Judge Suzanne Wooten 380th District C...
Collin Resident

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#21 Jan 26, 2010
To lets be real, nine is miniscule for a new or long-term judge based upon the 3000 to 4000 cases handled by each of the Collin County courts. And the numbers showed an average per year, an average that goes down per year, not up, as judges become even more accustomed to how the 5th will rule and their comfort on the bench increases.

I also went back to the 5th website and the actual number of cases that were heard during the time that Judge Wooten has been on the bench is 4, the others being holdovers from sandoval.

As to my identity, I am not an attorney, much less the highly respected female attorney that Mr. W (recuse) has badgered in his pleadings (all available for viewing at the courthouse). His case is easy to find because of his comments and accusations and it has no real merit. Will he apologise for his comments when the 5th kicks his appeal out? I doubt it, because he apparently does need the psych help that many are trying to get him to seek out.

As to God, a true Christian would never make the comment you made because it assumes that I seek harm on someone, not true. I want Mr. W to be healthy and adjusted. That is what any true God would want from me or you. Be careful about your term slander as well, recuse is the one who has made comments that could and would be construed as libel (written) toward Judge Wooten.

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#22 Jan 26, 2010

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#23 Jan 26, 2010
I only see seven appeals on the courts web under Judge Wooten's name.
Lets be real

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#24 Jan 26, 2010
CollinResident you have proven to me yet again of your identity. If you are not the opposing attorney in this case you are definitely a party to the case. If you are not, well then my apologies, but I will go with my gut on this one.

If you really are someone that is truly "trying to help" then you certainly wouldn't want to use the same tactics that you have been using on recusewooten, sorry but saying that they need psychological help when you are I am assuming not a pyschologist and never met this individual. How can you make an assessment call on just by looking at the case and the online discussion boards as to the welfare of this person? Unless you are biased and the opposing attorney and/or a party to the case and again have an axed to grind with recusewooten.

It is what it is…
Lets be Real

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#25 Jan 26, 2010
On another note CollinResident. You would have to do tons and tons of research, spend at least 40hrs in one week, and go to both courts and thumb through each case of wooten's to determine the true identity of this person.

Shelton, WA

#26 Jan 26, 2010
Wrong again. If he filed his appeal and there are a limited number filed, and he told us what his major complaint was in a previous post, it is simple to figure it out. Just go online and you can see it.
Lets be real

United States

#28 Jan 26, 2010
Okay Anon you of all people I am not going to battle with because I have read your posts and you are just simply biased because you know her. You can share you opinions on how you feel towards her, but when you tell me that I can go online and get all the info, bull. Yes you can see the cases online, however you can't see the documents. You would again have to be a party to the case, or go to the court and obtain the case files in order to know all the "facts" and determine the identity and information contain within the case.

Dallas, TX

#29 Jan 26, 2010
Court releases Willis Grand Jury report

Overruling an objection filed by the State's Attorney General, 416th District Court Judge Chris Oldner has released a copy of the Grand Jury report on the Greg Willis investigation by the Collin County District Attorney John Roach and the Texas Attorney General.

Last week The Observer wrote to Judge Oldner asking for a copy of the report, but the Attorney General objected, claiming that the report was a proceeding of the Grand Jury, and therefore secret.

In an email to the Collin County Observer, Judge Oldner wrote:

The Court OVERRULES the objection.

The requested report is attached to this e-mail.

Judge Chris Oldner

The Grand Jury's report is short and to the point. In 4 terse sentences it cleared Judge Greg Willis of any criminal wrongdoing.

Addressed to Judge Oldner on January 6, 2010, the report reads:

Re: Investigation of the Collin County Court at Law #6

We the undersigned members of the Grand Jury, having heard all the evidence presented in the investigation mentioned above, over a period of several weeks, have concluded:

1. No activity occurred in County Court at Law #6 that could in any way be construed as rising to the level of a felony.

2. No activity occurred in County Court at Law #6 that could in any way be construed as rising to the level of a misdemeanor.

3. While Judge Greg Willis may have run his court in a manner that is different than another judge may run theirs, that is not a crime and should not be viewed as one.
With this report the Grand Jury ends months of uncertainty regarding the political future of Judge Willis, who resigned his position as Judge of the Court at Law #6 to begin a run for the Republican nomination for District Attorney.

But the report will not end the speculation about why there was an investigation in the first place. Many have called the simultaneous Grand Jury investigations of Judge Willis and Judge Suzanne Wooten "political witch hunts" by District Attorney John Roach. We may never know the truth.

