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North Ridgeville, OH

#1 Nov 30, 2008
don't shop here! my friends used to work at the tanning salon that was next door and they told me late at night when they were closing up the big semi pulled up and they opened the trailer door and they could see cages on top of cages, with more than one dog in there! this is cruel! i recently got dragged in there and the poor puppies and kitties had bloody poop which can be signs of many disease worms, parvo, etc! this company should be ashamed of themselves not to mention that their ckc thing (something that they say is supposed to be better or like the american kennel club but isn't anything like that-its a made up club!). you can get great puppies and kitties from many shelters not to mention great adult dogs and cats!i also ended up feeling sorry for this one kitten got him and he was so sick he had to be put down. don't even shop here for food or toys! oh and here is a story from the plain dealer:

The Humane Society of the United States held a national news conference this morning to unveil the results of an 8-month investigation (video) of Petland stores and the puppy mills that supply them.

The investigation revealed that Petland stores in Ohio bought puppies from a mill in Ellington, Missouri, that was repeatedly cited by USDA for filthy conditions, dry water bowls, and failure to provide veterinary care.

There are about 800 dogs living in wire cages at the Ellington facility, where female dogs are bred year after year in cages in barns and deprived of human companionship, HSUS said.

HSUS visited five Petland stores in Medina (video) and Greater Columbus, where managers and employees assured shoppers that their puppies did not come from puppy mills.

HSUS is asking people to boycott Petland and adopt dogs from local shelters and rescue groups. In Ohio, Marilyn's Voice, the Companion Animal Protection Society and Ban Ohio Dog Auctions also investigate puppy mills.

Medina, OH

#2 Nov 30, 2008
I went in there to pass time waiting on my Mr Hero's and your right, those dogs are sickly, the stench from the cleaning solution burnt our eyes, could only imagine what it was like for the dogs, birds, and small animals inhaling.
There is NO EXCUSE for Medina or any other city to please Petland and listen to their lies. Anyone who defends them has probably NOT WATCHED the videos of Puppy Mills and how horrible they treat these dogs. And now the Amish have decided to do the same thing. I know of two pet stores that get them from the Amish (puppy mills!).
So there is no difference.
That new one in Southpark Mall, that has Puppy Mill written all over it. Rescue shop I doubt it!

Medina, OH

#3 Dec 2, 2008
I agree. I took my kids in there because they wanted a dog last year for Christmas and we ended getting one. It looked sick but I didn't want to disappoint my kids. When we took it to its first vet appointment it was underweight, had worms, and a WHOLE lot of other problems. It cost me so much money to get the dog better. A neighbor of mine got a dog there it died a week after they got it and petland wanted to give them another sick dog! When he asked for his money back they just told him they wouldn't do that. go on their site and email them: demand them to shut there doors

I would support the save the ohio strays, forgotten animal shelter, medina animal shelter and many of the other groups EXCEPT the SPCA-those people don't care about animals. I couldn't believe they defended the Medina Police in that shooting! That officer could of killed someone with her stray bullets too! Not only that but I know the SPCA has investigated that Petland and they said the animals were healthy? I don't see that when I go to Pet Smart with the animals for adoption (bloody stool, etc) or if I go in an animal shelter!
Toxic Sadness

Medina, OH

#4 Dec 6, 2008
We (my husband & I) adopted a puppy from there in May of '08. I think we lucked out!! They must have just got her because she was full of life & clean!! lol
I was looking for a dog brush a few weeks ago & couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to go into Petland. I was disgusted at what I saw!!! Those poor puppies!! They were covered in feces & urine and not a one had any "life" in its eyes!! It broke my heart!!
The vet they had us go to was alwful!! They kept trying to charge us for things that they agreed not to charge us for!!
Not that I regret having my lil girl...but knowing what I know now...I would never recommend purchasing anything from that store!!
If you don't want to adopt from a shelter or then please take the time to search out an accredited breeder!!

