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Medina, OH

#42 Feb 14, 2010

cry me a river-as i recall you jumped in after this was all over and added your 2 cents about me. whatever its over and you lost!:(

well i gotta go buy all the "half dead cats and dogs out there" !! haha
stop puppy mills

Medina, OH

#43 Feb 15, 2010
My first post, which included my question about the action you took, was a couple days after the last one. You readily engaged in my dispute over your defensive rationale and firmness that you made the right decision.

It is very sad that I have to educate someone who claims they are educated in these matters why they should NOT buy an animal from a pet store. But I agree, this has, indeed, been a lost cause because you still don't get it.

Good luck in rescuing more animals from pet stores. Based on your responses, I have no doubt it will happen again. At least you can't get one from the Medina store.
Boycott Petland

Wilmington, OH

#44 Jun 7, 2010
wow wrote:
you people really have no lives do you? the petland store in medina is a very clean and healthy enviroment for puppies with a well trained staff that actually cares about their well being. i bought my dog from petland and couldnt be happier and on top of that i have been to his breeding facility and it was very impressive and clean. what supprises me is that the only two people on this page that actually bought dogs from there say they were "lucky". stop trying to make yourselves sound like heroes and just accept the fact that the place that provided you with a valued member of your family isnt all that bad. and as for the first entry on here ... really?... do you even know where your talking about? petland doesnt sell kittens and there is no tanning place by them your thinking of pet supplies plus better be more careful when your talking about a business' reputation. unless your on the inside of the store and know one hundred percent what goes on there maybe you shouldnt say anything at all. im sure if i looked into where you all work i would find some kind of wrong doing somewhere. do everyone else a favor and go get lives of your own that keep you occupied and stop trying to distroy the lives and careers of other people who have done nothing to you but supply you with loving pets.
Why would you ever even dream of buying a puppy from petland? You have no idea what goes on behind their doors, you need to see where they come from (PUPPY MILLS, DUH)! In my opinion, anyone who buys a dog from petland is completely CLUELESS. I got my dog as she was dying on the side of the road in a cardboard box, and she's just as good as any purebred something or other. I'm also an active volunteer at the League for Animal Welfare, the RIGHT place to get your dog, and I'm also big on educating people about the benifits of adopting a shelter dog, as well as NEVER buying a puppy from pet stores/breeders. P.S. Did you know that when you went and bought your puppy from petland, you singned a DEATH WARRANT for a dog who actually needs you. Plus, your just making more space for another puppy mill dog to come in.(FYI: ITS CALLED ADOPTING AND ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO)

United States

#45 Jun 22, 2010
I used to work at the Medina Petland for six months before it closed (for bad business, no surprise, they changed policy constantly and fired me, not to mention witheld over $1000 in my salary that I finally had to threaten to sue in a letter to get back) and it was not very much fun. I never knew about Petland's bad reputation till many months after I left. All Petlands are independently owned so this one wasn't as bad as the other Petlands I've seen as far as where they bought puppies from. All I know is that the names of the breeders were names like Yoder (probably amish owned puppy mills), but once in the store, the puppies were generally well taken care of. For example, I personally drove puppies to our local vet if they'd showed any symptoms of illness, and I never heard of any of our puppies dying or becoming so sick that people called the store to complain. Generally, the animals treated fine in the store, but it is still wrong to buy from and condone puppy mills that do not treat their animals well. More so I think the problems were that the puppy mill puppies would come in sick, we'd treat them for whatever was wrong, and sometimes they would get sold with illness that showed symptoms after they left the store. But still, that's not right, and Petland is very wrong to support breeding sick puppies.

After working there, I've come to think that in general, pet stores are not the best places in practice and theory to house animals. To treat animals the way they should and still make profit off of their sales is not cost-effective, so pet stores don't do it. If we want to end poor animal treatment within pet sales we just need to stop buying pets and start adopting them. I mean, you can adopt hamsters even on , and when you go into Petland to buy a hamster? That hamster got shipped in with 100 other hamsters, and the order was put in for only 50 because it is common knowledge that half of the hamsters are gonna die because they will literally eat each other on the way to the store. When they get to Petland in the truck in a wooden box filled with cedar chips and slices of fruit and other food (pretty good conditions other than the fact that there were many hamsters in the one box), the half-eaten hamsters are removed, the half-dead hamsters and hamsters sick from eating other hamsters are put into cages in the back to die or recooperate, and the healthy 25 hamsters are put in the front for people to buy. That started out okay, but ended up disgusting. And how can we fix the problem? Maybe just ship them all separately? Like I said, not cost-effective, just adopt your hamsters off of . The practice of pet stores and selling animals in the first place is what's wrong, not necessarily the doings of individual pet stores that are just continuing the business as best they can and still make profit.

Anyway, moral of the story: ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT. And sometimes even, pet stores including Petland will buy dogs and puppies from local shelters, give them the shots they need, and sell them for their adoption price plus the costs of the medical treatments they received. And that's fantastic, when you see that in a pet store like Medina Petland used to do like a month into my employment there but then ended, encourage them to continue doing that and maybe even buy dogs like that. We used to get some pretty awesome dogs through that program.

United States

#46 Jun 22, 2010
Additionally, it seems a lot of people are confused as to whether or not kittens were sold at the Medina Petland, there were not, at least not when I worked there. They were when the store opened but the store did not provide the correct ventilation systems required to house kittens. Not to mention kittens do not provide as much profit as puppies do because people would rather pay $2000 for a french bulldog than a purebred cat whose breed they probably never even heard of.

Circleville, OH

#47 Sep 20, 2010
I don't condone buying cats or dogs from ANY pet stores, only shelters or breeders, I bought a budgie from there (in Chillocothe, oh). I've gotten one from Jack's Aquarium and Pets, Pet Supplies Plus, and Petland. By FAR, the budgie i bought from there- a young blue Opaline male- was the tamest pet store budgie I've ever seen, maybe the cleanest and healthiest, too. I was amazingly impressed with them.

Medina, OH

#48 Sep 21, 2010
Petland is down and gone, now onto the Amish Puppy Mills. And after reading these posts, Melissa you did the right thing, you don't let a animal die and let it continue to suffer to prove a point. At least it had some quality before it passed. You stepped up and actually used that poor kitty to point out how that place needed shut down. I also took a dog out of a store just to get it out of there and then I went after them, I got them SHUT DOWN. I still have my dog and I'm glad I did what I did. Melissa you helped shut them down and now it's onto the Puppy Mills! Hope you keep up the fight! God Bless!

Columbia, MO

#49 Jan 4, 2012
The Petland at my location is very clean and the dogs are kept in regular sized cages with toys and depending on there size they have a friend with them. You can see the workers in the back behind all the cages(since they are glass) playing with the dogs and feeding them so I must have the best Petland around! I purchased gerbils that are very healthy and all the small animals cages are top less so people can pick up the animals and hold them so they definitly get human interaction which i find very nice for the animals. The cages for all animals are always clean and they have little kind of rooms that you can pick a dog to play with and you can do whatever with it until maybe somebody else wants the cute puppy. Overall the store is crowed all the time and I go about every month just to check out the animals and i have never seen the same dog in the glass kind of cages ever! there obviously getting great homes every day and We asked how many puppies the sell every week and they said about 100 so they have to constently buy more all the time i guess..but the only thing to complain about is how they keep the kittens. they keep them in what looks like a bird cage and i dont know if that was temperay because they did have big birds and instead they have kittens but they havent gotten them a proper cage..thats all!

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