First of all I am the mother of the son that was shot and I live out of state and had to hear this from my daughter and I was livid, scared that my son was there and was shot in the hand by his own biological father and I knew that man for years and never would have thought that he would shoot his own biological son in the hand and now he can't use it and can't find any type of work because of he needs his hands of what he always did construct, create and used his hands as a gift to do so many things and in one second that was all gone. So yes, I am very angry and want some one to come forward to help him and me to get his hand fixed by a doctor that knows hand surgery and can get his hand back as much as possible so he can continue with his life, live normally like have a family of his own which he deserves very much. I am very proud of my son and want to best for be happy! He is very discouraged that if anyone knows someone out there to help, please leave some form of contact information so I can contact you. I can not leave my information for the sake of my son and my safety. I don't trust of what he may be capable of doing to others since he shot his own so in which I love with all my heart and soul. Anyone who would shoot his own son especially my son too, is a dispicable human being and what ever happens to him next is on him and will pay for what he did through which the judge will decide on this. Please just contact me if anyone knows of someone that can help! I AM VERY PROUD OF MY SON AND LOVE HIM WITH MY HEART AND SOUL!! Good Lord Jeff is my son and it hurts to see him in so much pain and tramua that he went through because of a very unstabled, confused, and very disturbed person that I am ashamed of to now call him my son's father! What a shock to me that my son was shot and now we need help to fix him please get in touch with me as soon as you can here. My son needs his life back so he can live somewhat a normal life.