15th ave adult bookstore

Willowbrook, IL

#914 Aug 3, 2012
the only reason im posting on here is cause this is so pathetic seeing someone posting about a adult book store/sex store for the past ten months and the book store is still up and running lol give it up already sounds to me that you actually went to the store 10 months ago and are bitter that no men wanted to bang you.....lol just saying lmao hard
Truth Detector


#915 Aug 3, 2012
@chitwnguy. I agree. he has been at it since at least 2008 under a few different sock puppet names here. He is just a sad frustrated old man. He runs the same scam on other groups. He loves to stir up trouble. He derives his energy from causing conflict. We know all about him...he's a crossdresser and he claims to be bisexual, but I believe he's actually gay.and he is pathetic.
Truth Evincer


#916 Aug 11, 2012
Truth Seeker wrote:
<quoted text>
i agree that both of us are entitled to our opinions
and this is the perfect place to state opinions.
i've always welcome debates, conversations, comments, etc
But what i've found when trying to hold such opinions is personal attacks, impersonations, insults, and other forms of harassment.
The degree of which were so intense as to be in violation of topix's rules.
Many of such posts get removed for that reason.
which is why i do NOT link back such posts.
But if you continue to be a member of this forum i'm sure you'll soon see what i'm talking about.
i also agree murder is the number one priority.
But its not the only issue.
A bookstore that is a breading ground for the spreading of social dieases needs to be looked into too.
Hey, Gary you crossdressing fruit: Getting lost in all your years of bullcrap psychotic ramblings is the additional dimension that you want all the postings to revolve around you and your paranoid schizophrenic hangups. Well guess what, steering every thread you participate in to suit your psychosis got old long ago!
Marie Kurtz

Saint Petersburg, Russia

#917 Sep 15, 2012
I sure wish Gary would return my dresses.

Wimauma, FL

#919 Sep 29, 2012
I've never seen a gang bang going on, just the normal getting sucked while I watch porn.

Chicago, IL

#920 Oct 1, 2012
Hey all you 15th Ave J/O's.Now we know that all of you watch WWE to get you rocks off.(Men in tights).So,what we did was contact CM Punk,and challenge him to a fight between any UFC champion in his weight class,now fighting,to see who is the Best In the World.Just like you J/O's he said that the two sports medias are different,and that it would not be a Fair fight.

So,just like you Punks.Put anyone of you in Front of a Real Woman,and you would do the same thing.Go back to your little hole in the wall and hope that no one sees or catches you there.

You guys are Jokes just like CM Punk!

Oh,and for the women who go there.Thank God for Darkness,huh ladies!

United States

#921 Oct 1, 2012
scumbag freak your mutha kinda joint.

Washington, DC

#922 Oct 10, 2012
Valerie wrote:
One more thing Goof,,,How about the large lady that loves to tell people between having guys ejaculate on her chest,"My front is closed,but my rear is wide open!"
Yes,you guessed it,we do have people in the bookstore/club all the time now,,,Roaming!
Personal cameras,,,I'll let you know,,,but there are signs against that,and no sex signs,no cell phones,,,like those are enforced!!!
Hey Valerie, Who is this "large lady"? I want to know who she is, really I do. Do you also know that yahoo ad a group dedicated to this specific "book store"? Does anyone know what the new name of the group is? Question, id that large lady Donna? I want to know!!!! Please

Washington, DC

#923 Oct 10, 2012
Valerie and Truth Seeker;

Why don't we all just get together at some coffee place for a cup of coffee. It will be my treat. As long as it is in MP, I will pay. After all we have to keep our money in MP right?
So what do you say Val? Truth Keeper? Is it a date? Ooops, maybe aI shouldn't say "date" I don't want you thinking it is a date.
Hey have you foundout who the large lady is yet?
Donna Cuntreavos

Streamwood, IL

#924 Oct 10, 2012
I like the book store
Ex Melroseparker

Belvidere, IL

#925 Oct 10, 2012
Donna Cuntreavos wrote:
I like the book store
Donna want to meat e ther sometime. I think we can gate a discount if "we"go Asa coupe!
Wadayasay ?

