Review: Lamplighter Village

Hollywood, FL

#85 Aug 20, 2014
punjab wrote:
<quoted text>it will in time
A new house on the lake just sold, and their rent will be over $700 a month

Hollywood, FL

#86 Aug 20, 2014
Punjab wrote:
<quoted text>A new house on the lake just sold, and their rent will be over $700 a month
i just made some calls, and whoever moves into this horrible community, is called 'Market Value'
Sorry, but $700 is a mortgage payment on something that is yours.... your own property without being involved with Satan's Company, other words Cal Am.
i hope people who are looking for a 'real house' will pass this Sinkhole of a Community up.

Melbourne, FL

#87 Aug 20, 2014
I am glad that you are enjoying living here. We used to as well.
Yes, we were informed and expected some rent increases, but not as high as they are. Also, we were told that this is a safe place to live and retire, where no kids or teenagers are allowed, and absolutely no renters! I'm sure you went through a background and credit check as we did. However, not everyone does and that's where CalAm is violating the contracts of those of us that follow the rules. There ARE underage renters in here and management knows who they are and where they live, but won't do anything about it!

United States

#88 Aug 21, 2014
Sharon wrote:
I am glad that you are enjoying living here. We used to as well.
Yes, we were informed and expected some rent increases, but not as high as they are. Also, we were told that this is a safe place to live and retire, where no kids or teenagers are allowed, and absolutely no renters! I'm sure you went through a background and credit check as we did. However, not everyone does and that's where CalAm is violating the contracts of those of us that follow the rules. There ARE underage renters in here and management knows who they are and where they live, but won't do anything about it!
I do understand about the Renters, kids living here, and quarters.
This is where we can get Cal Am for allowing this to happen. We have an association, and i hope they blow this out of the water. As far as the rent increase, we 'Have the Magic Number' to when we move. Cal Am has a Legal Department, so when we all present this Breach of Their own contract, hopefully we can get what we all want... No Rent Increase!
But for now, i am living in the House i Love

Melbourne, FL

#89 Aug 23, 2014
Why have they been cleaning up the grounds this week? Even working on the weekend. Are the big shots from CalAm actually going to visit? If anybody knows please post on here. We need to enlighten them as residents, not just let "management" tell their lies!

Melbourne, FL

#90 Sep 14, 2014
Sharon wrote:
Several residents that we spoke to about the unauthorized people living here have said that they informed management, and we're told that they know about it but can't do anything because "legal has to get involved and that could take awhile." These "residents" even use the pool and other amenities here right under managements noses! So you really don't know who your neighbors are here either. You would be better off buying a house because the land under it would be yours, too. And your mortgage won't go up every year if you have a fixed rate. I don't know how some people in here can make ends meet with a mobile home payment and these high lot RENTAL payments on top of that.
I would wish to report 500 Waterfront for an unauthorized person living here. He is a mid 20's African American who looks like a THUG! His neighbor went to the office and was told by the $48K Manager who does nothing for our protection that it takes time. What, after someone gets shot? I want to make sure this Thug is on the Lease with the older person, or OUT HE GOES!
I wouldn't refer my Worst Enemy to this Unsafe Place whilst this Manager is here.

Melbourne, FL

#91 Sep 16, 2014
I have read every comment in this forum and glad I did.
I am considering purchasing a manufactured home in a few months and am looking around at a few parks that would suit me. While I am aware that a certain amount of drama goes on anywhere at any age there seems to be a fair amount of dissatisfaction and concern with this community. But, on the other hand a lot of satisfaction. Lamplighter is a huge park. However, I do notice that there are a LOT of homes for sale in this community. Now, IF I come to look at a home in this community of course the owner is most likely NOT going to tell me their reason for selling is that the management is lax, doesn't enforce the rules or a druggie or children live there full time because that would certainly defeat them selling their home. Best thing is, is to keep eyes wide open to everything around should I choose to look in Lamplighter Village which now, I am wary of and also the reports of extremely HIGH lot rents. I see on craigslist this one lovely home with a wide driveway that is now drastically reduced to 13 thousand and something......I am wondering why. It's been on there and MHVillage listings for a LONG time. Such a shame there is all this chaos and confusion. I guess if I do look for a home in LV I will just ask other residents in the community what their thoughts are. It saddens me that this lovely 55+ community is in such a quandary. 55+ should mean 55+ and FYI........that's what the managements 'legal' department is for is to help rectify what is over managements head to get renter out if that is a violation of rules and a myriad of other tasks. Turnover in many move outs due to bad management has to be expensive, just like any employer it costs to have high turnover in employees and it must be something along the same lines to have people just walk away or move out of LV. I am going to reserve my decision and watch closely for a next few months while looking at other parks not owned by this company. I will keep up with this forum for feedback it is interesting and informative.
Arrow wood bound

