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#2451 Mar 30, 2014
I wonder if she googled how to overdose the kids.... surely, she wouldn't be that stupid.

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#2452 Mar 30, 2014
Charlotte wrote:
I wonder if she googled how to overdose the kids.... surely, she wouldn't be that stupid.
Ha -- I thought of that too.

Or perhaps something like "undetectable ways to poison someone" or something like that.

You'd be surprised how stupid people are.(Or maybe not). I've worked trials where people have googled the MOST damning phrases. People generally don't realize that all that is saved deep inside your computer. I've seen people google phrases on how to kill people, how to cover up crimes, how to get rid of evidence, how to fake mental illness/malinger, and -- wait for it -- how to wipe information off your computer (LOL oops....obviously didn't work.)

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#2453 Mar 30, 2014
I have also wondered how Kate found the time to cultivate all of these friendships. When we were friends, we talked on the phone, almost every day for about an hour (sometimes much longer). I worked from home at the time and would do that work while talking to her, but it still ate up an inoridinate amount of time and I felt guilty taking that time away from my husband and children (hence the multi-tasking). However, I got something out of it. For a good while she was a very good friend. She was logical and analytical and smart, so she always had a different and interesting take on things I would tell her. She made me see things in a different way. She was funny and we just had a lot of fun. I really miss the person I thought she was.(For the record, I have some really close LOCAL friends now and I am so glad. I don't know what I'd do without my girlfriends. I am soured on online relationships though, and those I try to keep superficial. Madi and Danielle, I'm so sorry for your losses and I hope you can again find good girlfriends again-- I really do understand how much a friedship breakup can hurt. Good friends are worth their weight in gold.)

When we were friends Kate went through other friends like they were leaking from a sieve. She always had a group of about 5 women she was close to and then one by one they would have a falling out (and Kate would immediately turn on them. I always knew she'd eventually turn on me too) and they would be replaced-- BAM! Like that it seemed. Right before our friendship ended she had at least one other woman she was talking to daily for hours and I know she said she got up in the middle of the night to chat with her Australian friend. And she had more kids than I did and I didn't homeschool! I couldn't fathom how she juggled it all.

Our friendship ended before she tried to adopt the girls and so I was not priivy to any of that drama (I'm so thankful!) Our friendship ended before she claimed that Joshua was terminal so I missed all of that too. I never witnessed any abuse in person. Kate seemed like a weary and tired but decent mother. I thought Megan and Adam did way too much, but Kate thought my older kids did too little. Joshua seemed to be her favorite, which is why these allegations really floored me.

I knew her well, but I havne't contacted the detective. I see no point. I do not want any money back. It was given freely and with love.(I did not help fund her adoptions). What she used it on is between she and God. She told me a lot of stuff that I am sure are lies now, but I can't see how they have a bearing on this case. At this point in my life I just want to be completely done with Kate Parker. I am hanging around here because I feel like I need to see how this ends and I have been praying that justice will be served (whatever justice turns out to be).

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#2454 Mar 30, 2014
AMA wrote:
<quoted text>..... Imagine them talking and Kate and or Megan getting prison time, then coming back home in a couple years wanting to start parenting these kids all over again. There's just so much to consider from everyone's angle, how will the kids ever trust anyone again?
I know it. Those kids are in an awful position and there are no winners. It's a lose-lose situation for them. They can never trust their mother again. How do you even forgive a mother who put you through the agony of believing your siblings are dying???

I've seen lots of videotaped testimony from kids -- usually in the form of psychologist interviews. It's a slippery slope. And I know that working with kids in this situation is a long process that can take months, even years. It's difficult because the children need to trust the psychologist/interviewer and know that telling the truth is not just okay, but advisable. I bet they'll have a lot of brainwashing to undo.

Fortunately, the kids do have love for Joshua and Bethany and so the interviewers will likely work to convince them that telling the truth helps J & B.

They may also say that telling the truth will help the authorities sort out the truth so the sooner they tell the truth, the sooner they may get to go home.

The kids really are the losers at the end of the day because they've lost their mother.
Even if she somehow avoids jail time, those kids have lost their innocence and they've lost this image of who they thought she was and that image is now replaced by something very different and very awful.

I pray for them. It's going to be difficult. It angers me that Kate's actions put them in this situation.

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#2455 Mar 30, 2014
Are the children in foster homes there in Grants Pass? What are the chances of Krazy Kate and her Klan seeing Joshua or any of the other children around town? I wonder what Kate's reaction (and the little's as well) would be if they did see each other.

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#2456 Mar 30, 2014
I too was someone who donated. I 'found' Kate when she was adopting the girls. I bought it all as well.

