done anything you were ashamed of? Now this is when it gets real... Have you ever had people post about it and try to call you out on your most embarrasing moments? I hope for your sake... Some day you make a bad decision and get your asses caught and then I can sit here on my computer all day and bad mouth you when your more scared than you have ever been in your life. I know 3 of these people, one of which, better than any of you will ever know and I haven't read this untill today. All I can say is, "DONT THROW ROCKS WHEN YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE!" I could make posts on the bum in Manhattan I have never met, but why would I?- too much time on my hands. Maybe you should all learn from this. And as for Cohen, I feel bad for you man! I know ur reading this every hour and I hope you know that I hope you go away and when your special little face rides into prison with all the other newbies, you get your ass bidded on first- prison is for the gulty and revenge is for the hurt. Tyler and Alec- no worries, loser friends and bad associations dont put people in jail.

Brooklyn, NY

#50 May 24, 2009
these little kids need to stop do have anything better to do? I was with 2 of those who were arrested this weekend,talked for a longtime heard the whole story and none of them care about this blogs and rnt as bad as theyr made out to be, except maybe alec. There has gta b a reason y he betrayed his friend? alec listen to ur friends and go to rehab. uve been a strung out druggie since h.s. u and wender showd up everyday high as a kite n shared all ur drugs. u all carpooled and smkd b4 class. you people have absolutely no idea wtf u r talking about. yes alec does blow and everything but who cares? THEY ALL MADE BAD DECISIONS. dans closest friends encouraged the use of pills, I know this b.c. I was once one of them, they all got addicted and prob still r. Tyler and Matt didnt do any drugs NOT EVEN SMOKE WEED until they met dan and i feel bad for them. i watched dan and alec corrupt my friends. In h.s dan n eric went into matts rents medicine cabinet, stole HIS DADS valium and percs and convinced cohen to give them w.e they wanted. I used to b over these peoples homes and watchd dan and alec steal pot and money from there rents every single chance they got so dont try making urself seem like saints. wender ur a social misfit always have and always will and so r ur few friends. As seen here him and his friends get insufficient kicks out of other peoples despair n issues. I know matt’s been clean for more then 2 ˝ years off everything but smoking weed reg. hes had a problem with matt since he got thrown outa shcool and is prob the 1 talking shit on alec and him. his dad sits around playing guitar all day in a pot induced coma and his mom popd pills and couldn’t function. They never cared wat dan did, and if they did he would cry,get kicked outa the house and steal money outa the atm to survive. His rents shipped him from school to school to get rid of him and I guess it worked. They are portraying them as outlaws its NUTS prove these ACUSATIONS. Theres nothing but a safe and 6 sick stories. what sucks is tyler, matt and the 2 kids will have to put this behind them and build a new foundation do a year probation or comm. Service and get out of this.. alecs moms a lawyer and they all just stay outa trouble theyl b fine. tylers ideas along with matts dads unlimited resources will insure there success. no1s going to do time EVER on any of these acusations, if they were gna alec would flee and leave everything behind- so would the others im sure they wouldn’t compromise their freedom lol Tyler, Matt and Alec i wish you and your families the best and you have people who love and care about you who would go to bat for you anyday remember that...dont matter what any1 says

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