Father accused of assault on 16 year ...

Father accused of assault on 16 year old daughter

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“You think U know but U don't”

Since: May 07


#1 Jan 29, 2008
Father charged for spanking 16-year-old-Daughter claims he went too far
A father faces domestic assault charges after his 16-year-old daughter claims he went too far in spanking her during a family argument – a spanking the father says his daughter is blowing way out of proportion because she wants to go back and live with her mother.

The defendant, John T. Cox, will have to wait until Friday for a special judge to hear his case after he let it slip, during his time on the witness stand, that he was represented in his divorce by General Sessions Judge Larry Ross’ wife, Tami Poston Ross, thereby rendering him unable to continue hearing the case. An annoyed Judge Ross declared the hearing a mistrial after over 20 minutes of testimony Tuesday.

Earlier in the hearing, Cox’s eldest daughter maintained her father left marks on her buttocks and thigh during a severe whipping he gave her in which he allegedly landed 20 to 30 blows. She said he pulled down her shorts and used his hands to spank her.

Mr. Cox maintains he only landed a couple of blows to his daughter’s rear – after she cursed his girlfriend and took a swing at him.

The girl told friends and later a case worker at her school about the spanking, which prompted her mother to be called. She then went to the emergency room where an officer saw the marks, at least one of which was still in the shape of a hand.

The teen told the court the incident began after she told her father’s girlfriend not to give her little brother any more medicine because she had already administered the medicine.

“I was afraid she would overdose my brother,” the girl testified.

The altercation between the girl and her father’s girlfriend caused a fight between father and daughter which ended with the spanking, with both father and daughter having two dramatically opposing memories of the severity of the whipping.

“He pushed me over onto the floor and sat on top of me and started hitting me,” the girl testified.

Mr. Cox further suggested his daughter was lying about the severity of the spanking so she could live with her mother who, in turn, would allow her more access to her (the daughter’s) boyfriend. Mr. Cox said he found disturbing notes between his daughter and her boyfriend causing him to be wary of their relationship. Mr. Cox noted he was granted custody of his children, something he believes made his daughter mad.

“She said thank you afterwards,” Mr. Cox recalled, suggesting his daughter planned to use the whipping as a way to live with her mother.

Even though the hearing was nearly over when Mr. Cox made the revelation about who was representing him in the divorce, the entire case will have to be heard from its beginning by the special judge.

“You think U know but U don't”

Since: May 07


#2 Feb 2, 2008
Father given jail time for spanking-Judge rules Cox went too far in punishing girl
A judge found a father went too far when he spanked his 16-year-old daughter, which will cost him two days in jail and leave him permanently banned from spanking his daughter.

The defendant, John T. Cox, was found guilty Friday by Special Judge Bratton Cook on the charge of domestic assault following his second hearing in two weeks. His hearing last week before General Sessions Judge Larry Ross ended in a mistrial after Mr. Cox revealed Ross’ wife, Tami Ross, was handling his divorce, prompting the judge to recuse himself due to conflict of interest after hearing almost all the evidence.

Cox was ordered to serve two days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence and attend anger management classes. He was also instructed to abstain from spanking or physically correcting his daughter when he has visitation.

Cox was charged after his daughter reported he had spanked her during a confrontation between the two which was sparked by a disagreement the daughter had with her father’s girlfriend. The teen said she had words with the girlfriend regarding her younger brother’s medication and that her father became angry.

At some point during the altercation, she said her father pulled up her shorts and struck her thigh area over 20 times leaving marks on her leg.

In response, Mr. Cox maintained his daughter brought the charge because she wanted to be returned to the custody of her mother. Mr. Cox said he had limited the contact his daughter had with her boyfriend due to disturbing notes he had intercepted, noting his daughter believed she would get to see her boyfriend more if she were in her mother’s custody.

Mr. Cox also maintained he spanked his daughter’s buttocks only two or three times, suggesting Friday that his daughter or her boyfriend may have manufactured the marks later to make him look guilty of abuse.

Given the conflicting testimony, Judge Cook based his decision to convict the father on the testimony of deputy Corey Knowles, who saw the injuries during the girl’s visit to the emergency room. Knowles testified he believed the marks had been left by significant strikes, more numerous than just two or three.

Mr. Cox may opt to appeal his conviction. A domestic assault conviction means the person has a lifetime ban on owning or possessing a firearm.


#3 Feb 24, 2008
Regardless how many times he spanked her,two or
three,twenty or thirty,what in the world is a
father doing pulling down a 16 year old girls
shorts and spanking her bottom?This is way too
wierd and a highly suspicious act of discipline!
No father should be slapping his daughters
behind at that age,not even her mother for that
matter.Sixteen is a young woman,not a child!
He should get more than two days in jail!
me me

Angleton, TX

#4 Apr 9, 2008
kids are more manipulative then people give them credit for i dont think the father was in the wrong at all.. say spare the rod spoil the child..or is the responder above saying that beacause she is a young woman she should have been handled as any grown woman would have been handled by the fathers girl friend.

