Who do you side with in Ferguson?
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Jackson, MO

#1558 Aug 27, 2014
vols wrote:
Hey toilet paper. What all really happened at that scene when micheal brown was shot. You said he was searched twice so you had to have been an eye witness. Or maybe you are a witness like his dread headed crime partner who said that the gentle giant was fired at from behind. Even the brother's and sister's in Ferguson know that's a lie. By the way how did a brother like yourself get the name toilet paper. It probably looks more like you after you have used it. Go start a conversation with a 4 year old who you might have more in common with.
Unfortunately, the majority of all paying any attention are still left in the dark on some very important details. One sided stories don't work and without the important details, well quite
frankly we couldn't convict in a court of law. This story in Ferguson ... it's not over !! It's not
over in all the cities across our country where people are going to continue to voice their
PROTEST. God help all involved if it gets that ugly again ... or worse. How many dead so far?

How many more do some of you REALLY want? Please get your heads out of your azz and
realize something like this matters.

That's all I have to say at this point. Most that note was to all and not just the one I posted.
Keep an EYE on your loved ones ... you just never know who will be going to the next funeral.
How big will the rest be in comparison to this one?

Castle Cove, Australia

#1559 Aug 27, 2014
Code Blue go blue wrote:
News flash for the entire United States Of America. It is "OVER" earth land mass known as the United States is in the process of being destroyed by the "Black Supreme
Of All Beings. All you have to do is pay close attention to the forces of nature and the communities they are destroying. Oh yeah. You ain't seen nothing yet. You think our fire - nados was something great, watch what we can do with our hurricanes storms, heat from our sun, the snow we have in the north just for America, the flood water, sink holes in your cities and towns, wars building up all for America, your children planning mass murder in there schools, dollar value all but gone, all kind of known and unknown diseases popping up in the good ole' USA. Obama was and is the last opportunity to make things right....oops....too late!!!!! All the time has expired......" The dye is set" too late. Don't black God Almighty who happens to be a black man. Blame you wise white brothers who tricked you in to dying with them" as them dam fool's will attempt to fight God or should I say commit suicide....some of the wise white people will escape to Europe others will join and aid God All mighty and be soared if they are genuine in there mind and will to do so. Many, many, many millions will die right here on this soil the called America as will the black people who did not listen to "Elijah" the messenger of God Almighty. Those who did and know will be saved all others along with the white that was tricked by there white brothers will be annihilated.the destruction process is in full progress and will not be stopped. It is too late. And mike Brown was supposed to take place. All the black mike Brown of America( black men gun down or innocently killed by white America) would not have experienced that if he or his grand parents or parents would have learned what messenger Elijahtaught of these days. However, it serves as a two fold situation.."Great" and the dreadful" Those acts of murder committed on black men justifies God Almighty allowing and forbidden any mercy to be granted or giving to America during America's total destruction period.
Are not an American born citizen you. don't want to stay in America too much longer trust me...."YOU WILL SEE"
Stick around at your own risk. Those whites that make it back to Europe you will not be safe because the destruction extends there too. The black supreme being is furious in his anger at the guilty white people. You have been indicted and found guilty. Annihilation is inevitable.
And now over to Mr Happy!

New York, NY

#1560 Aug 27, 2014
Gasman wrote:
What if it was a Muslim cop that shot a Jewish kid...bet everyone would be farting all over the place....looting of all kabob shops would be out of control...camel farts smell bad too...
Pure and simple. You are an asshole. A young man is dead. There is no humor to be derived from that. We will never know what kind of life he would have lived, or what his children would have been like. That cops job was to assess, to calm, to detain, and to arrest if needed. Not to kill. He executed a young man, a child of God. Keep thinking the way do and you just might join that cop. You may not like the destination.
not going there

Lumberton, NC

#1562 Aug 27, 2014
topix wrote:
This is a Topix site-wide discussion about the shooting and racial tension in Ferguson, MO. Have your say by leaving a comment below.
why take a side? they both seem crappy to me.
American Lady

Danville, KY

#1563 Aug 27, 2014
Politici wrote:
I think the officer just did his job. Had the bad luck to run into two dumb s$$ punks! If its a racial justice thing then why isn't Sharpton screaming about "kid's" civil rights in Utah . He can't make any racial pimp money off a white kid! At funeral they stated wanted vengeance! Don't wear a shirt with peace on it. Bunch of liars!!
Agree ...

Know Justice
Know Peace


Rossville, GA

#1564 Aug 27, 2014
not going there wrote:
<quoted text>
why take a side? they both seem crappy to me.
There has not been enough information released to have an opinion either way. Will know more in October.

Eugene, OR

#1565 Aug 27, 2014
grave digger wrote:
the grave digger feels sorry for this mike browns parents,,,cuz in the near future,,,nobody will care any longer and move on,,,the war with isis is already pushing this story to the rears,,,life goes on and the world keeps turning,,,sad really but fact,,,like travon martain,,,nobody talks about that any more or could care less,,,its the way of the world people,,,remember when mike jackson died,,,whitney houston died,,,all talk then poof,,,silence,,,then we have robbin williams death,,,a few days of news then poof,,,silence,,,and so will be the ferguson riots,,,but whats funny is,,,there are gang members saying now eric holder and the justice dept paid them to start the riots,,,for what reason?,,,old al sharpton and the racist types have been fighting to improve the black neighborhoods for 50yrs now,,,and their still the same,,,all talk but diffrent days,,,ferguson is all about the money,,,not some black kid breaking the law and getting shot by a white cop,,,isnt a human on this earth bullies a store clerk minutes before this shooting happened and can say this teenager wasnt a bully and didnt pull his bully ways with this cop,,,he did,,,he wasnt out spreading the word of jesus christ like his uncle says he was,,,more riots more attention more money,,,ps,,,who the hell is this spike lee?,,,what a al sharpton butt sniffer,,,
The police officer will be exonerated, the parents will file a multi-million dollar lawsuit and move out of the hood, probably to a upper middle class neighborhood, and all the hood rats will continue stealing, robbing, carjacking, pimping,drugging, and waiting for the next opportune time to loot and riot under the pretense of social justice. SOS just another day

