Look at all of you indoctrinated sheep manipulated into focusing on this political issue. While the United States Kleptocracy FEDERAL Government is taking away your rights, you are all stuck living in a racially divided paradox. When are all of you going to wake up to the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the Federal Government to indefinitely detain you without Due Process or a right to an attorney. Monsanto protection act, Patriot Act, etc. We are losing our rights. Everyone is just focusing on this small issue of WHO IS OUR NEW MAYOR? Who cares.. Ron Serpico will go to his grave covered in corruption and theft. Martinez will continue to spread his propaganda to try to get his hand on that tax money. They are both power hungry desperate for a chance to fulfill their egotistical self-indulging fantasies of governing a community. Wake up to the world around you. USA is funding Israel to keep murdering PALESTINIANS. USA is funding Egypt, etc. BILLIONS OF DOLLARS> The Federal Reserve is not Federal. USA has murdered MILLIONS of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Yemen, Syria, Lybia, etc for Oil, Uranium, Gold, Opium, etc. Wake up you sheep. Everyone in Melrose Park needs to stop being debt slaves and educate yourself in the corruption of our Nation.