lets stop this by who we

Winter Springs, FL

#1 Oct 14, 2011
Whats wrong with Americas immigration policy is clear .The government and court system.We are expected to allow illegals to pay in state tuition in several states,get medical care for free in many cases,work here and live here illegally .Often illegals who break the law and commit serious crimes just move or leave to nation completely.By the way I'm not saying illegals are more prone to breaking the law just when they do they have options that prevent them from serving time and some do take these options.I know of a kid from India that was going to school legally while attending Emery Riddle ,I then found out he was working under the table for his uncle at a connivance store not paying taxes and then i found out he had been hospitalized and he said he was a poor student not working and had no money to pay bill so the hospital had to eat over 50,000.00 in medical care which causes me and you to have to pay more for health care.The same hospital billed me for 70,000.00 and between my insurance and my monthly payments for the last 2 years I paid my bills.He ALSO HAD PLANS TO BRING HIS FAMILY OVER AND I'M SURE THAT WOULD OF RESULTED IN MORE JOBS BEING TAKEN MORE TAXES NOT BEING PAID AND MORE UNPAID MEDICAL BILLS,Our government has rounded up and deported millions of illegals on 2 occasions in our past .we need it done again.they cost us jobs ,and as you can see they cost us much more in other ways,.I welcome people to come to America but do it legally or don't do it at all.

Melbourne, FL

#2 Oct 16, 2011
If the people are here on good intention, if they want to be in the land of the free to be away from war and sadness, religious intolerance, racism and slavery, it should be reminded that America is the land of the Free.
What would help is if illegals who commited serious crimes, rather then being deported should receive punishment.
Recently my Aunt was deported to Mexico.
Shes Caucasian, has never received a ticket, felony, charge, nothing.
Pays her taxes, in a payed off home, Married with children. Worked in a company for 20+ years.
She was part of an early birth, whilst her parents were in Mexico, she was in Mexico for three days before coming to America, and in her 55 years of life never became a citizen.
There were no problems until she did try to become one.
They deported her.
She lived in Arizona.
They send her to the middle of a warzone, not knowing a lick of spanish.
Somewhere in southern mexico, an American woman is wondering what the hell she did.
This system is outrageously flawed, and sending the Wrong People home.
Recognize those who are here for freedom and who are here for greed.
lets stop this by who we

Winter Springs, FL

#3 Oct 18, 2011
Director John Morton said Tuesday his agency deported nearly 400,000 individuals during the fiscal year 2011 that just ended in September.

Morton announced the numbers in Washington, saying they were the largest in the agency's history.

ICE said about 55 percent of the 396,906 individuals deported had felony or misdemeanor convictions. Officials said the number of individuals convicted of crimes was up 89 percent from 2008.

Officials could not immediately say how many of those crimes related just to previous immigration violations. Individuals can be convicted of a felony just for returning to the U.S. or being found in the U.S. after the government orders them to leave.

Among those deported were more than 1,000 people convicted of homicide. Another 5,800 were sexual offenders, and about 80,000 people convicted of drug related crimes or driving under the influence.

Authorities say two-thirds of those deported either recently crossed the border or had done so repeatedly

Go ahead spook reply to this section.

United States

#4 Oct 18, 2011
So I'm guessing you skipped the part where I said immigrants with serious crimea should receive punishment?
lets stop this by who we

Winter Springs, FL

#5 Oct 19, 2011
no I did not miss it at all.They are Illegal period.I was only showing that many are involved in crime.They all need to be sent back,what part of illegal do you not understnd.Apply and do it the right way or risk being sent back no matter what nation you come from.Sneeking over the boarder is not the right way.Two times before in US history we have rounded up all the illegals and deported them.Well its time to do it again.Please understand I feel sorry for your aunt and your loss but she was not a citizen.Also her skin color has nothing to do with it , just the fact she was not a citizen.If In was living in France illegally and got caught it would matter not how long I lived there or how good a man I had been , the fact that Im not a french citzen would be the issue.If I lived there 55 years and had not applyed just whos fault is that.

United States

#6 Oct 19, 2011
Hmm, I wonder how we came to this country, sneaking onto boats into 'the New World'
There are people who come into this country only to become more proud of theit country then the people who live there.
There are people who cross the border with children, and go to school, get a decent job, and just want a decent life.
It can be illegal and still be Wrong,
What part of common decency do you not understand.
People need to stop exploiting them and underpaying them for shit jobs, the ones who work, almost all the money they make goes home, to Mexico, to support their families.
Mexico is alot worse off then we are right now.
lets stop this by who we

Winter Springs, FL

#7 Oct 20, 2011
Yes Mexico is in bad shape that is true ,so are most nations . Would you open our doors to all nations to come here Illegaly and turn our nation into a third world nation.We have these laws on the books for a reason.You make a good point almost all the money they make goes home.It isnt spent here to support our nation,our tax base,our companys.So yes it is illlegal and is still wrong.
Perhaps mexico is in bad shape for a reason.Perhaps corruption is part of the problem and ingnoring the law is a common there.When our familys ame to this nation there were no laws regarding immigration now there is.I think you will find all nations have laws in this area and for good reason.You can not just pretend the law is not there because it isnt to your liking.

Melbourne, FL

#8 Oct 20, 2011
Mexico and countries like it have bad men in command.
You have Ethiopia, where the leader put an odd seventy teenage males in essentially a large tin box in the desert, because they objected to him.
I'm wanting to open our doors to Those Who Deserve it.
Those who cross the borders because they Want to be and they would Work until they run out of sweat and blood to be US Citizens.
You have so many complete slugs who haven't worked a hard job in their life, complaining about immigrants working construction and 'stealing jobs' even though, most the people complaining wouldn't do any of those jobs.
Yes, the Law is there, it needs to be Improved.
I'm not talking about Taking it away, the enforcement needs to recognize with common sense who is illegal and who is legal.
Its wrong to tell someone they can't be free.
The law can not quite tell you whats right and wrong, the person who passed it can, if we're going to base morals on this nations laws, aswell as those of other nations, consider us immoral slaves to a new Holocaust of dissapproving, biased looks as we obey the law of the ignorant, deceived and carefree.
The Law can and will be wrong, what IS right and wrong is depicted within your own common sense and knowledge, not just through what you are told.
lets stop this by who we

Winter Springs, FL

#9 Oct 21, 2011
Maybe you have not heard about it there is something called legal entry where you apply.I know that sounds like something odd.But we do have a way for people to become US Citizens.Also where do you think all the jobs will come from for them?
Now in your own words
I'm not talking about Taking it away, the enforcement needs to recognize with common sense who is illegal and who is legal.
Its wrong to tell someone they can't be free.

Ok anyone who has not applyed and been granted legal entry is a illegal,No one is telling anyone they cant be free.I dont think Mexico or other nation have slavery as far as I know.They are free comming here wont change that.What your saying is they have the right to burden another nation $,and enter that nation aginst the law.
Perhaps people in other nations need to change thier nation and make it better and not sneek across the boarder and run from the problems they have but fix them.
lets stop this by who we

Winter Springs, FL

#10 Oct 21, 2011
I know its a novel ideal but being responsible for your self and following the law works.

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