Castle Cove, Australia

#1567 Aug 27, 2014
US is at war with itself.
American Lady

Danville, KY

#1571 Aug 27, 2014
Too sad wrote:
I believe this young man did not die because of his race or stealing Swisher Sweats. This young man died because he went after an officer's weapon, injured the officer and charged after the officer when told he was under arrest for attempting to take the weapon. I believe the only reason so many shots went off was because the officer had no intent in killing and shot at the arm first and had to shoot until the young man stopped charging at him. It is too bad he couldn't just respect the officer and get out of the street and stop blocking traffic. This case is with the Grand Jury's hands, we will have to see what the facts are.
Well said in an honest and upright way.
Shows good character.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#1573 Aug 27, 2014
At least ZimmerCON votes for democrats
Gun Nut

Butlerville, IN

#1575 Aug 27, 2014
I side with nobody, save the local folks and a state against intrusive federal intervention with a hidden or open or obvious agenda or mission. I do not live there.

Eugene, OR

#1576 Aug 27, 2014
So they loot the quicktrip and steal chips and dip, and bottles of wine,then trap the employees in the back-room ,and some were black employees at that. I wonder how that sends (the man) a message , or is anything but opportunistic criminal activity? To believe that people can be so outraged that they have to steal crates of hot pockets and even slurpees in the name of social justice is a bit hard to comprehend and impossible to believe.
Remember the motto in Ferguson is "Snitches Get Stitches" I also notice pictures of black owned businesses that were looted and had the windows knocked out and were now covered with plywood with messages like " black owned".

Oxford, CT

#1580 Aug 27, 2014
Flygerian wrote:
<quoted text>
Bring facts that show that the number of blacks on government benefits outnumber the number of whites on it. This is where you'll get stuck....
All you do is quote television news stories. You're not even smart enough to know that your media is controlled by few companies. Thats a "tisk, tisk tisk" for your behind :)
The facts are all around you, Flygeian. I know it's hard to accept when the truth is against you but don't go through life with blinders on. Go to any of the projects or slum neighborhoods and yes, you'll see some whites also on welfare but the majority of the people on welfare are black with several mouths to feed that shouldn't have happened and probably no father around.
So instead of challenging someone for facts that you already know are true, do something about it. Don't become a statistic along with your race. Take off the do-rag and become an individual that has a backbone and gets out of the project mentality. Nobody owes you a living so it's all up to you.

Point Pleasant, WV

#1581 Aug 27, 2014
enough is enough wrote:
The only evidence we have to date is the robery which shows brown's demeaner as a theif and a bully , He also wanted to carry it farther so he walks down the middle of the street with the stolen goods in his hand . This is doccumented with the film taken by the store camera .. So this much we know is truth .. Brown commited a felony twice on the same day within a few minutes of each .. Give the cop a raise and a larger gun .
Sence when is shoplifting a felony and even so he still should not have payed with his life and the didn't even mention the shoplifting that y'all are calling a robbery until well after this young man was dead. God bless rev al sharpton

Vancouver, WA

#1582 Aug 27, 2014
Toby wrote:
So they loot the quicktrip and steal chips and dip, and bottles of wine,then trap the employees in the back-room ,and some were black employees at that. I wonder how that sends (the man) a message , or is anything but opportunistic criminal activity? To believe that people can be so outraged that they have to steal crates of hot pockets and even slurpees in the name of social justice is a bit hard to comprehend and impossible to believe.
Remember the motto in Ferguson is "Snitches Get Stitches" I also notice pictures of black owned businesses that were looted and had the windows knocked out and were now covered with plywood with messages like " black owned".
It's unfortunate that people use incidences like this for their own personal agendas, regardless of what that might be. In this instance a lot of criminals acted in the usual manner to exploit this incident for opportunity to steal and destroy private property. Others such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson jumped on the incident solely as a way of getting their name in the media. Still others used the fact that this sort of people do these things to make excuse for their racist attacks against all blacks in general. Bigots need little provocation to strike their true colors, just as the thieves and headline chasers do not. It's not surprising that such a situation brings all personalities to the light and just as routine that everyone over looks the original incident after they have gone off on their own tangent.

Point Pleasant, WV

#1583 Aug 27, 2014
hal wrote:
US is at war with itself.
True cuz there's no loyalty

Eugene, OR

#1584 Aug 27, 2014
What's really odd is they loot and destroy over 24 businesses and then one of their demands is jobs for every adult black male in Ferguson. I'm guessing the I.Q. level is really low in Ferguson. The moral to the story is, every African American deserves the chance to riot, loot, pillage and destroy the livelihoods of its own hard working citizens , and deserve to do it in the name of justice.

Less businesses but more jobs! Take a ride on the hood rat special short bus!

Since: Sep 09

Location hidden

#1586 Aug 27, 2014
Why take a side? We'll never be privy to all the evidence anyway. Maybe the shooting was racially motivated. Maybe not. Zimmerman skated. So did OJ (for a time).

Justice has never been meted out fairly, but at least we can pretend there's still a presumption of innocence in this land of wheat and barley.

Dallas, TX

#1587 Aug 27, 2014
Toby wrote:
<quoted text>
And what you say is right? lol
You're still responding to me? I thought I ran you off when I said the words "Rosewood" and "Black wallstreet"?

Colorado Springs, CO

#1588 Aug 27, 2014
I side with Freedom of Speech.

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