Palm Bay man jailed over loud music i...

Palm Bay man jailed over loud music in car

There are 136 comments on the News-Press story from Jan 16, 2007, titled Palm Bay man jailed over loud music in car. In it, News-Press reports that:

A 32-year-old Palm Bay man is in jail this morning after Florida Highway Patrol troopers said he ignored requests to turn down music booming from his car and struggled with an officer.

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Cottonwood, AZ

#104 Mar 31, 2009
If I had my way the noisy f'ers would be in prison. I hope they all die.

United States

#105 May 24, 2009
Cassidy wrote:
Way to go Palm Bay PD
amen 4 the police all of us dont need to hear that shit next thing work on cell phones while driving
community idiot

Kansas City, MO

#106 May 24, 2009
no problemo amigo
they just take the whole car up in the burbs in illinois
gone..... now you walk ...
if it was me I'd just walk up and pull all the blade fuses....have a nice day
does my heart proud to think of all the melted switching power supplies I saw
just think of all those burnt voice coils and blown outputs and cracked power fets
ahh yes and when the fuses dont open up the fans keep running
now hows that fer SMOKIN ?
sallright ..they just cut off all the credit cards

Santa Clara, CA

#107 May 29, 2009
People who relentlessly blast loud music surely don't exhibit much intelligence whatsoever.

Since: Sep 08

La Madera, NM

#108 Jun 2, 2009
You pull the trigger on the shotgun in time with the beats. Shoot only once. If you miss the music will cover you. Just aim well enough to get their attention if not them, and make sure you won't hit someone innocent further downrange. You don't want that on your conscience.

I HATE rude a**holes. Loud blaring music induces homicidal ideations in me.

I may be moving to Melbourne in the near future.

Clermont, FL

#109 Jun 4, 2009
Come on down player if you think you could handle the heat... my beats will cross your eyes and blur your vision so bad you can't see to shoot and then next thing yo know that duck gun will be up your a$$

My bass is so low

Since: Dec 08


#110 Jun 5, 2009
That's what you get for messing with the Police. He is a foolish man, when you see a cop you better do what he tells you or it'll get ugly.....why wouldn't you turn the music down just as the cop told ya and if he went away then you could turn it up again? Common sense isn't common, another car bumping loud music is annoying though...I admit

Bradenton Beach, FL

#111 Sep 4, 2009
Rico wrote:
Good. This carp has to go. People who listen to loud music regularly cannot find anything better to do.
Who said anything about trash fish?

United States

#112 Oct 4, 2009
Rangel wrote:
<quoted text>
I play loud music in my car all the time and get negitive coments an have started fights so you should not give advice that is not true cuz STAND UP TO ME and i'll sit you down.
lol I can see that you are definitely the kind of guy to be blasting bass music at 11 pm as loud as possible simply from that post.
You're the kind of guy who has to convince everyone else that you're a "man" otherwise you don't feel it. You're a man, you don't take no s*** from no one huh? No one is as bomb as you?
You buy a pick up truck and then have the wheels raised because you're too tough for a regular car, a man like you needs a man's car huh? You want to feel like you're driving a monster truck, like real men. People on the road look at you driving and think, "damn that is one tough son of a b****!"
You watch wrestling and you drink beer because it's manly. And you hang out with people just like you (normal people can't stand your constant need to prove you're a real man).
etc etc
But the reality is, you're stuck in a mediocre job that you don't really like and a wife you settled for because you thought you couldn't get better. You don't make as much money as you want, and because you can't buy things like a nice luxury car or a big house or a college education, you spend it on stupid things like bass for your car. You're not impressing anyone, you're just annoying them with your obnoxiousness, whether it's the noise, your eyesore of a car, or stupid I'm-a-tough-guy threats like the one you've written
Guess what though? You're not fooling anyone. Only other idiots like yourself will pretend to look past you trying to be a man. Keep dreaming, but you're not a real man. Isn't it hard for people like you to get jobs after going to jail for aggravated assault? You ain't sitting anyone down, son.
traler stud

