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Melbourne, FL

#1 Feb 14, 2009
nahackys is the worst fish store ever. All they want is your money.They know nothing about fish. They are very disrespectful - they charge you for shipping - there store smells like cat pee. I would never recommend this place to anyone. What they want is your money and them they say get out of my store. They have no knowlage of what there doing what so ever. They abuse there customers verbily. Well its the worst

Deland, FL

#2 Feb 15, 2009
Nahacky's is one of the best fish stores out there. They are very helpful and always answer all of my stupid questions respectfully. Of course they charge you for shipping...everyone does that is not online. Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about and need to chill out.
fishy business

Laredo, TX

#3 Feb 15, 2009
Enormous lol kid needs to pay more attention in junior high, too. Can't spell crap lol! Probably only had twenty dollars and thought she'd get a salt water aquarium ha ha ha ha ha! Stay out of Nahacky's until you learn how to read and write punk.


#4 Apr 6, 2009
I love shopping at Nahacky's!! I started shopping there when I moved to Melbourne and needed something to fill my time. Never lost any fish following their recommendations, especially when I wanted to buy fish that my tank wasn't ready for or wouldn't have fit in with my other fish. Great local family business!!


#5 Apr 10, 2009
I have been a happy Nahacky's shopper for about 3 years. I often drop in to admire their stock even when I don't need (or have the room for) anything new. As for the "cat pee" comment, I remember going in there earlier this year after we had had some really cold weather and noticed a delightful scent of incense burning. I commented about how delicious it smelled, and Katie told me she had taken pity on a homeless kitten when we were having freezing nights and let him stay indoors overnight. Well, we cat lovers know what happens when you do that - the visitor "claims" the homestead!!! Nevertheless, I never noticed any unpleasant odors myself. I applaud their kindness!

Laredo, TX

#6 Apr 14, 2009
I got a grouper from Nahacky's that was absolutely delicious!


#7 Dec 19, 2009
I have had many horrible experiences with Nahacky's over the years. A few years ago in the midst of the many management switches I walked in to find a tank full of once huge and beautiful seahorses, dead and rotting in plain sight. They had been left there dead for at least a week. To experienced fresh/salt aquarium owners, the staff is useless and ignorant. For those newer to the hobby, I'm sure they are more help. However, with the store makeover and new management once again, the act has really cleaned up. I was in a few days ago looking for live foods for fish, and was very impressed by the new appearance of the store. The fish look healthy, and the staff is very attentive but still lacking a lot of basic knowledge about 90% of what they stock. They will still blatantly feed you false information to make a buck, but anyone looking to add fish to an aquarium should already have all of their research done before entering a pet store anyway. I am still appauled by the prices for SW fish and inverts, but most other prices in the store are very reasonable. They are also more than happy to order anything for you including live foods (in my case, blackworms)and will call you as soon as they come in. Prices on specially ordered items are also very reasonable. I will continue to do business with Nahacky's for some things that I cannot find elsewhere, but for everything else, I choose TRIDENT PETS! This is the #1 fresh/marine store in the county (located on Babcock in Palm Bay). Service and knowledge is impecable. The prices for saltwater fish/inverts are wayyyy better than Nahacky's and the selection is exponential in comparison to Nahacky's range of fish/invert species in stock. The animals are always in beautiful condition and will not be sold to you unless they are completely adapted to captivity and eating well (Not the case with most stores). These guys will not sell you fish that don't fit your aquarium needs or environment. Tell them about your tank and its inhabitants, and they will tell you which fish you can keep successfully, even if it means selling you a cheaper fish. They also carry many hard-to-find species of fresh and salt animals. The coral and live rock selection is also far superior to any other store in Brevard. These guys are the best and deserve your business so much more than ANY other option. Even if you have no idea where to start with your new fresh/salt keeping hobby, they'll tell you what you need to know and then some.

Hialeah, FL

#8 Dec 22, 2009
have to concur with the above individual on Trident Pets. i have had tanks (salt and fresh) for years from miami all the way up to palm bay and must say the guys at trident know there stuff and have a great selection. regardless of how far you have to travel, i have purchase 10 different fish and only had one die in a span of 3 years. its really base on the info provided by trident.