Washington, DC

#926 Oct 11, 2012
valerie wrote:
When are the local,county,and state police going to do something about this place?!I understand that the owner is being protected by the local police,but the Cook County Health Dept.can at least look into the cleanliness of this business.
Yes,I went in there to see for myself,they give you a ticket that says you are a one day member of a club,that means they are not responsible for what you or others do while there,,,so you can be arrested,they can't,,,next there are surveillance cameras everywhere,where do the tapes/cd's,or feeds go?They told me that a nurse is there having sex w/20-30 men,my god,she's a single mom,a judge is there,police go there as patrons,What!!!Married men ganging up on one women to have sex with!!!They get something they take it home to their wife/girlfriend!
There is a shower,,Clean?,,,steam room,,Clean??,,private rooms,,,Clean,what are you laying or sitting in???
People having sex in the theatre,,,saw one woman on the floor having sex,,,Gross!!!I didn't even want to sit in the seat,no way the floor!!!
Two guys brought in what looked to be two Escorts,,for Free Advertising I guess,,,One guy told me he would pay me for sex in the back,,,I thought that was illegal?!
I smelled alcohol,and looked like some of the guys were high,,,just a bad scene!!!
This has to be a Cash Business,,,maybe someone should contact the IRS,or someone,at $20.00 bucks a pop,,,wow lots of money,I wonder how much shows up in revenue on the books?
They told me of a private club next door,alcohol,gambling,and escorts,,,it didn't look like a club,,,maybe that's the cover or something,,,every Wed night,,,I don't think I'll go!!!
So,open from 11:00am till 2:00am thats alot of people and money,,,are they paying off Melrose Park to keep the police out,and everybody else,Health Dept,IRS,county police,state(SBI),it just looks funny to me!!!
How do they get away w/this,,,also they told me when I walked in that the clerk went on the internet to call all these guys to tell them there is a female here,,,Wow,my own Pimp!!!
My advice is that if you don't want your picture on camera for everyone to see,un-healthy conditions,20-30 guys trying to jump on you,avoid this place!!!
The only thing there are losers,gays,guys who dress up in drag,and women who should think better about themselves,and their families!!!
Can we meet for coffee someplace? I like your comments here. My treat, as long as it is in MP.
Lisa Zito

Des Plaines, IL

#928 Dec 1, 2012
Hey I pole dance there and do Terry Serpico

Since: May 11

Location hidden

#929 Dec 1, 2012
Lisa Zito wrote:
Hey I pole dance there and do Terry Serpico
good reading

Naperville, IL

#930 Jan 19, 2013
i like the articles

Taylor, MI

#932 May 18, 2013
Truth Seeker wrote:
Right on Valerie.
Lets make sure we include the license plate number of these cars.
And also if they are missing any required stickers too.
Anything that gets them off the road is a victory.
Gotta love digital cameras too.
Its amazing what they can focus on even at high speeds.
I love seeing the clear faces too. Wives are going to love using them in divorce court.
Taking a picture of someone's face in Illinois is illegal with out there permission.that's why stop light camera don't do it here. So don't do it or risk a huge lawsuit. And if ppl want to go somewhere to screw let them who care stop being little babies about we live in 2013 not 1913. Sex is different. GROW UP.
Truth Evincer


#933 May 20, 2013
fjrp12 wrote:
<quoted text>Taking a picture of someone's face in Illinois is illegal with out there permission.that's why stop light camera don't do it here. So don't do it or risk a huge lawsuit. And if ppl want to go somewhere to screw let them who care stop being little babies about we live in 2013 not 1913. Sex is different. GROW UP.
Methinks Truth Seeker-Gary is back in jail for soliciting or has finally succumbed to his full-blown AIDS.

Washington, DC

#936 May 23, 2013
Donna Cuntreavos wrote:
I like the book store
Donna, are we ever going to get together for that coffee? I really would like to meet you in person. I like your style.
naughty tasha

Melrose Park, IL

#938 Jul 2, 2013
Hi I've only read about half of the post and thought I would post with something from someone who has some experience in this area. First Im adult age 40 woman with a high sex drive. I have been in a relationship that lasted six years, we were swingers. Ive had house parties consisting of 5 to 7 guys and 1 to 2 girls. I'm telling you this so you understand my experience. I love sex, lots of it, kinky but always safe. I've been to a few sex clubs. 2 and Illinois and one in Indianapolis Indiana. I became a member of one in Illinois. They were all clean, organized and I had fun there. When I say safe I mean I don't suck Cocks of strangers. I don't let strangers eat my crotch. Everyone the ones to pound me must wear a condom, which I provide and no they are not tampered with. I am an educated woman, attended Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. What I do in my private time is my business. I do like to spice up my sex life occasionally. Why am I interested in going to the bookstore theater ? Because I have a naughty side that needs to be satiated. I enjoy people watching, it excites me more. I have never committed a crime, been in jail or done anything unlawful. When I go to visit I will bring a couple friends with me. As a single woman I make choices and act on these urges with caution to my safety at all times. I will have one of my friends watching to make sure each man wears a condom. I wish only there were more women with the balls to be them selves as sexually open and interested beings. I can't wait to go tomorrow night with my friends! I have a few things I'd like to check off of my sexual to do list. Have a good night hope to see some of you there! Love naughty Tasha
hart county anonymous

Cub Run, KY

#945 Nov 4, 2013
Need help with your sex addiction


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