Medina, OH

#5 Dec 10, 2008
I have only heard bad stories about this place. A couple from my church got a kitten there and it was positive for feline leukemia and had to be put down. Then a girlfriend of mine bought a "designer" dog (which no offense is just a fancy name for a mutt! mutts are cute-i have one and he's the best!) it was a yorkipoo...had such a bad infection from a cut in its leg but you couldn't see it when they got her because of the long hair. This place also smells bad! Like a bad cleaner! All the dogs are kept in such a small box and don't have any toys or bedding! Its soo sad-I want to buy them up and save them all but if I do that it will just help there business!

Cleveland, OH

#6 Jan 9, 2009
You guys are right about this place. I work in the grooming salon for PetSmart and I didnt know about Petland until I started working at PetSmart. I actually bought a puppy from Petland and I wish I would have known about them before I bought him. My puppy ended up not having any diseases or anything but I got lucky. Now, every week I donate 20 dollars to the rescue group that comes into PetSmart, I have a lot of respect for rescue groups. DONT BUY! ADOPT!

Medina, OH

#7 Jan 10, 2009
Petland is a glorified PUPPY MILL seller. You can luck out here and there with a dog from there, BUT if you aren't one of the lucky ones, expect to PAY out your butt on vet bills. I'm disgusted that any rescue group or vet would support that place, it's all about money. Between them and the Amish and their mills, Ohio has the WORST laws that contribute to overbreeding and a high euthanisia rate. Adopt from a rescue group or the shelter, there are so many that need homes. The bad breeding and health problems could spread diseases a few years ago one lady got a puppy from the petstore and after walking it all over Medina it had Parvo. So be very careful before you buy and make sure they have their vaccines before taking them all over the place.

Waltham, MA

#8 Jan 11, 2009
you people really have no lives do you? the petland store in medina is a very clean and healthy enviroment for puppies with a well trained staff that actually cares about their well being. i bought my dog from petland and couldnt be happier and on top of that i have been to his breeding facility and it was very impressive and clean. what supprises me is that the only two people on this page that actually bought dogs from there say they were "lucky". stop trying to make yourselves sound like heroes and just accept the fact that the place that provided you with a valued member of your family isnt all that bad. and as for the first entry on here ... really?... do you even know where your talking about? petland doesnt sell kittens and there is no tanning place by them your thinking of pet supplies plus better be more careful when your talking about a business' reputation. unless your on the inside of the store and know one hundred percent what goes on there maybe you shouldnt say anything at all. im sure if i looked into where you all work i would find some kind of wrong doing somewhere. do everyone else a favor and go get lives of your own that keep you occupied and stop trying to distroy the lives and careers of other people who have done nothing to you but supply you with loving pets.

Medina, OH

#9 Jan 12, 2009
to wow:

WOW you are ignorant! um yeah there used to be a tanning salon there and yes they did see these things! there are kitties there so maybe you need to do your research. hmm you sound like you work there? got something to hide do you? did you happen to see the medina petland on cnn's headline news last week? did you see where they were getting their puppies from puppy mills? maybe you need to inform yourself on the issue! how on earth could you have bought a puppy from petland and then went to see its breeding facility? you can't and you didn't! it sure smells clean in there if you like the burning sensation in your eyes as you walk throughout the store. stopped in there the other day again to see "how they have cleaned up the place". umm they haven't sick animals with the runs and bloody poop, drainage from their eyes-maybe you got lucky and you got a healthy pup. how about saying that to my HOA vice president that got her little girl a puppy there the other week and it had heartworms? hmmm...

the sell these glorified mutts that people call "designer dogs" makes them sound like they are picking up the latest coach or louie purse! especially the price of the mutts is outrageous! MUST OF BEEN THE KIND YOU BOUGHT! DOES HE MATCH YOUR NEW MERCEDES-IS HE YOUR FAVORITE FASHION ACCESORY? I'm not looking to destroy anyone's career but there are better ways of making profit-petsmart, petco, and pet supplies plus are doing it without selling puppy mill dogs!


