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#43 Apr 29, 2013
Wouldn't set foot in that place!!!!!

Hopkinsville, KY

#44 Apr 29, 2013
To the owner of Elite Angler's Bait and Tackle. There is obviously nothing elite about your business. I hope your business takes a nose dive - if it hasn't already! You should be ashamed of such ridiculous behavior, whether it was you personally or your lack of judgement in the employee you hired.

Hopkinsville, KY

#45 Apr 29, 2013
Fish R Mann wrote:
If true, this would be terrible, but it has the feel of an Internet / Facebook myth or hoax. I'm not buying it.
It's good of you to try to blame some jerk on the internet; too bad the jerk really was from the business, which needs to drop the word "elite" from it's logo!
Sandra T

Alachua, FL

#46 Apr 29, 2013
The man out there yelling should have taken the time and have been the first one to aid her. After all we all have relatives in our life that at some point may need aide by a total stranger. Maybe next time when this hot head is faced with a moment where someone is in need he will think from a different perspective and offer his aide.

Hauppauge, NY

#47 Apr 29, 2013
Reading this flat tire thing makes me sick,This thing (not a man) should get knocked to the ground and stomped for his actions. I feel sorry for his mother for raising such sh=t.I will NEVER go there agian and that goes for my family down there to.
Jody Fryer

Palm Coast, FL

#48 Apr 29, 2013
Fish R Mann wrote:
If true, this would be terrible, but it has the feel of an Internet / Facebook myth or hoax. I'm not buying it.
I am very good friends with the actual person who experienced this. He is a combat marine, and a 100% STANDUP person.
devere fish

Saint Augustine, FL

#49 Apr 29, 2013
this business is off my, "i will go there when i need something" list

Pompano Beach, FL

#50 Apr 29, 2013
He is lucky that didn't happen to me and my kid. I would have lost it! This douche needs all of us to protest his business!! I will never go there. Will spread the word also! Now. If he had helped her, she would have given him free good publicity. Now what's he got! Everyone hates him!

Pompano Beach, FL

#51 Apr 29, 2013
If you call them, their not answering the phone due to the facebook comment! Lmao little does this dipshit know this is not just Facebook. Its gone viral!!! Maybe the next time a mother with a young child needs help, he may think twice. May.. key word! Once a looser always a looser.

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#52 Apr 29, 2013
I wouldn't had moved my car, it's public property when it's broke down on the side of the road, the property doesn't belong to the owner. I suggest to my friends not to go to this establishment either!!!

I would have called the police for his vulgar behavior. He had no right to tell anyone to find somewhere else to fix the car. Could have damaged the car further by moving it, unsafe conditions and the driver would have gotten a ticket if police had seen.

This owner has lost any potential sales from my husband and friends I repeat this story to. The best thing about telling a friend... the story travels quickly!

Elite Angler owner is probably some northern person who comes down to Florida and takes up our space, reading other posts maybe you ought to fly back north for the summer and stay there.

Employees of Elite Angler - better start looking for a new job, someone will be going out of business soon!
top angler

United States

#53 Apr 29, 2013
Hope people boycott this sorry place. YES this is trus story. what a POS

Auburndale, FL

#54 Apr 29, 2013
I have shared this message on FB an all my family an friends fish , they will not use this place ever again . I think we should ban an Pickett !! Just aweful behavior

United States

#55 Apr 29, 2013
I wrote the business after reading this on my Facebook. My husband and i enjoy fishing in the cove at Palm Bay Rd and US1. We have never given this insensitive idiot our business and we will continue not to. If anyone runs out of something and asks us about a bait shop, were telling them to steer clear of Elite Anglers.

Sounds like the owner needs to go fishing for some manners. I hope his "business" suffers after this. By the looks of the reviews I have read on his establishment, it seems that he is well on his way to running himself out of business. I think the news channels need to be aware of that this guy did... Bring a little more public shame and hopefully make him more aware of how he treats others.
florida boy

United States

#56 Apr 29, 2013
Jordan wrote:
<quoted text>
That's because you don't live around there. People in Palm Bay are actually like that...I'll still make sure people around there know and REFUSE to go there whether you "buy" it or not.
I resent that remark not all people from Palm Bay are like that I live in Palm Bay I've been in Palm Bay for yearsdon't assume everybody is like that just because you have that feeling don't let one ahole make a judgement on the rest

United States

#57 Apr 29, 2013
Amanda wrote:
This indeed did happen there is a photo and the person who stopped to help this pregnant woman and her 5 year old son is absolutely telling the truth. I have family ties to this situation and my father and step mother witnessed it. My father called and suggested a public apology...doubtful seeing this man's behavior that will ever happen, but best believe this story will be posted everywhere I can get my typing fingers to. This man's behavior is nothing short of disgusting. This is Florida, bait and tackle shops are a dime a dozen this moron has competition coming from every angle. Fool, he can be sunk in the blink of an eye and should rightfully be.
Funny, I suggested a public apology to save whatever business he had left in my letter I wrote to him. I think others should write of their disappointment to the owner as well. Google the address.

Fort Thomas, KY

#58 Apr 29, 2013
I know who this happened to. This is true and the owner acted very poorly. Word of mouth is important to a business and I hope this one comes back to bite him in the bass.
the great dude

Chicago, IL

#59 Apr 29, 2013
Totally true! the people at this shop are an ass! avoid them!
Joe wilber

United States

#60 Apr 29, 2013
Really really sad, I always get my bait there!!!I will never never buy bait there again!! How can you treat a woman or a child like that!!! That man is a peice of trash, everyone should get there bait elsewhere!!!
Deb Rinehart

Apopka, FL

#61 Apr 29, 2013
i happen to know Teresa personally,& this is no internet hoax (in response to the man from NC)...what a jerk this owner is..i would hope no one would go to his business

Livingston, LA

#62 Apr 29, 2013
I may not frequent the joint butI can tell you this much... When I see stories on FB that are so unbelievable the first thing that comes to mind is "no business owner would do that" I do a little looking around to see if it's a hoax because if there is one thing I can't stand it is someone alamming a business for no reason. Times are tough and that kind of thing isn't funny.

I will tell you this much. At this point I think it look pretty credible to me, and I am posting this from just outside Baton Rouge, La.

Word of mouth travels fast. It always has but in today's day and age so much more so. Should I ever find myself traveling down Hwy 1 I will make sure I don't slow down in front of this outfit for fear of looking like I might be blocking his entrance.

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