When we hear about immigration, immigrants, undocumented citizens, I am always reminded of the SS St. Louis.

938 Jews aboard, the ship forced to return ... return to what? Death.

Desperate passengers, relatives, friends and supporters sent urgent messages to President Roosevelt to allow entry. He ignored all of it, all of them.

I know times were hard, jobs were scarce, and immigrants are seen as "competitors" for those jobs. But there is no excuse for it. It was nothing more than the intentional stirring-up of antisemitic and xenophobic urges within the masses. Deliberate, slowly instituted, a 'plodding-along' of policies of hatreds.

That is the real legacy of our Congress and 'reforming' immigration policy, and integration policy, especially regarding not only Jews, but Gays and Lesbians too.

Current efforts at "immigration reform" are dissiminating the same xenophobic fears, perhaps as part of the assymetrical warfare against Gays too. Instead of protecting diversity, it's subtly hated, assymetrically, regardless of the many, oft-repeated, memorized 'soundbites' and 'platitudes.'

Idaho's Legislative branch (county govt's too), sound pathetically similar to the Russian Duma and that parliaments recent criminalizing of Gay and Lesbian inclusion/integration, mirroring the efforts by several more African countries to align with Islamic govt's criminalization of Gays, punishable by death.

I walked through Hoopfest, and when seen by a man with some type of disorder, Downs Syndrome or similar, he pointed, shouted, "f*ggot!" -- and the people with him, patted him on the back, saying, "Good job!" I wonder why they didn't teach him to say "Jew pig!" along with it?

I said nothing. But unlike the SS St Louis, I did not return.

Kind regards, always,
Clayton Leon Winton