Akron, OH

#10 Jan 12, 2009
just to make sure i wasnt missing anything i stopped in there yesterday and nope no kittens, no bloody poop and the reason i checked on my breeder after i bought my dog is because i heard the hsus report and decided i should check it out for myself. and just so you know the breeder address and information is public record they have to give it to you and everyone i know that has bought a dog there has their dogs info as well. the cleaning smell shouldnt be a bad thing at least they are clean. im well informed on the issues and i agree that some petlands arent using propper breeders and may be doing things incorrectly but all petlands are franchised and all of them choose their own breeders. i know who, where and when my dog was bred and even got to see his mother who was healthy and happy. the cnn report was about a cleveland store not the medina one. how can you protest the store and what they are doing when you havent even looked into this peticular store yourself. my advice to you besides getting a life, is to go to the store and actually talk to the people ask to see proof. dont treat them like shit because of all the other places. i got warraties with my pup and your friend did too if she bought from medina. why would they warranty a dog that had a high risk? thats just loosing money. lets use some common sence. your probobly a bored house wife with nothing better to do than to believe the one sided news and join the fight on the most non issues in our nation. it boggles my mind that this is even an issue when we are still at war, hungry kids everywhere, homeless rate is outragious, and our economy in the toilet. so instead of trying to creat issues where there are none try actually helping out were its needed. or maybe your a pissed off employee who didnt make the cut and now your pissed off and staring lies? and as an "animal lover" how could you call any dog a mutt? a dog is a dog no matter where it came from and they all deserve love. the store isnt going anywhere so why punish the dogs they do have by boycotting? if anything i would expect you to buy them so they can have nice homes and families. you need to check your facts

Medina, OH

#11 Jan 13, 2009
again wow you need common sense! i have been there I KNOW people who work there! and maybe you didn't get my point about MUTTS! people are breeding two different breeds of dogs to come up with these "DESIGNER DOGS" and selling them for at a high price when they are just plain mutts! people like you are contributing to this and it is sickening! i have a mutt and he is he best thing ever. know how much i paid for him? nothing! i had a mutt before you know how much i paid for him-$150, got him from a shelter! you shouldn't go to someplace and shop for a overpriced dog! they are living creatures! they are priceless! maybe they didn't have any kittens this time but i was in there 2 weeks ago and they did! heck i bought a kitten there like 8months ago that DIED! the person i knew had the "warranty" alot of good it did them when there dog died and petland didn't want to do s*** about it! and yes hun the medina petland was on the video and on cnn's newstory-again get your glasses checked! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR OVERPRICED DESIGNER DOG THAT YOU WILL CARRY AROUND LIKE A FASHION ACCESORY, i'm sure i will see him soon in a shelter when he starts acting up or you feel like you need a new one. Congrats on supporting petland you snutty prick! Is your dog a AKC registered or what bulls*** group did they sell you? Cuz they bs group doesn't exist! Round of applause to you wow for being such an "animal lover"! and an fyi i'm not a "house wife" and this issue is an important one? what kind of help are you doing for our economy, hungry kids, etc? I help out at animal shelters/rescue groups and see dogs being put down every day because of people like you!

Medina, OH

#12 Jan 13, 2009
Well I have to disagree with WOW. This place is a glorified puppy mill as Shirley has stated. I don't usually like to get involved with these kind of topics but it is sick thing to see. I can't stand these designer dogs and I have to agree with Melissa they are just mutts that have this high price tag that make people probably like WOW feel like she just bought herself a new Louie Vitton purse! Dogs give us so much-there shouldn't be an outrageous price but on them. Mutts are awesome! I have been in there and they do have cats in there. I was in maybe a month ago-girlfriend dragged me in wanting to look at the puppies. We couldn't even stand being in there-the smell was obnixous! She wanted to buy this puppy that looked so sick-I told her I feel bad but if you buy him it just helps the company. I mean really it does. Its hard not buying those pups up and why hasn't the SPCA done nothig about it? I highly doubt that someone was able to buy a puppy from there and then go see the breeding facility. It seems that a breeding facility would actually be a puppy mill! I hate how they say the dogs are ckc or whatever and that's not even a real group like the akc! SO sorry wow I have to disagree with you and it does look like you need to do some more research like Melissa said!

