I believe Steve Frazier (bad auto repairman) was in Cedar Bluff for a few months sometime between around April 06 to April 08.

I need to get some legal papers served on Steve Frazier for a auto repair job, and need a address for them to be served. This Steve Frazier is about 46 years old and is currently felt to be in the New Mexico area. He was in Las Vegas, NV from Feb. 2006 (north east of city in a trailer park) until unknown time period. Also in Palm Springs, CA. Oct. 2005 to Feb. 2006. Sometimes his M.O. is to take a auto repair job, ask for the money up front (for parts), then leave the area or state (running from the law and/or job). Any info would be helpful such as other towns he been at and/or locations worked. Thanks. Also I believe he had from the Palm Springs CA, Police a drug arrest (Meth.) around Jan. 4th 2006. He has a Ex-wife that works at the Denver. CO. airport.