A week ago tonight, I found this site as I was searching (yet again) for some information about Bethany and Joshua. When Kate disappeared, I was afraid for them. Her last CB posts sent up enough alarms I knew something was drastically not right, but in a way I couldn't quite figure out.

The hospice/talk about death posts were the ones that bothered me. I've worked for pediatric hospice. Honestly, it was my favorite and hardest job (it was only part of my job, I don't know if I could work solely for ped. hospice emotionally).

What I'm trying to remember is the specific chromosomal deletion that Joshua has. Just for curiosity I want to look it up.(I'm in the medical field and I'm decent at researching/finding out information about specific diagnosis. That and I have a son with a chromosomal abnormality (actually 3, but only one is currently being deemed as 'significant'). Something about that whole line of diagnosis always struck me as odd, but I pushed back the feeling.

I feel invested in the story, and watching it unfold, even though I'm a bystander who had no real personal contact. I've prayed for the kids, all of them. I have always been very worried about how their home life was effecting Sarah, Isaac, David, and Emily... and now on a whole different level.

But it also really gets to me because I, like I'm guessing a number of you, have been driven to on line support groups/friends of people in similar situations as I am. I have several close IRL girlfriends, and I am very close to them, but as far as my struggles with medical issues my kids have, they just can't relate. As many of my IRL friends don't 'get' what I go through in a BTDT kind of way that I just sometimes crave. Or suggestions/advice from others that have BTDT.(My youngest son has either some very rare syndrome, or a couple of rare unrelated medical issues... either way trying to find others that have similar stories, I've turned to on line, and have even created and moderate groups.) It makes me really think of how much I 'know' these people. Some of which I consider good friends. It also makes me think of what responsibilities, if any, I have as a moderator/'owner' of groups.

I feel bad for those of you who were more hurt than I was by Kate. I question what I can do to prevent this from happening to me, or to the groups that I belong to (and even more so the groups that I moderate).

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#2457 Mar 30, 2014
Maureen-I too was curious about which chromosome Kate claimed to be the abnormality. She referenced deletion of chromosome 2, IF I remember right. I looked it up and read bout it, and what struck me as very odd was that if Josh had this issue why did it just come up. What I learned was the symptoms would be present immediately, not presenting itself years later.
So, the whole claim that he had this didn't add up.
I realize that understanding a chromosome abnormality is something professionals sometimes take years to figure out in a patient, not something I could read about online and understand. But, what I did read did not make sense because it takes a lot of testing, retesting, analysis, research and Kate never talked about all of those efforts to come to the conclusion that Josh had this. She just said "he has it".
I have followed stories of parents that their whole journey is spent finding answers for their child's specific chromosome issue. Kate did not do that. So I guess I never really believed it.

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#2458 Mar 30, 2014
You know, I've wondered about the chromosome abnormality for a LONG time.

I don't EVER remember her mentioning the precise chromosome abnormality and it always bothered me because I'm the type who likes to Google and learn more so I better understand the situation I'm reading about. So it bothered me that she never mentioned it because I wanted to Google it to learn more.

In fact, if memory serves, I asked her in the guestbook comments, only to have the comment deleted. I figured I'd upset her somehow.

You're right -- genetic testing usually takes months and months. I don't ever remember anything about months of genetic testing or anything like that.

Bloggy friend, do you happen to have anything where she mentions the chromosome abnormality?

On the JoyRX site with the CCA photo, it says: " At 5 years old, doctors discovered a chromosome abnormality that is causing Joshua’s brain stem to deteriorate."
I *believe* it was "found" right around the time when she found out he was terminal; I think that was in late March 2011?

I checked her posts, but she stopped posting there when Josh was 21 mo and there was no chromosome abnormality mentioned.

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#2459 Mar 30, 2014
I can't remember the chromosome abnormality either. But, when I have done searches, I can't find abnormalities that specifically refer to brain stem only. Unless, it is an abnormality never seen before, I wonder if this is not another exaggeration. When she was at , she had said his SB was a surprise. So......I wonder.

Westlake, OH

#2460 Mar 30, 2014
Genetics was something I always struggled with in school. Just because it is so incredibly intricate and complex. When my son's pediatrician first saw me after she saw the report her first words were "How much do you understand of this?" I then explained what I knew/understood from my conversation with the geneticist. She thanked me and said she had just seen it had been put in his chart before she entered the room and she really did not understand and was planning on calling the geneticist to ask what it meant. So obviously, genetics is a very complicated area, to put it mildly.

