D.A. Kathleen Rice: Work Full-Time Or...

D.A. Kathleen Rice: Work Full-Time Or Leave

There are 110 comments on the Wcbstv.com story from Jun 23, 2006, titled D.A. Kathleen Rice: Work Full-Time Or Leave. In it, Wcbstv.com reports that:

Kathleen Whelan of Bellmore worked for 17 years at the Nassau County District Attorney's Office until this week, when she had to resign because her boss -- District Attorney Kathleen Rice -- is enforcing a ...

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rice is right

Jamaica, NY

#95 Jul 29, 2010
Ashamed on LI wrote:
<quoted text>
Okay so you say first offenders get suspended license for 30 days...
Lots of good that does when the idiots just go out and drive with suspended licenses.
People don't cower from slaps on the wrists.
I say 30 days in the bing plus 5,000 dollar fines would definitely be a deterrent.
2 strikes equals 6 months behind bars.
3 strikes equals 1 year upstate.
Each penalty should have a hefty fine plus mandatory civil forfeiture of you vehicle.
That should teach them.
Finally, a sound mind.

Milford, CT

#96 Aug 4, 2010
rice is right wrote:
<quoted text>
Finally, a sound mind.
sorry,1st offence already 15days in jail,min 3months suspencion. no plea bargan.. even if you innocent and cought in system it will cost at least 10 to 15 grand to go to trial and it takes up to 2yrs for trial to start becouse court is backed up..and you cant get license back til after trial, if found innocent.. also D.A. Rice appoints the judges with instructions for no plea bargen.. Not Very American !! Nassau's D.W.I. Court is Illegal !! all anyone asks is for a fair shake before you nail them to the Cross !! Kathleen Rice is a Cocaine using Pot smoking nut job who Has the people's prioritys backwards !! no wonder why she let all the Drug Dealers Off in Hempstead without Arrest !! Maybe they were Her Dealers !!
chiech maren

Bayonne, NJ

#97 Aug 5, 2010
kathleen rice is a dry doper - unstable and ready to light up or snort at any time.

New York, NY

#98 Aug 22, 2010
Am I actually seeing people DEFEND drunk driving? People have a problem with Ms. Rice going after those who put others lives at risk needlessly?

To all of you - I hope you get your ass smashed by a drunk one night out on the road. Then you'll get it.

Milford, CT

#99 Aug 22, 2010
Jack wrote:
Am I actually seeing people DEFEND drunk driving? People have a problem with Ms. Rice going after those who put others lives at risk needlessly?
To all of you - I hope you get your ass smashed by a drunk one night out on the road. Then you'll get it.
..hey idiot !! its about due process !! have you ever heard of a witch hunt ?? its not about drunk driving per say,but throwing out a fair process of law for her own political gains.. she is am admitted drug user too !! COCAINE and MUCH MORE !! word is she used drugs in the near past ! someone who lives in glass houses should not throw stones !!

Jamaica, NY

#100 Aug 22, 2010
I admit to using cocaine too- and I now run a large non-profit- I was 17, a kid- it was 1986.
Let her hunt for witches, drunks, and thieves. Don't drink and drive- you are going to end up in jail. Don't steal, you are going to end up in jail. The rules are really pretty simple.
The Island is infested with drugs and crime. Good for her and her attempts to make this a place where I can send my kids out to play.
You don;t like it, sell the house that you probably can't afford anymore and move to the Carolinas. I'm sure you'll be happy there.

Dinwiddie, VA

#101 Sep 3, 2010
I always knew that Kathleen Rice is a powerful woman. But then I read one post that called her a "dike" and I said, "WOW!" I mean, forget about prosecuting drunk drivers and internet predators: This lady can hold back mighty bodies of water. That's what a dike does.
eric b

Brooklyn, NY

#102 Sep 15, 2010
Kathleen Rice also thinks she is doing something for Long Islands Drug Problem. She has set up the system that lets drug dealers go to treatment centers and the drug users who need to go to drug rehab see sends them to jail. For example i know someone that tryed to break into a house and i am not saying that that is ok to do but this person was doing that to support a drug habit. She gave that person time in jail and they’re now a convicted felon this person has never been arrested before he always worked and went to school until he became addicted to drugs now drug dealers who have been arrested 10 times before they got a diversion program and go to treatment and the felony goes away now what wrong with this picture
Hey Eric B

Jamaica, NY

#103 Sep 15, 2010
The moral of the story is, don't use drugs. If you are going to choose to use them, don't get caught. If you do get caught be prepared to do time.
It's that simple
eric b

Brooklyn, NY

#104 Sep 20, 2010
Well you clearly missed the point of my story I under stand if you do the crime you do the time but why is it that she is letting the drug dealers off with a slap on the wrist and the users who need help she throws them in jail

Brooklyn, NY

#105 Sep 20, 2010
eric b wrote:
Well you clearly missed the point of my story I under stand if you do the crime you do the time but why is it that she is letting the drug dealers off with a slap on the wrist and the users who need help she throws them in jail
Because they also are supplying HER drug habit.
Rice is a bum