Clermont, FL

#113 Oct 4, 2009
Oh flameass you so told him! Feel better about yourself? You are one of those people who trolls the internet looking to put other people down so you can be superior, even if only in the cyber world - at one thing in life... But the reality is, you're stuck in a mediocre job that you don't really like and a wife you settled for because you thought you couldn't get better. You don't make as much money as you want, and because you can't buy things like a nice luxury car or a big house or a college education, you hide on your computer and talk down to folks who have it better than you ever will. Get a life outside of the interwebs and you might find that bass is bad ass and you're clueless. go on.
arguing with idiots

Palm Bay, FL

#114 Oct 8, 2009
go to the craigs list electronics section and post ads
like this should be funny
you could get em on here

there must hundreds of ads of empty enclosures
i love watching em cut up a brand new suv on tv
just so they can put in all this overated crap and some low rider wheels
Loud Music

Pittsboro, IN

#115 Oct 21, 2009
will shoot any motherfuckas tires who plays loud crap outta his car with open windaz especially at night..
strait dope

Clermont, FL

#116 Oct 23, 2009
You betta hit the ground you start shootin at my thumpin low rider p. AK mow down commin baby so ya betta jus lissen an smile while yer ol lady shakes her booty to teh groovin beats.

United States

#117 Oct 24, 2009
concerned wrote:
The point is this, put someone in jail over loud music, if thats what it has come to please tell me how does one get elected to
the Palm Bay polit buerau, this is America not
some communist reseime, Palm Bay police Jax
Um... WHAT?
no bass heads

Santa Clara, CA

#118 Dec 18, 2009
just lookup boom car
Bad Karma for Thumpers

Phoenix, AZ

#119 Mar 8, 2010
I've never met a thumper who wouldn't back down when there alone. But they are real tough when they have their buddies around. Bravado and Machismo.....what a bunch of crap.....Sure...go ahead now and threaten me now on the internet.....whatever.....Save it for your next reconquista rally so you can bitch about all the racist anglos...Ever wonder why anglos don't like Mexicans? In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "People should not be judged for the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Blasting loud music so it can be heard for blocks and holding rallys that claim that whites stole your land will most certainly not help the latino image because your character is whats being judged, not your ethnicity. If you act like a prick you will be treated as such.

Clermont, FL

#120 Mar 10, 2010
And you Karma are the tuff guy making hasty judgement on something you know nothing about. The Boom gets p ussy and kicks a ss with or without any heat. But you wouldn't know that cuz you ain't got guts to hang around us white dirty south punks. lol
Bad Karma for Thumpers

Phoenix, AZ

#121 Mar 11, 2010
White dirty south punks huh. So what are you saying? Do you know what a punk is? You like it up the ass? Obviously, your the one who knows nothing you southern white trailer park trash.

Since: Mar 10

Orlando, FL

#123 Mar 16, 2010
While everyone is trying the age old "my dog is bigger" routine remember the news article:
A 32-year-old Palm Bay man is in jail this morning after Florida Highway Patrol troopers said he ignored requests to turn down music booming from his car and struggled with an officer.

The man went to jail because he ignored FHP request to turn down the music. We all have been guilty of this at least once in our life but when someone told us it was too loud we did the right thing and turned it down. He refused!

He also struggled with an officer. You can't fight with a cop and not go to jail!!
They are the law. Notice it was A FHP, not just local cops? FHP have a lot more training, and they remind me of a drill sgt in the military. Mean and tough.
Loud music is disturbing the peace, the law.
Fighting a cop is assault & battery on an officer of the law.

All he had to do is just turn it down!

Since: Mar 09

Location hidden

#124 Mar 16, 2010
The insecure, look-at-me, look-at-me, look-at-me morons that blast that obnoxious over the top bass are a clear example of sheer rudeness and lack of complete respect for others. When I and others are at a red light or stuck in traffic and these morons are blasting that crap, I and I'm sure others, have all they can do to resist bashing in their friggin' windows and smash those crap ass speakers to bits. But, alas, a cooler head(s) take over and idiots like this Palm Bay loser get busted. LOVE IT!

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