Waltham, MA

#13 Jan 13, 2009
melissa you are the dumbest bitch ever oh my god. how dare you say anything about me like that you dont even know me and clearly you dont even know the store because i asked the people who work there and they havenmt carried any kittens in over a year. its not people like me who are causeing this problem its liars like you who just want attention and people to feel sorry for them. what have i done for our country? i served in the air force for 6 years two of them in afghanistan. and i am a guy by the way my dog is not a mutt he is a pure breed but i bought him because i love him right along with my other animals. maybe you shouldnt go after the store trying to find them homes instead go after the breedsers doing the damage. your right they are pricless thats why when i fell in love with him i was willing to pay anything to get him. i would never put a dog down. how can you work for a shelter that just kills dogs off like insects? or pests? there are plenty of non kill shelters around and if you truley cared you wouldnt support these "shelters" that only give a dog three days to find homes or its game over. you want to debate the issue than lets debate it like adults but dont ever bring up personnal things about me or my dog thats rude and immature and just shows your intellegence isnt that high. if you cant come back with hard facts to prove your side then dont take it out on me

Waltham, MA

#14 Jan 13, 2009
OK. First off, Wow and Melissa, it is wrong to bring up personal lives. Mainly Melissa, it's wrong for you to even judge someone like that. Wow is right. Your pretty dumb, maybe we wont say dumb, just naive. I bought my dog from petland on their grand opening of January 2008. There weren't cats in the store and all the dogs where lively and healthy. Again i would have to agree with WOW on the situation. Why would they give us warranties if the dogs weren't healthy. Ive never once had a health issue with my dog. She was worth ever penny i paid for her. In fact I went back and bought 2 more dogs from them. NONE of them had any health problems. AGAIN completely healthy. It's not luck. Because trust me I have the worst luck ever. Now on the other hand my 4th dog i ADOPTED shes a Cavaleir King Charlse who ended up with parvo and now has a grade 3 luxtating petella. Ironic. I didn't get her from petland, obviously, because i adopted her from an animal shelter. Now if i did purchase her from petland atleast I would have the warranties to help me pay for the vet bills. I think this is childish. If everyone is such an animal lover why does it matter where you get your dog from?

Medina, OH

#15 Jan 13, 2009
I think you all got off the subject, this has nothing to do with war. Petland DID NOT open in 2008 in Medina, they have been there a while. There also use to be a tanning salon and they also were picketed for the puppy mill thing a few years back. They DID sell a puppy with Parvo as it was in the Gazette newspaper not too long after they first opened. They have had kittens in there too on and off. I also know people who brought a breed from them and when it grew up looked nothing close to what that breed looks like, but they still loved it regardless. They also interbreed. Shelter workers don't kill animals because they want to, would it be better to just let them run, multiply, live off the land? LIFE isn't that simple. So there you judged a person who is doing the job that is caused by these pet stores and their mass breeding, pet overpopulation, and owners who no longer can keep them. The shelter groups bust their butts trying to find homes for all these kittens, cats, dogs and puppies. The vets overcharge to fix the animals. I'm guilty of getting a dog from a petstore, love her to death and I had to pay almost $800 getting her healthy, the warranty was mute, because they would have destroyed her. That's how they handle their warranties, it's what thy do. I learned a lot after purchasing my dog and I'll never buy another one from a store.
So it's a matter of opinion but maybe Petland could help the local shelters and animal shelter in placing animals rather than contribute to the problem in the area. The following is a link from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. HSUS is pretty good about investigations and Melissa is correct there is a video link from CNN. The Plain Dealer article is below.