What we do know is that neither Judge Willis or Wooten was indicted. We know that one Assistant District Attorney was fired, and we know that the Texas Attorney General became involved with the Grand Jury after the District Attorney's office either recused itself or was forced to recuse itself.

As to the exact nature of the charges, or who was called to testify, these facts are protected by Texas Law which, in order to protect the innocent, requires that all Grand Jury proceedings be held in secret.


United States

#30 Jan 27, 2010
I am glad this was released. It would not be right for it to be made public that the Grand Jury was hearing a case, then to not make it public the person was cleared.

Little Elm, TX

#31 Jan 30, 2010
I have looked up the case material at the coruthouse related to Recusewooten and he is right on target with his words and filings. Recusewooten, like myself, has had the experience of having the most unethical and disrespected attorney, Sharon Easley, as the opposing attorney. Easley needs to be disbarred and live the rest of her life in Huntsville, TX. I do not blame recusewooten for pursuing his rights to justice against Wooten and Easley, who are allegedly "good friends" according to my attorney. As they say, "birds of a feather flock together".

Dallas, TX

#32 Feb 10, 2010
PLEASE update here when and if there is a website for discussions of bizarre handling of civil cases by Judge Wooten. After we had to pay for my daughter-in-law to take a drug test, WHILE 5 MONTHS PREGNANT, which she FAILED, testing positive for meth, Wooten decided to go ahead and give her unsupervised visits to the children, both under age 6. The drug-addicted mother is now picks up the girls, drives them around with no home to go to, and returns them hours later, with no suitable adult present to report on any dangers she submits them to. Not even a lengthy CPS report about the admitted drug and alcohol abuse, when the daughter-in-law had custody of the children, convinced Wooten that this mother is unfit for any parental rights. She didn't even have to comply with the orders to complete the parenting class! We are still in shock. The children have not seen their mother since Christmas Eve, but she is legally entitled now to pop in again, once more disrupting their lives and completely confusing them, only to disappoint them yet again when she decides to go back to her drugs.

Dallas, TX

#33 Feb 22, 2010
Texas courts, as any, favor the biological mother first then the father. It is healthier for the child if the mother has the freedom to visit vs. not seeing her at all. Children are more forgiving when it comes to Mom, under any circumstance. Even though we may feel differently and feel we are wiser because we are the ones picking up the slack, it is true.

Arlington, TX

#34 May 17, 2010
While it may be healthier for the children to visit a sober mother who is capable of providing a safe place for visits, it is never healthy for them to be in the care of a woman under the influence of methamphetamine, in the company of her boyfriend and his drug addicted friends. With the decision handed down by Judge Wooten, that is exactly the situation we have already seen the ex-wife in. Fortunately for us, the birth of her poor new baby boy, who was a 5 month fetus at the time Wooten discovered that the mother tested positive for heavy use of meth, has kept her too busy to bother with my grand daughters when she is high. Once again, they don't know why mommy doesn't come to see them, and I don't really know what to tell them.

United States

#35 May 18, 2010
Did you request that the mom's parental rights be terminated? Sounds like the mom's rights are pretty limited now, wouldn't that be the only more restrictive thing that could be done by the judge?
Plano mom

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#36 Jun 12, 2010
Every last one of them is corrupt.

Boo Wilbury

Plano, TX

#37 Jun 13, 2010
I know wooton. She is a little midget buffoon.

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#38 Jun 13, 2010
You may know someone named "wooton", you obviously do not know Judge Wooten the highly respected attorney and Judge.

Saint Paul, MN

#39 Jun 14, 2010
I have a comment about the whole Justice System in Collin County.
CORRUPT is a single word.
I had a case before the 429th DC. The facts were that the Defendant sold me lien items, he acted as a Notary; notarizing his own signature, and illegally acted as a lawwyer. ALL of theis was shown to the Court.
The Defendant submitted a document in which he LIED. This act of Perjury was shown to the Court and this APPOINTED Judge did not CARE.
Time to end the NEOPOTISM,
I can not prove it but I feel the Defendant might have given a "Campaign Contribution" to her husband running for DA
Pissed off Mom

Fort Worth, TX

#40 Jun 24, 2010
I have not had to deal with her as a judge but I used her in my child cusotdy case as a lawyer.

And the only thing I have to say is

Concerned Observer

Joshua, TX

#41 Jul 6, 2010
trying921 wrote:
Looking for some feedback on this judge. I am having custody issues with my ex-wife. Has anyone had much experience with her? Can you comment on her fairness, willingness to listen and understand the issues, partiality, etc. Thanks
Judge Wooten is a very fair jurist. She listens to each caes with a total regard to the facts and only the facts. She has no biases that I have ever detected. She was a family attorney prior to being elected a judge

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