Clermont, FL

#92 Sep 16, 2014
I believe this community has many issues. The manager (Dave) seems to do nothing when the home owners tell him and ask for help with 1. Renters 2. Unauthorized people using our pool, laundry facility, billiard room. He states "What do you want me to do"?.
That is not a manager. The owners (Cal Am) need to start calling the homeowners and asking them for what the issues are and how many times they have approached the office for assistance. They have very high rents in this community vs other communities but they are not providing us the promised 5 star resort.
There are over 40 homes for sale with Cal Am but remember that doesn't count the homes that are for sale by owner, or other real estate companies. I would put a guess at over 50.
That is not a good sign in my opinion.
When you go to the pool and you see nothing but kids that don't have the home owner present its a tell tale sign that that the managers don't enforce any of the rules of the community. This community rules state that you can have a guest but you must be with the homeowner when you use the facilities, not to be left on your own. That is my opinion is being a lazy homeowner and not willing to follow the rules. If they can't come to the pool, pool hall, then your visitors need to stay at home too. Sorry but I pay for this community and was told that the rules are followed.
I believe this community can be fixed. There is a new regional manager, and if she is any good she will see that this forum and the issues are real.
I would not advise anyone purchasing a home to go thru the office for the tour. Drive in the community yourself, stop and talk to the residents. There are several homes with renters in and also with a home that has a family children and adults not of age. I heard that the office was notified of this family issue but they haven't done anything about it yet. But of course, the office will tell you what you need to hear to purchase a home. They are obviously nothing but used car salesman (sales women) and will say anything to get a sale.
Ask the office to put in writing what your rent will be. They have a lot of different rent amounts based on where you live and when you bought.
I checked out several other 55 and older communities in and around this area, and they are what a 55 and older community is all about. I wish that I did more homework and didn't purchase in this community, but I have faith that it will change. If not another home on the lake will be up for sale.
They allow commercial vehicles and we were told there are NO commercial vehicles in this community. Liars, used car salesman (sales women)

Clermont, FL

#93 Sep 16, 2014
Kamar wrote:

I would wish to report 500 Waterfront for an unauthorized person living here. He is a mid 20's African American who looks like a THUG! His neighbor went to the office and was told by the $48K Manager who does nothing for our protection that it takes time. What, after someone gets shot? I want to make sure this Thug is on the Lease with the older person, or OUT HE GOES!
I wouldn't refer my Worst Enemy to this Unsafe Place whilst this Manager is here.


Did you file an incident report with your HOA? At the meeting on Sunday, they are wanting all issues to be placed on an incident report so they can act. If there is trouble, call the police, get a report and then send a copy to the Cal Am office.

I would by pass the office at every chance I could, they do nothing. Lets' get this community back where it should be, we all pay enough to live here.

Melbourne, FL

#94 Sep 17, 2014
Thanks for the information Arrow Wood bound. I'm not easily lead by these types having worked in the legal field for 20 years as an investigator.(In another state) It's a shame that such a lovely community, with many homeowners only want what they pay for and management turns mainly a blind eye because, well for one they know they gotcha pretty much because you own the home and number two, they just don't care and know you will give up and give in. I would urge the residents to file FORMAL complaints with the office as suggested whether or not you think it does any good. In writing and send a copy of it to the main corporate office. And when you take in this written complaint into the office, have the person who accepts it sign off on it and date it and get a copy of it. That way they can't say they never received it. I saw a news story from 2008 when there was massive flooding of LV from Hurricane Fay I'm wondering does LV have any regular drainage problems when there is rain or storms not a hurricane? And what about the man made lake there, do they flood? Is the new regional manager in place already? If so contact her directly. If corporate doesn't know what is going on they don't know that there IS anything going on. There is strength in numbers, remember that. Go over managements head. I will drive thru the park in the next few days and look around more. Like I said before, such a lovely park and such a shame they are doing what they should. Wonder if the newspaper would be of any help? Sounds to me like the management takes advantage of seniors..........never a good thing to hear in Florida especially.:-)

