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#21 Dec 19, 2012
Quiet, clean, beautiful parks and less riff-raff. You cannot go wrong with the S
South hill. Houses tends to be more spacious as well.

Belle Fourche, SD

#22 Jan 21, 2013
Nick wrote:
<quoted text>
In general, the more heavily conservative an area is, the less intellect you'll find by default. They tend suffer from a malady that's been called the Dunning Kruger Effect (they think they know a lot more than they really do, and they don't budge on it).
That's been my big reservation about Spokane, though the people have seemed "nice" enough during various visits. Once you get past the superficial aspects you learn what they're really about. That takes time, or the ability to glean good info from anecdotes.
That is typical of what a liberal moron would say. Take your ignorant hippy views back to Seattle....idiot!

Belle Fourche, SD

#23 Jan 21, 2013
Cervelo wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh god,( sorry, anathema to you I know) another self-righteous, condescending liberal who thinks he/she is some intellectual heavyweight. At least your post above proves you have a sense of irony. What really makes me grin, is when I see the standard, garden variety liberal, happily putting down the road in his bumper sticker laden Prius, and then I see it.........the Darwin-eats-Jesus bumper sticker. The poor fool driving along, enjoying his intellectual, and moral superiority, never quite catching on to the fact that Darwinism was survival of the fittest. That would be the antithesis of the equality, and embarrassingly ironic.
Maybe you can glean something more interesting from MSNBC next time. Perhaps at least, something that better demonstrates that finely honed intellect of yours.
Thumbs up!!!

Belle Fourche, SD

#24 Jan 21, 2013
VeganTiger wrote:
Spokane is great place to live. I moved here three years ago and has never looked back. If you have a family this is a GREAT place to raise one.
*Even the publc schools supposedly will teach their kids to read before they graduate from college.
*Safe city. It got it's crooks and intruders, but if peopel just started using the second more I think we would get rid of such garbage fast enkough.
*IF you are single lots of hot women around that take good cre of themselves.
*Mostly people are not nosy into others affairs here. I definately think there is a strong liberal/libertarian streak in Spokane despite the mayor having an R behind his name.
*Awesome city workers and I am a very small govnermnet guy, but I really and sincerely think the city worers of Spokane are great. Thanks for keep all the parks in such a great shape....
*Idaho and Montana is close bye if you need to hike, disappear in the wilderness, go skiing or so on. Cour D' Alene in itself is a jewel.
*Seattle is not THAT far away if you wanna go wild in a big city.
*Very many great grocery stores that actually sell GOOD food. Exampes of Rosaurs, HUckleberries and Fred Mayer for starters.
*Lots of great sports to watch and play. Several great gyms and personal trainers around (like me, LOL).
*Very tolerant city and I see very little intolerance hate or such stuff. I am with lots of "people of color" (like the democrats like to say) and they all think Spokane as very little racism.
*If you're into biking, lotsa biker clubs around.
*Mt Spokane is close by for a little day trip in the high.
*Lots of brainpower in the city. Great higher institutions of learning. Gonzaga has law school and a medical school will soon be established here for full. Community colleges are good here, bioth SCC and SFCC
*Very high level medical community. Sacred Heart is now number three in nation with heart transplants for example.
Finally, for some reason I find most people I meet and talk with never take themselves to seriously or think they are the shi*, even if they are... Even hard-core liberals in SPokane are actually not outright hateful towards others, IMHO.
Overall, I reccommend the city. Too bad Washington is getting dragged down in the mud with all the people from CA and other liberal states that take their leftist attitudes with them and expect the free lunch to continue.
If you come here to leech, you are not welcome, but otherwise you are MOST elcome ;)
You mean I can't move there and get my free Obama phone??? Dang it! I guess I'll just have to work and pay taxes and get a phone plan, like most Americans.

