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Village Idiot

Grayslake, IL

#1 Dec 4, 2008
The local politicians don't seem to want to do anything to close down this bookstore. BUT at a state level they are concerned about this problem. Below is a list of the 13 non bi-partisan politicians who worked on the bill concerning adult bookstores. Lets contact them and tell them we need stronger laws against these bookstores. 15TH ave is in VIOLATION of being to close to schools and nothing is being done. These politicans care and can actually do something to stop this bookstore.
Here is the links to their page with addresses and phone numbers.
Village Idiot

Grayslake, IL

#2 Dec 4, 2008
Here is a list of points to give to the politicians in the post above. Ironically its 13 politicians and 13 ideas that should help to close down these bookstores starting with the 15th ave bookstore. Lets hope 13 proves to be an unlucky number for them.

1 ) REMOVE THE DOORS OFF THE BOOTHS AND PRIVATE ROOMS. This idea works great. It allows the police to look inside the booth for sexual activities.

2 ) REPLACE THE WALLS IN BOOTHS THAT HAD GLORYHOLES. A gloryhole is a hole in the booth that allows a penis to enter the next booth. This allows for anonymous unprotected sex between strangers. This is how the bookstore has been spreading VD and AIDS in the community. New walls will eliminate the gloryholes once and for all.

3 ) CHANGE THE HOURS THEY CAN BE OPENED. Close these stores between 10pm-5am every day and itíll help dry up their business.

4 ) CLOSE THE STORE ON SUNDAY Any full day the store is close hurts them. What better day then the day of worship to close them down.

5 ) NO MORE STREET PARKING When the parking lot gets full they start parking on the street. This should be for trucks only. Lets limit this street for business trucks only.

6 ) ENFORCE MAX LIMIT ON PARKING LOT. Too often they fit more cars in their lot then it legally should hold.

7 ) ENFORCE NO DRINKS OR FOOD. They donít have a license to serve food and drinks. Yet at every private party and Monday night football party there are food and drinks. This alone should allow the cops a walk inside the place.

8 ) REVOKE THEIR VENDING LICENSE Since they continue to violate the no food or drink laws then thatís reason enough to revoke the vending license.

9 ) DO NOT ISSUE A GENTLEMANíS CLUB LICENSE OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF LICENSE. This is a major point. They are looking into turning the place into a gentlemanís club in an attempt to avoid the police. Swinger clubs are growing because they are very hard to get rid of. They are also hard to police. Lets NOT allow this place to change their license.

10 ) DO NOT RENEW THEIR BOOKSTORE LICENSE Thereís no law that says Melrose Park must renew any license. Iím not sure how often they must renew their license but I do know there is a time limit on it. If they canít renew or acquire a different type of license then they will automatically go out of business. Lets push the village officials on these license issues.

11 ) INSPECTIONS Because of their violations on food, parking, holes in the walls, etc they warrant and increase on various inspection. Lets demand an increase on Fire Inspections, Food Inspections, Building Inspections, Street Inspections, etc.

12 ) VD & HIV/AIDS TESTING. Thereís a group that does free testing. community@howardbrown.org They have offered to come in and test the customers at this bookstore. But the bookstore owner has refused !! The reason for the refusal is obvious. There is HIV/AIDS at this place.

13 ) CHANGE STATE ZONING LAWS FOR ADULT BUSINESSES. We need laws placing adult businesses out of cities and towns and into unincorporated areas.
The area 15th ave. Bookstore is in was zoned really for manufacturing businesses.
village moron

Chicago, IL

#3 Dec 4, 2008
I have some interesting news about last night. I am not sure I should post it here because of the people who browse this site. Let's just say some of the things that were brought up as concerns about the locals isn't all that true. I also have support from same to sit and photograph with support. I was a little surprised but we actually went inside this scum hole, but apparently it wasn't the right time. Didn't see anything. I will further post as I feel more comfortable to do so. Lets just keep on pushing this.
Village Idiot

Grayslake, IL

#4 Dec 4, 2008
That is super good news. You seem to have better luck with the locals then i had. Yes we must be careful what we word here. Its now apparent that the perverts have taken notice of us. Wed night is probably a slow night for them. Try a friday or a sat night and i'm sure you'll see what i mean. They are more careful in the theater part but action does occur throughout the rest of the building. Most noticeably a room behind the theater screen. Also in the video booths. They reopened the gloryholes. And of course there's the spa areas. While they take pics all the time they maybe suspicious of strangers doing it. Be discreet inside the building. Use a small camera or even a cell phone. I'll post a couple of links of groups to join where there's plenty of info on this place. Such as photos, videos, dates and times when there will be action. Its all in code of course. LOL they fear giving themselves away. Which is also proof that they know their activities are illegal and dangerous to the community. Their codes are easy to understand and i'll explain them when i post the links.
village moron

Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 4, 2008
Yes, i was told it's better to go on weekends. I was also told the village has an ordinance on'skin'. And it doesn't have to be an officer who saw it, it could be a citizen filing the complaint. One problem is it has to be in open view for them to do anything and locked doors can't be accessed without paperwork. Very informative and also surprising to hear this. Maybe they all aren't so bad. At least this one seemed like he cared. I would like to be there friday with a camera if i can. I also have his cell number just in case.
Village Idiot

Grayslake, IL

#8 Dec 4, 2008
This is exactly why on my list of things that can help drive them out of business i said DOORS NEED TO BE REMOVED. They removed the doors in Peoria,IL so that set a legal presence that can be applied in Melrose. Ask your cop friend about doing it here. Also ask him can't he go into an unlocked room ? Some of these booths have gloryholes in them. That's how they caught Pee Wee Herman. He was in such a booth. Also the room behind the screen is UNLOCKED maybe shut but its UNLOCKED. And sex goes on inside every weekend and most nights. I'm sure this cop is a cool nice guy. But the problem is they won't take any action not even the least little bit. Ask him how often he even gone inside the bookstore and you'll see what i mean.
village moron

Chicago, IL

#10 Dec 4, 2008
unbelievable. i will not say too much on here because of that post. but it aint stopping me from doing what i had planned. we need to get them and get them now.
village moron

Chicago, IL

#11 Dec 4, 2008
thats ok, when we have the pictures and license plates I will find a way to make it all public. Channel 2 news might be interested. or target 7. They will be exposed. maybe some of their wives will find out. We can make this a very interesting story. I will not post any plans on here. but the letters and the surveillance will continue until this dump is gone. let them warn who they want.
village moron

Chicago, IL

#12 Dec 4, 2008
Village Idiot wrote:
This is exactly why on my list of things that can help drive them out of business i said DOORS NEED TO BE REMOVED. They removed the doors in Peoria,IL so that set a legal presence that can be applied in Melrose. Ask your cop friend about doing it here. Also ask him can't he go into an unlocked room ? Some of these booths have gloryholes in them. That's how they caught Pee Wee Herman. He was in such a booth. Also the room behind the screen is UNLOCKED maybe shut but its UNLOCKED. And sex goes on inside every weekend and most nights. I'm sure this cop is a cool nice guy. But the problem is they won't take any action not even the least little bit. Ask him how often he even gone inside the bookstore and you'll see what i mean.
i dont wanna say too much about the local. Im just happy he is open to helping, even its a little
Village Idiot

Grayslake, IL

#13 Dec 4, 2008
i agree. We got to protect that local source as well as each other. We both know the direction we're taking. And we'll post what we need each other to see and know about. As well as posting for those who support us by their actions but don't want to be public about it. This dump is going down. We'll make it happen with the proper legal help. Be safe my friend.
Village Idiot

Mundelein, IL

#15 Dec 5, 2008
Good news coming out of their forums and ygroups. At least 3 of their favorite prostitutes are now hosting their parties away from this place. That's got to hurt this bookstore in the old pocketbook. And they also did us a favor by telling everyone that we are watching & reporting them. The fools doing that are sure to drive away business even more then i could. Why any woman would let her husband/boyfriend bring her to this bookstore now is beyond me. Besides the risk of catching an STD - VD - AIDS/HIV she now risks getting her pic taken and arrested by cops. The fact that they still go is proof of just how sexually perverse and driven they really are. But business is going down. Tonight and tomorrow should still have some activity going on. Be safe and careful.
Village Pragmatic

Saint Charles, IL

#16 Dec 5, 2008
So, why is this a big deal to you guys? Legislating morality is fun and all but only when the morals are on your side. This place has you so fearful and in a tizzy that you actually went in and gave them money.

Chicago, IL

#17 Dec 5, 2008
Please list which law(s) are being broken here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but i believe the only law being broken here is SLANDER by you republicans. oh, and fwiw, the LE go there all the time.
Sane Man

Palmetto, FL

#18 Dec 12, 2008
Why don't you people GET A LIFE? And those of you taking "field trips" - that's bizarre behavoir. Gets you thrills? Or are you "battling Satan?"

