I'm looking to see if anyone else in the Mechanicsburg / Harrisburg PA area has had their credit card numbers stolen and used for fraud purchase transactions in NJ on or around July 6, 2011. I had 13 transactions for a total of $2066; 3 at Marshalls #0479 Old Bridge NJ, 3 at TJ Maxx #0083 Edison NJ, 2 at TJ Maxx #0245 E. Brunswick NJ, 2 at Toys R Us #6305 E. Brunswick NJ, K Mart 03339 East Brunswick NJ, Shoprite or Perth Amboy NJ and Shoprite of Sayreville NJ.

Theft of this type never happens with just one. In order for Lower Paxton Police to consider it worth their time to work in conjunction with NJ jurisdictions we need more people to come forth. Please email me at NJCCSCAM@gmail.com

I'm sorry for your loss and thank you for your input!