Toledo, OH

#25 Jan 22, 2013
We checked it out last summer. We liked what we saw. If my husband doesn't get a decent job here in Ohio soon-----we are coming. Fresh air, decent cheap restaurants, beautiful scenery. Close to Idaho and Montana. We like to hike. Soooo much cleaner than our own city. Crime rate much lower than what we're used to. We don't care about people and their politics. Just want a nice place to live. We may start a small business when we come. Don't want to start one here at home.
left spokane

Royal Oak, MI

#26 Feb 10, 2013
I moved to spokane with my family, and my thoughts are if you are a married person with kids and a job, and live on the south hill or further north , indian trails and such not such a bad place,dr are leary of giving out pain meds even if you are not abusive with them,and they tend not to listen to well to there patients but hey most places are like tht, lots of beggers, drunks, and druggies walking the streets of spokane,lots of domestic violence due to the bums that dont want to work and live off the welfare moms and there kids, it runs rampent, i have never met ppl that are nice to your face and will steal from you in a heart beat, and look in your face and deny it,lots of thieves in spokane wether it be your personal property or store merchandise,just blew me away,ppl in spokane are out to get what they can get from a person, and lie to your face to get it..on a brighter note, they have a good school system, they care about the kids, the parks are everywhere,lots of splash pads for the kids,they have some awsome parades, lots of places to walk or ride bike if you dont mind up hill...prices are pretty high unless you shop walmart, One thing I love about spokane thou is the summers they are pretty warm but dry heat.and beautiful skies. Not to say I did not meet some great ppl but few and far between,I lived there for 9 yrs and boot scooted out...the only thing i miss is the summers and the mountains the decide.

Spokane, WA

#27 May 23, 2013
Spokane is a small town in a big city. Medical care is 2nd rate, but, if you are not knowledgable of what quality healthcare is? You won't understand what I'm referring to lol. If you are single? You'll hate it. Unless, you are a cowboy or a cowgirl. It's slower than Seattle and there is not much to do after you spent the day touring downtown. Concerts here fall on weekdays, and that's IF you're lucky a popular singer swings through. Outskirts are ok if you like hiking, hunting. Fishing is better on the west side of WA. Spokane schools are typical. Idaho on the border, more cowboys & cowgirls there. If you like western, John Wayne, line dancing, horse life & you don't need doctors, then give it a try. To each is own.
Jane Doe

Spokane, WA

#28 May 25, 2013
Well, there isn't much of a diversity here. As a minority, it's not that I got treated negatively much, but they tend to think in stereotypes because they haven't interacted much with other races. It's not THAT bad, but sometimes I'm just shaking my head at their false assumptions.
But if you're white, I guess that doesn't matter too much lol
I've always thought this is a nice place to live after you're retired. There are actually quite a lot of old people around here. The hospitals are quite nice too.
It's pretty quiet in my opinion. Nothing too exciting ever happens.
Because there aren't much other things to do, people seem to tend to be outdoors a lot. Hiking, biking, running, climbing, etc.
I guess it depends on what kind of person you are. I, personally, like it because it's quiet.
I once drived through downtown at like 1 A.M. and there were like ABSOLUTELY no cars there.

Spokane, WA

#29 Jul 16, 2014
mcmc wrote:
We are looking to relocate to the Spokane area, but do not want to be in town or near the air force base and airport. If anyone lives near Cheney can you hear the jets and such from the base? How far is far enough away to not have that interfere with our peace and quiet? What are their flight patterns? Is it possible to be away from jet noise? Where should I focus to look for houses if we want a quiet country setting, privacy, and beauty?
To the Southeast, Mica, Valleyford, Rockford.

Bonners Ferry, ID

#30 Aug 12, 2014
As long as you don't live by any black people you'll be fine. Two of the little punks murdered a WWII vet a while ago. And they've started forming small gangs here.

Don't worry too much about them though. I really don't think there will be many blacks here in the future, a lot people are getting pretty tired of them, and this area is a hot spot for the White Nationalist Northwest Migration.