Lisle, IL

#19 Dec 12, 2008
What we have here is an idiot driven mad by the voices in his hollow head.He doesn't even know where he lives anymore.That is besides the bookstore dumpster
revolted and disgusted

Arlington Heights, IL

#21 Dec 18, 2008
a civil legal case prompted me to survey these yahoo adult ( entertainment) sites and call me naiive but I never could suspect or imagine the kinds of warped perverted activity that goes on and the level of what is acceptable ( everything is). They proport to the belief of anything goes between consenting adults but most hide true identities and numbers and fear law enforcement. If it is normal and acceptable why hide? And morality is non existent. Most profess to some sort of spiritual beleif on religious holidays but there is no respect for marriage. Most of the men are on the top 100 lonelyheart losers or suffer some social disfunction. The women are all
either very overweight (pretty fat) old, and just centerfold wannabes, starved for attention and will degrade themselves for a kind word. It is a nightmere of disfunction and perversion. But wait, they vie for attention and power. There is cast systems...and recent takeover by a Wis. hubby who never shows his face and his wife(fortyish and fat) who he photgraphs and videos her everything and then posts on various websites. He has created several spawned from 15th and in essence is charging for her porn.("Bang MY SLUT) I call that pimping. In addition they have started hosting (private parties with hefty addmission fees)showcasing and solicting their headliners at the spa(using that word loosely). They provide snacks and beer(licensing violation?) but do not promise sex!
Coming up are parties at a place called the Mansion and a lot of gangbangs at nearby motels.
This is probably because the heat is on the bookstore facility and these pigs just are relocating till it dies down. I know for a fact that diseases have been spread and spread. They call it clean but disease microbes are not visible
but rashes and open sores on genitals are telling.

the proprieter(Joe? m. montclare?) of the bookstore/theater/spa/party room/whorehouse must have a good attorney because he snakes in and out of loopholes or just a big bank account to pay somebody off. I think that place actually has a construction and roofing company type registration. There is discrimination by members
against gays, and transvestites and cross dressers and one worker/member has been charged with racial discrimination by public service worker. I believe that as long as this crap is condoned by the powers to be the continued decay of morality will fester and spread. What ever happned to people connecting with each other mentally emotionally, and fully clothed. They say "having fun" I say really sick damaged people.

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#22 Dec 18, 2008
I couldn't have said it better.
I tip my hat to you *
You brought up something i said and they deny it to the max and that is prostitution does go on in there. They disguise it as a party fee and claim no guarantee of sex. Well what guy is going to pay $70 for a party at an adult bookstore and not get sex ? You're right they have taken most of their parties to a motel. But i suspect this MANSION they refer to might be a code for the bookstore. They now are very careful what they post. I've heard about that Wi couple too. He truly is a pimp selling his wife at the bookstore. The proof of illegal dangerous sex going on can easily be found in the pimps video.
Plenty of uncovered sex in those pics & video's.
I've seen the pic too of the guy with sores on his privates. I'm no doctor and have no idea what those sores are but it has to be bad news. Thank you again for your report. Please contact the state level politicians. Its the only real chance we have of getting rid of them. The owner does seem to be well connected. But if our own governor can be brought down so can the owner of that bookstore. No one is above the law.

Chicago, IL

#23 Dec 18, 2008
you people need a life for sure. I dont go here and dont plan on it but how is it hurting any of you?? It is not illegal. There are far worst problems in Melrose then a dirty bookstore. There are gangbangers and drug dealers you people should be targeting. A bookstore is hardly the problem. Have any of you ever been to Europe?? They have dirty bookstores on every corner. Prostitution is even legal in most european countries. Its not a big deal. People keep trying to make this country a police state and limit LEGAL businesses.

Chicago, IL

#24 Dec 18, 2008
not to mention it is not next to any residential housing either. Its up by a bunch of warehouses.
Melrose LE

West Bend, WI

#25 Dec 22, 2008
I find it interesting that the villiage Idiot and this revolted and disgusted make these comments as well as crossing the line where defermation of character laws are concerned. I have never been to this bookstore or any for that matter and don't want to. It seems that these two have a vendetta against the bookstore and this couple of people that do these apparent parties. You two should seek help for your perverted ways as Im sure you are just as sick as those you have issues with! Try not looking at so much Porn first of all and you stay out of the very groups that you apparently get off on being apart of and bringing that trash here!

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