Posted by John Horton/Plain Dealer Reporter November 21, 2008 00:39AM
Categories: Animals
Many Petland Inc. stores support "cruel puppy mills" by selling thousands of dogs born out of the cramped cages of disreputable breeders, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

An eight-month investigation by the organization targeted connections between puppy mills and 21 Petland stores, including one in Medina County. The Northeast Ohio store is singled out in a video report released online Thursday by the Humane Society.

A state spokesman for the organization said that records link more than 80 dogs sold at the Medina store this year to brokers fronting mass-breeding operations.

The manager at the Medina store disputed the claim and said the store does not use breeders who mistreat animals.

The Ohio-based company released a statement calling the report "sensationalism at its best." Petland said it does not support "substandard breeding facilities" and accused the Humane Society of publicizing false information to boost fund-raising.

The company, which operates 140 stores around the country and a handful around Greater Cleveland, said it considers U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for animal care when selecting breeders.

But the Humane Society said the frequent use of brokers means that stores often have no idea of the environment where the dogs come from. The organization said state and federal reports show that Petland often works with licensed breeders accused of violating basic animal care regulations.

The company has "a responsibility" to learn how the dogs it sells are raised, said Michael Markarian, executive vice president of the Humane Society.

Just my opinion but there are just too many questions regarding these stores and the research I did after I bought mine have changed my opinion about these kind of stores.


Medina, OH

#17 Jan 14, 2009
okay i didn't check this last night but i am glad that a few people contributed on here. petland has been opened at least 6 years because i helped to picket the store when the story came out in the gazette about the dog with parvo-so they didn't just open. they moved stuff in the store last year and did a re-opening. there is cats there on and off and i think enough people have said that on here. that's were i got mine at. again in my first post i used the word "was" as in past tense about the tanning salon. here is a link to if you go here and look up petland-you can see claims and claims of them selling dogs they claim to be purebreed and aren't. my ex's mother got a papillion from there-this dog is 35lbs, they told her it was pure breed. papillion's aren't and don't get that big! along with other physical apperances this dog has that i makes me think it couldn't be (ears dont stand, coat is curly, etc). here is someone's story right here in ohio from that site:
If you scroll down you will see someone from kettering ohio. read her story at the very bottom of the page people can respond this is what an employee of petland said:(check comment below for rest)

Medina, OH

#18 Jan 14, 2009
I once worked for this location. In training, they fed us total B.S. on how their puppies don't come from puppy mills, that they come from USDA certified breeders. And for a while I believed their song and dance. Obviously, the vet that they use keeps quiet because they are getting Petland's business and their referrals. Well, I once came across protesters who told me that Petland sells puppy mill puppies. I didn't want to believe it, but my gut told me something wasn't right. Well, turns out the USDA standards are very low. Any reputable breeder would never in a million years sell their puppies to Petland or any other pet store for that matter. Reputable breeders would interview prospective dog parents and make sure they're going to good homes. Reputable breeders wouldn't use a dog as a breeding machine. Why do you think they try to keep the actual breeder a secret from the customer? It's not why they tell you- because you would go directly through the breeder and not them. It's really because you would just have more information to prove the breeder is a puppy mill. You know it really is sad. Sara would get a fax from corporate saying what puppies they have available for order that week-breeds, ages, sex, etc. Having 2 litters a year will wear a dog out. Reputable breeders care for and love the dogs as they are their own pets and care for the puppies as if they were their own. It's sad that so many people within the company are fed this corporate bullshit. Petland is a for-profit business. Think about it...they are in it for the money. There are too many unsuspecting, uneducated people out there willing to fall for their crap.
As for Sara, she's a tough one. Don't let her scare you though! The problem with stores like Petland, I think is they don't see anything wrong with the entire process. Someone really needs to investigate Petland Greene Crossings...maybe an investigative reporter!
And before anyone tries to make claims about me, I left the company on my own free will. I could no longer stand to lie to customers and sleep at night. I am a born animal lover, and animal rights come first, not the minuscule profit I might make off of selling an innocent animal.