Williston Park, NY

#106 Sep 21, 2010
rice is right wrote:
<quoted text>
Finally, a sound mind.
Rice somehow thinks that a very Nazi County approach to running her office (into the ground) is an appropriate one. Justice is not politically choosing who needs to be a criminal and waging war on people becuse they got in the way of corruption, nepitism, and all that Nassau is famous for. This is the Government Kathleen not the Mob. People are being prosecuted for non-sense and in spite of weak or no-existant charges never being filed or, God forbid being dropped, it is much easier and better for your numbers to tell Judges how to rule, pick those (obediant and more compliant) that will pander to your Nazi tactics of MAKING BULLSH*# charges stick in spite of right or wrong. You wonder why you have problems working with others Kathleen.For one, the first thing she proved was that the DA job was secondary to politics as soon as she got into office, she fired everybody that wasnt on her POLITICAL team. Competence and integrity went out the window as she returned favors instead. The ones that remained standing quit because she proved to be the incompetant, "do whatever it takes to get that conviction" DA that she turned out to be. Corruption and Politics... If we have no case, we will fabricate a case technology. That worked for the SS in world war two. Like I said NAZI COUNTY. Payoffs, kickbacks, promotions, favors, and the like... Try fighting these bastards. They will use the system like a bat and beat you into submission. If the system doesnt work, they make up a new system that is special just for you, bending, manipulating, coercing, calling in those political favors until your done. The FBI and the State department needs to look at Nassau County Government on the whole, and start where it really stinks. Kathleen Rice's Office. She is a disgrace to our society. I am for upholding the law in every way possible, but when crossing legal lines and civil liberties are not honored, the DA's office becomes the criminals.

Bronx, NY

#107 Sep 21, 2010
So typical of criminals who all watched too many mobster movies, "they should go after the real criminals in Government and Wall Street"...
Hey dolt, if you are a criminal I don't care if you are selling dope on a corner, driving a car while under the influence or taking a bribe under the table you ALL should be prosecuted and I really don't care what order it occurs. I'm not a big fan of D.A. Rice but for many other reasons besides her criminal prosecution, such as trying to use this office as a stepping stone and not really being committed to the job, but if she wants to get after the criminals knock yourself out.
Blabbermouth Dan


#108 Nov 8, 2010
Question: What does kathleen Rice call a ten pound bag of cocaine?

Answer: Lunch.

Hey Kids, let's all sing the Rice-A-Roni song:

"Rice - a phoney - the cocaine snortin' freak"!
look out

Jamaica, NY

#109 Nov 13, 2010
i really hope that Blabbermouth Dan is one of the Long Islanders who has his house on the market and is planning on moving to the Carolinas- what a moron!
Hey Eric B

Jamaica, NY

#110 Nov 13, 2010
I did not miss the point to your story. If the said person needed help shame on his family/friends for not helping. It's not mine or the counties job to help people who are troubled- the resources are available- go get them.
I hope the house thief gets the help thats available to him in jail- but I'm not loosing any sleep over the fact some loser is locked away.
If the dealers are going free- it's because they are low level and are working with the DA to grab the bigger guy. Once they agree to become a witness they are owned by the DA's office- it's no free ride.
Blabbermouth Dan


#111 Nov 17, 2010
Hey, I saw Kathleen Rice the other day. I hardly recognized her without a rolled up dollar bill stuck in her mose.
Cheryl Ippolito

Hempstead, NY

#112 Jan 18, 2011
I think Kathleen Rice favors women, because she is much less harsh on them. Take for example, the female student from Hofstra who lied and said 3 young male students raped her. She lied to law enforcement, caused great stress and shame for the families of those young men, as well as how do you think it felt to be arrested and viewed on tv in front of the world as a rapist when you know you are innocent?! I can't believe that Rice gave her a "slap on the wrist". She should have served time for that, and had it been something involving a young MALE lying about such a serious accusation, HE would have definitely been charge with something serious and served time! If you ever sit inthe courts, you WILL see that even the judges are softer in their speech and sentencing for females than males. It's disgusting. I can't really figure her out...I personally think she needs to GET A LIFE!!! And Justice should be "Just"...the same for all!
what If

Bronx, NY

#113 Jul 10, 2012
Rice admitted herself that she used marijuana & cocaine. If she was arrested for it, would she be in the powerful political position shes in with a criminal record? Think not. With a twist of fate, her own hard work & dreams would have been over. no excuse for bad behavior... true. Yet Kathleen is no saint & should thank God she never faced a judge for her own foolishness. Laws do not apply equally.
what If

Bronx, NY

#114 Jul 10, 2012
Women need to work to support themselves & their families. To fire dedicated hard working women because they can only work part time is disgraceful. Kathleen Rice... If one of those people was your own mother, you would jump to her defense. All the mothers out there thank you, your a kind, fair, compassionate person who fired women for no good reason & their families suffered for it. Hows your wallet? Fat Im sure. Shitty move lady

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