When my son was tested (almost 4 years ago now), it took a little under a month. There are a variety of genetic tests (would be curious at which type was done). In my son's case, it was run a second and a third time to make sure there were not mistakes and/or specific parts were accurate. In the 4 years, I was at first told the one deletion in particular was of 'unknown significance' which has been changed to 'potentially significant'(as more research has been completed)

My understanding is not only of where but how large the abnormality is makes a huge difference. For instance, my son's deletion involves 23 genes. 4 of them are considered 'significant'. If his deletion was larger (and in the same area) and included 11 specific genes (so he is missing 4/11), he would be considered to have a specific named syndrome. But he isn't missing that large/all of those genes. So that deletion he has (at least right now, genetic things are constantly changing as they learn more)'simply' is considered a 'risk factor' for a laundry list of problems. Meaning he might develop/have some, all, or none of the problems. This past fall, I found out that I too have this deletion (90% of cases for this deletion, it is inherited from a parent... most of the time the parent had no idea they had it) When I first read of Joshua's deletion, I had the impression that it too was a 'microdeletion'(meaning a smaller deletion). Another example (and appropriate one) is Trisomies (meaning you have 3 of a Chromosome instead of 2). If you have Trisomy 18 (Edward's syndrome), many times the babies are stillborn. If they survive birth, only 10% survive to age 1. Then you look at Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome). I can't even find those stats because the majority of babies with DS live, well past the age of 1.

I know that I (and many of the other parents I've met) do a ton of research on our/our child's abnormality. And we generally all mention it specifically, as it changes everything where specifically it is on the chromosome...

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#2461 Mar 30, 2014
Thanks for the great explanation. I admit that I am so suspicious of Kate and her fishing for illnesses that I don't really trust her. It is incredible that we can find out how chromosomes or chromosomal abnormalities are present in our kids and ourselves. I am still left wondering if what Kate said was real or taking someone else's situation and making it her own. Hopefully, we will find out soon.
Maureen wrote:
Genetics was something I always struggled with in school. Just because it is so incredibly intricate and complex..

Eugene, OR

#2462 Mar 30, 2014
Curious wrote:
"But negating all of this I have nothing to Hide, and Nothing to fear. I'm not sure any of you can truthfully say the same."
Are you implying Kate thinks she has information on other families? Or that someone from the kate Klan is going to make phony reports. Are you trying to intimidate potential witnesses in this case? Knowing that several people on this board have talked with detectives and are potential witnesses for the kids upcoming placement trial?
Not to my knowlegde

I can only speak for my self. I have nothing to hide
Only you know if you have anything to hide, not I.

Charleston, IL

#2463 Mar 30, 2014
Questions wrote:
<quoted text>
I do believe Megan does have a German shepherd, Your point?
Simply because she does, does not denote that I too should have a German shepherd.
Unless your trying to covertly again call me a Parker. In which case you'd be the fool again.
I know of them and am not one of them. But then again as you women don't seem to understand how this could be in your skewed world view where one sin is more horrid then another. Sin is SIN can't change that. And that Gossip is just opinion, and everyone has the right to share here, as long as if fits in with your bigoted points of view. From this point of view anything is possible I guess.
Well, I'm Catholic. Some sins are serious (mortal) and some are less serious (genial). This was a key component in my conversion. It always turned my stomach to hear the "all sin is sin" defense. For example... intentionally harming a child is much more serious than calling someone a bad name. They are both indeed sinful actions, but to pretend that they are all the same in the eyes of God is just not a logically or theologically sound assertion.

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#2464 Mar 30, 2014
Curious wrote:
I took it as a threat and there are a handful of people on this board and many more off this board but whom read here, and are involved in this case. Many of whom did not choose to be part of Kate's criminal acts and where lied to and deceived on many many levels. If questions wants to threaten people (potential witnesses) involved I'm sure all of the people involved within the courts would love to know.
My comment was never meant as a threat . It was in response to the fact several people thought I had something to hide, right down to who I am through my writing style.
But if you felt threatened that would mean you need to evaluate why you feel threatened, as that was not the intent.
I believe in a fair and Just, justice system, and would do nothing to impair that.
But of course you'd have to read my posts and not skip them to understand this.

Eugene, OR

#2465 Mar 30, 2014
Madeliene wrote:
Over the past couple days since I signed up for a Topix account, I've had the chance to chat with a bunch of other forum members by PM.
And I'm repeatedly struck by one thing as I've conversed with each person: each person I've spoken with seems so genuine, kind and caring. It's easy to miss that in an environment where we're constantly suspicious and on the defense.
But through speaking with you guys, I'm realizing what a wonderful group of people Kate had the honor of calling her friends and supporters.
I think that gets me even more frustrated and angry that she chose to abuse and deceive everyone as she did! Good friends are *so* hard to come by, yet Kate had bucket loads. And what did she do? She chose to pee in the bucket!
Who *does* that?!?!
Good friends are very hard to come by, and it's in a situation like this that you find out what a true friend looks like. I'll take two to three True friends over a Bucket load of Good friends personally.