SO please consider this. I am not looking to destroy lives or careers-you have that wrong! It does upset me about the "designer dog" craze! I love mutts all of my dogs are and I love them to death. I feel bad for the dogs and cats at petland because they deserve a happy home and life like any animal but I can't buy them because I feel sorry for them it only helps the company! I do have a question though why would you buy a pure breed animal and then go to see a breeder? why wouldn't of you just look up a local reputable breeder and buy directly from them? Why isn't this breeder selling directly to the public? I hate seeing animals put down but some do because they are so sick, aggressive, etc etc. Do you think they do that with a smile on their faces? They and I hate it.

Waltham, MA

#19 Jan 14, 2009
i really liked your post on the girl who worked at petland in greene crossings it was very informative. as i said before im sure there are stores that dont do things right i just dont think this medina store is one of them. after looking into it some more i found out alot of the wrong doing started and ended with the original owners who were forced out of the franchise last year. and the reason i bought my dog isnt because he is pure breed its because i was in there and fell in love with him its hard not to hes hysterical and fills a very big gap in my life and i checked the breeder because i was curious. i dont disagree that this is an issue i just dont feel the store is at fault. if anything i think the attention could be better spent trying to stop the BREEDERS

Medina, OH

#20 Jan 15, 2009
Looks like some people just aren't getting it. If you buy from Petland you are supporting those bad breeders. I am a local reputable breeder. I am tired of hearing that I am to blame for this. I would NEVER sell my dogs to a pet store and any reputable breeder I know wouldn't either. When I sell my dogs I make sure the home they are going to are the best of the best. If they aren't planning on using my pups as a show dog they must sign a contract that it will be neutered/spayed. Along with other things I check. I do everything in my power to make sure that I am doing the best for everyone dog and future owner. This really frustrates me that there are few people on here that just don't get it. You say these old owners were forced out last year. This investgation spanned the gap and it was with the new owners also. Sorry to tell you but the HSUS doesn't have the reputation that PETA does. IF we were to stop supporting Petland then these breeders would not have the demand for their dogs and therefore would be forced to find another way to earn money. This is just quick cash to them-the dogs best interest isn't. I'm just so ashamed that people aren't more educated on this. I can't help but shake my head. I agree about the designer dog issue-remember the day when mutts were free? Noone is saying the mutts where bad and didn't make good dogs or deserve an amazing life but these designer dogs are mutts. I think when we have pet stores like this people are more likely to buy a dog because it is cute and not look into how big the dog will be, its temperment, grooming, how much activity it needs, etc. This whole issue is distrubing.

Medina, OH

#21 Jan 15, 2009
Been following this post, Reputable Breeders do NOT sell to a pet store. There are a lot of issues with pets in general and overbreeding. If you mix a "supposed" purebred that has interbreeding parents, you will not get a legit AKC purebred. That is why you see a dog not looking like what it is suppose to be. Some petstores even register them with their own purebred stamp, that is not even close to AKC or UKC. Any dog you will run risk with, and yes the dogs in the stores are cute and need love too understandable, BUT, if these are bred with health problems that may not show in the dog you purchased, it will show up in litters later. And as much as I love purebreds, German Shepherds are my passion, but some of my best dogs have been mutts. All in all, society has caused the homeless throwaway issues with mutts and purebreds. Petstores hurt the standards in breeding and they also contribute to the problems of mass breeding for profit. Who can not love a puppy in a store or anywhere, best of luck to everyone, this has been a good topic and if the Medina Pet Store has changed ownership that is great, but why not ask them to help out the community with the homeless pets instead of adding the possiblity of more to the county.

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