This must be one of the only pieces of steal that wasnt sent to China even before an investigation was even done on the obvious controlled demolition pulled off by the only people in this world capable of doing such a thing. That isnt Muslims in a cave either.
Think of the King David hotel, the Lavon Affair, the Mexican congressional offices just after 9/11/2001, the USS Liberty bombing, the Beirut Marine barracks bombing, etc etc etc.

We have a habit of leaving these people out of being the prime suspects of these crimes and somehow end up blaming someone else with absolutely zero proof without batting an eyelash.

This 10 year anniversary of this Jewish crime is going to be a loud one and it will never go away until this crime is investigated by competant and trustworthy people and not by the very criminals who pulled this psychotic act out (with the help of our Jewish owned and operated BS machine called the media).