On a historical site by Manatee Park, in Downtown Melbourne, Florida, is a apartment building on the corner with boarded up windows and vines up the sides.
It smells like ash and is burnt from the inside.
Decor consisting of printed pictures of cats and tossed around furniture, in a series of decay. It is truly a part of Forgotten Florida.
Searching around and asking around, I haven't been able to peer into its history apart from the Hotel that once stood there, that burned down years ago.
It seems like most people completely ignore its existence, or call it an eyesore. I see this place every weekend and I can feel myself clench.
It has a story to tell and I wish to find out all I can about it.
I do plan on visiting the library this week, to see if I can find something, but just for the sake of asking,
Does anyone know anything about it?