#9 Jan 30, 2010
I have had great experiences shopping there. Healthy fish, helpful staff...would recommend!

Hollywood, FL

#10 Nov 13, 2010
I just had a little bit to say about this store. I have been in the area now for 8 years. Before this I had the best fishstore imaginable where they had lots of stock and new stuff coming in 4 times a week. Then I come to Melbourne...I thought all places were like my hometown but I was sadly mistaken. I'm a salt guy so the first thing I did was look for stores. I went to every single store and in my opinion, nothing measured up, not even close. The only place worth going to is Trident Pets. What they lack in variety they make up in prices. Nahacky's on the otherhand is the complete opposite. Their prices are like...really?! I guess if there wasn't such a great store like Trident around I would have a better view of Nahackys but I just can't say anything good about them. Staff is very unknowledgable. Stock never looks 100%. Some of their staff is also CREEPY. I remember going in there once and one of them was just staring at me. He asked if I needed any help, I said no I'm just looking and then he just "followed" me around the store staring at me.
waste of time

Kissimmee, FL

#11 Sep 16, 2011
Worst Customer Service from the owner!!!!!

Christmas, FL

#12 Oct 14, 2011
Thanks Nahacky's my fish are doing great!
Waste of Money

Merritt Island, FL

#13 Nov 11, 2011
I agree with the more negative comments. This store sucks.

Went there for the very first time, spent over $200.00, on infested plants, and sick fish, not to mention the equipment and medication to fix the problem. What a fricken nightmare. They charged me a fortune, when I found out later that the equipment, and stock that I had purchased was way over priced, could have gotten a better deal at Pet-Co, or Pet Smart. Man was I a sucker, and on top of that the pudgy blond girl that works wouldn't even give me a refund, or allow for some type of discount, for there infested stock of fish cooties, such as Ick,Red Algae, which was on the plants she promised was safe to put in my tanks. That lying little person just wants to line their pockets, so they can continue to stuff there pudgy little pockets. I would never go near that store ever again, and I do mean ever.
Dont go there

Melbourne, FL

#14 Jan 26, 2013
I have been there several times giving them chance after chance. First time I was getting into salt water I told them i was on a tight budget and was trying to price. There response was You have no buisness getting into salt water or fish at all. My budget which I didnt say was about a grand. Second time I went in there to give another chance was even worse. I was gahering information about skimmers. Asked what was the difference. The owner said well this is 135 this is 157 etc. Wtf??? I had to refraze the question what is the types of skimmers. After he told me about the cone shape I asked what was the difference in those again a smartass reply, "It is the IN thing." I said i dont care about the in thing I want to know what works better and why. Another smart response I received. "Well you should just get this then." He pulls back a curtain to a 3k plus industrial skimmer. at that point I walk out. I actually finally got some help through 2 people there but everyone else is useless. The fish all got sick though that I got from there......the other fish from other stores were fine. After going back in there a few times and looking at coral and fish, it was terrible. The coral and inverts are way overpriced and the coral sickly looking. The fish always have something wrong with them and I constantly see ich in there system. I have store credit there but will never use. best is to avoid.
Somethings fishy

Melbourne, FL

#15 Dec 29, 2013
The owner is very R-U-D-E!!!!!!
Went there for the very first time, spent over $200.00!!! I was unable to return ANYTHING (filter/pump) one day later....even though I had the receipt that says you have 7 days!!!!!!! The receipt should have read NO RETURNS!!! He wanted to put it on consignment and give me 50% IF it sold. What a joke. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! A complete nightmare. The owner spoke to me very disrespectfully....! All he wants is your money! Doesn't care about the customer! Worst customer service EVER!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!! Take your business somewhere else.....
Happy Customer

Satellite Beach, FL

#16 Apr 26, 2014
The owner is a great guy. I walked in clueless, and he said don't get an aquarium without understanding it's a big investment in time that pays off in a very fun hobby. He proceeded to spend time with me and I got a clue and appreciated his help. He and his team have been great to us and every customer we've seen in the store. The fish are healthy and the store and tanks are clean.
We bot a Red Sea Max at a very competitive price and have loved it. Nahacky's folks told us what to do and were very friendly and always helpful.
And we admire their big beautiful tanks full of healthy coral, fish and sea creatures.

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