Hagatna, Guam

#5 Apr 28, 2008
Teenagers!! How could she have taken her father to court over a discipline act? The father intended to give the teen the opportunity to understand that her behavior was wrong. The father was wrong to hit her too! I suggest counseling for both of them. Unresolved issues may still exist between the relatives(father/daughter). Father spanks her like a child to degrade her or belittle her. The daughter has her revenge for the humiliation and uses the court to execute her spiteful intentions. Why do we hurt the ones closes to us more than those outside the family?

“You think U know but U don't”

Since: May 07


#6 May 7, 2008
You suggest counseling eh? What are your qualifications?
You don't have all of the facts,but you should be able to read between the lines and figure out that a judge wouldn't put a father in jail for a simple spanking either.
Edgar Cerrillo

Hagatna, Guam

#7 May 12, 2008
phazed_0ut wrote:
You suggest counseling eh? What are your qualifications?
You don't have all of the facts,but you should be able to read between the lines and figure out that a judge wouldn't put a father in jail for a simple spanking either.
Is that how you get by "reading between the lines"? You seem to know little of our Judiciary system. You mentioned "facts"? You think a judgment is always correct. That's why we have courts above it in the process called "appeal". Finally, you think your an expert on raising children. If you haven't had any experience on raising children then stick with something that your familiar like sewing or cooking. Giving advise is not your line of work.
Edgar Cerrillo

Hagatna, Guam

#8 May 18, 2008
phazed_0ut wrote:
You suggest counseling eh? What are your qualifications?
You don't have all of the facts,but you should be able to read between the lines and figure out that a judge wouldn't put a father in jail for a simple spanking either.
Your father must not have spanked you enough times.
It's okay, few people like you make forums here interesting.

Mcminnville, TN

#9 Aug 23, 2008
don't be an idiot, this is MY life. She is my daughter....
Edgar Cerrillo

Yigo, Guam

#10 Sep 3, 2008
Alright, don't spank your daughter. Here's my phone number if you like to chat on the phone: (6x7x1)x6x3x3-0x1x0x7 or visit me if you like: #x1x1x6 Chalan Guagua Machanao Dededo Guam

Murfreesboro, TN

#11 Dec 18, 2008
call me, the mom email me ginnyvaet11 at yahoo John seems like such a sweet guy, he is so smart and interesting. This is all such a shock to me.
ohio woman

Englewood, OH

#12 Jan 25, 2009
I had my first kid at 17 was miscarried also got 2 STD's had my second kid at age 19. got married to someone else at 22 and divorced
If my dad even tried to touch me like that I would have shot him with the 45 my grandpa gave me. I was raped at age 6 my first by choice was at 16 so this dad needs to grow up kids have sex deal with it.
your lucky you didn't find the condom like my dad did!!! and we sat down and talked about it.
If you don't want your kid to turn out like me you have to know that family can rape family too..
I've never been a bad kid, never done drugs or drank but I have always loved guys that truly love me..I left all of them and still love all of them

Tucson, AZ

#13 Feb 24, 2009
Ew thats gross. My boyfriend was spanking me for sexual fun at age 16. That sounds more like rape to me, not discipline, timeout is discipline... and I have kids. I would NEVER spank them. THATS WIERD! what are we cavemen?

Roseville, CA

#14 Apr 23, 2009
In lalala I wish that was me ny day
Dayton Disater Hawg

Cleveland, TN

#15 May 1, 2009
they shouldnt be like that


#16 Jun 15, 2009
It is really hard to make any real judgement on this case, was there any witnesses? It seems to be a case of he say she say. Teenagers nowadays can manipulate the situation out of hurt and anger. My 15 years old stepson has charged his father for assualt. All he did was held him up againist the wall for few seconds because he had enough of his disrespect behaviour and attitude towards him. What right does the law have in intervening in a father's right to discipline his child?

Derry, NH

#17 Oct 13, 2009
I see the judges point in this case!

Covina, CA

#18 Nov 7, 2009
I agree with Ash, "That sounds more like rape." My God! This is crazy for a grown man to, in an angry rage, be pulling a 16-year-old girl's pants off and spanking her bare bottom with his HAND!!? 20 to 30 times, and hard enough to leave marks! You should never leave marks on anyone! He basically raped her. She was naked and he beat her up bad enough to leave marks. And obviously when he's beating her that badly, she's stuggling to get away and he's "accidentally" hitting her privates here and there--and he's getting off on hurting her. My God, this guy should fry for what he did. He ripped a 16-year-old girl's clothes off and beat her up and raped her as punishment for an arguement. Unexceptable!

Since: Oct 09

Smartt, TN

#19 Nov 7, 2009
This girl may need discipline, but a bare rear spanking by anyone is not it !!This borders on sexual abuse.....find another form of punishment, please.

Traverse City, MI

#20 Dec 3, 2009
There is nothing wrong with a bare bottom spanking. That's how most spankings have been given historically. It's not sexual abuse or sexual anything, it's just a spanking!

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