I still don't think Kate is the Perpetrator of the Grievous injustices done against this group, and it's members. She didn't "Pee" in the Bucket, but someone certainly did.
If you are truly honourable supporters then be that. Be honourable, have Integrity, be truthful.
We know only a little and yet we as a board are happy to drag kate through the streets, decrying her evil. This is Not Honourable. This is Malice.

Eugene, OR

#2467 Mar 30, 2014
imconfusedalso wrote:
The thing is, Kate DID have a GREAT group of friends who she has since burned badly. And now she thinks she's going to bring them all down because she's going down? No. That's not going to happen. She's the one in trouble here. She's the one who took money under false pretenses, made her kids sick and did a bunch of unimaginable things that we probably don't even know about yet. The cops don't care about the rest of us small people. They're after HER. She is the one who almost killed two of her children. She can try to take her friends down with her, but that's only going to make her look more crazy. And her friends? Yes. We are good people. And now we are sad and confused and angry and hurt and and and... and we're banding together to make sure we protect our hearts and our family and each other to make sure this never happens in our little circle again. Nuff said.
"She's the one who took money under false pretenses, made her kids sick and did a bunch of unimaginable things that we probably don't even know about yet."

How can we say she took money on false pertenses?
Did they not adopt two wonderful little girls?
Did Charley not take time off?
Was Joshua not at risk of dying?(Doesn't matter who's to blame on this not)

So If they did Adopt from the Ukraine, Charley did take time off (There are/were pictures to back that), And Joshua was at risk of dying. Then Explain to me , because clearly I'm to Simple to Understand how doing exactly what you said constitutes Fraud!

As to making her children sick, I doubt this. Honestly if this were truly the case WHY did the medical community not intervene years ago? Is it perhaps because there Is no truth to the claims, and that she showed over and over again just how much she cared for these Kids and would go to the wall for them.(but that's a unpopular rational on this board)

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#2468 Mar 30, 2014
Here is the answer to Joshua's chromosome abnormalities. This is a copy of Kate's words.

To further complicate the situation, Joshua has a chromosome abnormality that affects his brain stem. Technically, he has two chromosome abnormalities ~ a partial
duplication of his 2nd chromosome & a deletion of an entire gene on his 15th ~ but so little is known about the chromosome 15 deletion that we don't consider it in the
equation very much. Both of these abnormalities were caused by random mutation, meaning they were not inherited from his father or me. The chiari malformation was
inherited ~ I have it and 3 of Joshua's siblings also have the condition, as well ~ as was the connective tissue disorder. Since connective tissue problems are associated with the
chromosome 2 duplication, though, it is presumed by our geneticist to be the reason why Joshua's case is substantially worse than anyone else in our family. That's another
"double whammy".

Eugene, OR

#2469 Mar 30, 2014
justsayin wrote:
Please don't let go of your rage and disappointment, but do not direct it at yourselves, direct it at that terrible woman. She would have used ALL of your energy and love and money to her own end, and never looked back, once your usefulness had run out. I hope that the law deals with her severely.
This is the stupidest thing I've seen so far.
If you hold on to your bitterness it will destroy you, this is Proven.
Your Rage will consume you, your disappointments drown you, and you will be left with nothing.
Instead, no matter what you feel has been done to you, Forgive Her.
Not for her but for you, you will Never be free unless you Forgive

That's Right FORGIVENESS it is the only way

Bothell, WA

#2470 Mar 30, 2014
Clarity for Goodness Sake wrote:
So interesting the ways that Kate was a chameleon. Border line personality disorder, RAD, sociopath-- all describe Kate to me. I can see her pleading guilty before submitting to testing. They all sound like her.
I am so sorry that she was so predatory and nasty to many of you. She is a piece of work. I hope the police are really investigating thoroughly.
I can see her pleading guilty as a means of keeping everyone from knowing the full extent of just how mean and horrible she and Megan are.. That would be one of her ways to get even with us..those of us waiting for answers...

Bothell, WA

#2471 Mar 30, 2014
allison04 wrote:
What a lunatic....I wonder if she will actually get professional help. She would need to come clean with a psychiatrist, I mean full honesty and admit everything. Something tells me she won't do that.
I can't imagine Kate ever taking any of the blame for what has happened to any one of the kids.

Imagine having to try to sort thru her convoluted ramblings and actually getting anything useful out of it. I can imagine her burning out psychiatrist after psychiatrist for years and still not coming up with the real Kate.

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