Spokane, WA

#31 Sep 16, 2014
Tabby wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL wow the anger , you should really seek some attention for that or at your age your gonna have a heart attack .....
Having moved here 6 years ago from cali where i was born and raised ... knowing a large portion of the proffesional community and non alike i have a few comments on this LOL
as for the list ..
1.... yes and no, anywhere you go there are good cops and bad, here they are just more bored then the rest and a bit more jumpy to over charge the inocent and back down on the real criminals , most of them are scared little boys with guns , bad idea
2.... blah blah blah.. the water is fine , better then most places
3..... FAFB is an awsome place to have close by , atleast we know we got back up anything ever does happen , and most of the families you meet from there are very nice
5..& 15.. if thats so true why is real estate at an all time low in the county??? hmmmmm .. i have acreage 5 minutes from the mall , cheapest cost of living i've seen without being an omish !!@!
6 and 7 .... grow up , your sheltered just cause we arent in SF
8.... your the only proof of that
9-10.... no worse then anywhere else , way better actually , try driving in the bay area in commute... you'll beg to be here
11...... what do you want dirt roads so you can complain about the dust
12.... we get 1 damn nasty freak and now theres a shocking history? history has to have events that resemble eachother to even claim it being as such and shocking
13...... its the church not the town... everywhere is dealing with the sicko's from that
14.... 15...16...
we have all 4 seasons which is great if you enjoy outdoors , for delusional psycho people its best to stay in your padded room and close your eyes ... otherwise nice warm summers with 100 lakes withing driving , lots of snow for winter sports and beautiful colors in the spring and fall, my kids LOVE it here.... the crime is yes growing compared to say 50 years ago... however its not any worse then what you will find in most of the US and much less then most places.... stay out of spraugue area , which is a bit yuck but more dirty then anything...
enjoy and im sure you'll see the reason there are so many inplants from others states here...
the one big thing that i would complain on is the child welfare here is in need of revamping , there system is failing the kids seriously , recent events though seem to have brought light to it and hopefully that will change ...
Your post is appalling. I am truly glad you and your kids "love" Spokane, but all you do is complain about the people's comments who have legitimate concerns or complaints. I would say that if you're uneducated, like desert -like outdoor activities, like 90-100 degree dust bowl environments, and consume lots of alcohol frequently, then Spokane is your kind of town dear readers.

1. Do you really think having FAFB nearby protects us? It makes us more of a target.
2. Professional is not spelled proFFessional. Also, "theres" is not a word: I assume you meant there's.
3. The "water is fine"? Based on what, just the taste? Do you have any statistics to back up your claim that the water "is fine"?
4. What is "omish"?
5. Tabby, please go to school and finish your GED if you are capable. In the meantime, don't post your ignorance for everyone to see. It reflects badly on Spokane (and in your case, "Cali").

United States

#32 Sep 20, 2014
Wanderlust wrote:
We've had about enough of the insane and extreme growth in Southern Oregon and we're looking for a new home. Tell us all about Spokane. What do you love about it and what do you hate? Climate, growth, quality of life, fun, outdoor recreation? Give us the good, bad and ugly. Thanks!
Hate Crazy extreme Growth ! But there's a Lot
Of Women W/ Big TiTTs !
Elise G

Wylie, TX

#33 Oct 3, 2014
Producer Lindsay Show, is a Rotten, Evil, Internet Troll! and I Hope You R Reading This, U Rotten, Evil, Internet Troll, Producer Lindsay Show! loser. Over three years of Your Crap, directed at me, you Idiot!
Marisol K

San Jose, CA

#34 Oct 4, 2014
Spokane is lovely .

Spokane, WA

#35 May 3, 2015
In a nutshell....Idaho is even worse than this below.
Spokane is a thriving low-class town sharing a space with a sickly high-class town on life support. Spokane has a huge amount of gangsters, rednecks, wiggers, welfare white trash, and conservative old people. Urban sprawl and big-box retail is catastrophically rampant, and the hit restaurants in town are places like Olive Garden and Denny's. Meanwhile, a much smaller population of students and professionals attempt to keep an "urban" scene going in Spokane, but nothing ever really lasts for long. Sometimes people will start a ballroom dance club, or a fancy restaurant, or some high-brow entertainment, but it will inevitably either cater to trashy people/kids, or close its doors when it goes bankrupt.
If you can see yourself keeping your ATV in the back of your confederate-flagged pickup, or doing meth while you mug people downtown, you'll have a ball.
Medical care is third rate.