Melbourne, FL

#95 Sep 25, 2014
I earlier wrote that I would reserve my opinion on whether to buy a home within this park. I have been out for a week looking at the various 55+ parks and talking to residents within. Lamplighter Village is a lovely looking community with lovely well maintained homes inside and out and very reasonable asking prices. I'll bypass living in Lamplighter. Too many complaints and way out of line lot rents and an owner and management who seems to care little about its residents. There are too many other parks without all this drama that have lovely well maintained homes also without the GI-normous lot rents. It's too 'iffy' to live in Lamplighter to put my cash into a home and be afraid that the lot rent is going to raise every year by leaps and bounds. I have interviewed residents from all of the 55+ parks around........too many dissatisfied residents in Lamplighter for me. And I know no one in Lamplighter, I talked to people just out and about the neighborhood. I really like the looks of lamplighter but will not put my cash into a home there.
Upset resident of LV

Clermont, FL

#96 Sep 25, 2014
Loves Melbourne:
I am happy to hear that you talked to the residents and didn't listen to the office and their lies about how wonderful this park is. Yes the rents are very high here and the manager does nothing to assist the residents. I would also suggest that you forward a copy of this email to the owners in California so they can truly see what the problems are. I am sure that the office lies to them as well and if they are any type of corporation that sees the value in keeping promises that were made to the residents, they will certainly step in and make sure that the manager does his job. This community has so many caring individuals that I am afraid if it keeps going like it is, these residents will sell their homes and Cal Am will have no one that wants to own, only renters. Maybe that is what they are trying to do? We all need to stand firm together, let Cal Am know we aren't putting up with the garbage and the horrible manager. The rent negotiations are in full swing, hopefully the board will blow Cal Am out of the water with the problems and not let them buffalo them into accepting a contract that is and will be a hardship for so many of our elderly residents
What park are you planning on purchasing in. There are so many that have wonderful managers that do care and want the residents to be happy, NOT LAMPLIGHTER VILLAGE.
Enjoy your new home in FL.

Melbourne, FL

#97 Sep 25, 2014
Hi there "Upset Resident of LV"..........last week I emailed Cal Am with a link to this forum of their not so happy residents. The reply was to direct me to the office at Lamplighter Village that there is an on site manager. Pfft! Cal Am is making or will make a lot of money off this property and that's what they are after of course. When a 'company' this case, LV gets too big for their britches (so to speak) and they will eventually force many out as costs rise. This is a huge community and all they see is $$$, it's apparent. There are at minimum 40 homes for sale in there at any one given time and more sometimes. I've been tracking that for several months now. Such a shame. I have never seen so many in one area like this for sale. I'm looking at Lakewood Village. While not as nice as LV it IS very nice. Biggest complaint around there is when a a light might go out. lol. Arrowood has its own problems and I'm not even considering it either. I really don't like that part of town where it is. There's a few other very small very nice 55+ parks too that have no pool which is fine with me. For the life of me I don't understand why the LV residents aren't calling Cal Am themselves? If I paid that kind of money for a mobile / manufactured home LOT and the management was ignoring valid complaints and the rents were rising like i have heard from residents themselves, I would be forcing CAL AM to listen. There is strength in numbers. But to put that kind of money into a LOT where you own the home it's on..........they kinda have an upperhand IF the residents don't MAKE themselves be heard to CAL AM.
Upset resident of LV

Clermont, FL

#98 Sep 25, 2014
Thanks Loves Melbourne:

There is two HOA's in this community that hopefully will be able to get Cal Am to listen and I agree, strength in numbers. Too many homeowners are afraid so they don't speak up. They suffer in silence.
Cal Am is a corporation that has too many chiefs and not enough (or caring) indians. The manager here is a joke, to put it mildly and Cal Am has been informed but they do nothing except to keep him on.

When we as residents go to see the office, sometimes the office is even empty with no Cal Am staff, door open and no one to greet you. That is very scary in my opinion.

We heard Cal Am has a new regional manager and hopefully this one will do something to benefit the community. I doubt it that is why there is so many homes for sale, people are sick of the bull crap and paying high rents.

I too looked at Lakewood Village, it was just not enough to have me purchase in there. I need the pool for my own sanity. Lakewood Village I believe has a pool. The rents there are increasing also not at this rate but they are getting up there too, When we looked it was $483.00 not I believe they are over $500.00.

I am hoping that we can all get together and go to the office in force and demand our 5 star resort that we were promised. We should all keep our lot money in escrow until our issues and demands are met maybe that will jolt Cal Am to getting our community back to where it is suppose to be.

