Iíd like you to remove that story, I was high on what I thought was pot from who I thought was my friend it turns out it was laced with k2, spice and other stuff Iíd rather not mention I did things I barely remember doing on it, if you look at the rest of my record its clean I have a DWI thatís it, if this were in a paper thatís one thing but itís online and forever immortalized I was in jail and I was beat pretty badly by the C.O.ís in Riverhead not b/c I did something wrong but because I was mad that they had not let me brush my teeth in 6 days and had not let me shower for 5 days after they beat me up I got mad flipped out and they strapped me to a transportation chair where I couldnít defend myself and twisted my fingers pretty much dislocating my right thumb and twisting my ear lob until I screamed, and they put me in what was nick named ďThe Super BoxĒ which is past ďthe boxĒ where they with held my first meal and didnít give me a mattress until the 3rd day so for 3 days I slept on metal I didnít sleep the first 2 nights really b/c the officers who had beat me up kept stopping by my cell I was afraid they were going to jump me again, I have been through enough and am still going through a lot I would like to get into the navy and help with disaster relief and things like that I was not convicted of burglary and I do not have a felony but with the things you posted online I might as well, itís up to the courts to punish me which they did and still are for the next 3yrs of my life I canít even go out to a bar and have a drink b/c they can randomly test me and if itís in my system I go upstate for a year no questions asked, Iím a hard working kid who at the time had no where to live I was kicked out and I had not eaten in over a day, Iíve worked with law enforcement doing evictions at PPM with mike cook and Tim I never stole anything ever I even ran my own crews I would like to put this behind me and become a hard working member of society like I once was but if this continues to stay online how will I do so when all a job interviewer has to do is type my name into google like I just did and come across this, jail and a brutal beating was enough please donít punish me any further