Bellingham, WA

#36 Sep 5, 2015
Cervelo wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh god,( sorry, anathema to you I know) another self-righteous, condescending liberal who thinks he/she is some intellectual heavyweight. At least your post above proves you have a sense of irony. What really makes me grin, is when I see the standard, garden variety liberal, happily putting down the road in his bumper sticker laden Prius, and then I see it.........the Darwin-eats-Jesus bumper sticker. The poor fool driving along, enjoying his intellectual, and moral superiority, never quite catching on to the fact that Darwinism was survival of the fittest. That would be the antithesis of the equality, and embarrassingly ironic.
Maybe you can glean something more interesting from MSNBC next time. Perhaps at least, something that better demonstrates that finely honed intellect of yours.
Okay...golly, I'll sure try.
Conservatives live in a bubble of delusion. They are excellent workers and toe the line with impeccable strides. I've known many of them. The normal ones who pretty like everyone and probably have at least a Masters and disagree on god, abortion and government hand outs. But they're still fair people.
I know liberals like this too...Just about three or four things they disagree on but they get along with everyone and are more than usually intellectual. Mainly because they like to talk about things they've done, like what books or movies they've seen. And then they transfer this "knowledge" into politics and how to raise a family.
Mostly, both of these sides are okay to be around and get along just fine.
Then there are the conservatives who think people driving in Prius' are intellectual buffoons who can't see the forest for the trees. If they actually know what "forest for the trees," means.
Because in the very least a liberal wants to help people and the planet. If I was stuck in a cabin for a three day weekend...rained in, I do believe I'd want a liberal to be stuck with me.
Because they're interesting.
Because they force themselves to do different things and are not stuck on the "No Change" Channel. I get it, I love nostalgia and I'm sort of old fashioned myself. But there comes a time when you have to embrace differences and enlighten yourself so you have the intellectual capability to carry on a conversation with everyone.
Because that's the world. That's what it's about ... and guess what, you are not going to change it. In the least.
You may agitate it, or bore it...but your views are simply a microcosm of fear and anguish brought on by an intellectually stunted growth. It used to be a conservative was simply the person who thought we should eat they're saying we should cook the liberals for dinner.
And why?
Because of Fox News and all the other wonderful, hate mongering pundits out there in fuzzy-land.
Grow up.
A place is what you make it. Your life is what you make it.
Step lively with a mild heart and a strong mind and you'll do wonders for your world.
Take steps backwards once in a while and you'll only see the backs of your heels.

Live your life with Joy and Wonder.

Sacramento, CA

#37 Mar 8, 2016
Sharroni wrote:
I have live here 40 years and I can give you the good, bad and the ugly. Spokane is growing like crazy too. OK heres the good. We have a four season Climate. Not too much of anything and most of the time just the right balance in the weather. Not too much rain, not too hot (usually) not too cold in the winter, Beautiful falls and springs, Lots and Lots of any kind of recreation you can think of. I love it that you can drive out of Spokane and be in the county in minutes. but people are moving everwhere and developments are springing up like weeds in a field. I think our crime rate is bad but it depends on where you live. Its bad compared to when I moved here 40 years ago. At that time everyone knew thier meighbors and no one locked their doors. If I were moving here, I would move to a small town close to but not in Spokane like Colville, Cheney or Medical Lake. We just bought 5 acres in Valley Wash, were there are four small lakes, mountains, rivers, a huge valley, surrounded by mountains and covered by cattle farms, miles and miles apart. We paid 79,000 for the land with a P, W, and septic. Mostly treed with a 12 mile lake association package. Recently I drove to Deer Park, another neat little town north of Spokane and was shocked to see houses all the way from Spokane to Deer Park. Another beautiful area is Metaline Falls and Ione. I love Ione. My husband is from Portland and theres no way he would ever go back. It is scarey to tell you this because I don't want people all over the country reading this and moving here. Probably the things that bother me the most are the homeless people and drug users on the streets. When there are drug users there is crime. I wouldn't live on the northside in the NorthTown area. Also if I could move any where I would move to Missoula Montana, or any where in Western Montana. Just take a drive from Spokane to Missoula and the farther east you go the more beautiful it is. Good Luck!
Thinking about moving there. Where I live it's getting bad and expensive. My land lord just bought a house there and says it's not that bad and you will get crime everywhere you go. I have a family and want to be happy where ever we go and safe. Should I be concerned or think twice about moving there ?

Spokane, WA

#38 Nov 19, 2016
I was born and raised in spokane. It has its good points and bad, as does anywhere else. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for 4 seasons with great outdoor sporting venues and the "small town" feel with all the accommodations of a large city than spokane is your ticket. However i would look at real estate either far north far west or far south. stay away from Inner city and hillyard. If you are looking for art, culture and whatnot keep in mind spokane is an INDUSTRIAL town. There is a minuscule presence here but for the most part not an "artsy fartsy" kind of environment. Also we do have a tad bit of a meth problem which for the most part can be avoided. One more thing, to all the haters I'm proud of my city and the people who live in it. its not perfect but at least its not detroit or some place like that. and if you dont like it please leave.

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