Owning a home might be cheaper and more fulfilling that living here. Time will tell on how many residents put the 4 sale sign in their windows and move on.

Enjoy your new home in Lakewood Village, can you tell us what you found out about Arrowwood?

I was there and talked to a lot of residents and didn't get the vibe that you did, so I must not have talked to the correct residents. LOL

Melbourne, FL

#99 Sep 26, 2014
Hi Upset resident of LV
I haven't purchased anything anywhere yet.
The lot rents are as follows in Lakewood regular lot = 479.00; Large lot= 489.00 and extra large lot = 500.00 per month. And yes, rent increases are a no brainer, there are increases in cost of living everywhere but not 709.00 for lot rent and not jumps of 70.00 and more in just one year. The extra large lots in lakewood are very large lots........
I understand the love of the resort type atmosphere but I thinkk LV has gotten too big for a mobile home park and the drainage there bothers me slightly. I didn't even go to Arrowood...but there is an entire website devoted to Arrowood's not so good management. Anywhere I have looked the rents are 400.00 plus per month.......even some of the bad ones. What bothers me about LV is all the complaints and dissatisfaction with management and most of all the huge lot rents and the less than caring attitudes of the owners and the management. It can be 'resort' style all it wants but in the end it is a mobile home community that the owner of the lots that your home is on has you by the short hairs if they want to. All they have to say is 'move if you don't like it' just like any other landlord. And there are apparently a LOT of people there who are moving because of one thing or another.

Melbourne, FL

#100 Sep 27, 2014
We should be closing on a house and out of here next month. We are sick and tired of the lazy do nothing manager (Dave) who is never available, or if you do catch him, he tells you there is nothing he can do. In reality, there is nothing he WILL do. There is a guy that jumps the fence between us and Groveland on the north side. We have informed Dave numerous times and he actually got upset with US !!! He threatened my husband with legal action and hung up on him! The underage young guy is still living at 120 Lamplighter in the black and white home. We have been told for months that they "are working on it." In the mean time, this guy and his underage friends continue to use the pool room and all the other amenities that WE PAY FOR! I did try to call corporate but got a voice mail only with the message "This mailbox is full". No wonder! Too many of us are trying to call them and they aren't checking the messages. They know things are really bad here!
As soon as we close on our house we are going to practically give our home away. Maybe we will give it to a homeless person. Lol. I feel bad for the residents who have no choice but to stay here. We are trying to make things better for everyone else before we leave, but we can't find anyone to listen. Maybe we should have a peaceful protest with signs and everything, and make sure the media is called beforehand.
Upset resident of LV

Clermont, FL

#101 Sep 28, 2014
Dear Loves Melbourne:

We do call Cal Am in CA, the mailbox is full, they never return calls. they are a joke also. No wonder they have such a horrible manager, it goes hand and hand with a horrible company that are owners.

Everyone in Lamplighter Village needs to speak their own voices, call the office, in numbers, numerous times each day, go to the office, put all of your concerns in writing have them sign they got it, mail a copy to the home office in CA.

We need to stand together, not be divided. There is so much discontent here that we need to focus on what is the real issues. The rent increases, the renters, the families in here that are not 55 and older. We have attorney on file, use that HOA money and pay him to do the rent negotiations for us. He wrote 723, he knows the rules. We need to get the prospectus changed to be a CPI community therefore the rents won't increase more than either the CPI or a percentage, like 5%.

Honestly the people here are just allowing the management to do what they want,. STOP the insanity. What is the definition of INSANTITY? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

This place won't change until we take charge and stop the owners from running over us.

Lets all keep our lot rents in ESCROW until our demands are met. Protest and demand what we were promised. A 5 STAR RESORT.

Melbourne, FL

#102 Sep 28, 2014
Does anyone know what the "penalty" is for moving out of here? We have heard that Dave has told people it will cost them $2500 to leave their home to CalAm. If we don't sell ours, or give it away, we are going to pull a permit and have it dismantled. I wonder how they will hold us hostage for that!!!

Melbourne, FL

#103 Oct 1, 2014
Well, since last I posted, we just all received our 90 Day Lot Rent Increase Letter. Starting January everyone will be raised $39 more a Month!
Can't wait to move the Hell out of here!
This is where I will be living:
Own your own house and your property. Check out all they offer!
Management and Staff SUCK at Lamplighter Village!
More young people/renters moving in so it looks 100% occupied!
And all this to keep the Scumbag Cory Rich!
SCREW YOU......... I am out of here!

Melbourne, FL

#104 Oct 1, 2014

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